Its In The Game

Since Arul has been talking about games luke enjoys playing, I came across the famous "cap teh" my friend bought me a couple of years ago when he was based in China. I hope this fun yet needed skill to play toy has not gone obsolete as yet. If it is then possibly I am the only one having the last piece of this precious treasure.

As a Franciscan and a fan of the game, using this "Cap Teh" I must say that I miss the times we used to play "Chopping" and of course passing the feathered piece to each other in a group, and I remember whoever lets it drop had to pay a penalty.

What Arul shared prompted me to say that games these days are different and even though interactive (online interaction) with the PC I must understand why Daphne may have been against the long hrs in letting luke play in front of the machine. As Arul mentioned, its bad for the eyes and if I might add, the interaction between parent and Child is also different . If I may share, daniel and marissa are also BIG fans of the internet world of games and its difficult placing a time limit when the kids are having fun. However, knowing the detriments, some time back we bought them board games. The infamous "Compendium of 8 games" includes the exciting Snake and ladder has its positive effects. With this conventional game, interaction with daniel, marissa, gwen and me becomes much more real as we are speaking and having fun with one another while with the pc we are always trying to beat the opponent, who's programmed in the PC.

Another advantage, is maths. Yes in throwing the dice, sometimes twice, daniel has improved in addition (6+5.....6+6 etc). So we went another step further to get a MONOPOLY set and now he has improved on differentiating and knowing the value of money not to mentioned having fun building hotels and houses and reading the "community chess" and "chance" and laughing at the chance of sending daddy directly to Jail!

So Arul, I am a not saying the internet is bad but maybe too much is lah (we all know that for sure). Some of the sites daniel and marissa visits (after your recommendation for the sesame street site has lead on to the playhouse disney site where Mickey, the little Einsteins, and many more become alive. The is also one of their favourite sites. I must say some are educational. SO as kings of GAMERS let be do a roll-call - Arul the shoot-em-up king, Chris - well Lara Croft kept him up all night! Me - GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL and I stopped at FIFA 2002!


The Alphabet

Luke is into playing computer games now and since there are 3 laptops and 1 desktop at home it was inevitable.We try to curb the time he spents playing for 30 mins a day as it's way too early for a 3 year old to get addicted to PC games and end up wearing glasses when he's 4.While I find it amusing and amazing that he could co-ordinate the mouse,click and learn so quickly , his mama is not too keen about it.

Anyway,wanted to share this site that I think is good for kids to learn the alphabet. Clicking on each alphabet will open a simple game or puzzle and at least I can justify to Daphne that it is educational.

Do you understand the words that's coming out of my mouth?

In defending the state government's decision to purchase the expensive cars to replace the Proton Perdana V6 Executive cars for the same official use, he said it was meant to save cost in the long run as the maintenance of the Proton Perdana cars was too high.

"We are not saying that the national car is not good, but the reality is that in less than two years of use, the cars had to be repaired due to faulty components like the gear box.

On other news, I felt that Shabery should have packed his bags after the debate but hey, this is not Japan or Europe where leaders have dignity.

How true

The first & last mac OSX tip

Since I am rocking a "hackintosh" running Leopard OSX, wanted to share a few tips and links with Jake & Jesse once cause it'll be rude posting tips on an OS the majority of us don't care about.Before that, for the record..I have been really impressed with the speedy performance of Leopard OSX so far.

1.If there's only one application I can recommend it'll be


Because many people keep using the default application that come with Windows or a Mac when they don't have to.Example seen on my desktop above, a great iTunes replacement called Songbird.

2. The site that I check daily for new free applications for OSX has to be...Cool OSX App obviously.

3. The application I think is way too cool would be Skitch!

Lastly, recently Apple decided to sue a mac Clone computer maker and from the looks of things,it's not that difficult to run OSX on a PC as i found out.Also,who says Apple is not like M$ cause they are in it for the money as well...hardware and all.Anyway, Linux is the only true way to go and seeing that we can't blog about how screwed up our country's ruling govt who have stooped to a new low are, we'll just talk about other "safe" stuff.

Come "froth" and debate...

Fr Augustine would have been proud with all that froth and also clearly the BN jokers were making attacks rather then focusing on the issue like Shabery's wakil who was giving an "ucapan" rather than ask the question as Anwar pointed out. Youtube links here for those who missed it.We caught it in S'pore on some or something.Streaming was choppy!

Massive Jam blame on Opposition?

I can't imagine what a massive jam in KL means cause the usual traffic is scary enough.Looks to me like the ruling govt really spooked man!Can the KL people please elaborate cause everyday it get's a lil bit more interesting...all this liwat meliwat, the vanishing of "Bala-gostan" and not to mention the 2010 deadline and handing it over to someone whom I will always have doubts about. I am speaking of both  guys from the opposite sides.


So, I finally booted into Leopard after 5 tries and in comparisons to other guys trying to shoe horn MacOSX into a PC , you can say that I was a little lucky.Frankly have never used a Mac machine but since it's Unix based as well, the little knowledge of Linux I have helped a little.

Now, I am going to use the OS and see if the price you pay for these shiny luxuries are all that it's made out to be.So far the only 2 glitches I seem to see when trying to run this OS on my old year 2001 IBM T40p is that the wireless don't work.The crappy old ATi card on these dinosaurs do not play well too.Apart from that with MS Office 2008 for mac installed , I can get work done quite nicely.

Great guides at the OSx86 Project for those interested.

A cup for the paranoid

I can see myself getting one of these if I am The Monk or that character Jack Nicholson played in "As good As it Gets". I think Ladies bother about stuffs like that but I remember coming back from Japan after 3 months and seeing some "vegetation" growing out of my coffee mug on the desk at work. Soaked it with detergent over night and here it is still serving me in all it's 70cents glory.Yes, I am that cheap and not to mention gross.

Shrek Soundtrack

You should know by now that I love Shrek esp the first one and Google presented me with the soundtrack for free.

Index of /Disney/Shrek 1


javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

You can alter any webpage with a line above placed in the url bar.Place line below into address bar of IE or Firefox then hit enter,now the page is editable.So, the next time you see something it just not maybe a product that claims it was featured in some news etc etc.Once edited you do a screen capture of the page and "spin" it as the real thing

Though, this trick can come in handy for presentations(people like Jesse,Jake & TP)...and also pranks(Chris and yours truly).See today's Star Online below or Soccernet news shocker above....


Jake asked me if Symbian OS can use the Skype application.Well it can't but with Fring you can connect to Skype and also bunch of other services like MSN & Google Talk.Tried it and it works flawlessly.


Bread from Japan

See text behind can that I've highlighted or click image.

The show continues

|Malaysia Today : Your independent news| - The AG-IGP tag-team fabricated evidence
At first the police said that Anwar had beaten himself up. He not only beat himself up but he continued beating himself even after he had become unconscious. This is the special quality of Anwar who can remain conscious after becoming unconscious compared to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is always unconscious whenever he is conscious.

Suprise Package

They were just having a little fun with the site, some women there are really good looking.
Hope no offense taken. On other news...