Try Linux without the hassle

  1. Download Qemu ,run it and a folder is created onto your desktop.
  2. Now drag the .iso file of your Linux distro that you downloaded (not necessarily Ubuntu Hardy Heron) into the created folder.
  3. Double click the .bat file and watch the magic happen.No re-boot,no Virtualbox, now Linux is running within your Windows machine.
  4. I am aware by now you guys are sick of me talking about Linux so there would be no more postings on Linux... at least not for the rest of 2008.Jake when is it that you'd be in S'pore?I want to take you to a killer Hokkien Prawn Mee place introduced to us by Mr Daniel Sta Maria.I'm off to Manila on Monday and back on Friday 4th July.

Linux Funnies

Funny side of Linux

This .iso torrent for LinuxMint is well seeded, I am hitting 450kbs
easily.I am sorry if I sound like a an over zealous Linux new adopter
but I can't stop singing the praises of Linux

Has the world gone completely bonkers?

Last night, our office and a neighbour office in Mutiara Damansara was broken into. The thieves made out with a few laptops, handphones and petty cash but I hear our next door neighbour suffered worse. In this vicinity, there are popular shopping area like The Curve and Ikea, you would assume that there will be more security. Just last week, a colleague's car got stolen. Imagine that. Is it an isolated case? Apparently not, according to the cops, 3 cars was stolen in recent weeks, snatch thefts are relatively common, now the office got robbed.

Although, I was quite fortunate that my little room was not broken into, it's just sad that the crime rate continues to rise and I would say getting somewhat out of control. In another nearby vicinity, a fast food outlet was held up by robbers along with the patrons and robbed off their valuables - a la 'Pulp Fiction'. What's worse is that our cops ain't doing a good job with their image with this type of news.
And the front page of NST shows some folks walking with an abnormally 'heavier' inseam. Elsewhere in the world - for the Zimbabwe election, the opposition are being silenced, the media are biased, purported existence of phantom voters, coercion of votes by way of violence - we really need to pray for the people in Zimbabwe, guys!

On another related issue, I hope they will consider allowing us to use credit card for petrol or else, there may be more robbery and snatch theft surrounding the petrol kiosk. We can see the rise of fuel taking effect with inflation and corresponding crime rates. What is happening with the world today?

Mind Control made easy

The video is a little long but worth it.You'd be surprised how many intelligent people are caught in such things.Duped by "Love" , "Success" and "Religion".

Will the truth prevail?

Silent World

I love pics in black and white.Every one of these is a masterpiece...

Silent World by Michael Kenna

Be Funky cartoonizer

Give your avatars and pics a new look with Be Funky. BTW, Jake I saw the Caritas & Altar Boys group on Facebook started by you and your wife and wanted to say great job(authorize me in as a member).Chris good to know you are twittering too and it's a great tool cause i set it to auto tweet and it seems like my Facebook account is so active but I hardly check it.Daphne claims she has found so many of her long lost friends from Facebook but I am still yet to sing the praises of any social networking site because I am not so keen to be giving someone a "werewolve bite" just yet.

Also check out the awkwardly named Dumpr for effects like the one below.

Linksys Hook-Up

Julian Turns One

So as time flies so very quickly - the kids are growing up. In short, we are getting OLD lah. Anyway, the small celebration between the Siah's and the God family was just to get together and most important to get a picture for least he'll have something to remember his first b'day and know that his parents did celebrate him turning one.

Well Julian did have fun...the lil one is already mobile and with No 2 one the way his company should be fun. So Happy b'day Julian and remember ....Luke's b'day bash is this weekend. Arul bring out the booze man.

Iron Man... in the mirror

Luke's Iron Man toy left on the table caught my eye as it struck a familiar pose.Quick, anyone has a small tiny hat?BTW, I pick France to win the Euro 2008 and I know you guys are laughing and I don't blame you.On or not on TP?

Chalkboard paint is awesome

Futurama movie

This was definitely more interesting and satisfying then Indiana Jones 4.BTW, check your mail guys, TP has some news on the Euro 2008 "package". FYI, I have to subscribe to the Euro2008 in S'pore for soemthing like S$21.80 or something to those greedy cable tv providers.

Ana Ivanovic

She's the best looking female tennis player of all time at least to me and I have paid more attention to The Roland Garros and tennis because of her.Strong yet still so lady like.

Nature has a message for mankind

Roll out your own desktop wallpaper calendar

This site has all the "toys" to have a little fun with your photos.Example, this is a picture of a statue of St Peter in the Vatican that I took during our holiday there and with the calendar, it turns into a nice desktop wallpaper.BTW, you can download this image and use as your own wallpaper if you wish as well.It's one of a kind surely.

PM's website hacked

The site is off-line now and the funny thing is the KFC part which makes me think that the hacker is an ex KFC employee.Click image for clearer view.BTW,1337stands for LEET which means ELITE... a elite hacker la.

nuke the fridge

"Nuke the fridge is a colloquialism used to refer to the moment in a
film series that is so incredible that it lessens the excitement of
subsequent scenes that rely on more understated action or suspense, and
it becomes apparent that a certain installment is not as good as
a previous installments, due to ridiculous or low quality storylines, events or character"

So, I was not the only one who rolled my eyes when Indie survived a nuke test,let alone that tumble in the fridge.My mother in-law was watching the movie and the moment I saw that scene,I just walked away in disbelief just like I would when watching a Tamil movie fight scene.

Curious George

My son helps me discover great new music.Curious George the movie holds some great tracks by Jack Johnson and Luke loves the online Curious George games as well.

Upside Down jack Johnson

Download The Song Here.

On other unrelated news, with the price of fuel up, let's brace
ourselves for an overall price hike in everything.As a Malaysian living
in Singapore as a permanent resident let me say that it's only right
for foreigners to pay market price for fuel in Malaysia.I really don't
mind because after all the subsidy should be enjoyed by Malaysian
living in Malaysia and contributing to it's economy.Though you wonder if the savings will be used to beef up the poor state of our public transportation or will it end up in someones "kocek".

Best Antivirus?

Hive Five Call For Contenders: Best Antivirus Software?

The link above is from Lifehacker.Check the comments list and you'd see no one mentioning Norton or McAfee. I personally have used AVG Free edition and can say that it's one of the best out there that you don't have to pay for and AVG 8 is even better I hear.

Weather forecast stone

Scales and Arpeggios

Scales and Arpeggios - Aristocats

As a kid I have never seen Aristocats but since Luke loves this particular part of the movie,this tune has been stuck in my head for almost a week.I must admit that it's rather cute.

Switching to Linux

I made my Ubuntu 8.04 to look like a MacOSX on purpose just to show you how customizable Linux is.I have been using Ubuntu for the past 3 months(without dual-booting Windows at all) and I am in love with it.If anybody else is intending or is already using Ubuntu or any other Linux distro I'd be more than happy to exchange notes.

BTW, TP thanks for moving that stone to minimize the scratch on the car.My wife always say that I drive the car like a 4X4 and I say then that's exactly what I need.Just trying my luck la but deep down I know the next car my family need is a MPV surely.