Just One Train Ride

Well..if Jake had an experience of water leaks in his recent train ride, Daniel and Marissa will probably have another experience completely. These guys simply love riding on the train and since our last ride some time a month ago, we took them again on Sunday after mass and breakfast with The Siah's and Jacob's. Chris...Thanks for breakfast o.r rather branch

I must say for them the FREE things in life seem to be the most interesting. For Daniel playing with sea sand at a construction site, crossing the pedestrian crossing(last year), pebble picking etc is a fun-filled activity. I remember last year, we spent some 40 minutes just at the KLCC intersection crossing ALL of em!! The smile on his face was priceless after that.

Oh yes since I said FREE, you see there is a small loop hole in the PUTRA LRT system esp when you use the touch and go card (LRT Mgmt - pls read this). If you board and alight a train at the same station you virtually get a free ride coz the system cannot charge you if you duo't go anywhere. So that we did, hopped on the train right to the end, made a U -turn and came right back to the same station. For the kids, the tunnels and landmarks seemed cleared from the train ride, coz we often explained to them when we are sitting in the car. Well this stage will soon pass and before it does, I always tell Gwen that we must do it for them. For Daniel the "green men" aka pedestrian crossing is now something of the pass and a happy memory for him whichI am glad I made the effort to let him enjoy the moment when it was important to him most.

Yes and like the pix on the right...the day I bumped into Mr Suresh taking his jog (lain kali call le bro), Daniel was having a ball of a time at the SMALL space we had at Klebang beach. Yes Arul ...our Mee Goreng and phutu piring spot. Just like how until today we remember the Mee Goreng (yes the makcik is still there and phutu piring plus our night hang-out dubbed as TTB - I can already see smiles in my head esp Arul, Ell and Suresh la), Daniel and Marissa still bugs me about going to the beach. Sadly in KL we only have swimming pool. So the trip back to Grandma's will always be as eventful for the little ones coz we'll try our best to maximise their time with the things they cannot do in the City.
So while we have different experiences using the same services or doing our routine, I believe there is strong reason why Jesus mention that we have to be like Children to enter the Kingdom. Kids...as much as we guide them, I must say they too teach us a thing or too in reminding us about the simple pleasure in life is what matters most. Arul once told me this - "Terence if you are bed- ridden there will only be 2 people who is going to clean your shit...your mum or your wife!" So as I share what my kids have been imparting onto me I hope it rekindles some past experiences we might just have slipped passed our minds. And yes the best things in life are FREE!


Despite the fact that Arsenal has no trophies this season,as a fan the feeling was magical and we manage to get the only other Arsenal fan I know,Cath, a small gift from "The Armoury Shop"...sorry Chris I still consider you a Hotspurs fan eventhough I can see your love for your wife makes you "feel" a little love for The Gunners as well.
Anyway,springtime in Paris is rather nice although I am not into the monuments & stuff but am into nature more,will try and upload the pics to my Flickr account if I can cause the wifi in our room is pretty crappy.The next highlight of our trip should be The Vatican in Rome and that should be really great.

Of Half Boiled Eggs and Toast Bread

I was over in Kluang during the weekend and of course some flashes of our trip for the YE (outreach) with Fr Iggy long in 1991 became alive. Well other than the road change, the place still looks very much the same.

A trip to Kluang will not be complete if a visit to the Kluang Train Station or Kluang Rail (name of the shop). So we visited the place before heading off to KL. I must say that the standard of half boiled eggs have dropped a little. The bread "pau tuna" was great and different.

In comparison to Kota Bahru the "white House" offers the same menu but the bread is the standard toasted bread you and I know off with the exception of the home made kaya topped with butter. I must say the if you guys are ever in KB give this place a visit as it wont be long before it closes down. The story is his sons don't want to take over the business and the parents are getting old. Sometimes the shop is closed for 3 days in a row coz the owner is sick. And did I mentioned the half boiled eggs are excellent.

To rub it in...these places are no where close to the service you will get at Taman Sinn. And the roof of the shop will not leak if its raining la (Jake I was shocked about the LRT story)

Have a great weekend!

I need You

One of those mornings when I feel a little more blessed,contented then usual and you know from Whom it all comes from.

LeAnn Rimes - I Need You(Jesus :TV Movie Soundtrack)
Pinjam dari bee mp3 search engine

Wedding Photos We'll All Remember

Note to self when eating at malay stall in Taman Sinn Ujong Pasir

1. Be prepared to be asked again after I place my order (By the same person who took my order the first time around)
2. If you don't say "Kurang Manis" the drink will give you diabetes on the spot but be mentally prepared that it might still be very sweet.
3. Patience is very important for the food may take ridicilously long to arrive.True story... shop owner sends daughter to go buy eggs for my "roti telur".Girl comes back with 5 eggs.I think they have this efficient stock system that I can't question.
4. Do not ever expect them to have change for RM50 note.
5. I'd be suprised if the bill doesn't come up to a nice round number.
6. Ah, and yes... not even nostradamus can predict when the stall will be open.

I still eat there once in a way because I believe if you wait long enough...people can suprise you.FYI, they haven't suprised me yet and so far the system they have is like clockwork.I really think that they open the stall just to screw and toy with their customers.

Must See: I Am Legend’s Alternative Ending

I must say that I preferred the one from the actual movie.It was more real and most times a tragic ending makes you think after the movie has ended.My wife on the other hand,hates it when the main character has to die in the end.Link below.

Must See: Exclusive I Am Legend’s Original Ending


OVG has to be the mother of all video search engines.

Umbrella is needed indoors these days!

Sometime last week I had the pleasure of using the LRT to go to work. Nixon was using my car driving our dad for his check up in IJN. On my way back, it rained heavily and suddenly there was chaos in the cabin and everyone was running away from getting wet. Yes, the LRT was leaking! I couldn't believe my eye's when I saw the part that connects 2 cabins leaked like tap water. Yes impressive indeed.
On another note looking at the way the devils played yesterday, I only expected a draw. And I must say that Theo Walcott's mazy run last week was simply amazing.

New Extreme Sport

Boycott Beijing 2008

Small is Powerful

This picture was taken when Luke was watching one of his new found favourite shows called The Save-Ums, the "Ribena berry" looking whatchamacallit.As you know, kids change their mind about the shows they like before you can say "Cinders & Ashes" or "Oh Toodles".Li-ann, is a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now so all those downloaded episodes do not go to waste for now thankfuly.
I sat down and watched the Save-Ums with Luke and I figured out that what he really likes is that The Save-Ums help others using their gadgets & vehichles.So, as usual,I take it onto myself in educating everyone else what Luke means when he mentions Ka-Drill,Zoomer or SubChopper.
As the tagline for the show goes "Small is Powerful...Believe It" I believe it instills confidence in them and I think it's one of the better shows compared to "Bananas In Pyjamas".BTW, He loves the opening theme as well...

On the land, in the air, under the sea....
We're the Save-Ums!
We can save'em!






B.B. ... Jammies!

Up! Up! Up!

We use our hearts, we use our heads and we believe...
To help is beautiful. Small is Powerful.

On the land, in the air, under the sea....
We're the Save-Ums!
Join the Save-Ums!

Small is Powerful.
Believe it!

The most precious commodity you have

Randy Pausch's lecture on "the most precious
commodity you have"...Time.He knows what he's talking about cause he has 3-6 mths to live due to Pancreatic Cancer.

Watch the video here. It's right at the bottom of the page.

Road trip

Since we're going down that familiar lane that we walked once upon a long time ago.. see if you guys remember this 'wannabe' hit... I bet this will put a smile on your face!

Canon Hacker's Development Kit

Unfortunately my S5IS uses the new dryOS so no fun for me...just yet.

Supercharge Your Camera with Open-Source CHDK Firmware

You've got a friend- Wet,Wet,Wet version

Yup, that posting Chris had me singing the song all day and was kinda contagious because everyone else was humming/whistling it too in the office.Like Jake, the Wet, Wet , Wet version is my favourite esp the part Marti goes "Listen, you got to". BTW,do post other long forgotten songs which we loved back in the days.

Pronounce It Properly

Forvo is a site that let's you listen how a word is pronounced. For example, on this page the proper pronunciation for something as simple as Skype because I am tired of correcting my Japanese colleagues who pronounce it as "Sky Pea".

Pictures of people before and after they have died

At night he was restless, he told me, and kept turning things over in his mind. He cried a lot. But he didn’t talk about what was troubling him. In fact he hardly talked at all and his silence felt like a reproach to those around him. But there was one thing that Peter Kelling followed to the very last and that was the fortunes of the local football team. Until the day he died, every game was recorded on the chart on the door of his room.

Read the text next to the pictures... I have no words to describe them.Link below.

Life Before Death