Editing PDF the cheap way

I showed a colleague this trick I use to edit PDF materials esp engineering related drawings on the cheap and he feels like kicking himself for buying a very expensive software last year to do the same thing.Foxit Reader allows simple editing but the free version will leave a watermark stating "evaluation copy" over the edited material.The workaround I use is to edit then not save but print using the doPDF utility that prints to pdf. Voila, you have a edited .pdf doc without the watermark.

For more complicated editing,try the free PDF to WORD.
Then use doPDF to print to PDF again.Hope this helps.

Another reason to drink

Beijing 2008



It's been a long time since I heard Bobb Fitts. Thought this is a beautiful song and it was a good reminder of many things.... Thank you Anne for sharing the song:)

Every Life Has Value

Hello Guys! got a mail from a friend and she has made an appeal. I will attached the mail below for our reading and if we can and hopefully some kind souls out there esp those looking for a pup and have a house can adopt one of these cute creatures created by God.

The Mail reads:

I am sorry to have to trouble you again. Two days ago a lady by the name of Jacqueline Tsang contacted me asking me for help. I was not sure who is this person, but having listen to her I cannot help but come to the conclusion that she must either be a compassionate crack pot or an angel in our midst. I was invited to her house and there I saw a group of people who are her neighbours helping her out cleaning cages and feeding many puppies that were rescued from the Dewan Bandaraya City Pound in Setapak.

To cut a long story short she got these 37 puppies in various conditions and spend her own money feeding them and getting a number of Vets to help her out, which they did. Of the 37 puppies, some are in poor condition and many of them are still with the Vet under observation. Jacqueline told me that those that are open for adoption must be in reasonably good condition and are approved by the vet that they are ready for adoption. Some of the puppies do not look like strays, and I wonder how they landed in the pound.

The puppies are about 6 to 8 weeks old and I have not even bothered to ask how many male and females in the brood. My first reaction when Jacqueline called me, was that she took on more than she could chew. Okay so there was an error of judgment and when I chastised her, she took it in good faith but she protested that if she had left it to the Pound, the puppies will be put to sleep and these are good dogs that deserve a chance. She reminded me about the 3 pups that I rescued in Shah Alam two months ago and she asked me what drove me to do it.

Okay, we have a situation here and I am asking all of you out there who believe in compassion , love and whatever your good book have taught you above love and compassion to pause and consider this appeal. Jacqueline does not want your money, she spend about RM6,000 per month out of her own pocket to fuel her passion on animal rescue. All she wants from me or rather you is to help her to house these little puppies. In her words, give them a chance, they are loyal God's creatures.

With this in mind, I am asking all of you who are Christian, Mormons, Hindu, Muslim , Taoist, Buddhist, Bahai, or others. I am asking you to put your compassion and love into practise, help us find a home for all these animals. You may not be able to take in another dog, but your friends or neighbour may be able to do so.

I am enclosing pictures in low resolution of Jacqueline and a helper Eric, and pictures of
some of the doggie. All of them are available for adoption. You may contact her direct if you are keen and if you have friends who can help out, can you please forward this mail to them.

Jacqueline's No: 012-2070436.

Ubuntu 8.04 Beta

I am a Linux newbie but I have to admit that the latest Ubuntu distro
Hardy Heron is the best one yet ...yup,if I have a say in it the next name I'd choose a name like "Ubuntu:Punctual Pig".My work laptop an old IBM T40p seen here is now rocking XP,Vista & Ubuntu and just for kicks I just may install OSX Leopard in there to see how it behaves.

Going back to Ubuntu, the installation is such a breeze and I installed it only with the .ISO mounted in Windows.
There are some reviews here for a typical within windows install and go grab a copy of Hardy Heron from the link below.

Get Ubuntu 8.04 Beta

25 Ways to Simplify Your Life with Kids

1. Self-sufficiency
2. One calendar
3. Toy bins.
4. Regular cleanups.
5. Quiet bedtime routines.
6. Prep the night before.
7. Don’t schedule too much.
8. Have dedicated family times.
9. Simple clothing.
10. Always prep early.
11. Always bring snacks.
12. Baby wipes and emergency kit.
13. Pack spare clothes.
14. Create weekly routines.
15. Communicate as a family.
16. Go on dates.
17. Create alone time for your spouse.
18. Let things go sometimes.
19. Make decluttering a family event.
20. Spend quiet time at home.
21. Create traditions.
22. Make cooking and cleaning a family thing.
23. Reduce commitments.
24. Get active.
25. Focus on doing, not on spending.

Read in detail via ZenHabits

Basin and Towel

Seeing Fr Clarence carry out the symbolic and meaningful washing of the feet during last weeks Maundy Thursday mass, both Jessi and I were reminded of the many YE's we've attended where Arul single-handedly made famous Micheal Card's Basin and Towel. I must say it's such a wonderful song and Micheal is a genius in internalizing the gospel and music without compromising the theological aspect. As we were in a solemn mode reflecting the action taking place, the devil decided to put his stamp in our thoughts. Suddenly Jessi whispered that with times changing, in the future the priest should be equipped with tools in his waist so that beside washing the feet, he can also do padicure and foot massage. For a moment I thought it was a good idea, and we both broke the silence around us with our giggle.

Karma will find you

This reminds me of the time we use to spit into the drinks we bought from the vending machine back in SFI because if you don't , by the time the cup comes back to you after all that "a bit,a bit" it would be empty.Remember,Karma will find you so don't eat food that don't belong to you...at least not without permission.

Click to here to view

Colours you can teach your kids...

First of all, there goes Arsenal in challenging for the premier league but then again, anything can happen in football. Although I must say that is highly improbable that Arsenal will ever take the lead with another seven games to go looking at their recent slump. Mascherano... "what happen?"....

Arul, thanks for sharing that article on baptism by the Pope. Here's another interesting collection of what you can share with your kids for liturgical colours used for vespers in the Catholic church:

The Sacrifice of the Mass is offered for many purposes and in honor of many classes of saints; and these various purposes are all designated and symbolized by the color of the vestments which the Church prescribes for each Mass.

When are these colors used?

White: When the Church wishes to denote purity, innocence or glory, she uses white; that is, on the feasts of our Lord and of the Blessed Virgin, on the festivals of angels and of all saints who were not martyrs. White is the color of the resurrection and so is used in masses for the dead.

Red: is the color of fire and of blood; it is used in Masses of the Holy Ghost, such as on Pentecost, to remind us of the tongues of fire -- and on the feasts of all saints who shed their blood for their faith. Red is also used on Good Friday and Palm Sunday.

Purple: or violet is expressive of penance; it is used during Lent and Advent (except on saints' days), and also on the sorrowful festival of the Holy Innocents.

Green: is the color which denotes the growth and increase of our holy Church, and is also symbolic of hope; it is used at various times of the year, on days that are not saints' days.

Maybe, you can remember what Bro Michael thought on the vespers: Alb, Cincture, Stole, Cope, Chasuble, Humeral Veil and Surplice.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are a must for parents and people who use a lot of portable gadgets.I found this article to be really helpful and very informative.

Adventures in Rechargeable Batteries


In my previous post, I wrote about the underground cities used by the early Christians to hide from its persecutors. This got me reflecting on how difficult it was at their time to freely practice the faith we call our own now. I read the entire book of Acts yesterday (never did finish it before), it was certainly an eye opener how Christianity spread throughout Europe through the works of the apostles and St. Paul who brought the good news to people like us. I'm glad I had a little bit of time to reflect this lenten season, and coming into Easter with a tad more understanding of the faith that has been handed down to us.

I was already very interested in Christian symbology that is being used and since I got back, the Byzantine art fascinates me even further. Hence, spurred me to find a bit more about the symbols that is being used. For example, on many of the frescoes that depicted Jesus, IC XC was used as a symbol and MP ΘY was used for the BVM. The next time you go for novena, look closely at the picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. IC XC means Jesus Christ, as you might have guessed but how? In greek, Jesus Christ was spelled as ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (IESOUS CHRISTOS), IC XC stands for the First and Last letter for His Name i.e. I - iota, C - sigma (in this case 'lunate sigma', an alternate symbol for Sigma) which is abbrev for Jesus and X - Chi, C - sigma (in greek, it's the equivalent of the letter 'S') which is abbrev for Christ. This type of symbology goes way back when the Christians were practicing their religion in secret. To identify each other, they used the symbol of what we call today the Jesus fish or ICHTHYS, in classic greek, it means 'FISH', it comes from five letters in the greek alphabet, ΙΧΘΥΣ (I - Iota, X - Chi, Θ - Theta, Υ - Upsilon, Σ - Sigma), which stands for Iesous (Ιησους) Christos (Χριστóς) Theou (Θεοῦ) Huios (Υἱός) Soter (Σωτήρ) - "Jesus Christ God Son Saviour". MP ΘY is the first and last greek alphabet for Meter Theou - Mother of God. You might wonder, why P, it doesn't sound like 'R' at all. The P is actually 'Rho' or 'ρ'.

You might recognize the 'P' symbol from the priest's chasuble , it is called the labarum, which is the first two letter of the word 'Christ' (ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ) in classic greek flanked by 'Alpha' and 'Omega' - this is one of the oldest Christogram known. Let's look at HIS name again, ΙΗΣΟΥΣ, take the first three letter and you get ΙΗΣ or 'IHS', familiar?

You might want to note that the abbrev of 'Xmas', which started in the 16th century in Europe where 'X' (or Chi) is used as a shorthand for writing 'Christ', and hence the abbrev of Xmas to mean Christmas. For many years, Christian clergy understood the meaning of 'X', years passed and that meaning was lost. Since then, it has been perceived as of commercial origin and secularization of Christmas. Hope that this is as much an eye opener for you as it was for me. Have a great Easter, everyone.

The US Presidential Candidates


I loved the title to this picture found at heyokay.com

United State of Pop

This is what you get when you mashup the top 25 Billboard hits of 2007.I think if I hear that Umbrella song one more time I am going to snap.

mp3 download link


I was a little skeptical of this add-on called PicLens in the begining because it looked like some fancy eye candy effects without being functional type of add-on but after playing with it a little I realised it's rather useful.For example, I can turn the LCD tv at home into a huge photo frame by running all the kids pics from my Flickr account seen here in the image above.Very fluid,loads quickly and for me it will be one of those extension I think is a keeper like Scribefire for blogging.

Alternatively,for guys like Suresh you can type Jessica Alba and let Google load some very nice pictures.


Turkey - part two...

Guys, I'm back from this long and exhausting trip to Turkey. As I said earlier, it's a really beautiful place to visit. If you have the opportunity, please go and take a look. Our trip started in Istanbul, then to Pamukalle (which mean 'cotton castle'), Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara and then back to Istanbul again before we flew off.

In my previous blog, there's a lot said about Istanbul - the architecture is magnificent, the historical significance goes back to early existence of humanity. One place worth mentioning is Cappadocia, it is gazetted in UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the valleys are absolutely amazing. It is even mentioned in the bible (check it out in Acts 2:9).

The really interesting location that got me at 'hello' was when we visited the underground city in Derinkuyu, it was built around the 7th century where the early christians hid from the invasion of the Arabs. It was quite cold when we got there, when I got underground, it was a whole maze of underground walkway, tiny rooms, cellars; there's even a church in there in the shape of a cross. I literally had to crawl in there as the walkway is too narrow, I can only imagine how difficult it was for the early christians, being persecuted for the sake of their faith. I found a trap door that is made of a big rock, which can be rolled from the inside, this is to protect themselves. Only 10% of the underground city was made available to public, apparently there are pathways made to several connecting underground 'villages'. It was truly amazing.

After that, another beautiful location that caught me was the Churches in Goreme Valley, wow, some of the frescoes on the walls still looked awesome knowing that it was made more than a century ago. The reason the frescoes were on the walls and the ceilings were nothing but practical. Most of the early christians those days were illiterate, so in order to share the teachings of christianity, it was told using the frescoes on the walls and the ceilings. In every part of the walls, depicts the story of Jesus from the bible. There's many more interesting stuff to share, when I see you guys, we shall share more. I look at the trip as sort of a pilgrimage during lent, it has surely enkindled a desire to learn more and also given a deep appreciation of our faith, these prompted me to find a lot of other stuff which I write later. The only sad thing is that we didn't have the time to visit Ephesus. That would have been a real pilgrimage, where we would have visited the house where Mother Mary used to stay.

Oh yeah, about the food. The taste is a mix of European and Asian although I wouldn't go so far as to call it a fusion. In every meal, there must be bread and salad, so we had loads of that. There was also loads of cheese. In the outskirts of Istanbul like Cappadocia, the food was better. In Istanbul, like many cities, it's more expensive and less sumptuous but still acceptable. Although, many of our group couldn't take too much of salads, bread and fried fish; but I was quite ok with it though. I personally liked the pitchered kebab, which is shown on left. It was cooked in a pitcher. Yummy. I think there's probably a larger variety of food if I went without the tour group and a lot more expensive.

More later...

Terror Suspect Eludes Posse of 4 Million

NY Times article

As you must know by now,the manhunt is still on and Mas Selamat's pics are on handphones,posters around the blocks and on the website.Obviously conspiracy theories are floating around as people find it hard to believe that someone actually could escape the tight security.For the moment you better have some sort of entertainment for the kids in the car if you are planning to survive through the long traffic jam out of Singapore.Last saturday I kept a close watch on the traffic cameras on the net and still we were stuck for about an hour at Second Link.

FairUse DVD ripper

Download Full Version Here

It's free for a limited time only.

Good Analysis

Though it's a long read but a worthwhile one. I frequent to MM's site as I like her liberal views. Besides that, please do check out Bridget Welsh's and Ong Kian Ming's analysis as well.

Weird Crime

'Merhaba' from Istanbul

'Merhaba' means 'hello' in Turkish. Here I am in Istanbul and let me say that this is a very beautiful city for a holiday. It looks like a scene from a James Bond movie. Extremely rich in history, magnificent architecture and breathtaking scenery. I was really at awe at this place called Ayasofya (Pronounced "Hagia Sofia", or Saint Sofia), this is a beautiful building which stood for thousands of years. It used to be a christian basillica which then became a mosque and now it's a museum, it's a wonderful architecture with some of the most beautiful mosaic art of early Christians. I will write more about this in the next blog. . The weather was clear with a temperature of about 14C in Istanbul. The people are generally friendly over here which most can communicate with a little bit of English. We stopped to look at some local magazine outlet "Farkin Olson", quite awesome indeed.

The shops in the Bazaar is like what we see in Arabian nights. They sell everything from spices to lamps, leather products to carpets. You need to know how to bargain, which is something I'm not good at. Anyhow, it is a wonderful sight.

Now, I'm in another part of Turkey, which is called Pamukalle (Cotton Castle), another really beautiful place. I've posted some photos of Istanbul and will soon post up some more in my facebook. You can take a look there. In the meantime, this place is really cold, like now, it's 3-5C.

Anyway, will write more later. Have to go grab some dinner, going to a local village here soon.

On other unrelated news...

I knew this Chinese daily in Singapore was talking about two different news but decided to snap a pic to get the wife to confirm.Yup, was disappointed to find it was unrelated but the resemblance is uncanny.IMHO me la.

Jake Turns To Gangsta Rap as predicted by teacher

What I saw in the paper today

Goodbye Sam by ComedyCourt

Suresh are you still a member of PPP?

How Bluetooth got its name


Malaysia's leading newsprint, The Star had come up with a very catchy tagline "Malaysia Decides" for the recent polls but did no justice when the opposition took over 5 states. They went on to say "BN wins federal govt but opposition takes five states" when it should read "Opposition Takes 5 States" or "BN Gunned Down"

Well all I can say is if the ruling party continues to suppress the mainstream media etc etc...they better be prepared for the next elections...as the media may just have to publish those headlines should the opposition take full control.

Lets pray that this change will benefit all Malaysians.

Thanks for all your votes...guess if everyone play their role it can really make a difference....cause it can "GERTAK" them!

Malaysian coalition suffers rebuke at polls

You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time
-Bob Marley

Malaysian coalition suffers rebuke at polls via TodayOnline

Weekend • March 9, 2008

Malaysia's ruling coalition was dealt a stunning rebuke in general elections on Saturday, losing at least four states and a slice of its majority in parliament to the opposition.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi won a landslide victory in 2004 polls, but pollsters said he was being punished this time over high inflation, rising crime rates and ethnic tensions in the multicultural nation.

Abdullah reportedly accepted the defeat in several areas of the Barisan Nasional coalition, which has ruled Malaysia for half a century.

"He said that this is how democracy works, and urged people to remain calm and not to celebrate in the streets," The Star newspaper reported him as saying on its website.

The coalition's performance looked to be the worst since 1969, when it last lost its two-thirds majority in parliament in a result that triggered serious racial clashes.

Opposition figurehead Anwar Ibrahim, the former deputy premier who was sacked and jailed in 1998, said Barisan Nasional would once again lose the two-thirds majority that allows it to amend the constitution at will.

"We have crossed the one-third majority. This is based on information from the candidates from the initial counting," he told AFP. "This is a major victory... and we are moving up very fast towards 40 percent."

The opposition held just 20 seats in the outgoing 219-seat parliament.

In the island state of Penang, the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) said it had ousted the coalition in a stunning upset and would form a government with Anwar's Keadilan.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said voters had "created history by allowing opposition parties to form the Penang state government."

In the northern state of Kedah, the Islamic hardliners PAS claimed a completely unanticipated victory, and indicated it would also rule in an opposition coalition in central Selangor state.

In the major battleground of Kelantan, the only state the coalition does not hold and which it had hoped to snatch from PAS which has ruled there for 18 years, the Islamic party said it would extend its majority.

Pollsters also said that northwestern Perak state was leaning towards the opposition.

Malaysia's minority ethnic Indians and Chinese had been expected to turn away from the government, but pollsters said the coalition also suffered a loss of support from the majority Muslim Malays that form its bedrock.

"There is a massive swing against the Barisan Nasional among the ethnic Indian and Chinese electorates," said Merdeka Centre research firm pollster Ibrahim Suffian.

"And also a significant swing of about 15 percent, I estimate, from among the Malay electorate as compared to the 2004 elections," he told AFP.

"Judging by the extent to which the unofficial reports are coming through, there is a slim chance that the BN's two-thirds majority might be breached."

Anwar is barred from holding office until April, but had criss-crossed the country campaigning for the general elections, rallying Keadilan as well as DAP and PAS which have formed a loose alliance.

Seven hours after voting closed, the Election Commission had announced results for nearly half the seats, with 77 going to the coalition, six to PAS, seven to Keadilan and seven to DAP.

The Merdeka Centre's pollster Ibrahim said the results put Abdullah's future in jeopardy as the head of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), which leads the coalition.

"I think he will have a tough time ahead as he goes into UMNO party elections which are in the middle of the year. There will be some tough questions asked there," he said.

Rights monitors and opposition leaders had warned that the coalition could manipulate the vote in tightly fought seats.

Concerns over electoral fraud triggered a clash between supporters of the Islamic party PAS and police in northern Terengganu state, with authorities using tear gas to disperse some 300 people. Twenty-two people were arrested. — AFP

MalaysiaKini Mirror sites

Need I be more clearer?

Via TodayOnline

Malaysian parties look to celebrities in battle for votes

THE final days of campaigning in Malaysia are turning out to be a battle between the tried-and-tested and the ideals.

And nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the presence of a host of celebrities and public figures in the hustings.

The list includes Malaysia's first astronaut, a global businessman, a singer and a royalty blogger.

Clearly, celebrity endorsements are a means of wooing voters. But reading between the lines, the choice of celebrities also hints of the political parties' strategies.

The battle for urban voters, for instance, has seen the opposition and the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition taking different tacks.

Yesterday, at Lembah Pantai in Kuala Lumpur, BN incumbent candidate Shahrizat Abdul Jalil invited Mr Tony Fernandes who heads budget airline AirAsia, arguably one of Malaysia's biggest success stories, to speak at her ceramah (rally).

Mr Fernandes, whom some have hailed as Malaysia's Richard Branson, is the epitome of how local businesses can thrive under BN rule.

The message is clear — vote for us and we will help your company grow. It ties in with BN's bread-and-butter manifesto which emphasises development and progress.

Then, there is Malaysia's first astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, another national icon. At a ceramah yesterday, he criticised the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) as a party whose rocket — a symbol on their party flag — is "rusting and only usable as scrap metal".

For its part, the opposition has engaged Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a royalty blogger — a relative of a former Malaysian king from Selangor, the late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz — who runs the controversial but widely-read website MalaysiaToday.

Despite a heavy downpour earlier this week, some 2,000 Chinese urbanites stood their ground to listen to his late night ceramah hosted by the DAP at the Petaling Jaya Utara constituency.

Raja Petra is not so much an icon of progress as he is a self-confessed champion of justice and good governance — a "government watchdog" as he describes himself that night.

Through him, the opposition hopes to capitalise on the widespread anti-establishment sentiments among urban voters.

Even the fight for Malay heartlanders is markedly different. Here, BN is using popular Malay singers such as "pop princess" Siti Nurhaliza while the opposition parties prefer to stay clear of showbiz celebrities.

The one exception is TV host Daphne Iking who has expressed support for her father Mozes Michael Iking, a Sabah state seat hopeful, contesting under the Keadilan ticket.

The celebrity war is representative of a battle for Malaysia's future — one structured on tried-and-tested ideas of the ruling coalition, and the other one that is ready to embrace abstract ideals, which is what the opposition wants.

How will it all add up on Saturday's polls?

Dr Farish A Noor, of the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, believes that social celebrities such as Raja Petra, more than media celebrities, like Siti Nurhaliza, has the ability to sway votes.

"Social activists have an enormous impact because their credibility extends beyond the celebrity factor. For example, Raja Petra's website is taken seriously and is widely read," Dr Farish told Today.Agreeing that Raja Petra could sway votes, law lecturer and political observer Dr Azmi Sharom said: "Raja Petra addresses political issues directly while Tony Fernandes is closely related to the Umno's business dealings. So, he could only convince loyalists."

He added: "Fence-sitters are not concerned about how many more millions Mr Fernandes will make. They want to know more about how this country is being run."

And what does Dr Azmi think of national astronaut Sheikh Muszhapar?

His candid reply: "He is just a pretty boy."

Hoping Indians vote for change

This is my view of the TV in the Incheon Airport Lounge as I wait for my flight home.Seen here.CNN keeps showing images of the Hindraf protest when they speak of the Malaysian elections.I can't help but wonder if the Indian community will truly go out and decide that they have had enough...or they will go out to vote at all.
Jake sent a sms asking for us to be united in prayer.I pray that it would be a fair elections and there would not be any ugly incidences like the BN "sapu-ing" everything.

Daniel's 1st Day @ Kindy

Well the day came when we decided to let Daniel try Kindergarden after we wanted to register him for 2009. Since he kinda liked it we made him start today prior to the "test" class he had the day before.

So Arul your Godson has a class full off machas with the exception of one Chinese. He cried a little today as his music class had a different teacher...other than that he's quite ok but need to learn to mix more - well what can we expect frm a 5 year old?

Siah...think your God daughter is better coz she is dying to go to school. Keeps crying when we leave daniel at school.

Anyways....since tomorrow is Fri...will see you all in Melaka. Arul have a safe journey back and your wish of having elections every 6 months will never happen. Siah...enjoy yourself in Turkey and keep us posted on the blog or else Arul will gertak us again...by trying to shut down the blog!!!hee!hee! Jake I think liverpool might just win the Champions League which I hope not la.

All said and done and as BN keeps reminding us....VOTE wisely!! So we'll just do that ya!

In all religion and yet it's hardly followed


No, not MJ's History I'm talking about. It's about the History Wenger made in Italy. Indeed an historic night where an English team beat the mighty Milan at their own kampung. Looks like in this season, Arsenal is the team to beat, both in England and Europe. I hope a repeat of last year... 4 English team again:)

The "Perfect" Society

Just when you think or start thinking that what sloppy service you get being a tax payer- all your life....suddenly the road you drive on becomes smoother overnight, the water cuts never happen...even the electricity doesn't go off in the county we live in. Garbage are collected promptly. Services @ the hospitals are with a smile...to be frank i didnt have to pay the bill when my dad check-out from GH last week(Free... but we forgot his pension card so it was chargable)

To top it all ....no speed traps man...i mean at the usual spots la when I cummute daily...lemme know if you are experiencing the same "TRUMAN" effect.

It just amazing what can be done overnight...esp road resurfacing and even painting of the bloody lines.

I dont know but its like the Truman Show every 4 years...!

World Record of Oldest Human Being

For those of you registered for voting, you can check your voting details and location in this website. Just key in your new IC number and hit 'Semak'. Do exercise your rights to vote.

On another note, there's this e-News that has been floating around the internet on the existence of Oldest Living Human Being in Malaysia. Check this out: according to World Record, the oldest man is Edna (Scott) Parker, born on the 20 April 1893 in America. Before this, Yone Minagawa from Jepun was the oldest. She passed away on the 13 August 2007. Surprisingly, the world doesn't know that actually all the oldest human being are still living in Malaysia and they will allegedly come out to vote on the 8 March 2008.

You can use the same website to check the following IC numbers:


Apparently, Baharom B Hj Othman (
801018775059) is the oldest voting man in Malaysia @ 128 years old.

Giving the SPR the benefit of the doubt, I think, they must have overlooked this. After all, they need to take care of more 10.9 million voters in Malaysia. It must be quite a mammoth task to handle all that. As the saying goes "To Err is human, to forgive Divine". Perhaps, SPR can attempt to find out if those folks are still around and if they are, my oh my, what a wonderful news it will be for Malaysia to hold the World Record of more than a handful of oldest living human beings all in the wonderful state of Selangor. Those who live in Selangor must be doing something right... no? I hear there is more old folks all around Malaysia. Wah...

Malaysia Boleh! World Record potential! And what about Ripley's Believe It or Not. Check this out!

27 Dresses

Saw this movie last week. Thanks to Jessi winning some contest for movie preview. Written and Directed by the same people who gave Hairspray, The Devils Wears Prada, The 40 Year Old Virgin etc. I enjoy light hearted comedy very much and this movie was no different. Katherine Heigl from The Roswell and Grey's Anatomy, who happened to be one of the actress I like, carried her role very well. Though the plot is predictable as usual, it's still fun to see the blend of characters. Click on the jump for the trailer.

On another note, am going for Anuar's ceramah this Thursday. Will update later on that. Honestly, I wish the opposition can assure the people of a more united front and with a 'Malaysian' manifesto instead of their own party objective...Hmmm. looks like these goons have not learnt their lessons from 2004

Approval Comes Just In The Nick of Time From BN

Check this out....Chapel in Malacca makes headlines! Was seeking approval since 2004! Click header for more.... How much more obvious can these guys get?

Arul....about the blog...well just leave ...even if there is no post...I mean its one way forus to keep in touch...i mean I dun really care how many hits we get but it just something good we have....like a cyber madras cafe...its suppose to be for us anyway....and since we cannot cakap kosong as much as we like to - face to face...the the blog is a good place.

So the elections will be a good time to catch up. Chris will be in turkey so he will not be able to exercise his right come March 8th. Do send our regards to the galatasary team...! (sorry if the spelling is wrong)

Final post...maybe

Too many expensive dinners & too much meat (yakiniku) so this simple lunch(Instant Noodle + Pocari Sweat) was very satisfying and was 10% of the usual amount.This brand of cup noodle a Korean friend recommended was very tasty, even better than my favourite...Nissin
Laksa flavour.Watching my usual Family Guy,Everybody Hates Chris,Simpsons and this particular episode was very funny.
Seeing Arsenal manage a draw at the final minutes makes me think that
it's going to be one of those seasons Arsenal is going to come so close
to winning the title and then lose out to MU.
BTW, they have TV mass here ..more like a service actually because a lot of Protestant churches around.

I heard Suresh is not coming down for the elections and must admit that I am a bit disappointed as he used to be one of those always keeping abreast with the political scene here.Anyway, I guess it comes down to individual choices and priorities I guess.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that I am a bit tired of keeping this blog going as you know some of our members are literally missing for a long time.It's not fair to call it something like a group thing while it's not.Think you know what I mean. I personally am not a fan of all those social networking sites like friendster (yes the one people taking pics of themselves) or Facebook which sends me tens of requests everyday saying someone "bit me" "poked me" and soon maybe they'll have one where someone gave me a "blow" kinda thing.Anyway, I like tumblr,simple interface.. for example my personal http://arul.tumblr.com/ is what I am going to maintain.To put it short, I am suggesting we close down the MadrasCafe blog and let's move on.Let's face it, we are all getting busier by the day and there are more important things in life than blogging.

A clever ad & a stupid criminal

Korean Independence Day

March 1st is Korean Independence Movement Day and what better way to celebrate than to have a Korean kid in a diaper sing a Beatles hit.I love the part when the song goes "Better,better,better" at the end.Korean language sounds a lot like Tamil to me with the same rhythm and all. Almost every other sentence ends with "Su Mi Da" so to me it sounds like everyone is talking about a girl named Sumitha...even the commentator on EPL goes "...heading,shoot something korean,korean,korean and Sumitha". As much I would love to pick up the language I am sticking to learning Japanese at the moment. So far, my Japanese is crap but of course the ever polite Japanese friends I have always say my Japanese is good....mind you sometimes it's a polite way of mocking someone.