Manila Revisited

Oh yes, Chris how can I forget Apol and let me tell you there are many more pretty girls here and the sad thing is they are into pretty much anything if you can pay their price.I can only elaborate in person as it's a little graphic to mention.
We definitely did not see the real Manila in 1995 and I have a glimpse of what those jokers who rented the car for a "tour" as Terence mentioned.Funny thing you mentioned Miggi cause I was thinking about her...a very nice girl.
It is still a country that still has extreme poverty and people work hard to make a living like this street peddler who toils in the sun all day trying to sell the simplest stuffs like a face towel or even rags.The difference though, some people are poor...very poor and yet I see smiles on their faces(like this morning on my way to the Cavite province) and you wonder why people in affluent countries like Singapore end up lying down on MRT tracks.
Below is a picture of a shop called "Brand X" and when you think about it they get free advertising all the time by other brands even though it's bad advertising as those brands always run Brand X down.I thought it was unique but that's me.
The customer service standard here is really good and it should be because if you don't perform there are 10 more people eying for your job.Overall, a visit to places like India,Philippines or Thailand will always make you feel a little thankful and humble...something we take for granted at times.
BTW, we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch today in Cavite called "King Bee"...think it's the husband of "Jollibee" and you know what ........the food sucked as well.Jake will end up ordering dish after dish and still will complain.

Memories of 1995

The only word is still remember in Tagalog is "Mabuhay" and surely everything brought me back to 1995 when we were there for the World Youth Day to witness one of the largest gathering of Catholic youths from all around the world.The icing on the cake was surely when we saw the Pope.As I walked out of the Airport to the pick-up area I saw the most dreaded mascot of fast food franchise ...that Bee from Jolibee staring at me.Remember, boiled eggs and sausage with rice?Still gives me the chills man....
Anyway, FYI after 12 years I saw another part of Manila yesterday and my friends who know me well surely know that I can't hold my liquor and so there was I hugging the toilet bowl in my hotel room at 3 in the morning puking my insides out and woke up to a splitting headache this morning and attended a 3 hour meeting.

Security is tight in the Makati area where we are staying and this Labrador Retriever sniffs my luggage at the hotel to see if I've got some "murukku" and seriously, whether it's in Australian airports seeing the Beagles go to work or like here in Manila...I love seeing working dogs and you can't deny that dogs are truly mankind's most trusted animal friend.Seeing Will Smith having to strangle his own dog in "I am Legend" was so,so,so heartbreaking.
Though, please treat dogs as dogs,people are dressing dogs up in sweaters and t-shirts ...the damn dog can't do things he love the best like lick his own nuts because he has clothes on.Sheesh!

Asus Eee PC in full KDE desktop mode

The Xandros OS is set to easy mode by default by the manufacturer but it has a very pda like feel to it.I personally would recommend that you unlock this.You can follow this tutorial here if you are a Linux newbie like me.Heck, some people even have installed OSX 10.5 Leopard on these babies.
I did away with the ugly "Launch" menu button and changed to a custom wallpaper.Installed Littlefox theme on Firefox since it's best for this tiny screen and the Personal Menu extension plus Smart Bookmarks Bar extension to save some "browser real-estate".You might wanna tweak the Firefox settings via "about:config" method though.
Probably would install VLC player later on but must admit that the bundled player has played almost everything that I have thrown at it so do not want to switch just yet.Need to conserve the remaining space on SSD right?
I have Ubuntu on the home desktop and like you Terence, I like it a lot.Can't believe the OS is open source and if it's not for the wife, I would never have to dual-boot XP or Vista.

Comparing the Asus Eee pc to a Macbook Air??

This is a weird comparison because look at the price factor but being someone who owns a Asus Eee pc I am very happy with it because I get something that' is ultra portable running on a Unix-based OS which I want to learn more about.

Boost your WiFi with Tomato

Installing from Linksys' firmware for others look here

  1. Open the Linksys GUI in your browser. The default URL is
  2. Click the Administration tab, then Firmware Upgrade
  3. Select and upload the correct firmware for your router.
  4. Wait for about 2 minutes while the firmware is uploaded & flashed.
  5. If the generic password "admin" doesn't work you need to "reset" the button behind the router.
Download Tomato

Down Memory Lane in Tmn Sinn

For those of us who know Un. Vivian...well let's just say that he gave us tremendous support, his encouragement was always there no matter what the time and place. He gave the youth...CARITAS the much needed support we always wanted from parents and yes his HOUSE was always open to all of us.

We will always remember Un. Vivian as a friend and someone who cared for us.

This pixs was taken by adrian 10 years ago (Christmas 97 to be specific) using my analog camera but no matter what camera you use, I am just glad we have some pictures to recall the yesteryears. And I bet Un.Vivian has the complete collection of all our visits there to his place.

We certainly shared a lot of laughs in the kitchen and dinning room with auntie and adrian coupled with the great cooking of Auntie Nancy (there's where I developed a liking for sheppards pie which gwen so often cooks now-thanks to auntie nancy). Not to mentioned the beer Un.Vivian used to offer us all but Suresh stepped in to drink it all for us. Hee Hee!

Whatever said and done, lets just remember to keep Un Vivian in our prayers.

Life & Death

Life is such that you are wondering what to eat for lunch one moment and by night fall your friends are singing hymns at your wake.As I have always said,death is not a possibility but a fact ...a guaranteed event that will take place.I don't mean to sound morbid but now and then we need to remind ourselves this little but very important truth.
I felt very sad esp when I hugged Auntie Nancy during Uncle Viv's wake but soon after the sadness was gone.Not that I didn't care, but I knew Uncle Viv is in a better place and knowing him he's probably looking down laughing saying "look at these jokers la"...
There are many memories that we'd cherish and if there's one thing I can say about him is that he was one of those adults who was truly the friend of the youths.Let's drink remembering the man for he would not want it any other way.

While I don't want to put any pressure on Suresh, i do hope he'd post his thoughts as he was the one closest to Uncle Vivian. All said, people please learn to live a little and ride this mother till the wheels fall off.

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Asus Eee PC

Just got one and can't wait to fiddle around with it and these babies are flying off the shelves like "goreng pisang panas"!Will tell you about it but for now this site is in my list of favourites.
This petite thing is a minion compared to my T40p as seen here.Retail price in Singapore for the 4G is S$598 inc tax. I am still rocking the Xandros OS but full KDE mode and plan to either move to Ubuntu or XP later on.The manual has instruction on installing XP but surely you gotta slim that bloated thing down before install.
As for now, I am posting this from the Eee and the keyboard will kinda suck esp for guys.The sound on this thing is very reputable and so far it played everything I threw at it in the native mPlayer.
Seems solid and good enough for hooking up to the LCD tv for Luke to watch his Little Einsteins and Thomas videos.The built-in wifi is excellent and overall it's a steal for the price you pay for it.

(Update)Installed XP Pro SP2 just to see it's performance which by all
means is not bad at all.After installing MS Office 2007 and other must
have utilities like CCleaner,AVG antivirus,Skype & stuff...the SSD
still has about 1.8 GB space left.

Thriller 25

Yes he's a little weird but face it, no one is going to top this album when it comes to sales (no thanks to the internet) and no one can come close to MJ when it comes to moves.You can see Usher & Chris Brown aspiring to be him but the man is untouchable.The bonus tracks remixed with people like Kanye West & Fergie seriously sounds a lil wacky & can't hold a candle next to the original version ,though I like what Akon did with "Wanna Be Startin Something" which you can listen here.

If you were a teenager in the 80's you'd know what I am talking about.

US Forces making progress in Iraq?

This graphic from NY Times is enough evidence to show that US forces are not winning the war in Iraq.

Taman Burung Jurong

We all know kids need activities and cooped up at home watching the "electronic nanny" all day long is not good for anyone.Here are some pics from our Birdpark trip over the weekend.Luke enjoyed the "birds of prey" show and associated all the birds with characters from the movie "Valiant".

Pakistan Airlines 1979 Ad


When Julian Met Li-Ann

New Year's Day Zoo Trip: Pics

We took the kids to the Singapore Zoo yesterday, and must say that with all the conservation messages posted everywhere and the animals kept in really good shape and proper just can't deny that they are still living in captivity.Here are some pics of the animals & I personally liked the White Tiger.When we asked Luke which animal he liked best,he said it was the Zebra and I wondered if there was a reason for that.