MSI Wind is best netbook to run OSX


I think I have covered my tinkering with a Hackintosh in the past on my IBM  but it looks like MSI Wind is a better candidate for a cheap netbook running Leopard.


President Obama

I like this pic of a young Obama back in the days.The term "Cool Cat", "Player ...."Pimp" comes to mind.

Singing the praises of Songbird 1.0

I have crowed about Songbird before but with the new 1.0 release it's better than ever.I use it on my Mac OSX as seen on this image,Linux and Windows. Yes, it guzzles a little memory but it's worth it IMHO.

Easeus Free Partition Manager

Bush has reflex of a cat

Seriously, this is not how you should treat anyone for that matter.Not cool shoe throwing


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and if you are Indian or have been to India it will make it that much more hilarious.Like the part where the word "rubber" means eraser for us and condoms for Americans.Think the movie is on HBO now and if you are looking for it on the net, specify that it's Outsourced The movie and make sure you don't end up with the Russell Peters stand up comedy file.
It reminded me of having to explain to my American colleague in the US that their way of pronouncing "OrangUtan" and "Pariah" was hilarious to me.

2008 International Photography Contest Winners

Here's s shot I wished I could capture when in Paris.Link below.
2008 International Photography Contest

Apple's new 3D patent


Has to be the funniest & weirdest Craigslist posting

Christmas Gift like no other

I stole this pic from Chris' Facebook pics and it shows our friend, (a very experienced daddy by now) burping Christian the  new addition to the family.
Congratulations to the Siah's!Next up the Scullies....

Brilliant t-shirt design ideas

These t-shirt designs are simply awesome.From Ronald enjoying a pizza in a disguise to the one with the clown fish throwing a pie, every one of them is simply brilliant. Tee Designs on the Behance Network

Sexy Chick

Timeline of a Coffee Drinker

If you are a coffee drinker, you'd love both the illustrations on the napkin and the descriptions.Unlike westerners, I hate all that gourmet and over priced Starbucks coffee.Give me the local brew or at least Nescafe anytime.
As for tea...give me The Klebang brew by Terence anytime.

Coffee - Abstract City –

Terrorism that's personal

Terrorism That’s Personal -

Leaves you speechless the violence that women have to endure in the hands of evil men.

"This month in Afghanistan, men on motorcycles threw acid on a group of girls who dared to attend school. One of the girls, a 17-year-old named Shamsia, told reporters from her hospital bed: “I will go to my school even if they kill me. My message for the enemies is that if they do this 100 times, I am still going to continue my studies.”

20 most dangerous places in the world

Yup, India is one of them and speaking from experience, the villages in India are a beautiful and peaceful place.

In pictures: world's most dangerous places

U3 Removal Tool

I use this 16gb usb drive for transferring data & also as a bootable disk for work related matters on my equipments.I know the U3 launchpad is to enable the disk to behave like a cd-rom but I hate the delays in detecting esp on older machines.
If you hate delays and just need a basic media storage like me...

Its Christmas Again

Some time back I spoke to Arul and told him we're were going to set up the tree early...more for the kids. Well that has been done and thanks guys for the rundown on all your Christmas plans. Arul the tosai...make sure your sister makes them. Buying frm shop is not an option. I hope she take this as a compliment.

Purple has spoken....good to hear u'll be down suresh or else it will be not the same without the Tamil version of silent night on Christmas day.

Jake...thanks for the call to let me know about your Christmas plans too and that you'll make it to my place. Siah...we'll pack some tosai for you and cath and if you baby comes late, it might just be a great Christmas gift. This year, Marissa and Daniel(esp) seem to look forward for occasions significantly more and that has made it more meaningful and fun for the kids and us as well. Even celebrating his b'day, Daniel actually kept count of the days left to the big day. At the same time its becoming harder to bluff these guys la coz they now remember, can keep track and hold you to your promise. Its amazing to see the kids grow and how they change frm day-to-day. So as much as we want the kids to have a meaningful Christmas, lets pop a bottle or two and yes, remember Un Vivian on this special day. After all, he did teach us the joys of having a good fellowship with friends.


They never stop. Going at it with a different number now and a different amount. Everyone, please take note that this is a SCAM! This is what I received:

"Tahniah. No Sim-card anda Memenangi Wang Tunai RM30,000.00 dr PETRONAS PRIMAS KLCC sila anda tel: 014 6782 157. Terima kasih." from 014-3563985.

Please take note people!

Excerpt from Petronas website:


It has been brought to PETRONAS' attention once again that a syndicate, believed to be based in Indonesia, is still running an SMS scam using PETRONAS' name to con members of the public.

Cellular phone users have been receiving a SMS that reads: "Pengumuman dari PETRONAS MAS. TAHNIAH! SimCard anda bertuah memenangi undian wang RM14,000. Sila hubungi telefon 006285880214502. Terima Kasih."

("Announcement from PETRONAS MAS. CONGRATULATIONS! Your SIMCard has won a lucky draw of RM14,000. Please call 006285880214502. Thank you.")

PETRONAS is made to understand that despite our numerous previous announcements on this matter, members of the public still fall prey to the scam.

PETRONAS wishes to clarify once again that it has never organised such a contest and appeals to members of the public not to be easily misled by the syndicate.

PETRONAS has lodged another police report on this matter.

Issued by
Media Relations Department
5 July 2007

Real Time with Bill Maher

One of the comedy/political show I like to watch apart from The Daily Show,The Colbert Report  is Real Time with Bill Maher. Bill is not for everyone, he's a free thinker and can be very crude but I do think that he's a brilliant comedian. The topics are always US politics and I don't mind because here at home, you go in for murder,you can come out , give press conference to clear other people's name and the public will buy it.Hey, how about the, if I don't say this , the shit will hit the fan and I will rot in jail.Disgusting!!!!
Coming back to the topic of the post, Real Time with Bill Maher torrents "kahdunga plenty" so, Google it.

Sounds to relax or work

iSerenity - Environments

How I wished they had one with "heavy rain falling on a tin roof" cause I miss that sound from my Kampung days.

QS-100 - my take..

A friend of mine ask me to test and review this product by QNAP TS-100. It's an All-in-One NAS (Netword Attached Storage) Server which comes with 1TB of hard disk space. In a nutshell, it's a hyped up version of a NAS server. Among the neat stuff: manage BT downloads, share multimedia files across the network, web server, file server, ftp server, itunes etc. Another one of those gadgets that could trigger your fancy if you're into digital lifestyle.

If you're looking to stream videos that you've downloaded from BT directly to your TV from this device, this is not it. This is just a storage box that broadcast media as UPNP media server to a DLNA compliant device (like the one I've reviewed earlier: Pinnacle 250HD). Setting up was quite simple, the unit comes with the necessary cables, a CD, installation guide and a stand for the device. It's about the size of an external 3.5" hard disk enclosure and it's white in colour, looks quite appealing actually. Plugged in the power cable, connect the device to an unused port in my home router with the network cable (which was supposed to be provided but it wasn't in the box). Although it has 3 usb port in the TS-100, you must connect it to a network/laptop via a LAN cable to access the device. Configuration was just installing the software that comes in the CD provided which gives you access to the TCP/IP configuration. Just put in the IP address and subnet mask of your network and follow the instructions on screen. Reformat HDD and Reboot. Now you can access the NAS from any connected computer via IE or Firefox. Accessing from Firefox, you need to tweak the About:Config to allow port 6000 so that you can access the admin screen of the device.

The admin screen was simple enough that you can configure about everything QNAP claimed it could do. I wanted to test its multimedia server feature, so I turned on the UPNP media server function and whacked in a divx file into the Qmultimedia folder (one of the 5 folders created automatically). My showcenter could see the Qnap server but was unable to access it. So the built in UPNP media server software is incompatible with Showcenter. Mounted the folder as a network drive and used WMP from my actual server to broadcast the media. Didn't work, it couldn't find the file although it was added in the WMP library. Downloaded Pinnacle Media Manager (which was used as the media server software in previous version of showcenter, the buggas trying to save money by using software created by MS), and add the files via a network folder and showcenter was able to pick it up instantaneously. Playing the files via the network was quite smooth.

Next I tried the copy function from a portable harddisk (60GB) attached to the USB 2.0 port. It took about 12 hours to copy the entire hdd over to the TS-100. A complete waste of time, the speed in file transfer is ridiculous via USB. Transfering file over the network was just as bad or worse, maybe I wasn't using a Gigabit line, even so, copying files from my network server to my laptop is also not as slow as that.

Next I tried the download station, the function worked but downloading BT is slower than BitComet. It's ok for simple managed downloading though. You can schedule and manage FTP, HTTP downsloads as well. I have not tried the other features like iTunes, Web, FTP server functions because I only got the unit 2 days ago. Testing the copy function took that long already. Now the box is resting because it got really hot. It shouldn't be a problem as it is meant to work as fanless, silent server that can run 24x7. But I just got sick and tired of it after it took so long to transfer files. So I decided to take a break from it at least for the next few days. One more thing, yes, the TS-100 is quite silent. Power consumption suppose to be low lar... but now it's not consuming any power because it's off. Will write more once I test out further.

PS: Jake, I remember that photo. That must absolutely go in a photo album.


MadTV is hilarious esp Lil Joker(bottom left) & Bobby Lee the Asian guy.I stumbled upon MadTV during my trips to USA and now I can only fetch the torrent files. Let's say that it does come close to In Living Colour from back in the days. I said it comes close but no one can match zany Jim Carrey as the Fire Marshall surely. 

Letters to God from kids

This is my here

The top ten most irritating phrases:

The top ten most irritating phrases according to Oxford.I dislike "it's not rocket science" because in the engineering industry it's often used  to "tekan" the engineer.

1 - At the end of the day

2 - Fairly unique

3 - I personally

4 - At this moment in time

5 - With all due respect

6 - Absolutely

7 - It's a nightmare

8 - Shouldn't of

9 - 24/7

10 - It's not rocket science


Do you want a China girl with that coke?

Star paper : Phone cards and drinks to be sold in taxis soon.

The article ends with the minister joking that they won't be selling nasi lemak.He should have continued the joke by saying that as usual, none of the taxi operators will use the meter. One thing I know, since I work with Japs and they are known to have a big appetite for sex... on 3 occasions when in KL, the cab drivers have offered their services as a pimp.

BTW, extending the road worthiness inspection to 10 years... a great way forward.Clap!


What a lovely name for your baby

 This one is for those about to welcome their bundles of joy.
 I like the bit where you can download the badgewith the name.
Click header y'all.

Our Mums

Jessi and I were clearing our stuffs and we came across some nice photo's. This is one of them :) It would've been nice if our mum's were there too.What would we do without them, huh? Thank God for the GIFT of them ;)

No communion for you

On one of my trips back to Malacca, I heard a rumour (so maybe not true) that a particular fiery priest refused communion to a lady who did not take part in the fellowship after morning mass at St Peters.It sounded simply ridicilous so I forgot all about it. Now upon reading that a priest refused communion to Obama supporters in view of his ProChoice stand , I realise this is not so simple anymore.Anyone care to elaborate.

Option 42: Get mauled by a tiger

Someone living next to my block decided to end his life by jumping off the balcony 2 days ago and I wondered how someone could take such a painful method to end it all.That's until I learned how a Zoo worker decided to call it quits by offering himself up as food for the 3 White Tigers in Singapore Zoo. Read it below!The pic of one of the tigers I took some time back and as far as I am concerned, the Tigers just behaved as God made them to be.

‘Goodbye, I won’t be seeing you again’

Friday • November 14, 2008

Zul Othman

HE HAD seemed disturbed at lunchtime, people later said: Tearing up food coupons, muttering agitatedly to himself.

Then Mr Nordin Montong turned to his co-worker at the Singapore Zoo and said, in Malay: “Goodbye, I won’t be seeing you again.”

With that, the 32-year-old contract worker rode away on his bike. Moments later, at about 12.15pm, he climbed over the 1.2-metre high railing of the white tiger exhibit, walked along the ledge — and jumped into the 10-metre wide moat.

He waded ashore and climbed onto the rocks, waving a pail and broom and “taunting” the animals, according to a horrified Australian couple. That’s when the three big cats, each weighing over 100kg, attacked.

As he curled into a foetal position, and visitors screamed, the tigers grabbed him by the neck and dragged him to the back of the exhibit.

A nearby staff sounded the alarm over the walkie-talkie system, and some 20 keepers converged, some ushering visitors away while others distracted the tigers and lured them into their dens.

Once the animals were confined, four of the zoo’s vets rushed in and gave Mr Nordin first aid. But by the time a Singapore Civil Defence Force ambulance arrived at 12.34pm, it was too late – Mr Nordin was pronounced dead 10 minutes later, with a fractured skull and bite wounds to the throat.

The Malaysian had been working at the zoo’s chimpanzee exhibit since June.

According to Ms Isabel Cheng, director of sales and marketing at the Singapore Zoo, this is the first such incident in the park’s 35-year history. “Our exhibits are designed to be safe but if someone wants to deliberately get in, they will find a way,” she said.

Mr Biswajit Guha, the assistant director of zoology, said: “At no time was any visitor or staff exposed to any danger.” The zoo has begun investigations and, to facilitate this, has “temporarily closed the white tiger exhibit to visitors”.

Zoo staff declined to be interviewed, but several visitors said Mr Nordin’s erratic behaviour had caught their eye.

Some told authorities he was shouting and throwing things around outside the exhibit.

One British tourist told TODAY he saw Mr Nordin try to climb into the enclosure, “which didn’t seem like an easy thing to do seeing it had high fences followed by a deep trench”.

Zoo authorities say the enclosure measurements conform to international safety guidelines. A moat between 8.5m and 10m wide, and up to 1.75m deep, surrounds the white tiger exhibit. Fences on the left and right wings stand 5.8m high, inclusive of the moat wall. The exhibit was last audited for safety on Sept 11.

Following security protocols, zoo operations were closed for half an hour, and resumed when it was found the incident was contained.

A police spokesperson said the case has been classified as that of “unnatural death” and investigations are on going. Mr Nordin’s family has been notified, and the zoo has offered them its condolences and assistance.

Chelsea dumped out of Carling Cup by Burnley


Arsenal have no respect

CHELSEA coach Ray Wilkins last night accused Arsenal of disrespecting the Carling Cup.

Wilkins believes the Gunners are wrong to play a team of kids instead of their star names.

And he insists Chelsea will not devalue the competition by doing the same.

He also taunted Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger by claiming the kids experiment has left his club trophyless.

Chelsea will field a senior side against Burnley tonight and Wilkins said: �It’s all about winning trophies when you’re a big club.

"The fact we’ve won the Carling Cup twice in the last four years and Arsenal have won none justifies our policy,

You enter a competition to win the competition. Why go into it if you’re not concerned whether you win it?

Playing a young or weakened team undermines the value of the competition.

And we have not and will not do that. We want to win it, big time.

Chelsea will recall Didier Drogba and Wilkins promised the only youngsters who will feature will be on the bench.

Chelsea 1 Burnley 1

... He made several changes to the starting line up but every player who started the match is a first-team squad member.

It was the first time for nearly five years that Frank Lampard and John Terry started on the bench. "

Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel & grooming at Kelana Jaya is one of the centre where elmo goes often. This place has a massive neon lighted "Pet Hotel" signage at 3rd floor which is visible from afar. Last Sunday afternoon we sent Elmo for grooming as usual and as we were coming down, we were confronted by a "Mat Rock" with his tight jeans and helmet still on his head. I notice his Mina Rock was still seated on the bike looking at us. Whispering... he asked how much was the room rates there. Member must've missed the "PET" from the hotel in his excitement. Of course I had to be myself... "Sini orang hantar binatang la, bukan hotel brader"...he must be embarrased, wonder what he told his 'mina rock' :p He sped off without turning back.

In her shoes

CNN Live

Put the url below onto the VLC player's media tab>network to watch CNN live.I tried this on Linux but should be the same for Windows Or OSX.

The Kingdom Of Cambodia

Finally, found some time to write about the land where "Our Purple King" now recides :) Jessi & I had a great time there...we visited the home of the world's largest religious monument - The Angkor Wat at Siem Reap. It was an awesome sight to be there and test your photography skills. Jessi & Suresh kept clicking their camera's away.

 "His Purpleness" was our tour guide and that made it easier for us,  we also took a boat ride to the the TonlĂ© Sap Lake. It's a home to a large vietnamese and Cham community living in a floating villages around the lake. They have a school, a pig farm and even a catholic church. They practically cook, sleep, wash and do whatever you can imagine there. The guide a local 'khmer' guy who accompanied us had a great time...we made him sing tamil songs, shared some jokes and taught him some bad words even...we made his day for sure as he had a great 

time laughing with us :D

After 2 days in Siem Reap, we went to Phnom Pehn and visited the Genocide Museum
...gosh i must tell you, i just can't get over that just yet. Can't believe the locals went through so much pain.

We also got to meet the locals who are friends of 'His Purpleness', attended mass, tasted the local food, drove around and experienced the local traffic (the only time where you get to see Suresh cursing) and in summary we got a glimpse of the vibrant culture and charming people.
In a nutshell, Cambodia will give you a
rollercoaster of emotions and experiences you will never forget. They are only starting to recover now from the Khmer Rouge's genocidal 1975-1979 rule and we pray that as much as the people carries memories of the past, they have hopes for a brighter future.

"His Purpleness" took very good care of us with a VIP hospitality....we had a great time laughing, laughing, laughing...shared our jokes and was our wacko self - Jessi couldn't take us anymore but it was nice to have a good laugh after a long time! Thank you Suresh (Or-Kun-Chrant) :D

p/s:- You guys should go and experience Cambodia while Suresh "His Purpleness" is reigning there.

Obama wins

African-American man Barack Obama, 47, was given the
least-desirable job in the entire country Tuesday when he was elected
president of the United States of America. In his new high-stress,
low-reward position, Obama will be charged with such tasks as
completely overhauling the nation's broken-down economy, repairing the
crumbling infrastructure, and generally having to please more than 300
million Americans and cater to their every whim on a daily basis. As
part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight
years cleaning up the messes other people left behind. The job comes
with such intense scrutiny and so certain a guarantee of failure that
only one other person even bothered applying for it.

Download Obama's Victory Speech (torrent)

"I have a Dream" has come to pass

"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of democracy, tonight is your answer" What a way to open his speech to all the people who has placed so much hope in him through their votes. Whatever you say about this country... despite their very own shortfalls and weakness... time and time again they have taken the 1st step and shown the world what's true democracy is about. Martin Luther King was first to believe in this hope ....It started with that "I have a dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial. It's truly an historic and an inspirational day for all people. Click on the jump for the full transcript of the President elects 1st speech.

On a lighter note, Jessi asked if they will still call it a "White House" after Jan 20??? :D

Malaysian Originality at it's PEAK

Ampang Medikal is our very own Grey's Anatomy. We need to teach the world of what's creativity and originality is all about. Perhaps Hollywood and Bollywood need to send their talents to understudy with our Production Studios. Some of us may remember during our younger days there was a malay drama series called PJ - a malaysian version of Dallas in the 80s. Please enlighten us if there are any other series have been or being aired.

The Good Stuff

Yo Guys,

Looks like we'll always have the goodies where technology is concern. I mean a visit to the Siah's got me amazed by the Gadget codenamed pinnacle and as technology continuously changes means money la. Arul looks like you'll be always talking about the Linux based programme as there will always be something new. So carry on man!

I must admit the touch to the PIX gallery and the Live Activity is great. Adds a diff feel to the whole site unless you plan a complete do-over.

So in any case, Chris has a great new home which you guys must come and see one day. My kids just love going to peoples' houses. Guess the pool and lifts in Chris' place is the incentive of course couple with Cath and Chris being great host as well. For Jake, the love the staircases and the garden space. Kinda makes you think what the kids love...yes fun and sometimes the simplest of forms of it will just do. I mean even Cath mentioned letting Julian play with her name card holder keeps him occupied for a good 15-20 minutes! For those with growing kids...that a LONG time!!!

Okie as fasting and raya plus deepavali is all over, my travels will soon resume and will be in Penang this weekend (Mainland). So Arul please keep the post coming...and we hope you won't gertak us. Jake please find some articles to post. Now is a good time since MU is also not doing as well as they should in the EPL. Pretty much like Arsenal lah...having learnt a good lesson from STOKE CITY. So if Liverpool think the have a change to challenge for the title, they better learn not to score own goals and use their subs correctly.

With all said and done, Siah....keep up with the techie stuff coz I love them too esp the ones which require hands-on. Perhaps one day when we have the time (like those days la) we can sit and chat all we want. By then Ubuntu would be 20.2 (I guess) and perhaps our kids would be using it already making what we talk about now all obsolete.

With that and with more babies coming from Cath and Gwen (BTW...Boy & Girl respectively), have a good week and Siah...thanks for playing host man. we'll make it a point to camp there once day but it has to be soon before Daniel grows out of it. Hee! Arul lemme know about your family and company outing to we the KL people can plan a know like dinner, Sunway with the kids (maybe a bad idea coz school hols already) etc. Anyway keep us informed.

Cheers...."night train"!


Scariest Halloween I've seen

Pinnacle ShowCenter 250HD Short Review

The longest part of of setting up this network player is plugging in the component cable (which is not included in the box), other than that, it was quite snappy. Of course, it helps if you have a friend who already told you to download WMP 11 and set it up for media sharing.

After using the Aivx Portable media player(now called ABIGS) for more than two years, it was getting a bit troublesome to transfer movies back and forth to the harddisk every time a download is complete. Now that I have moved to my new place, I thought a network media player that could pick up all the movies that I have in my PC server and watch it on my TV would not be a bad idea. So, I received the Pinnacle ShowCenter 250HD last Friday (it was a gift from a friend to warm up the house) after a couple of drinks at the local pub. Thought, I give you guys a brief low-down on this media player after fiddling around with it for a couple of days.

In the box: you get the (1) the appliance, which is approximately half the size of my Astro box, (2) power cable with different type of plugs (3) standard RCA cables (4) network cable (5) SCART cable (6) remote control (7) batteries and (8) a manual. At the back of the appliance, the unit has a variety of video inputs, I can tell you now, there's no HDMI input. The dissappointment was minimized as I knew about this earlier on, however, it is still a dissappoinment. The next best option was the Component video inputs, which did not come in the box - another dissappointment but to be fair, I knew about that as well. So, I already had the cables lined to my TV and plugged it in the appliance. The sound output option was either via RCA, Coaxial or Optical. So long story short, plugged in the optical, power cable and network cable, connected to my PC. Powered on and... you get a 'ShowCenter' display. Configuration of the device was pretty straightforward, just choose if you would like to use wired or wireless, forget about the wireless mode if you want to play HD stuff, if you have set up your PC media sharing with WMP 11, then you should see your server on the display. Click on the server via the remote control which looked and felt as sturdy as my son's toy. The respond was a little sluggish but other than that I could see all the media in my PC including mp3, photos and videos. Video quality was surprising good quality at 1080i and smooth. The surround sound came out well, as expected. The best thing about this network player is that it's now accessing files in my PC server and I don't need to burn or transfer my files to my hd player to watch it on my TV anymore. I'm sure you can goodle and read out about all the good stuff about this player elsewhere in the WWW. Here's the not so good stuff:

1. No HDMI input.
2. Does not come with the component cable
3. Tested the .srt subtitle files, nothing came out on the video - maybe it's gotta do with configuration of WMP. Will test again later and see if I could fix that.
4. Didn't have any 'Skip' which forward the video in blocks like the AIVX player. (Updated: It has something better than that, it skips by %, 10, 20, 30% via the remote control)
5. Didn't have the 'Bookmark' button which will 'pause' or bookmark the vide0, just in case you need to take a break and you can come back to where you left off even if you turn off the appliance - just like the AIVX player. Only started to explore that function, after Daniel boy asked me "Uncle Chris, have you bookmarked the show?" when we took a break for lunch today. 6. I wasn't able to play XVID files with Quarter Pixels and GMC earlier with the AIVX player, sadly, I couldn't play those type of files with the ShowCenter. No progress on that after two years. How sad! You would expect more from manufacturers to come up with something better...
7. It's not able to play .mkv and H264 encoded files

Well, there you go then. Having said that, the ShowCenter is really a nice addition to your digital lifestyle. If you ask me, just wait awhile longer, the new model from Sarotech which could do more, will be here soon. The new ABIGS has HDMI input, plays .mkv and has all the neat tools like its predecessors. You can read about that here. Although, they are toying with a new product out that transcode file in real time, this makes it possible to play any video files that you throw at it - and guess what, it can only go as far as 1080i and not 1080p. Sad, sad, sad.

Scullys, thanks for coming by to visit us. It was a pleasure having you guys over. Hope you guys had a good time.

BTW, if you're planning to watch Bangkok Dangerous, don't. Say if you do and watched the first 5 minutes and it's bad, trust me when I say, it won't get any better after that. Be warned.

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex launched

I know I am not suppose to post anything on Linux but pls make an exception this time. Ubuntu 8.10 was launched today.I have been using the test versions for quite a while now and can safely say that it's simply fantastic.You can install within Windows and uninstalling is a breeze if you don't like it.
I use XP,Vista,and OSX Leopard but Ubuntu is my main OS of choice cause it's secure,customizable and most importatntly it's an absolutely great OS that's free.

Get Ubuntu 8.10


Hushie MP3 Search

let's you save the tracks...sweet.

Wild Teachers

1. Singapore teacher in mini bikini

2. German teacher strips for students

Sadly during our days , we only had "refrigerators" and ...

5 More Friends

Eee Box

I jumped on the Asus EeePc UMPC once it was launched and so far have installed about 4 different OS on it and finally going back to XP that is easy for my parents in-law to navigate.Hooked up to a LCD monitor it's on 24/7 and so far has been rock solid.
The EeeBox mounted on the back of a 24" monitor  would be nice as a minimal, uncluttered, importantly cheap desktop computer.