2007 Lifehacker Top ten List

Lifehacker's 2007 Top ten List

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Also, we congratulate Arnold & Stephanie the newly weds seen here in the only photo I took just before they made their grand entrance at the wedding luncheon on Sunday.

Who can use the term "Allah"?

For a start, the word ‘Allah’ predates the revelation to the Prophet Muhammad and goes way back to the pre-Islamic era. Christians had been using the word long before there were any Muslims, in fact. Furthermore the word is Arabic, and is thus common to all the peoples, cultures and societies where Arabic - in all its dialects - is spoken, and is understood by millions of Arabic speakers to mean God, and little else. One could also add that as “Allah” is an Arabic word it therefore has more to do with the development and evolution of Arabic language and culture, and less to do with Islam. It is hard to understand how any religion can have a language to call its own, for languages emerge from a societal context and not a belief system. If one were to abide by the skewered logic of the Minister concerned, then presumably the language of Christianity (if it had one) would be Aramaic, or perhaps Latin.

The Naked Island

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The experiences of an Australian soldier imprisoned in Malaya for four years during Japanese occupation.

Tribute to those NOT on holiday

Happy 2008 to everyone and may Allah(God) shower his abundant blessings on you and your loved ones.

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Most manly ad award goes to....

COD4:Modern Warfare

A must try for serious FPS gamers and I am not even one.Have been sneakily playing after the kids are asleep and the graphics,details & game play is mind blowing.Has everything that made it Game Of The Year.


has all your favorite TV shows and will bring you up to speed with the latest episodes.You can beat the United States viewers only with VPN service like Hotspot Shield. Take note, to enjoy the shows, your connection has to be relatively decent lah.On other news, was delighted to see Arsenal keep their position as leaders and that Ashely Cole must be charged for that jab he took at Fabregas right at the end.Can't say Fabregas was an angel but at least he did not use his hands.

update: http://tvparadise.org/ does this as well without the ads.

Vampire Energy

Thomas the Train

Luke is going through the "Thomas The Train" craze phase.You should see him impersonate "Percy" his favorite train seen here in the picture above.Nothing much to the impersonation as all he'd do is move his eyes from side to side as that's about the only expressions
these train characters have.

As for me, I am making him the ultimate Thomas the Train DVD...100+
episodes and an audio cd with all the songs from the shows.
Yes, I am cheap!Unlike me, I guess Luke's grandparents,uncles and aunties are probably getting him something related to Thomas the Train this Christmas.Seeing from the prices of these freakin toys, I'd gladly welcome it.
People like Ringo Starr , Alec Baldwin have done the narrations and soon Pierce Brosnan will lend his voice too.

Kids with autism love Thomas The Train

Here comes another bubble

Fell for it,had to blog about this song.


If you are rocking Firefox,ensure your downloads are set to "save to disk" to save the files in your local drive.
On IE, I guess you can right click and open in new window and choose to save the file when the dialog box appears.
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Boycott the Newspapers

Was looking for the daily paper or papers this morning in Daphne's place in Melaka.My father in-law subscribes to 3 papers daily and 4 on Sundays so what happened?He told me that he has stopped buying news that are half truths and complete lies.Thanks to the state of free press in Malaysia, at 60+ my father in-law is becoming so,so internet savvy.

The Star peddles itself as the People’s Paper. This People’s Paper gave the Bersih rally all of a single page’s coverage, reflecting how much The Star thinks of the Malaysian people – us. It did not carry any picture of the crowds or of human beings. It had one photograph of motorcars stuck in a jam.

When casino magnate Lim Goh Tong died, he was front page news. Bersih on the other hand was hidden away in the middle pages. The Star devoted seven pages to the late tycoon. And it talked about the Tan Sri for days after, to the extent of telling us how much his funeral wreaths cost.

Lim is not ‘people’, he’s one person. Instead of the People’s Paper, the Star might want to consider tagging itself ‘the Very Important Person or VIP’s Paper’.

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