After the Temples, now the Cross...

I've just read the most disturbing piece of news in this blog which talks about a certain MP of Parit Sulong proposing on the demolishing of statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Crucifix in mission schools (apparently it was the actual words in BM of the MP). The rationale is that Muslim students go to missionary schools and since this is Islamic country, Tuan Syed Hood bin Syed Edros has proposed that these statues should be demolished (dirobohkan) and the crosses destroyed (dimusnahkan). If you are wondering whether he really did say it, download the transcript of the parliament here and check out page 143 (it's available for the public). Here's another blog that mentioned about this. And another. And another.

Obviously as an MP, he's not too well-versed in the Constitution of Malaysia, which he should be as he is, after all, a member of the parliament. I'm just saddened that after the Malaysian government has decided to go on a temple demolition spree, some crack pot wants to go after the mission schools. What will they think of next? It just amazes me that after being independant for 50 years, as a nation, it seems that we're just going one step forward and two steps back. Surprisingly, there are quite a number of well-known folks who graduated from Missionary schools, to name a few, see below. I wonder, by going to mission schools, would all of these jokers develop a sudden urge to be a Christian, quite apparenly, not. :

St. John's Institution (check it out here):
St. Paul's Institution
  • Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad, a Malay scholar familiarly known as 'Pendita Za'Ba'.
  • S Rajaratnam, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Singapore (1965 - 1980), Minister for Culture of the Republic of Singapore (1968 - 1971), Deputy Prime Minister (Foreign Affairs) of the Republic of Singapore (1980 - 1984).
  • Tan Sri Dato' Chan Choong Tak, former President of the Malaysian Senate, currently Patron of the Old Paulians' Association.
  • Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysia's first astronaut (dato'ship-got-or-naut)
St. Michael's Institution (More here)
  • Datuk Paul Leong Khee Seong, former Minister of Primary Industries and former Deputy President of Gerakan Party
  • Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, State Legislative Assemblyman for Bukit Nenas, Selangor from 1969 to 1974; Member of Parliament for Kuala Lumpur Bandar/Bukit Bintang from 1974 to 1990; Vice-Chairman of the Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation; Member of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall Advisory Board; and Member of the National Service Training Council
SMJK Catholic PJ

- Current MCA president, Minister of Housing and Local Development

- Bukit Bintang Member of Parliament - President of CHS Alumni

Procedure: Japan vs China


I can't comment much on this as I still need to digest & debate about what's going on but one thing for sure,this is the sign that people are getting tired of the empty promises and the MIC leaders who have done shit for the Indian community.

Sagaladoola: HINDRAF Rally of the Marginalised (Videos and Pics)

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Was that election or erection?

This may be a little late on my part as I was not in the region but I am watching this at the airline lounge in LA and am laughing my head off.Listen carefully to what our INFORMATION minister is saying.I repeat INFORMATION minister ok.

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