Wealth & Religiosity

Stating the obvious here,when you have more money you tend to think that you don't need God in your life.

Awesome Dog

Spotted this on BoingBoing, really liked it because it looks like but is definitely not a flyer for a lost dog.Instead it's just a flyer for an awesome dog.

Surviving a monkey attack

Anyone who has been to Ulu Watu temple grounds in Bali would know that the sunsets there are breathtaking and the monkeys there mean business.Guess you've heard about the Indian politician who died after falling down while trying to fend off a group of monkeys who attacked him.The way the Indians are handling it is to bring in bigger monkeys to intimidate the smaller monkeys.My bet is, the population of cows and monkeys in Delhi will continue to boom since they have some religious symbolism.
Anyway, Slate magazine has an article on how to survive a monkey attack...Macaques in particular.

The study in Bali found that most macaque bites don't break the skin, but a wound could allow transmission of herpes B,
which can be fatal to humans. Baboons, which sometimes attack humans in
Africa, are much more dangerous: They're bigger and less predictable,
and they're armed with 3-inch-long canines. Last year, a South African
man's forearms were ripped to the bone, and doctors dug out a baboon tooth during surgery.

Everybody Loves Ramen


I've seen Hairspray on two ocassions,not that I have so much time on my hand but it was during one of those long haul flights and I must say that it was indeed very entertaining.The tunes,dancing and acting is really good and John Travolta is simply fabulous as Edna Turnblad. This movie was really fun to watch and it carried a good message as well.

An adaptation of the hit Broadway play, which was in turn inspired by
the 1988 John Waters classic, chubby teenager Tracy Turnblad will do anything to get on Corny Collins' local Baltimore dance show.

Hairspray official Site

Hairspray Review

Plant a tree

Last Friday,I was caught speeding , actually a mere 13km then the 110kph and I am embarrassed to say that I got off with a "Boleh tolong Encik" and a RM50 note.We can use that RM50 for something better, like planting a tree in Niger,Africa...one of the poorest nation in the world.Click tree-nation.

Leopard OSX guided tour

For Mac lovers like Jake & Jesse (whose Bali Holiday photographs looked stunning ..upload it you guys)
here's a look at the new Leopard OSX in detail
and yes I have always been a PC kinda guy but am seriously thinking of playing with the "Leopard".Pretty!!

Download TV Theme Songs

Here's a list of TV Theme Songs that you can download and use as a ringtone on your phone to irritate people around you.Suresh would definitely pick the most masculine among the lot, a throw up between "I dream of Genie" or "Smurfs" even though we all know that what he really wants is the theme to "Duck Tales". If you rock Firefox with Downthemall, grab all of them with one click.

Cure Hunter

When our kids are not well, while we do take them to the doctor usually my wife will do her own research on what could be wrong so that we are able to understand better or irritate the doctor more by our so called cyber medical knowledge.Jokes aside, this site is great and it has an extensive resource.Click for the jump to CureHunter!

Foo Fighters Classic

It's hard to believe that these guys are older or around my age.They look the part but they sure can rock and the video to "The pretender" is really nice.This 6th album has all the traits of Dave Grohl and then some, a treat for us who listened to them back then and new listeners as well.Chris, you'd like this one....I assure you,this is classic FF.

"The Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners was inspired by two Tasmanian miners who were trapped underground for 2 weeks and, while awaiting rescue, requested an iPod with Foo Fighters music on it to help lift their spirits. Grohl was alerted of the situation by a staffer at the band's Australian record company and wrote a note to the two men."I was in tears, man," he recalls. "I said, 'Hey guys, it's Dave. You're in our thoughts and prayers. When you get out, there's two tickets and two cold beers waiting for you wherever you want to see the band."


Private parking

I know parking fee in city area like KL is expensive,something that I am seeing more and more in Melaka as well.Freaking mahkota medical charges RM3.50 on weekends now.
In the US, most parking areas are free but as you can see from this example,some territory are clearly dangerous.

Beauty & Brains...NOT!!

Proof that girls who are extremely beautiful with brains are a dying breed.Was there such a breed to start with?

Aliens in America

I read about a premiere of a new sitcom in USAToday and was a little intrigued about how this new sitcom will play out as it touched on a subject a little different from the usual issues reflected on the other sitcoms out there.I found the sitcom rather hilarious but at the same time,I think it's about time that they touched on these issues in America as some people here are still rather confused about Sikhs and the Talebans.As one guy asked me in a pub.."isn't Malaysia like really poor and stuff?" before his friend intervened and told me to ignore his friend who is a red neck.I knew he meant well as he was a nice guy actually.
See, we watch a lot of American TV but they don't watch anything on our culture,so we need to understand that.They still think pronouncing Orang Utan the way they do it is still the right way.

Anyway, I find that slowly America is trying it's best not to paint all Muslims as terrorist in this post 9/11 era,(no thanks to shows like 24) and sitcoms like "Aliens in America" and comics like "The Axis of Evil" (who are still missing a North Korean guy) are learning to laugh at themselves and in the process changing attitudes.I doubt you'd ever see this back home so you just may need to download it.

Don't get me wrong,this is a great country and I see tolerance but it maybe be masked within a smoke of doing what is politically correct.Let's face it, we will never be able to make fun of our PM or King the way Bush is being portrayed by the media here.I must say that there's 2 side to free speech and at times it can backfire.
Apart from that,it's getting colder here, and the trees look lovely during Fall as the changing colours are beautiful.Though, IMHO the most beautiful place on earth still has to be New Zealand (south island).Since Halloween is coming up,the hotel has started their black cat and carved pumpkin decorations and you have no idea how big the pumpkins here are.This picture doesn't do it any justice.