The real diamond ad poster

Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith

The cover of a recent Time magazine cover story caught my attention this afternoon during lunch.Here's the online version and share your views with us..if any.

Eat your heart out, Jim Carey...

We took these photos of Daniel & Marissa during Julian's baptism. We know about Jim Carey's ability to make faces, but here's the new contenders to the crown for 'rubber face' award. Daniel & Marissa Scully.

ps. Terence, Gwen: We'll burn the hi-res photos for you and pass it to you over the weekend.


New applications are rolled out now and then but as you know,sometimes the old version is what you need.

CD Art Display & Zorro

Spotted these goodies on Freewaregenius a great site to discover freebies for cheap people like me.
I love working to a little bit of a music when I am in the office and this small utility CD Art Display gives a nice interface.
Zorro is great when I am watching a movie on my notebook in the airport or something and I want to blank out the rest of the unnecessary space on the desktop that can be quite bright and irritating to the eye.
On other news, anyone coming down to Malacca this weekend?Let me know if anyone is down for a glass of tea or mee goreng because I head back to Seattle on the 30th Sept y'all. Crap!

How to Sleep On a Plane

The key to surviving a 17hrs flight is to have a good sleep and there's only so much of in flight movies you can watch.Click header y'all.

Mouri-no More

I was shocked to know Roman has axed the Special One. As much as am glad we have lesser challenge, I must say it's a blow to English football. Reminds me of how our local sports is ruled, interferred and controlled by influential "beings". We sure will miss the Special One.

Environment Friendly Aircond

We all know the effects of CFC to our ozone layer. The next time you take your car to service your aircond, please consider these list of certified environment friendly aircond workshops. There's workshops throughout the Peninsular and these workshops are endorsed and certified by our Department of Environment.(atleast they're doing something useful) It's good to know that we have such a list and am glad to know the workshop I've always used in Melaka is in the list. Let's do our bit for our HOME. Click header for the jump.


If you are thinking of learning an extra language try Mango.I sure need all the free help I can get to improve my crappy Japanese.

What is Mango?
Mango is the world's first enterprise language learning system being offered free to everyone. Eleven courses are now available in a beta release.The available courses are as follows: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, French, Greek.Click header for the jump y'all.

The ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!’ Minister

Martin's article appears in LKS blog.Click here for the jump..

Stem Cells

Not sure if anyone has post on this topic. Came upon this subject today through my random browsing. It's amazing what science can do these days! World with possibilities ha. For more info on stem cell click header for the jump. And for those who wants to know what's our church's stand on it and their reasoning pls see here

Morning HQ Missing...Beach Going!

Arul you mentioned about the "x" padang pahlawan, not to mentioned the Malacca club hockey grounds. Great names were made there! To add another or two to the list you might want to know that our 2nd choice morning hq (yes the laksa lim) has vanished into thin air. Reports form the mee goreng man says that the owner has taken back the land. Sources also say the wan tan mee lady has relocated right in front of the sheikh temple (food court), but the laksa guy has decided to call it a day. Well he'd probably have enough money by now. Anyway there goes another landmark for us and good food! (see pix and notice the empty land occupied by the waja)

In another development, the Klebang beach and the on-going reclamation project to build coastal roads, houses and shoplots has finally reached the shores of Klebang. Sadly, our kids daniel and marissa had only bad smell lots of rubbish and a small space to play as the waves will take a way part of the beach due to the shifting water currents.

Suresh who was down recently is upset of this as his Condo is right in front of the project. Sorry bro, they took away your padang pahlawan and now your sea front is gone. Overall its sad to see and know that land for play and healthy socialisation is fast becoming of something of the past (as Martin would say). We turn the pc and tv on for entertainment, throng the shopping malls for our kids to play (air-cond). To be honest the place where I live has no proper playground facilities or proper maintenance, not conducive for cycling which daniel and marissa loves to do. Sometimes I wonder is exercise and healthy living is part of a development plan for all developers? As our kids grow, i really hope we can get them to at least try playing the ever famous "chap teh", "hantu galah", 'teng-teng", "bottle caps", "gasing" and the tiring police and thief. I started playing a lot of catching with daniel and'll be fun to see Luke, Julian and Faith join in soon.

USA trip 3 :pictures

Halloween around the corner and this store sells everything that revolves around it and the store is huge.

Don't worry,they have a Bush mask as well and Osama Bin Laden is not caught because as they say,Osama been hiding.

USA is a huge country with cheap cars,for example a Mercedes C-Class starts at only USD$31,000 and so I can understand when they "pave paradise to put up a parking lot" in front of every Macy's,Sears,Target & Walmart but what I don't understand why they had to destroy Padang Pahlawan in Malacca to build a mall.Then you wonder why the National Football team is so crappy.Looks like what Martin said 10 years ago is coming true.

Now that technically i have the right to talk about cars..ahem!This Pontiac Firebird is a beauty and once I change my license to an international one and find the courage to drive on the other side of the road I am going to ask for a Mustang at the car rental on my next trip.Am not kidding about this one and sure am not kidding about the CRV Jake.

Talking about football,I am missing out on Arsenal's game and here the Americans speak a language I don't understand when it comes to sports.The other day,the Hooter girl was telling me how she managed to get very cheap Trailblazers season tickets and I had no idea what kind of sport she was talking about and just kept nodding me head.Arul goes to Hooters you ask?I roll with Japanese dudes guys,all they want to do is work till very late,eat sushi,ogle at huge "kazakas" at Hooters then on weekends play golf and hit the strip joints.Hey, at least I am being honest about where I go,we've got a guy somewhere in Cambodia who could be a sleazy pedophile but he'd never tell.BTW, Trailblazers are the local basketball team here in Portland, an information I found out from my colleague here after my act.

For those who miss food back home there's always the asian food market.

Our Faith's faith journey begins...

MELAKA, 2nd September 2007, Sunday - Faith Li-Ann Irudayam was baptized in the "GREAT" church of St Francis Xavier. As Godparents, we had fun juggling between our role as a Godparent and the photographer of the event. The highlight of the event was when Deacon Ryan; happily poured the water all over her face and he even created a 'jambul' for her while putting the chrism oil on her head but despite all that....our God daughter was caught smiling :)

God Bless our little Faye, her family and her 'fantastic' grandparents. This is Jacob "Singh Walia" again LIVE, reporting from Bangsar, using MAC for sure :D

We witnessed it....

Our fast & furious champion - Arul Irudayam drove Jessi & I to church last sunday. As you guys can see...his hands are not at the handle bar...ha!ha!ha! I must say, he was good and 'NO' he doesn't drive like a tortoise. Brace yourself guys... like Michael Jackson's hit song we literally witness the humble beginning of a new speed demon in the making. I must share this - we sort of found out the possible reason why Arul took 'sooooooo looooong' to get his license after chatting with his mum that day :D Will share when we meet for sure... But seriously, he drove well.

Hope you are ok in US of A buddy, write if you can :)