Lil' Julian's baptism

KELANA JAYA, 26th August 2007, Sunday - A baby named Julian was baptized in a church called St Ignatius which is located in Klang Valley. The weather was great, in Suresh words : The sky is blue, the water is calm, everything is beautiful...hahaha!. The event was witnessed by the God Family aka the Scully's (seen in picture) and yours truly. It was nice being part of this special event with the Siahs. God bless lil' Julian and looking forward to report the upcoming baptism of Faye.

I'm Jacob "Singh Walia" LIVE, reporting from Bangsar, using MAC. Happy MERDEKA!


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The Fast & The Furious 3- Singapore Version

Well friends the word is out...Arul has his CAR license.... After years of practice and mischances, the minyak kapak Jimmy (some of us used him as an instructor in Melaka) had to use, Luke saying "lets go to mama's car" Arul has finally pulled thru. So question is, when can we get a ride...its about time you payback for all those....Terence ar ...can come fetch me? But jokes aside, you can release you left hand from the front seat handlebar...ha...ha...!

18 tips for a killer presentation

The thing that has helped me throughout all those times when I had to do public speaking would have to be #8 and having to work with teenagers , I always,always remind myself about #17.Let's say I will never reach the levels of people like Martin but it's always good to know that your presentation met it's objective let it be at work or off work.

1. 10-20-30 Rule
2. Be Entertaining
3. Slow Down
4. Eye Contact
5. 15 Word Summary
6. 20-20 Rule
7. Don’t Read
8. Speeches are About Stories
9. Project Your Voice
10. Don’t Plan Gestures
11. “That’s a Good Question”
12. Breathe In Not Out
13. Come Early, Really Early
14. Get Practice
15. Don’t Apologize
16. Do Apologize if You’re Wrong
17. Put Yourself in the Audience
18. Have Fun

read in detail at

Deezer Rocks and it's legal?

It's really amazing how this can be legal but I love it.Formerly BlogMusik, a French site streams mp3's available on the net and the result is tons of music that you know and new music to discover.I still can't believe that I could create a whole playlist full of every album made by U2.Think they were forced to shut down in Feb but they're back with a new name...Deezer.All I can say is well done Frenchies!

Anwar in the paper

Image from todayonline click to enlarge


Am not sure if this would be a Google killer but it's really pretty and I personally love the "glass shelf".Google does the job but something about Microsoft's new search engine makes Google a little boring.
Tafiti comes from the Swahili word which means "do research"and it just may just be the future buzz word for internet search."I tafiti-ed it"???

Toilet hack

I have seen this in Japan and instructables have a tutorial for a "homebrew" DIY version.Since we are on the topic of toilets, I saw the words "Ass gaskets" written on the box of disposable toilet seat covers in Oregon USA.The next day, someone added .com to it.It was funny to me at least la.

BTW, can anyone explain the need for men to spit into the urinal when they are taking a leak?It's like you need to remove liquid from both ends or something.The worst one yet would have to be those jokers who pee without lifting the toilet seat cover and I'd suppose these are those people who squat on a sitting toilet and break it in half.Not joking, true story!

25 years since the first CD

Compact disc hits 25th birthday

How the CD was developed

As all music enthusiasts will testify, nothing can quite come close to the uniqueness of vinyl and Pearl Jam's "Spin the black circle" is a tribute to the forgotten vinyl record.


Click image and actually own a club.

Anatomy Tattoo

Serial Killer On The Prowl

These images from TV might shed some light on the disappearance of Ell.Turns out he's hiding from a serial killer who has targeted him as his next victim.The message in blood and evidence retrieved from the crime scene has caused Ell to flee.Please tell us you are alright if you read this.

Nokia Battery Advisory

"Nokia today issued a product advisory for the Nokia-branded BL-5C battery manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan between December 2005 and November 2006. This product advisory does not apply to any other Nokia-branded battery."

Click link for details and looks like I have one of those in my handset.Dang it!

Flip flop to win votes

AIDS Awareness campaign logo gone very wrong.

Sure is a weird picture for an AIDS Awareness campaign don't you think?Guys in advertising like Ell, take note!BTW,I am about to start a campaign called "Where is Suresh M & Ellison Fernandez" Note: Since Suresh has recently been spotted with a lot of "bling" I had to omit his name.

I still can't get over TP's story about the 40 Indian "Forklift".

Flickr Toys

Flickr Toys make your images a little more fun. For example adding caption to this pic of a cow "addicted" to cardboard boxes I took in India.

True dad confessions

Ok,I stumbled upon this site by chance and will admit that it was hard to turn away.Discretion,some confessions are rather kinky and I think this are from some pranksters.Click image for the jump y'all.Talking about Fatherhood,in my opinion I would vote Terence as the father of the year while i think from what Terence tells me,Chris is a up and coming challenger.BTW,at the site,check out true mom confessions as well.

"Our two year old daughter rarely goes to bed before 9:30. My wife spends the whole day entertaining her (going to the zoo), and comes home tired. I come home from work, and playtime continues. Daughter finally goes to bed, and so too my wife. So, I don't get to spend any adult time with her (not necessarily sex--just a conversation)."

10 telephone blunders that could hurt your image

Click header for the jump and we all have been guilty of these blunders in one way or another. My personal experience of such a blunder was when someone I knew answered my call and then proceeded to tell me that he can't talk because he was watching a movie in the cinema.Not sure if you catch my drift here.
Then again, the guys who do continue speaking on the phone in a cinema are truly "incredible".Another would shall I put this without sounding really rude.........not everyone can speak Chinese..I tell this even though I can because it's really annoying when one assumes you about English or Malay then ask if the person can speak in the language you are more comfortable.