Our Faith

This is Faith Li-Ann Irudayam,just 8 hours old and in my opinion,she has more of her mama's looks for now and if Luke is anything to go by and like all babies,they will continue to transform.We call her Faye and she's an angel (for now at least) compared to her brother when he was a baby(pic).There's a very long story to her name and I will share later when I have more time.We thank everyone for your prayers and wishes.

Marley & Me

I wanted to re-cultivate the reading habit I had back in the days and seeing this New York Times Bestseller at the local bookstore seemed the perfect time to kick start it.Dog lovers in particular will enjoy this more and the book does bring back a lot of fond memories of my dogs.I am carefully planing how I can convince the Mrs that it's about time we get a dog for Luke soon and I am positive he'd be thrilled ....just like his Papa.
Below is a review of Marley & me from Slate magazine:
What Grogan has divined from his particular experience is a universal (and comforting) observation. Dogs can do all sorts of rotten things, but it is impossible to stay mad at a dog for very long, and getting angry at one succeeds only in making the owner feel bad. (Every time Grogan snaps at Marley, the dog stares at him uncomprehendingly and that's the end of it.) Grogan, in fact, seems to be seeking atonement for the book's cover line. For every one of Marley's bad acts, he spends an equal number of pages describing his fundamental decency—his tender way with infants, his watchfulness around strangers, even his heroism when his master is thrown to the ground during a lightning storm (this really happens). Thus, the world's worst dog is also the world's best dog—a paradox that will make perfect sense to dog-owners.

Simpsons Movie Rocks

I had to catch The Simpsons Movie and was not going to miss the chance to watch one of my all time favourite show in all it's 2D glory on the big screen.The verdict...it was EXCELLENT!I know many would think that it's not wise to pay cash for something you watch on TV but believe me it was worth the $7.50 and a little more.It's full of laughs and am not going to spoil it for you although I can't get that "Spider Pig" tune out of my head now.This is a DVD set keeper I tell ya and I googled it, the character Spider-Ham did exist.

Divx DVD newbie

I had to learn a thing or two from Terence regarding getting my Divx DVD player to work with the files I had and I had to learn quick as I had to keep churning out them Baby Einstein ,Sesame Street & other cartoon DVDs for a 2 year old who wants to do 3 things at the same time.Having a DVD with multiple files sure does help rather than ejecting out the disc every 30 minutes.
While,people with more money (a'hem like some people I know) have a player that plays multiple format or have a portable media player like the one Chris mentioned before , I opted for a cheap Pioneer player.That meant that I had to ensure my files had the codecs it required .I use CodecInstaller to check those files and FYI,it needs Microsoft .NET Framework to work which you can download from M$ site.For converting the files I use DivxConverter but if you want to to do it on the cheap , DivxMachine does a great job and you can do it right from the Windows right click context menu.
Anyway,do share if there are other tools out there and can anyone tell me if there's a DVD player out there that plays anything I throw at it.I mean every single type of media file out there!


I posted previously on the power of Google indexing service like G2p.org.Now, you can have a tool that will do that for you right from your desktop.Click header and screenshot of how you can leech the goodies automatically.

Caning for ‘China doll’

Caning for ‘China doll’
Spotted this in the Star paper.Seriously folks, is this right?I think,if anyone should get the cane it should be the 72 year old man.

Maxthon Browser

They have just relesed the latest version and personally I like the built in RSS reader.Firefox is my default browser but if you want an alternative to IE , Maxthon will display pages just like in IE and have tons of goodies as well.

How to make Windows XP last for the next seven years

ComputerWorld shows you how you can stick to XP for just a little longer with some tweaks and utilities similar to Vista.Click header for the jump y'all.

8 One Liners That Stick

  1. Jacob,Jacob Das.
  2. I’ve heard some great things about you.
  3. I’m looking forward to that.
  4. Leave your name and phone, speaking slowly enough for me to write it down.
  5. I’m not sure about that but I think we can do this.
  6. I think we have something in common.
  7. Let’s strike while the iron is hot!
  8. Let me see if I understand where you’re coming from.
Spotted on lifehack.org , click header for the jump.

101 Greatest Simpsons Quotes

#17.Homer: I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me, Superman.

Deathly Hallows SPOILERS

So, 20M doesn't stop the book from finding it way to piratebay.org and anyway, before you click the header,be warned that it's strictly for those like me who just want to know the end without flipping a page.Sorry Harry, I am too "young" to be thrilled by the books or your movies because I'd see fighting robots and Homer Simpson drool over a donut any day.
Talking about Transformers, I enjoyed the movie for the robots but like all Michael Bay movies, the Hacker babe and car mechanic babe characters were far fetched.Also, I think SoundWave didn't cut it because it would be a little ridiculous to see him still rocking a cassette player maybe?
Back to Harry again, read the text above....as Bono sings,"every poet is a thief"...

Nathaniel Tan's arrest on BoingBoing

Boing Boing carries a story on Nathaniel Tan's arrest and don't we all know that Boing Boing is one of those top sites on Technorati and with this 2007 will be forever remembered certainly NOT for Visit Malaysia 2007.Link>

Throwing Smoke

This is the exact article seen on yesterday's NST and you can click header for the original piece.I couldn't believe my eyes as I read it and wondered if the so called minister even stopped to realize how contradicting he was and for a second wondered about this fact.
Breast cancer can happen to anyone and is unfortunate while smoking is a deliberate way to get lung cancer.Do you guys see what i am talking about???I am not looking at this from the political angle,just pure common sense.

KUALA KANGSAR: Rubbish.This is what Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz thinks of the proposal by Pas to pick election candidates from among non-smokers.
He said it was a ploy to win seats unopposed.

"What they propose is rubbish. What they want is to win unopposed because they know we all smoke," he added.

Nazri argued for freedom of choice, saying that smoking was not wrong as long as smokers did not indulge in their habit in places where it was prohibited.

"Smoking is not something which is bad. It’s not taking drugs.
"The only concern is that smoking causes cancer," he said this after launching a Nur Sejahtera programme hosted by the National Population and Family Development Board to raise awareness of breast cancer here yesterday.

He said smoking did not affect the performance of MPs and state assemblymen.

"I smoke cigars. You can ask my constituents if they are happy with my performance," said Nazri, who is the MP for Padang Rengas.

Asked on role models in relation to smoking, he said smoking was discouraged because of the danger of cancer.

"But you don’t send people to jail for smoking," he added.

Earlier in his speech, Nazri said cancer killed more lives compared with road accidents and that whole families were affected when a single family member had cancer.

"We should do the things that can help us avoid getting cancer," he said, advising the people to exercise more, maintain a proper diet and reduce their stress level.

He urged women to have regular checks for breast cancer.

On Thursday, Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said that he preferred to choose candidates who did not smoke as Islam was against smoking, with some considering it as haram (forbidden) and others as makruh (where abstinence leads to rewards).

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, commenting on the issue on Friday, had said that a person’s morality should not be judged by his drinking or smoking habits.