He has my vote

I am not into the whole Bollywood scene but I know this...he has my vote!Hilarious yet captivating.
(the guy is from Pakistan I think and is not a "Killer"Indian like Jake or me)

Transformers Icons

I can't wait to catch the Transformers movie and hope the movie will appeal to me but I have to say that every time the trailer comes on , I get chills man!Yes, there are 2 kids in the house, one a 2 year old and the other is 35.I am thinking of catching the movie when I am in India just for the experience and do wonder if Optimus Prime will get a standing ovation like Rajinikant does.
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Pix Of Little Julian

Guys, since the Siah's are busy taking care of the latest addition to the family aka Julian Siah....and our Group Director of teh tarik@Madras Cafe blog is in the US of A again...the Godfather has decided to take things into his own hands. Anyway here are some pix Chris passed on to me at the hospital the other day. Trust me when I say that directly after birth Julian looks like Cath...then look again....

No 2........

No 3....... macam ah heng la...

Happy Birthday Luke!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Little Luke! Hope you have a 'fabulous' TWO!

PS: Sorry folks, didn't have the time to blog earlier, a bit busy as you know :D. I'll post up some photos soon.

One Sentence

Tell a story in one sentence and among the popular ones my favorite was by a Mr Head:

I was out of prison for nearly a week before I stopped waiting for other people to open doors for me.

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There many ways to lace your sneakers and personally have always loved the "hidden knot" and never got around learning it.It's more for those lazy people like me who use sneakers like a slip on deck shoes.Click header for the jump to see the many ways you can get your "shoez on"!

Julian Siah aka Siah Kok Heng Jr

Hey,Chris & Cath congratulations & heaps of it.Cath, for me ,truly a mother lays down her life to bring another life into this world and that's truly the greatest act of sacrifice and you have joined that club.May the Lord bless your family!!Settle down,Daphne may drop by to see y'all but I will be out of town for a while so it going to be a while till i see Julian whom looks a lot like his old man I must say.Did not want to post the picture without your permission.

Transformers theme song

The movie every TRANSFORMERS fan is waiting for but I personally do not like the new theme song.Sounds like a rock group from the 80's like Europe ("The final countdown") sang it.Give me the original theme anytime but check out the outrageous transformation special effects.

What the World Eats

This is interesting, pictures of what families around the world eat in a week.Click header for the jump!

DivX Pro Bundle FREE giveaway

DivX Pro Bundle FREE giveaway for a limited time only and for those rocking a Vista,no love for you as this is only for XP & Mac OS machines.

To console those running a Vista here are some neat tips:
From making your recycle bin do more than what it can to changing your Vista start-up sound.Super neat tips for Vista.

Via- Neowin Forums

Your most loyal 4- legged friend

Judge not a dog for how he looks, for like humans, they outgrow their cuteness and child like antics.

Judge not his lineage, be it a champion's bloodline, or a mongrel's humble beginnings. His past doesn't matter, his future does.

Love a dog from your heart, not from society's standards. A dog symbolizes loyalty, love, faithfulness and friendship, he does not represent status, affluence, beauty or your ego.

a dog is happy with himself, he doesn't need anything to improve his standings among his peers; we all can learn a thing or two from them.

Look not with your eyes but feel with your heart, the soul of a dog, his trust, his affection, his loyalty, his total surrender. Treasure them, for you will find these qualities scarce amongst us.

Love a dog for who he is, because he loves you for who you are, unconditionally and without expectations.

-As seen on ASD.

Star Wars given the Family Guy treatment

The other day when they had that Star Wars marathon thing on Astro,my almost 2 year old was glued to the TV and I think this is the first time that we have seen him so engrossed in anything else apart from all that's on Disney Playhouse.He liked R2-D2 & C-3PO the best i guess as he kept saying "Obot" and he referred to Yoda as a "Big Cat". Anyway, what's better than Star Wars is the cast of Family Guy spoofing Star Wars and if this preview is anything to go by,it's totally hilarious.

Family patriarch Peter Griffin will play the role of Han Solo, while mom Lois will appear as Princess Leia. Evil baby Stewie will be Darth Vader, natch.

Brian the family dog will serve as Chewbacca, while son Chris is Luke. Robots R2-D2 and C-3PO will be handled by Cleveland and Quagmire, respectively, while creepy old guy Herbert plays Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Plot of the episode has the Griffin family stuck at home during a blackout. With no TV to entertain them, Peter decides to tell a story -- leading to the "Star Wars" flashback.
Alternate Site Here Since Youtube pulled it off.

All things PDF

Think I have covered this before here,but decided to post this once again since I still see some of my friends struggling with an Adobe Acrobat that hogs your machine's memory.Here are 3 free PDF related applications I use frequently.

Tamil & Hindi Superheroes

I wondered which felt more strange and it definitely has to be the Hindi Spidergirl & Superman.Oh, that "flying" special effects surely puts George Lucas to shame.As for the Spiderman in Tamil, can anyone please tell me what his name would be exactly?I still love Jake's translation of all the PC components that are named in Bahasa.My favourite has to be the Joystick ...lebih dikenali sebagai "Batang Bahagia" or "Batang Gembira".

Status of religious freedom in Malaysia

No joy in the Lina Joy case and seriously did any one expect a different verdict?Anyway, found a wiki on religious freedom in Malaysia so click header for the jump!