MIC & their "3G" leaders

I read this news about how the MIC is going "3G" in it's effort to prepare new young leaders.Then I read about how the MCA assures that their reps are just an e-mail away.So, I visited the MIC website to see how the "3G" leaders are doing.I was NOT surprised when I was greeted with a "Project status: Under Construction" page and seeing how the 1G leader has held on this long.. I should have known better.No, I am not angry because like the web page I guess the "3G" leaders are still being groomed but completion date is not known.

It's funny because our neighbor's father is "kicking their asses" when it comes to using the web to reach the masses to shed light on all this "poli tricks".


Despite sounding like an adult sex toy this little application turns any photo you have into a giant size poster up to more than 25 A4 sized papers to be exact.As seen in the picture, I turned a picture of Luke taken with a camera phone into a nice retro looking poster within minutes.I chose to print on only four A4 sized papers but you can go "loco" and make a poster of your kids that will cover their whole bedroom wall if you want.

Shrek the Third

If you have a slow connection,open in tabs (IE7 or Firefox) then hit pause & let it load.Go make yourself a drink and then comeback to hit play on the designated tabs.Unlike me if you are not cheap and have a lot of time in your hands....go to the cinema.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Day 10 in the USA

You'd probably think that I am tired of eating burgers and steaks by now but to the contrary I am tired of eating Sushi and other Asian cuisine that's rather under par here.When you roll with Japanese dudes, they want their food everywhere they go so almost every other meal we eat is either Japanese (very expensive here) or some fusion Asian food that sucks if you ask me.I guess most Asian restaurant owners want to offer it all to the Americans so they end up creating a mix that in my opinion ........ not very nice.Here's a picture of a Korean couple running a all you can eat buffet called Mongolian Grill.
Basically you take all the ingredients and pass it to these Mexican dudes who cook it over that gigantic frying thing.While the whole affair looks really impressive ...the taste isn't or maybe the ingredients I selected weren't a good combo.The same with the Mexican chef doing the Tepanyaki..while his skills with the knife were really good...the food weren't and the total for 3 persons when done was $121 and don't forget the 8% sales tax here in Washington state and a minimum 10% tip.Yup, since Portland is almost on the border of Oregon and Washington, you end up paying tax when you are in the Vancouver,Washington side where I am staying.

Anyway, the place I am staying Staybridge Suites is really nice and the photo of the Japan flag will show that they welcome Japanese guests with open arms.All around, you see people of various colour and ethnicity so it's not like Europe at all.
All said, I can't wait to get back home and for now I am going to enjoy my lazy Sunday with my pint of Haggen Daaz..rum and raisins and watch all the shows on Comedy Central.

US of A

The direct flight from Singapore into LA on SQ was really comfy because being a direct flight they need more jet fuel and can only have limited passengers.This results in roomy seats,bigger video panels and other goodies you don't get on other flights.Being a Superpower and all I expected LAX Airport to be better but it was alright I guess.At immigration I was prepared for a cavity search and luckily all I got was a "What up dogg" from the black security guy.I must say it feels a bit like the movies because we hear this lingo back home no where else but on tv and the movies.Anyway, the connecting flight to Portland,Oregon from LAX was horrible because the United Airlines plane looked smaller than an old AirAsia plane..or it felt that way because the regular American is like 3 times the size of an Asian.Trust me, I am not talking about muscles here and this is one department the movies has deceived us as majority of folks you see here DO NOT look like on tv.After all, now I understand why that movie "Super Size Me" was made.
So, as usual I never finish the mountain of food here on my plate and I get all that how much a waste it is talk and I always mange to shut them up by one quick remark. Yes I am probably wasting $2 here but if I force myself and overeat it may become a health problem that not even money can solve.Usually the person who was giving me the wisecrack would look pretty much like someone slapped them on the face by now.Talking about health problems, there's like a hundred ads on their 50+ tv channels here for all kind of medical condition...come on there's an ad for a "stool softener"pill?
Anyway, in this short time here, I have experienced what it feels like to be in a car driven by a drunk Japanese dude who is still getting used to the road system here.The result was blaring horns and guys giving you the finger as he turned into a one way street with on coming vehicles from 4 lanes.More on this when I return because it has to be "dramatized". Guys, you know who this guy is!!! At least I live to "write" another day...for now.

p.s: Happy Birthday Jake!

Dell to choose Ubuntu

The newly released Ubuntu 7.04. aka Feisty Fawn will be installed in some Dell systems.Do download an .iso image which you can take for a spin just by running it from the cd you burned the image on.Ubuntu is free and it packs a punch.Since the price of Ubuntu is $0, that should make a Dell system even cheaper but I personally have doubts about Dell hardware.
Also, since Jake and Jessie are using a Mac now, thought they'd find their own personal all things Mac related site should allow them to find great stuffs for their machine.