Live Aid On American Idol A Good Eye Opener humble apologies for going MIA or AWOL frm the blog for so very long. Well lets just say the situation was always not having the time to blog as much as I would like too. Anyway, last night I manage to catch American Idol (at least for the last 45 mins) - Idol Gives Back Show which dedicated the entire show's for call-in's for donation amounted to some 30 million dollars (not final) in aid for the less fortunate eps for the kids in Africa.

Guys say what you want but I have not seen a show like this since Micheal Jackson and gang sang We are the world (please refresh my memory if there are others la). The footages and scenes shown plus the stars making their special appearance to help in this fund raising was very encouraging. Even Ben Stiller kept on singing (bad singing) from his house (i think) via a live feed which featured him from time to time...and he threatened to keep on singing until money comes in.

Well, what I am try to say is Idol provided some very shocking figures which some of us already know. Every 30 secs - one child dies in Africa of AIDS. Every 30 secs - one child dies of Malaria in Africa. Every 3 seconds in the world a child dies. I would like to add that every 1 (one) second Mattel (toys) sells 7 (seven) hot wheels cars throughout the world. A figure much more than the death rate of children around the world esp in Africa. If only part of that money goes to good cause.

I guess the moral of the story is when we purchase stuff esp for our families, we need to bear in mind of all this. I remember Arul's post about the diamonds of Sierra Leon long careful what you buy or rather know what you are buying and what the product is actually contributing too.

Sometimes I really wonder how our kids are going to learn about all this but I really hope our actions can and will have a spill over effect on them.

On other matters...Arul...heard you are flying off on Wed to the US of A....emmm hope to catch up when u come back. Have a great weekend.

Free Movie download for portable device

I was telling Chris regarding this site some time back I think.Click on the icons of the device you'd be using to watch the movie and yes it's a new 2007 movie we are talking about and you'd find other relatively new stuffs too.Anyway, there are too many movie files on the hard-drive that I am yet to see as the only shows I watch these days are Pocoyo,Jojo's Circus and Noddy.Click header and I am glad you love Firefox too Chris.Do try the Greasemonkey script for the super-clean's beautiful.

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Optimizing Firefox

Found a very good article on how to make full use of the firefox browser. Very cool and handy shortcuts, tweaks and extensions to make browsing easier. For example, clicking on a link using the mouse scroll button will open the link in a new tab. Click on the header for the link.

Instant Kiwi

Nice clever ad.

Messi does a Maradona (vid)

Face it, it takes another ARGENTINIAN to craft a goal like that and no wonder Maradona has been heaping praises on the young Messi. On EPL news, I get very nervous when Arsenal is up by only one goal and the game with Spurs felt like a defeat as Wenger put it and if you are a Spurs fan, it must have felt like the sweetest victory.
Anyway, click header to read more about the Maradona / Messi goal.

Remove a dent in your car the cheap way

Funny S'pore comic

The big news in Singapore for the past 1 week has been the pay hike for the ministers.Read the latest here from todayonline. I found this funny comic by where there's also a "letter of grievance" if you may call it ,in very strong language but just as funny even though the S'pore govt may not find it to be a laughing matter.Hey, that just rang a bell..
"I eat maggi mee everyday" and "this is no laughing matter" are great sentences to show how disgruntled you are.

Poor Malaysian ministers are underpaid man........
"tapi".....anyway, click image for a better view.

In Japan your blood type tells a lot about you

One of the things I learned during my first trip to Japan was that they have this subtle culture where they believe your blood group says a lot about you.Basically as what my colleagues(whose hairstyle looked like they just got out of bed) told me in their limited English was that people with A type are best while the B group were selfish p!@#$s.BTW, I am one of those selfish p!@#$s.
Anyway, seems they weren't kidding as I found even a wikipedia article on it and turns out I am Forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centered as well.Just kidding, there are best and worst traits category for all types in detail.Check it out by clicking the header.

Nokia N95 taken for a spin

A review of the N95 in Engadget. I love the GPS function in the phone but will it ever give me the accurate directions in Malaysian roads?Chris or TP, have you guys used GPS on Malaysian roads?Does it work?I ask this because I can't even find proper maps in Google Maps.I don't expect it to be as accurate as the ones in Japan or Singapore but just need to know if it works at least partially...esp KL area.

Click header...

Leeching mp3 & tv shows without p2p (Pt2)

Want your daily dose of Aqua Teen Hunger Force,Family Guy & Everybody Hates Chris?TV Links will hook you up.I prefer to download them rather them watching it on the browser.
BTW, is giving a free download of VideoGet.Offer available for the next 24hrs only though.

For mp3 tracks.....

Google + Firefox with Downthemall extension=

20+ great tracks from the 80's in your hard-drive under 5mins

The pursuit of happyness

I had a chance to catch this great movie on the flight back from Tokyo slightly more than a week ago.People with kids and who knows what it feels to be down and out will definitely have moments when they will try to hold them tears from welling up.In my own opinion, Will Smith has reached the levels of another fine actor...Denzel Washington in this movie and it's a bit crazy cause it feels only like few years back that this guy was Fresh Prince rapping about how parents just don't understand.
For me personally, the movie wasn't about "making it" but rather it was about hard-work ,commitment to the ones you love and most of all having faith when things get really ugly.I have been in a state where the last note in my wallet was just a RM5 bill and if you have been in such a dire state at least for just 10 mins in your will understand the character of Chris Gardner better.
BTW, that's Smith's own son Jaden acting in the film.

Sepang getting "shabby" from a lack of care

The statement below surely captures the spirit of all Malaysian projects that we've seen before don't you think?Click header to read further..

Meanwhile, just hours before yesterday's Malaysian Grand Prix, Mr Ecclestone was quoted as saying the Sepang circuit was getting "shabby" from a lack of care.
"It has become, if you don't mind, like an old house that needs a bit of redecorating," the New Straits Times quoted him as saying in an interview. "It's starting to get a little shabby and looks a bit tired."
Mr Ecclestone acknowledged that it was difficult to keep Sepang tidy because of its large 260-hectare size but said the circuit had to put its best face forward.
"There is rubbish all over the place and it's not really a good sign for Malaysia. We're on worldwide television and it needs to look good, much like in the beginning."

Why this scientist believes in God

I have found there is a wonderful harmony in the complementary truths of science and faith. The God of the Bible is also the God of the genome. God can be found in the cathedral or in the laboratory. By investigating God's majestic and awesome creation, science can actually be a means of worship.


Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., is the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. His most recent book is "The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.

Latest LCD Monitors?

Since we are talking about LCDs and Plasmas. Here's an idea... since quite a number of techies has been setting up multiple monitors for gaming and entertainment, I too was toying with the thought of setting up dual monitor for work purposes (and gaming too). This will take multi-tasking to a whole new level, you can ask those techies who has already done so. Anyway, here's a video from PC World on how to set up multiple monitors. Click here.

Here's a little food for thought, having 2 different monitors can have its own set of problems, so I came with this little idea for a folding desktop monitor. I don't know, since the trend is moving towards lcd and widescreen, why not take it a step further by developing a monitor which already has a built in multiple monitor function, sure beats PIP. Check out the pics...

Gives a whole new meaning to Windows, doesn't it?

Anyway, here's my attempt at doing some graphic work and trying to be an innovator at the same time. Who knows, one of the LCD manufacturers might take up this idea? Let's see who. You heard it here first at teh-tarik@MadrasCafe!

Tip: View any site from your mobile phone browser

Okay if you are like me and have an unlimited data plan on your mobile phone and want to be able to check your mails,surf the web and post to your blog on the go .. use Google Mobilizer.It makes almost any site out there on cyberspace mobile browser friendly.The other tool I am using now to get all my feeds in a one stop viewing on my mobile phone is tumblr. It's a so called micro-blogging platform and is speedy but I love it for the fact that it allows me to pipe my feeds there and makes my mini personal blog fresh even on days I don't have time to touch the keyboard.I set up mine about a month back and forgot all about and it's still in the works as I just can't find the time yet to play around with the templates.You can view it at and go get yourselves one and tell us about it.

Simplistic Movie Links shows up...

My previous posting way back had so many hits esp when everyone was wondering where Simplistic Links went.Well, we've had news that it's still putting together pieces of movie titles and tv shows at it's new location...maybe.

"Should I buy a Plasma, LCD, Projection or CRT TV?

I still remember our first tv that my dad got, a second hand, bulky black & white giant box that allowed you to change channels using a pair of pliers as the dial was already gone.Oh, how I loved that old piece of crap because before that the only way I caught all my favourite tv shows was by camping out in Christopher's house.That TV was the most important piece of luxury we had in the house and second was the plier.
Anyway,here's a summary to help you make your choice and if any of you guys want to feel like you are actually there watching an EPL game...LIVE..head to TP's house.


This site is way too cool to be described in words but needs to be experienced.