Parents take Note

Schoolgirls celebrities after exposing Ribena - New Zealand news on
"GlaxoSmithKline admitted its cartoned ready-to-drink Ribena, which it claimed had 7mg of vitamin C per 100ml, had no detectable vitamin C content."

The world's 1st self-help book...The Bible

"Solomon tells kids that if a gang of roughnecks asks for help in mugging passers-by, just say "No!" And don't worry, these thugs will get their due. In the most after-school-special moment of all, Solomon says that these gangsters have "set an ambush—for their own lives! Such is the end of all who are greedy for gain."

Check it out, a nice read and being alone in a foreign land reminds you of so many good things that you have in your life... and reminds you WHO really was the one that made it all happen.It's incredible how big and small God can sometimes be.The same person who can calm a storm ..can also calm a child!

Ten must-read tips and tutorials for Vista

1. Bypass Vista activation in just 7 steps

Let’s not mistaken this as another crack. This time, Microsoft has made life easy for pirates by allowing them to modify the Skiprearm registry entry. And you thought 120 days without activating was good…

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Almost "Hanami" time

This is my 3rd trip to Japan and must say the temperature this time around is by far the best.It's almost "Hanami" time, that's the word for some "flower viewing/drinking party" under the Cherry Blossom trees (Sakura).It's a big thing here in Japan and everyone has been telling me how lucky I am to be here at this time.As I've mentioned before the Japanese folks sure love them some liquor and they do get rather "freaky" when they get a little tipsy.The examples I've seen and heard are rather distasteful to be described here....but will sure make a nice story the next time we hit Madras Cafe guys.
Anyway, when I am away like this, entertainment is very important and having a good book to read is most important.Being the cheap person that I am, usually i download free e-book to read and was thrilled to find this utility yBook that made my e-books look like paperbacks...easy on the eyes I mean.

"WOW" on the wane

An interesting article on the daily paper, todayonline.

'WOW' on the wane
M'sian PM may call for polls before public discontent grows

Wednesday • March 14, 2007
MALAYSIA'S parliament is due to be dissolved only in May 2009, but election fever is already gripping the country following speculation that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may prefer to face voters before economic and social conditions worsen.
While Mr Abdullah announced on Monday that he wanted to improve consumer sentiment further before calling for a general election, observers say the polls may take place as soon as October. According to media reports, political parties are fighting to contest "winnable" constituencies.
Mr Abdullah scored a stunning electoral victory in 2004 when his 14-party Barisan Nasional coalition grabbed 199 of the 219 seats. But he may not enjoy such a resounding win this time round. Analysts say public confidence has dipped as Mr Abdullah has not fulfilled his election promises to combat graft and promote democracy, and that his management of the economy has been questionable.
A recent poll by the Merdeka Centre, an independent opinion research firm, suggested that nearly 60 per cent of Chinese voters — who make up about 30 per cent of Malaysia's 12 million voters — are unhappy about how the economy is being managed.
The Premier is now hoping to ease Chinese fears of a "directionless economy" with an RM200-billion ($87.2-billion) package to finance the Ninth Malaysia Plan. Although it was launched last year, the "wow" effect of this national development plan has yet to be felt.
Non-Muslims' reservations have also been heightened after Malay leaders, at a gathering of the ruling United Malays National Organisation last year, told non-Malays to accept their position as second-class citizens in a society where "positive discrimination" is official policy. Several Malay leaders also demanded a larger share of the retail economy, which is dominated by Chinese Malaysians.
Under the circumstances, opposition lawmakers and others speculate that a snap poll is likely because Mr Abdullah can do without public discontent swelling to critical mass further down the road.
"An early election is likely because Abdullah's time is running out," opposition Democratic Action Party leader Lim Kit Siang said. "He has painted himself into a corner by failing to deliver on his promises after three years in power."
Meanwhile, graft allegations are on the rise. Last month, the head of the country's top anti-corruption agency, Mr Zulkifli Mat Noor, was accused of amassing businesses and properties through corrupt practices. While a probe has been called, Mr Zulkifli has not been asked to step down.
While the Prime Minister can be faulted for lacklustre economic management and for lack of progress on the anti-graft front, with regards to Muslim issues, his star is shining.
"Abdullah has done very well on the all-important Islamic front," said a political analyst with the National University of Malaysia who declined to be named. Mr Abdullah has travelled widely and has been accepted as an important Muslim leader in the Middle East, among the Association of South-east Asian Nations (Asean) and in Washington, the analyst said.
Besides his success in respect of Islamic issues, Mr Abdullah's emphasis on agriculture — where Malays predominate — has been well received in rural areas. Media images often show him visiting farms, rice fields and plantations in his drive to promote agriculture as one of the pillars of the new economy. Sustained high rubber prices have led to a mini boom in rural villages and towns.
Meanwhile, the opposition Islamic party, Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS), is debating a strategy to win back the Malay-Muslim voters they lost in the last election. PAS leaders see former Deputy Premier Anwar Ibrahim as their only hope of bridging the gap between the secular and the Islamic opposition.
Mr Anwar, who is making his political comeback after six years in prison on corruption and sodomy charges, is currently touring the country, offering a new vision of a united and prosperous Malaysia — without any form of discrimination.
"He hopes to put together a strong coalition to challenge Abdullah," said Mr Tian Chua, information chief of Mr Anwar's National People's Party, also known as Keadilan. Mr Anwar's sodomy conviction has been overturned but the corruption charge still stands, barring him from contesting or holding political office for five years. The ban expires on Apr 14 next year.
"I won't be surprised if the elections are called before Apr 14," said Mr Anwar. "In that case I will not be able to contest the poll but will campaign hard for the opposition."
Although the charismatic Mr Anwar draws crowds — especially the Malays, who comprise 60 per cent of the population — it is unclear how much of his appeal will translate into votes that will rock Mr Abdullah's standing. — IPS

Extending Vista Evaluation Period to 120 Days

This may be old news for some of us but anyways...

To extend the grace period another 30 days, at the start button type cmd to get into the command mode.Then type
slmgr -rearm
Hold up, it will take a few seconds for the prompt to appear asking you to re-boot.You have another 30 days till the next "re-arm" period.Think you can stretch this baby to 120 days only.

Also, i found one widget or gadget as M$ calls it on Windows Live to be worth the download....the one that teaches one Japanese word a day.Essential for those trying to learn Japanese.Sorry, the image isn't that clear as the opacity was set at 20% I think.

Thanks for the heads up Jake but think there's no issue here.Will be away for a month to see the sakura flowers and there's no underlying meanings there.Seriously, the real sakura flowers ok?

Cow eats Chicken

I'd guess some local news print may have carried this news but it surely was a surprise to me and will forever change my view when watching Cow&Chicken on the Cartoon Network.Anyway, I'd advice the farmer to stay away from that cow.Four stomachs and an appetite for blood & flesh is not to be messed with.

"We were shocked to see our calf eating chickens alive," Ghosh told Reuters by phone from Chandpur village.

read more... .. leeching tip

Today we will look at another way we can download free music via the web without using any p2p applications.Go to and search for a track you like, for example Corrine Bailey Rae who has the sweetest voice ever.When that track plays, copy the url and paste it onto Radio Blog Club Download.Here you have the option of saving it with the right click save as option.Remember to save your file as .mp3 from the former .rbs extension.I personally prefer Downthemall on Firefox where it grabs the file in one click.Enjoy your music and now that you have an idea of how sweet Corrine Bailey Rae's voice is, go and buy the album.Singers need to survive also what ,esp, the up and coming talented ones.
If you are looking for a more straight forward way then G2P is the way to go, where you just grab the tracks listed on the Google search results.
Note: Pls understand that I have to say that downloading illegal music is not encouraged and is prohibited.Use at your own risk.

The 4 undeniable truths about Iraq

Frankly,do you really pay attention to another news about casualty in Iraq?Why, even some will not bother to click the header to see what this is all about.

is losing or has already lost the Iraq war. The United States is the strongest nation in the history of the world and does not think of itself as coming in second in two-way contests. When it does so, it is slow to accept that it has been beaten. American political and military leaders were reluctant to acknowledge or utter that they had miscalculated and wasted tens of thousands of lives in Vietnam, many of them after failure and withdrawal were assured. Even today, American politicians tend not to describe Vietnam as a straightforward defeat."

Create your own comic strip!

Screw Dilbert, create your own comic strip of funny events and family pictures.Cesc missing that kick would have been really not that funny if Arsenal did go on to lose.Anyway, Terence was devastated but seeing how lady luck is on MU's side...this will be their year la.
Comic strip creator Comeeko!

Pavement Picasso

Artist Julian Beever's 3D pavement chalk art is simply amazing and it's such a pity that since it's drawn with chalk it never does last long.Check out the other images by clicking the header.My favourite is the one that looks like a chunk of the pavement is out.Simply stunning.

p2p on the private

Okay, let's trade files to keep my mind of Arsenal's double Cup exits.
Allpeers and Firefox = huge files transfer goodness.Best part it's only between those you choose.