The Episode Downloader

How does a working mom still get her dose of Grey's Anatomy when the kids are asleep?She uses The Episode Downloader with her favourite Bittorrent client. Works like a charm and fetches all the latest episodes.

Year of half-bridge, half-past-six govt and half-witted leaders

Spotted this gem by Martin over at LKS blog.On other news, did you see how Serena Williams showed Sharapova how to play tennis moments ago.

20 Great Guitar Solos with Videos

There's Chris and then there are those who wish they can play the guitar like Chris.In my younger days, I knew two guys who could pick up the guitar and play it like a Pro...Christopher and another working colleague named Johnson.Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is because this list of
20 Great Guitar Solos
brought me back to the good old days.My favourite solo out of that list has to be the one by Slash and Brian May.For those who want to learn to play the guitar, has great materials for free like the tabs to one of the greatest albums ever...Ten by Pearl Jam.

All said, get G3 Live and you will be in guitar heaven thanks to Steve Vai,Eric J and Satriani.

More on Vista

I love Quick Launch on a Windows machine and Vista made it easier for me to send an application to the Quick launch (see image). One other thing that's a total annoyance on Vista is the User Account Control dialog box that pops up for every single task you want to perform.Looks like MS decided that this is how they will convince everyone that Vista is really secure.Well, I am not a fan of this feature and luckily you can turn this off with this command line below.

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k %windir%\System32\reg.exe ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

Top 10 tricks and tips on Vista

I was rather eager to see how Vista would perform but being bitten before by a shoddy OS, I chose to install Vista on another partitioned drive and did not choose the upgrade XP to Vista option as many applications out there are still not Vista compatible.Example, Comodo firewall that I love and did I mention it's free.

IMHO so far, I think Vista is cool eventhough it's receiving some mixed receptions.Anyway, here's a little tip on some tricks within Vista.

Apart from that, I would highly recommend BORAT the movie.Let's say I am a fan of Sacha Cohen from the AliG days and he was sensational as the Gay French race car driver in Talladega Nights but with Borat the Kazakh journalist...he just took it to another level.Truth is some people hate the show and don't get it.I agree because not everyone can sit through watching a skinny guy and enormously fat man the nude.That scene was awful man!JAGSHEMASH!

Simplistic's Movie Links

You get almost all the latest movies uploaded to youtube but piecing them together is a little tough.This site does it for you.Click on header to watch Happy Feet, Employee of the Month and other goodies.Resolution sucks but hey, can you complain when it's free.
Check out earlier post on downloading from youtube and then convert the files to any format with the FREE Any Video Converter.

Update: It may not have a huge set of titles as it's relatively new but
......not bad at all and we appreciate the effort.

Strange but true... commercially available products!

Found this very interesting website called Strange New Products. It features a range of unimaginable products that we'd like to think is impossible to sell or make. I mean, who would want to use a product like a 'puppy diaper' right? Apparently, it's not really that ridiculous of an idea, it's just strange but not entirely a bad idea for dog owners. Or maybe Suresh might fancy an innovative 'beer wine?' - a drink that is both beer and wine... :-?

One of the more innovative product must be the soap that is shaped like dog poop. Either you have a weird fetish or you must have a very sick sense of humour to use one of those.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great 2007 ahead!

How to handle baldness

The picture should have been of someone balding but just thought I'd do the opposite.Show someone who has so much hair that he's being creative with it.I remember how we use to joke back in the days how a man's sex drive heightens with the amount of hair he loses from his head.I think that's not sex drive but rather desperation maybe.

Anyway, check out the comments section on this post on Lifehacker where they talk about baldness and how to handle it. Frankly, if I went bald...I would shave off my head completely and sport a goatee.I understand that it will make my ears look even bigger but what the heck!

I am very sure some of my friends would be eager to read about it as the calls of "Sodehh" beckons....and the "Silau" will shine through... 

Bald people have great hat collections, like Jake's dad! 

Friendship: The Laws of Attraction

According to Marquette University psychologist Debra
Oswald, who has studied the nature and complexity of high school "best"
friendships, there are four basic behaviors necessary to maintain the
bond. And they hold true whether we're 17 or 70.

facilitates the first two essential behaviors: self-disclosure and
supportiveness, both necessary for intimacy. We must be willing to
extend ourselves, to share our lives with our friends, to keep them
abreast of what's going on with us. Likewise, we need to listen to them
and offer support.

Interaction is the third
essential in tending to a friendship. You've got to write, you've got
to call, you've got to visit. Find the nearest Starbucks "mamak" and take time
to catch up. "The specific activity doesn't matter," says Oswald. "The
important thing is to interact."

The last
and most elusive behavior necessary for keeping friends is being
positive. Social psychologists tout the necessity of self-disclosure,
but that doesn't mean an unrestricted license to vent. At the end of
the day, the intimacy that makes a friendship thrive must be an
enjoyable one, for the more rewarding a friendship, the more we feel
good about it, the more we're willing to expend the energy it takes to
keep it alive.


The real barrier to safety

 Flower pot danger

Seeing this on the front page of Star makes me wonder if anyone is doing anything about the "Rempit" wannabes.Is it just me who have seen these young  boys wearing helmets(yes,motorbike helmets and don't think they are worried about their safety) on their bicycles doing the "wheelie" on public roads?They endanger themselves and others.I say others because, the moment you hit one of these Mini "future" Mat Motors, the whole Kampung will come down on you like a ton of bricks.Ahh,then again it's easier talking about planting banana trees and bamboos instead at the expense of beautiful old trees that has stood for years.I bet it will be studied for years to come.As far malacca is concerned, please study into these gigantic flower pots(image) that's going to take someone's head off.

Anyway, download this collection of beautiful 2007 Nature Desktop wallpaper Calendars.Don't know how to extract a .rar file.Get WINRAR .