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StarOnline :Bloggers feeling deprived after access throttled

I understand the irony of me expressing this via the internet but it has to be said.The internet is a great tool but it's not like we will cease to exist.There are more important things in life.

How to digitize cassette tapes

Lifehacker has a great post on how to turn your old analog cassettes to digital.Well, that's if you still have them la.Trust me, people like Terence will still have them and with these free app. you can preserve those gems from yesteryears for years to come in your mp3 vault, the cheap way. Click header for the jump.

p.s :Merry Christmas & Happy New Year y'all.Also, I think without James Brown we surely would not have MJ or Prince...why even Justin Timberlake.Truly James Brown was sensational and will be sorely missed.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Mary Had A Little Lamb One Holy Morning,
‘Neath The Star Of Bethlehem
A Brand New Day Was Forming;
Guided By The Shining Light And The Angel’s Voice,
Wise Men Traveled Through The Night
To See The Baby Boy

‘Cause Mary Had A Little Lamb
King Of Kings And Son Of Man...
Mary Had A Little Lamb... Of God

They Gathered ‘Round To See The Lamb
In The Manger Sleeping,
Such A Humble Throne For Him
The Promise Of God Was Keeping

There The Shepherds Bowed Their Heads
Among The Cattle Lowing
The First Ever Christmas Gift
Was Wrapped In Swaddling Clothes

For The World A Sacrifice
Mary Did Give Birth
The Way She Held Him In Her Arms Is
How He Holds The Earth

Mary Had A Little Lamb
King Of Kings And Son Of Man...
Mary Had A Little Lamb... Of God

Garth Brooks

Have a joyful and peaceful Christmas everyone!

Sexy Cocktails in Japan

Thought I'd tell little on my visit to Odessa the other day.Well, it's your everyday pub we know in Japan.The usual bar, dancing,snooker table set-up.It's mostly frequented by foreigners and other Japanese who want to feel the atmosphere of the usual bar.The cutest thing I saw there was someone on a Kimono dancing to a Pharrell and Gwen Stefani hit.Before yopu imagine a pretty young thing...she was easily 80...and that's why it was cute....or "Kawaii" here.I think!
One of the images are of the atmosphere in Takasaki City during Christmas.The other, is something I spotted on the menu under Sexy Cocktails..a drink called "Small Penis", clearly the Caucasian pub owner is making fun of the Japanese guys.Anyway, most of them will never get it anyway.
The most depressing thing about this place though...a Liverpool jersey on the wall!Ahhh!Crap!Click on image for a better view...almost la as this was taken with a "Handy phone" ..that's Japanese slang for your cell phone.

Your everyday bar in Japan

Sorry about the blurry image but the shot is from my camera phone.This is a small bar/restaurant in Shirakawa where we were the past week.We frequented this place many times and I simply love the atmosphere in this place.The place is old, not crowded and they serve absolutely fantastic finger food with the drinks.
Not pricey by Japanese standards though, if you are wondering , the bill usually will round up to around 600-800 ringgit. well, going "dutch" is rather common in Japan and usually everyone chips in.The funny thing is, back home we are paying service charge in places that hardly gives you any service.Here, for example a place like this, has no service charge but you should see the service.Heck, you should see the service at the petrol kiosk..it's unbelievable.There's no service charge there either.
Anyway, going to Odesa or some place tonight, apparently it's a joint for "Gaijin" (foreigners).Here, we work till late and drink till even later...but I have never seen anyone coming in late for work.NEVER!
All said, the truth be told...I can't wait to go home and that's a week away.See you guys during Christmas y'all and Jake since now you are a Mac man and still running XP too.Please check this out,it will allow you to utilize your notebook more.Click here for the jump!

A message from the Special One

Guys, don't know if you have heard this before but it's really funny. It's a half time team talk by the "special one" followed by a song. It's a little old cos' Damien Duff is not in Chelsea anymore. Anyway, click the following for the link. Jose Mourinho half time team talk

Enjoy, see you all during Christmas.

An open letter to the PM

Okay, this is probably old news for you guys in Malaysia but since I am stuck here in cold Japan till Christmas this sure was some piece of news.The letter says what many of us feel yet not say..at least publicly.
The amazing part was that I saw this on the day I watched "V for Vendetta" and what "V" the guy in the Guy Fawkes mask say "People shouldn't be afraid of the government, governments should be afraid of the people."

That quote rang like a bell but come to think of it, there shouldn't be fear on both sides.That's just food for thought, I am not telling you to blow up anything ok.Click header for the jump.

Revolving Tower stopped by a piece of History

Folks, thought you might want to know this. The pointless RM21M revolving tower project is halted not because of human protest but because a piece of history was unearthed in the process. Apparently, these jokers found the ruins of an ancient wall built during the Portuguese rule in Melaka. Makes you kind of wonder, what else we've got underneath the soil in Melaka.

It would be great if state government spends the money in restoration works for the old structures in Melaka and a little re-painting to retain the historical heritage. I think, that would really bring in the tourists. The tower is quite a waste of time, as a Malaccan, I think Malacca should be felt and experienced, rather than viewed from afar in a silly revolving tower. I don't know, maybe they have some other idea in mind.

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