Return of the MACha!

News on the street is that our SM is about to return for a short break.Suresh do let us know when you'd be back and if you'd be bringing back your Cambodian bride as well.Anyway, I suggest a small get together maybe over at TP's , Ell's or my place upon the return of the prodigal one.
Suresh, let us know your plans so that we can make arrangements.
Image courtesy of Suresh's Cheerleaders!

101 ways to organize your life

We've all had a one or more projects we've taken charge of at work and more often what we don't realise is that the same pointers can be implemented in our own lives,just like Stephen R Coveys "7 habits of ..." , it's not just management tips.Click link below!
Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your life

Awas dengan sindiket pengutip derma!

Awas dengan sindiket pengutip derma!

As we were having breakfast with the Scullys yesterday at PJ new town, someone approached us from Pusat Harian Kanak-Kanak Spastik Perak claiming to collect donation for the center showing letters, photos, identification card etc to collect money. I spent a little to dig out the truth if there is any behind all these donation collectors. I've uncovered from the receipt that the address, phone number and website of the center is wrong. However, the center does exist. These poor folks are getting none of the money that you gave. I've googled and find out the true website as per link and their announcements to be aware of syndicate that impersonates volunteer for the center.

Though all of us are generous by nature, here is the true fact behind donation collectors whether they are children, adults or old folks and a few simple rules to follow.

1. DO NOT GIVE CASH to anyone who claim to collect donation on behalf of any association no matter how emphatic you feel. You will do justice for the center or organization by doing this. Turning them away doesn't make you less charitable. By knowing the truth, your conscience will help you.

2. If you are feeling generous and would like to do a good deed based on what they show, ask for the contact information and the name of the center to address you CHEQUE to. Yes, choose to WRITE A CHEQUE, a larger amount if you wish.

3. Even though, they have all the identification in the world with letters, photos, identification, receipts etc. This DOES NOT amount to a volunteer or a worker for any center. Get a pen and paper, take down their details (but do not give any money):
a. Full name as per IC
b. IC Number
c. Center name that they claim they are from.
d. Contact information i.e. tel, fax, email, websites.

4. Check with the websites and contact them to verify their approach to donation. If the website or contact does not exist, forget it. If they are a verified society, they will ask you to send via cheque. Report these jokers accordingly and put a stop to this illegal act.

This community service is to help you people with a generous heart to direct your charitable virtues to those who really need it. With this information, you can exercise good conscience in turning these people down and do more for the appropriate folks. Mind you, they are everywhere especially on Sundays near places of worship so that after you pray and listen to a good sermon, you are compelled to give to charity. Good catchment, ehh? Very marketing oriented, I must say.

The truth is out. Spread it if you must!

Osama Loves Whitney Houston

Osama Loves Whitney Houston,wants to be her "Bodyguard" it seems la, at least according to one Kola Boof.

WASHINGTON — Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was so crazy about American soul diva Whitney Houston that he wanted to have her singer husband killed and marry her, media reports said. Ms Kola Boof, who claims she was repeatedly raped and intimidated into living with Osama for six months in Morocco in 1996, says in her book Diary of a Lost Girl, that the terrorist mastermind was obsessed with Houston. Ms Boof said Osama wanted to shower gifts on the star and make her one of his wives. "He said he wanted to give her a mansion he owned in a suburb of Khartoum," said Ms Boof. "He would say how beautiful she is ... how she is truly Islamic but is just brainwashed by American culture and by her husband — Bobby Brown — whom Osama talked about having killed," she said. In the book, Ms Boof says she saw copies of Playboy in Osama's briefcase. He would also "ramble on" about his favourite TV shows Miami Vice, The Wonder Years and MacGyver, she said. — Agencies

Pandora vs

A friend wanted to know how he can enjoy music from the web without the hassle of downloads and a specific media player.I personally love Pandora where you'd see me request for songs by Muddy Waters or BB King and then Pandora will play a string of blues tracks,some real gems I've never heard before at times.
Though you could give a try as some people simply can't live without it.Also, if you want to know the difference,check out this review.

A bit off topic,check out this creepy 6 Horrifying Parasites.Jake, think I told you and Jesse regarding the fish "tongue" parasite before,right?

10 tips for leading a balanced life

Found this nice read.What are your own views or tips on the topic?

1) Go home from work on time.
2) Don’t be a yes person.
3) Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday.
4) Slow down.
5) Don’t buy into the culture around you if you don’t want to.
6) Create your own sub-culture involving your friends and family.
7) Recognize you have the right to be healthier than those around you.
8) Do something meaningful with your spare time.
9) Let go of the need to buy the next big thing.
10) Develop compassion, patience and tolerance for your fellow people.

Read in detail at Life is a Journal
                                                                                             Powered by Qumana

Be a DJ today

I was a little sad that I could not run Djay (image on the right) as it was only for Macs.So, when I stumbled upon Tactile 12000 it left me delighted.Sure it wasn't that snazzy but it did the job and I had heaps of fun compiling my own remixes and making Eddie Vedder sound like 80's Madonna or the Chipmunks.
So, now armed with this and all that MP3 you downloaded onto your PC "legally", you can be the star DJ at your friend's party.Talking about downloading, check out & listen Weird Al Yankovic's "Don't Download This Song".........funny stuff.

Evil Google

Google is known to offer great applications,why even Blogger, also the newly bought Writely...a real nifty web based word processor that's finally open for registration.Though they aren't all that innocent.
I decided to post this since I realised that many people out there do not know that Google is keeping tab on them.I personally use a Firefox extension called CustomizeGoogle where you can tweak under "Privacy".
Here's a link to the Digital Inspirations blog where there are other tips.Apart from that, a little dissapointed to see Arsenal managing only a draw on Saturday.As TP suggested, we wondered if the new field at the Emirates Stadium was too big for their clever short passes.

Concert Ticket Generator!

Our Suresh will be belting out his "Truly" and other hits.Click header y'all,just for the fun of it!

Rockabye Baby!

Smells like nap time!Baby rock records transform your favourite rock songs into instrumental lullabies. I can see some of you frowning upon the idea of your little one going to sleep to the tune of Metallica's "Enter Sandman"....think about it, isn't " Rockabye Baby", the traditional lullaby rather violent as it quickly turns to disaster with "when the bough breaks".
My favourite is "Come as you are:mp3" by Nirvana.Any parent who is a music lover will dig this fresh idea.Click header y'all!

Little Man - Movie Reviews

It was National Day in Singapore on Wednesday and I managed to catch the movie Little Man by the Wayan brothers.While they are known to be hilarious, the idea for this one did not seem very original much like all those Martin Lawrance movies that seem too predictable.Anyway, there are laughs here and there while the CGI isn't the best in my opinion.Read the reviews!
And yes, that's the face of adorable Ell as I decided to have a little fun at the Official Little Man movie site.
You can miss this for Nacho Libre anytime!

Free Icons

Icon Factory has some neat free icons and another great site is Pixelgirl Presents.My favourites are Transformers,Futurama and Kill Bill themed icons.That Hattori Hanzo sword icon & Optimus Prime icon would make any desktop stand out!
U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name(video)

As seen on Wikipedia:
The band was formed in Dublin on Saturday, September 25, 1976. Larry Mullen, Jr., then fourteen, posted a notice on his secondary school bulletin board (Mount Temple Comprehensive School) seeking musicians for a new band. The response that followed that note resulted in seven boys attending the initial practice in Larry's kitchen. Known for about a day as "The Larry Mullen Band," the group featured Mullen on drums, Adam Clayton on bass guitar, Paul Hewson (Bono) on vocals, Dave Evans (The Edge) on guitar, his brother Dik Evans on guitar, and Mullen's friends Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin. Soon after, the group settled on the name Feedback. Martin only came to the first practice, and McCormick was out of the core group within a few weeks, being dismissed by Adam Clayton with the excuse that he was too young to play at the bars in which U2 would be booked.

I wonder how Martin & McCormick feel now and this video made me a fan instantly.I remember Chris & me watching it again and again.I even wanted a polka dot shirt like the one Bono wore in the video.The raw and unedited video still seems relevant and cool even in 2006...a gem IMHO.It reminds me why I became a U2 fan all over again.

OS X vs XP Comparison Chart

Previously on one of my posting "Laptop Buying Guide",everyone had their own views about a Mac and a PC.Now, you can see the final score in the OSXvsXP shoot-out comparison chart. Each category is explained with details and screenshots.One thing to note though, this is the Operating System we are talking about and not the hardware.On the topic of hardware, Engadget has some pretty nice pictures of the newly unveiled the Apple Mac Pro.If you are banking on looks alone...we all know that the Mac wins hands down.
Check out the score,looks like Jake may have a case after all.

Cluster Headache Syndrome

For the past 3 weeks I suffered dreadful headaches during the night and while I dismissed it as one of those usual headaches...the fact that popping 6 panadols didn't do the trick got me worried.Two weeks later and I was still waking up with some midget "drilling" on the right side my head,behind my eye. I visited the GP for a consultation and doctor told me that it was not Migrane but neither did he tell me what it was after I told him my symptoms.
Anyway, my wife in fear of being a young widow has made an appointment with a neurologist some time this week eventhough I try to convince her that I have found the name for my condition and it's not fatal.It's called Cluster Headaches and there's no cure for it and no one exactly know why one gets it.If any of you guys have the symptoms below and have some of your own remedy around it, do share it with me.To know more about it, visit
And for now, if you see me pacing around, with my head in my hand,one eye almost shut with tears flowing....I am not having a good day.Still, my wife won't let me off the hook as the visit to the neurologist is still on...because you never know and as I always say, death , the final curtain is not a's a fact.The only question is....when?

What is
Cluster Headache Syndrome
The cause and cure of Cluster Headache Syndrome are unknown. A cluster headache attack is unilateral (one sided) with a sharp, stabbing pain that may begin around one eye. The attack is then usually accompanied by a tearing or bloodshot eye, drooping eyelid, and congested or runny nose on the side of the attack. It can radiate from the eye to the forehead, temple, ear, cheek, jaw and neck on the same side. The pain of a cluster headache has been described as so excruciating that most victims cannot sit still and feel compelled to rock in a chair, walk back and forth, or bang their heads against something. The pain is so extreme that Dr. Peter Goadsby, the world’s leading researcher on CH has commented, “Cluster headache is probably the worst pain that humans experience”. Most cluster headache victims experience these attacks 2 to 10 times daily. The pain quickly escalates from no pain to unbearable pain within five minutes, and subsides in the same manner. Attacks can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours or more.Read more....

Silence.... everyone!

The very tragic news of the KTAR student who was hacked to death by some snatch thieves in Wangsa Maju has created quite a stir in the media, residents of WM and students of KTAR. It was indeed very sad to hear this sort of news after another tragic accident of a bus full of pilgrims to St. Anne's feast. Safety is such a big issue today and sadly because of that the trend is moving towards a society that lives in a fear! Fear to walk outside, fear to go on highways, fear to open our doors, fear to say something or report to police and maybe someday even a fear to blog...

Our PM also announced that 'bloggers beware' for blogging about anything that borders on slander, causing disturbance and causing the public to lose faith in the nation's economic policies, the authors will then be detained for investigation. Maybe it's a better idea if we lived in a pseudo 'matrix world' that is unconscious or ignorant to reality and feeding the powers that be with economic 'energy' through our virtual office living without interaction in our little cubicle, which also could be our home, that we need not go anywhere. Perhaps, big brother will even go so far as one day put a camera to watch everything we do. IMHO, our PM has good intentions with his message because of some people without conscience are misusing the powers of web blogging to bring about their own political agenda, it causes everyone to be a suspect. However, when these things become under the watchful eye of the powers that be for an ambiguous unwritten law, any topic can be 'deemed' sensitive and any one who has access to email, sms or a blogsite can be detained for whatever reason (that means everyone). The authorities are to police the nation, but who is there to police the authorities? What is deem acceptable and who decides that? To one, a simple satirical humour is funny, to another it could be offensive. I guess it's all up to the individual to maintain a healthy conscience especially to all of us who has easy access to modern broadcasting tools. To quote one Uncle Ben, "With great powers comes great responsibility"

PM: Those who spread untruths on the Net will be detained

Malaysians "Top" In Wasting Water

Chris recently told me that he had met the ever famous TV3 reporter-Karam Singh Walia (Perhaps Chris can tell us more some time soon) who always seem to be championing the cause of environmental issues...and as I stumbled across an article to conserve water....its actually the launch of a campaign to get Malaysians to safe water.

Now seriously...will this works ar?? If I remember clearly...when I was a kid the water gun was a hit with us shooting ourselves silly. And as soon as the tank emptied... a quick refill was the next thing and off we go again. Say want you want but I think thats a waste off water-the stuff which we (me included) take for granted and many countries could only dream to have.

In an incident a few years back a water shortage hit KL...If I remember well...its was the time Mr El Nino paid us a visit causing some water probs. So as usual Malaysians would do anything to get water ..even at the expense of wasting it...and wasting it was what they did. Right in front of our hse, was a water pipe running in a was cut to extract the water and left running freely...imagine the water going down the drain...and this was happening for days even after we had filed a report! Biasa la...the guy on the phone told me that when they are free, the job will be done....check out the urgency man!

Ok here's the sad seems the average Malaysian uses 300 - 500 liters of water a day (one person ya)...when in actual fact we only need thats a a lot!!

The Melaka Water Crisis which hit us back in the early 90's made us at least appreciate water a little more than the rest but somehow as humans we never seem to learn! Perhaps we can start with oueselves...among our own families. To start perhaps we can provide suggestions to make not only this campaign work but to be sure that we do not need to have campaigns for us to be ever conscious about conserving the natural resources we's my thougts...pls add on to the list (if you can) and we can all make a difference...

1) Do not buy your kid a water gun!
2) Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving (i dun have jangut)
3) Take shorter showers (but dun mandi kerbau la)
4) Turn off the tap while doing the dishes ( make sure its turned on again to wash the soap off ya?)
5) Get the leaks of your house taps replaced immediately
6) If you have plants try to use rain water as much as you can
7) Turn off any running taps you see (public toilets, etc)

So I guess I am as much guilty of committing this crime.... so perhaps we can be examples for our kids to follow coz much of our school stuff doesn't seem to have much about this. I can clearly remember civic class was always a free period! So you know the rest la!!

As we once had ECO SPIRIT...let us all continue to have that same spirit in our daily lives. REMEMBER the future is always for our kids and our children's children and our actions, responsible or irresponsible will much affect their lives.