I am pretty sure that by now you've seen one too many images like these coming out from Lebanon or Israel.Without getting political , I would just like to say that images like these really breaks my heart.Anyone with kids would know that children don't deserve this.It's heart wrenching the price that the innocent ones pay for mistakes that arrogant adults in power make. Just like this picture from a recent U2 concert with the words COEXISTA using symbols from Islam,Judaism & Christianity.......they can coexist in the middle east if they want to.


Terence Scully said...

Yeah Arul totally agreed where lids are concern...but this goes beyond religion or rather when they really adopt the practices of religiont...only the the fighting will stop!

Chris Siah said...

Even for those of us who don't have kids will also fully agree that these despicable acts that bring about such pain to innocent children are truly unacceptable. Sadly, arrogance and power is two traits that if combined, more often than not will create unnecessary pain, worse if these circumstances are masked by the practice of any religion. Does 'religion' make this a justified act? Are bullets and bombs shortcut to heaven? It's a rhetorical question that will have an obvious answer to many of us but there are some who will have a very different answer than expected.