Umno Anti-Drug Website

I spotted the link to the Biro Dadah Umno in The Star paper, online edition.I wondered if it would be as impressive as the one by The Central Narcotics Bureau of Singapore that appeared on BoingBoing in 2004 for it's cool animation.As expected, what a way to attract the young ones!Yup, that speech segment by the PM and that website design from 1996 would surely send the message loud and clear!Oh well, let's give them credit for trying at least la!Click away on links y'all!

Kampuchea "Kai"

Well it sure does feel like a lifetime since the boy from Pulau Gadong left to Cambodia. I wish Suresh would have a blog to tell us all about Cambodia and his life there. Though knowing Suresh, that'll never happen because he's not the type to do something like that.So, I wondered and imagined how a blog by Suresh would or should look like.Heck, I created one just to give our Purple Highness a a little nudge.Yup the post you see there is one of the first ....and last on teh-tarik@MadarsCafe.So I present to you...Kampuchea "Kai"...the word "Kai" is a Tamil slang for something like "member" but direct translation would be "hand" I think. Initialy I wanted to name it Kampuchea "Kambu" meaning "wood" but decided to settle with something milder instead.So, if you are reading this Suresh, pls e-mail me at for your username and password which you can change later. Don't be selfish la...share with us your life there....unless you are up to "no good" and want to keep it a secret.Hi!Hi!

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Happy Birthday Ell ;)

Here's wishing Ellison a very Happy Birthday...Have a blast, bro (remember to keep some beer 4 HIS purpleness, ok...)

Jessi + Jake

Nacho Libre: Mini Movie Review

As I mentioned on a previous POST, I have been kinda looking forward to watching Nacho Libre and though some critics have slammed it, I found the movie to be very entertaining.It was no Napoleon Dynamite but I loved the theme song "I am a religious man" by the mexican band Mr Loco.Though, the best part of the movie is when Jack Black sings the song he wrote for Sister Encarnacion....the object of his desire la.I watched it again and again because it really cracked me up every time.
I had the opportunity of catching P2: Dead Man's Chest.The show stealer in the movie is Tia Dalma played by Naomi Harris.I simply loved her Jamaican accent, the black teeth and all.In a freaky way, she seemed attractive to me.Don't ask me why!
Well when you are stuck in a hotel room away from home...the best thing to do is watch movies or play Age of Empires!

Middle East Buddy List

In my attempt to explain the current crisis in the middle east to my
wife I realised that the whole thing is far more complicated then one would think.Simply put, they should all cut the crap and stop this
senseless man made tragedy...though for those who want to make sense of
it all and see where people like Syria and Iran are in this mess would
find the Middle East Buddy List a real help.Well almost because even with it there are still certain areas beyond our comprehension.
I guess the saying "Peace in the Middle East" will be used for more years to come than one would think.Click here to open an interactive chart that tells you everything you need to know.


Yup! First we were among the rudest... then it was almost the dirtiest in terms of hygiene (do you wash your hands after taking that piss?) and now we ranked at 146 in the FIFA World Standings! To add salt to the wound we're even behind Singapore..yes my friends SINGAPORE, New Zealand ...and to know that there is more sheep than humans in this country!), Indonesia, VIETNAM(Suresh..pls go over and check them out!), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and lots more.... CHECK out the list.

So I really don't think that SPORTS TRAINING FACILITY IN LONDON costing a lot of money will help this cause at all! I mean our squash, badminton and bowlers never had this facility and look how they have performed... so to spend such money may not be such a good idea ya... but as they always say....Malaysia Boleh... perhaps we should start asking in what context they should use this tagline for?


I am pretty sure that by now you've seen one too many images like these coming out from Lebanon or Israel.Without getting political , I would just like to say that images like these really breaks my heart.Anyone with kids would know that children don't deserve this.It's heart wrenching the price that the innocent ones pay for mistakes that arrogant adults in power make. Just like this picture from a recent U2 concert with the words COEXISTA using symbols from Islam,Judaism & Christianity.......they can coexist in the middle east if they want to.

Laptop Buying Guide

Let's say you plan to get a new notebook like a friend of mine and need a little help on deciding what you really need, this great article at CNET is the first thing one should read.
I think both Jake and Jesse are considering the great SWITCH to the Mac.As for me, I love the "cosmetic" part of the Mac...only.Thanks to FlyakiteOSX,I get the look and all that nifty icons and docklets,don't think I will ever go back to the traditional XP look again(see the print screen of my desktop).

Freebies ....again!

RipIt4Me (Rip protected DVD's in a snap of a finger)
Gparted (free HD partitioning tool like partition magic)
Firefox 2.0 Beta (do I need to explain?)
Thunderbird (e-mail client of my choice for years now)
Thunderbird cheat sheet(Thunderbird short-cuts that save time)

Zizou and the Anti-Racist Headbutt Heard Round the World

Zizou and the Anti-Racist Headbutt Heard Round the World

Yes I was a little sad that France did not win and in no way am I making excuses for the headbutt by Zizou.Though if you look at the video, clearly Materrazzi must have said something very,very rude to make Zidane react in that manner. Zidane will most likely hold a press conference soon to explain but till then,frankly ...Materrazzi deserved it.Despite this, Zidane will always be a great like Eric "flying kick" Cantona.Click link above!

Blogged with Flock

A Day Before The Finals...Arul's b'day...Italy Wins to Chris's Delight was the day we all had been waiting for....every four years a group of mad people...yes me included would try to stamp their mark and claim ...who is the greatest team...Brazil or Argentina, by taking it out on the field yes the make-shift padang in Klebang (ell's hse) which hosted some major events....Caritas 2-aside just to name a few...if my slowly depleting memory is was bentong pool (represented by Suresh and who ar?) took the coveted crown that year and breaking some of auntie shirley's pots and window paints in the process. Back to the history... due to aging players... some with a strange medical history of having dizzy spells and puking representing the Argentinian squard...we'd always fail to make the cut. Anyway it was a good day of fun.

So that ball (above) was ready...all it needed was some air. Ell had to do the dirty job of making sure that the pitch was clear of the mines which Arul saw the dogs placing earlier b4 the game (showing their protest of the sport coz they know when these guys arrive the chain was inevitable!) The kids came to join in the fun and also to show their support (pix below). We hope that they too will have the same spirit of their role models... like what we use to say...diff people...diff time... but same spirit.

Well soon after the game kicked off we had to witness the quick exit from Argentinian Star...Maximani Arulrodriguez due to unconfirmed injuries which has been plaguing the player for the past 8 years. Arulrodriguez who turned 34 that day was hoping to mark his 34 cap in his national colours with a goal but it never came. Coming close to what would have been the goal of the tournament the striker's delightful airborn flick only saw the ball going inches wide...shortly after he had to has been speculated that we might see that last the South American...some say Indian great in his ever famous blue and white colours. We wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

In short it was a good weekend for the kids and us (also behaving like kids). Despite the 2-0 score ending the game at Klebang..yes the goals and skills you'll never see...not even at the WC finals which Italy won to Chris's delight... Arul had hoped his 2nd team would lift the trophy for the 2nd time but the head butt by Zidane didn't help that cause. Anyway...Arul, thanks for the hospitality...the drinks n food and most of all the great company. we drank and made some toast for both Argentina and Brazil ... we did remember you and missed your company. Hope all is well there. Jake we missed your silly jokes too! Arul Many happy returns of the day. May the next finals 4 years on your b'day...we'll see Argentina in the finals...they got some major catching up to do while you improve your fitness!! Shit man by then we'll be 38 and still trying to play football! Our kids will be running circles around us by then...well they're already doing that now. Guess my final toast will be to the good spirit and friendship which has lasted for so long...may it only continue...Cheers guys!

France vs Italy Final

I woke up a little dazed as I watched the Portugal vs France match before that.As I prepared to leave for work,stooped over to give my wife the usual morning kiss and tell her that France went through.She was keen to know the score and I thought that was unusual as usually she doesn't care.Then again, she may have been interested as she does work for a French company.I was dead wrong because she jumped out of bed instantly when I told her the score and the reason being,my dear wife placed a 100 dollar bet on France winning it 1-0.I only explained what an off-side trap was 2 days ago and she's already betting?Don't mean to sound racial but I guess it's just in her blood as she is Chinese la!
I bet there will be no "Jinkli Nona" and Zidane once again sent both Portugal and our friends in Portugese Settlement down memory lane with that penalty shoot out.
Anyway, both France & Italy overcame great obstacles to be in the finals....ditching Brazil & Germany in their backyard is no easy task.Like I mentioned before in my earlier post A tribute to Zidane, the man won another short race!Though, I feel that I taly will win the cup as they are playing some fine football and their defence is solid.Yes,the French have Lilian Thuram but he must have lost a lot of energy after the Portugal game.
Though,it will be something magical for Zidane to lift that Cup once more ...or maybe the Italians need it more to lift the gloom back home with the match rigging scandal and all.So, will the rooster eat the pizza or will it be chicken pizza?My mind tells me it's going to be Italy seeing from the way they played but my heart will be with France.

Disable Non Genuine Windows Warning Messages

Recently a friend asked me for the workaround on the infamous WGA.In no way am I suggesting that he is using a "pasar malam" version on his PC.He would have not had this problem if he turned off Windows automatic updates in the first place.
For some of us we can live with all those pop-ups but if you are like me, I hate a slow boot up and numerous applications "phoning home". You can find tips for the workaround here and here!

"Pizza" beats "Sausage"

Italy manage to escape Germany's penalty-shoot out trap in the nick of time unlike Argentina and with it, all the sausages that were boiled will go to waste as the Germans lost their appetite.Though, the Italians will consume enormous amount of Pizza and laugh at the Germans who called them "greasy & lazy" before the match.
I am not sure if Figo or Zidane will be smiling at the end of the match when they meet but so far,as I have been telling you guys,looks like Zidane was not joking about that ghost story about a year ago.

A True Brazil Fan

Brazil's hope of another title ended and with it begun all the analysis and the blame game.Even ministers start using them as "bad" examples.

That's crap support the team,win,lose or draw.Jake showed it best when he proudly wore a shirt bearing the flag & name of Argentina the day after their defeat.A true fan sticks by the team like a true friend.So I went looking for a shirt for our Suresh a true Brazil fan.I really do hope he is alive and well as his close friends believe that Brazil's defeat can prove fatal for him.I am not joking...this guy will hide in the room,bite on the towel and take peak at the television esp when it's down to the wire.
Suresh, for you I have found the perfect Brazilian name and number...Your Brazilian name is "Mathavio Peres"...eventhough I was very tempted to put the number 69 for you.
Ell and the other Brazil fans can do the same via this LINK!

Zidane vs. Ronaldinho

No one does the "Roulette" better than Zizou and no one does those crazy stepovers like Ronaldinho.I know Brazil has gone home without Ronaldinho showing his best but we must remember that he's still a great player as the video shows.Though when it comes to the greatest goal ever, that dribble by Maradona quickly comes to mind.You can watch a great goal a thousand times and it's still looks awesome.The same way you watch a repeat telecast,look out for the time on the right upper corner of the telly for that magical moment when it happens.A sad and terrible moment if that goal was against your team la,esp penalty shoot-outs.
I'd be cheering for France and it will be so predictable if Germany wins the Cup.Call me bitter but I don't want the Germans who kicked Argentina out to win it.

All Over In Just A.... Gooooooal!

The world cup is over where Brazil and Argentina supporters are concern....and it all came after a goal frm Henry and a penalty shoot out! The saddest way to exit the WC is thru penalties and I think I know how the english fellows felt. If they continue to take penalties like that I sincerely feel they will beat Mexico's record for worse penalty taking soon! The next WC perhaps?

In all said and done Mr Ayala and Cambiaso didn't do too well for takers as well. I expected more from the experienced defender and the balding midfielder! So its over and we can curse... bitch or provide all the theories in the world...the world cup ain't going home to the colours in either countries posted in this blog and the feeling sinks deep big time for both supporters respectively.

For Argentina, we still look for the missing Maradona...looks like the last option will be to make him coach and if that fails then AFA would probably run out of answers. For Brazil not even the wit of Ronaldinho could take grant them their 6th title. Perhaps they were too focused in getting fatty to break Gerd Muller's record? You'll never know...the last time it was the window seat issue for Romario...and of course giving face to Zico to take the penalty kick against FRANCE in 1986. So does this mean that Brazil have a boogie team? FRANCE to win this time...maybe! Don't cry for me Argentina...Ell is there a song for Brazil?

Rooney the new Jaap "Stamp"

Let's say,Rooney "stamped" his authority not on the field but on Carvalho's "nuts".They say penalty shoot-outs are like lotteries because you can never tell but why is it that England has gone out on penalties so many times?
Then there was the "Vintage Zidane" to quote the commentator and ze French were Il est magnifique.
More important then that, I was totally impressed with the way Zidane and all the great Brazilian players could laugh and
exchange pleasantries before and after the game.Both teams showed such class that was clearly missing in the Arg vs Ger match.

A Sad Day

Well....indeed its a sad day for us Argentinian fans where football is concern. For me it was hard to sleep and the disappointment was just hard to handle. Its hard to believe that this feelings we attached to the team has been recurring over and over again for the past 20 years since Argentina lifted the cup in 1986. Once again we have to pick up the pieces and start all over. Anyway...we look forward to Africa in 2010. We wish our countrymate Brazil all the best being the only South American left in the tournament. Ell...Suresh... hang in there tonight!