Cheers to Mr & Mrs Irudayam...

Cheers to Arul San n his wife Daphne as they celebrate their 4th anniversary today :)

God Bless and keep the sparkle going....Have FUN!

Jessi & Jake

p/s:- Arul san...we want to hear more 'movies' and 'angry' stories :p

Purple Reign

Okay guys, a quick post here before I hit the sack as it has been a long day for me.As you know it, tomorrow will be the farewell for Mr Mathavan.I hope to add on to this post tomorrow after the event but for now, it's with a heavy heart I announce that His Purpleness will end his "pemerintahan kuku bird besi" in Melaka and will now begin his reign in Cambodia.Suresh, all I can say is that we will miss you and watch out all Cambodian young chicks and old cambodian old women in the toilet.

More on this later.....TP,Chris & Jake pls prepare the cameras and I pray I am not stuck at work!
On other matters:
I found this article to be very insightful and having been a waiter myself ,I totally understand it.

"DVD Panas"

Now that I have your attention it's been almost one week since I checked into Renaissance KL and have to travel to Shah Alam daily for work and here are my observations and questions so far...Done very quickly!

1. Drivers in KL must have patience of a Buddhist monk or the extreme opposite opposite..... They're actually psycho killers on the prowl at night to quench the angst and hatred inside.
2.Why the heck does a city like KL floods when it pours?Being stuck in a jam for an hour and to hear people tell you that 1 hour is nothing is really scary.
3. I am a "Kampung" boy at heart, 5 HRC dinners in 7 days is simply too many.
4.Cantonese speaking blokes in KL actually sound like blokes from Hong Kong when they speak in english!
5.Is it a norm in KL for you to ask your colleague who is eating lunch (economy mixed rice for example) how much his lunch costs?Is this a competition to see who paid the least amount?
6.The Petronas twin towers is nicely lit at night,so I want to know if those lights are from the rooms that are occupied by people or they are actually lighted up to make the building look great?
7.I returned to Petaling Street after 6 years as my colleague from Japan insisted that he has to buy 6 "Rolex Submariners".Yes...6!The question is when did the Bangladeshi guys started working for them "kongsi gelap" chinese Ah Longs in those make shift "fake goods" stalls?
8. I must have a porn addict face because at least 3 guys approached me asking if I would like to see the "DVD panas punya" catalogue.Yes..The new lingo for porn must be...."panas punya" now....Before it was...."itu macam punya".

Ell? Who's Ell

Who's this Ell person you guys keep mentioning? Oh yeah, thats me... the grey matter's still intact, no worries. Hey, I've been pretty quite and very missing for a long time, have been on shoot/event around Malaysia with the Cabaran TariKing Crew (yes yours truly is on the panel of judges... I now have a PHd in the Beverage Arts). Anyways, last Saturday we completed our shoot in PJ. So decided, to have a night out on the town with colleagues. We finished around 3am in Kl city, and i walked over to the basement carpark, had received call from colleagues warning me of roadblocks. As i was making my way down the stairs into the parking floor, i heard a noise behind me... i turned only to feel a huge blow of a helmet on my back. i fell forward with the impact and my darn phone (which i had conveniently put in my shirt pocket) skimmed across the floor.Man was i mad with rage!!! Anger took over as i got up and lunged back at that half-assed monkey boy.. first time punching someone across the face (it felt goooood...). But there were two of them, the sidekick one ran across to get my phone. The one with the bloody mouth yelled to his partner to just take the phone... and they scooted off. I was meanwhile still in the drunken master pose. Only when i reached the car... and locked it did the fear settle in. I thank God that nothing worse happened, i could have lost it all including my life that night. The blow i am certain was meant for my head, had i not turned. But all is well now... A little bit of yesterday will remind us how much more precious tomorrow will be - ell

Council taking disabled woman to court over parking fees

Council taking disabled woman to court over parking fees

Disabled or not, "...parking without paying the parking fees is wrong" says Norfiza Mahfiz, Majlis Perbandaran Klang PR Officer.

One thing's for sure, you can't accuse these fellas for prejudice. Equal justice for all so it seems...

Reading this article made me wonder about what this council are doing everyday. There are quite a number of information in their website as well as their noble missions. Check it out.

You will notice that their main missions are:

Menyedia dan menyelenggarakan semua kemudahan dengan mencukupi, sempurna dan selesa berteraskan konsep indah dan permai
Mengawal, menyelia dan melaksanakan pembangunan fizikal dan spritual yang rapi, terancang dan tersusun serta memenuhi citarasa masyarakat dan negara
Memastikan pengurusan dan perkhidmatan perbandaran dilaksanakan dengan cemerlang berkonsepkan mesra rakyat.

In trying to achieve their mission above, this is what the MPK are doing:

1. Don't build car park facility for the disabled.
2. Build inaccessible ticket machines for wheelchair-bound people.
3. When disabled folks are unable to pay these parking tickets, compound them.
4. When the poor disabled person called in to explain their reasons, tell them a general statement "Whether you are disabled or not, you have to pay the parking fees. Rules are rules."
5. If they are unhappy, compound them anyway and give them a discount. Maybe they'll feel better.

A little bit difficult to see how all this makes sense to achieve their mission statement but I guess there can be more than one way to define "indah dan permai" and "mesra rakyat". Maybe, in the council's eyes, only normal and able bodied human beings are allowed to go into to Klang.

The act was a little ignorant but the respond is downright cold. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to seem a little noble and make a statement on building more accessible parking ticket machines for the disabled than to make a general statement that could possibly tarnish their own reputation? I don't know lah.

Honestly, it just puts me off, it's almost as good as building those ticket machines on a 10-foot pole and say "have a nice time trying to pay but hey, if you can't, we're gonna bring you to court, baby!".

Everybody's getting desperate! Nowadays, even snatch thieves are resorting to unnatural means to snatch a handphone, as Ell will tell you. Gone are the days when they just snatch your handphones, these days they carry a helmet, knock you semi-concious (however, you can take a lunge at them, only if you are like Ell when he turned into this fired up green monster) and then snatch your handphone. I guess even municipal council have to find more creative ways to earn some money, right?

Folks, do be careful out there! Watch your back (and wear a helmet)!

Newspaper Snippet Generator

A quick morning time waster.Create a bogus newspaper snippet by clicking header.For example see the image on the left,though in this case, this news wasn't fake at all.

Age Quad Agis

The 126th St Francis Institution Souvenir Magazine has to be one of the best as I spent almost an hour flipping through the pages. Unfortunately, could not make it for the dinner today as I am on "diaper duty".
Nevertheless, reading the souvenir magazine brought back so many memories and re-ignited the La Salle spirit as me and my father in-law boasted about how great SFI is over lunch.
Seen here the book cover, the school garden and a picture of Brother Harold aka Godfrey with Francis Sim which I spotted in the book.There was a piece written by one of my classmates Choo Lai Boon which was very sincere,simple yet very honest and moving.Click header for more info.