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10 rules to manage your boss

An interesting read I spotted on Lifehacker and the author used the word "her" to describe the boss.Married guys know what that means....use these same techniques to manage the Mrs who is the "Boss" sometimes.Click header to read further!

10 rules to manage your boss: "The relationship with your boss is probably the most important relationship you have at work.
Boss management can stimulate better performance, improve your working life, job satisfaction, and workload. Give your boss a hand and reap the rewards."

Ramblings of a mad man Returns

Thought my comment's gonna be long, so decided to post a new blog.
Arul, not too sure what prompted you but I wanna affirm about the profession.. I must say I was a very angry and frustrated man, ended up cursing the doctors profession after Jessi's follow up check up yesterday. If I was only the "old" Kulandai or Kaldai for some, those buggers would have gotten deaf and blinded by my poetic verses and my lightning speed combination of signs. Allow me to enlighten what I mean...Last week Jessi went for her 1st follow up...mind you this is a specialist centre. She had to wait for 2 hours before she saw the "Dato" dr. All this genius dato did was, took his statiscope and checked her breathing, hardly spoke or explained the progress or the next course of action, leaving the patient in the dark. Then he set another appt for next week which was yesterday. Yesterday we had to see 2 genius, the dato and the lung specialist. Again her appt was at 10.20, we ended up seeing the 1st dr at 12.30. No one had the courtesy to inform us of the delay or even apologize for the delay. He checked her breathing, weight her and told her to come back in 2 weeks time. I probed to understand the condition but he didn't give any conclusive answers. Then it was the dato's turn and he did the same thing. This guy is worst, his appearance is so not approacheable, not friendly and hardly utters a word. And chek it out, here comes the classic case guys... I checked with the dr what is a double stranded DNA test is all about coz I stumble upon it as I was doing my research. He hardly answered, just said that it's not necessary to be done to Jessi as her other results were negative. Then he asked me if I wanted her to take the test. I told this joker, I donno, it was just a query and assured the idiot to do what he thinks is the best treatment. BTW, I'm not the one who has MBBS after my name rite. The next thing I know, he wrote a chit and requested Jessi to do the DNA test!!!! Now that left me wondering who was the dr???? These goons, what are they thinking... are they shooting stars or what, or are their patients a guinea pig? Or are they like Micheal Jackson, playing "tikam" with their treatment, after missing out playing that game in their childhood!Plenty of $$$$$ is paid for what... just to weigh and check breathing is it. Don't you think I should have just stayed at home? Mind you these fellas make min 50K a mth... They see in average of 50 ppl a day x 26days, then include their bedded patients treatment and surgery...

Why must take the savings from the fuel and invest in public transport and infrastructure? What happened to the taxpayers $? I thought in every year budget, a specified fund is set aside for public transportation & infrastructure. Where did that money go? Last year the Klang Valley public transport went from Intrakota to RapidKL... the same old story eh... when one company goes bankrupt or running on losses, change the business from one crony to another and wah la.. we got Rapid KL!!

I'll like to quote uncle Scully, "these fellas got shit for brains man!" During my younger days, I remember his best friend, the late Uncle Nathan used to say that these country has gone to the dogs whenever he engage in a coffee talk with other uncles in the church. This was then, now I must say it has gone to the paria dogs!

P.S. Arul, pls feel free to edit where necessary as I'm not familiar with blog friendly vocabs.

Racial stereotypes re-visited

As seen sometime back in the daily newspaper and have been posted here for people like Suresh who missed the news while holidaying in Cambodia.Brader,why not blog about your trip la???

Kuala Lumpur: Many Malay Indians have a poor understanding of cultures and customs of not just other races but even their own, with many perceiving Deepavali as the Indian New Year, according to a survey.

Deepavali, the festival of lights, was erroneously considered to be the Indian New Year by 53 percent Malays, 86 percent Chinese and 28 percent of Indians living here, the survey published by The New Straits Times Monday showed.

The Indian community of largely Tamils, Malayalees, Telugus and Punjabis forms seven percent of the Malaysian population.

The survey showed that Hari Raya Puasa was wrongly perceived as the Malay New Year by 32 percent of Malays, 84 percent of Chinese and 45 percent of the Indians.

Hari Raya Puasa is celebrated by Muslims in
Malaysia to mark the culmination of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting.

Similarly, the Chinese New Year was thought to be a religious festival by 57 percent of Malays, 53 percent of Indians and a whopping 62 percent of the Chinese respondents.

"I am surprised by this result. Actually, I am more worried about the Malays who think that Hari Raya Puasa is a New Year celebration. What are they learning in schools now? I remember learning about
's festive seasons in primary school. I think ethnic relations have worsened, exclaimed Zeffri Yusof, a consultant.

Lim Eiliene, a pre-school educator said: "To be frank, I was not sure myself about Hari Raya and Deepavali. I thought it was the New Year celebration for the Muslims and Hindus."

The survey also found that many negative racial stereotypes continue to exist in the country, which is considered to be a melting pot of various cultures.

A majority of people, including 58 percent of Malays, 63 percent of Chinese and 43 percent of Indians polled agreed that, "in general, most Malays are lazy".

Further, 71 percent of Malays, 60 percent of Chinese and 47 percent of Indians agreed that 'in general, most Chinese are greedy'.

On similar lines, "most Indians cannot be trusted" is what 64 percent of Malays, 58 percent of Chinese and 20 percent of Indians had to say.

The reason for the findings regarding the Chinese could be because of their tendency to be business-oriented, the newspaper reported.

"I think we are perceived as greedy because we tend to fight for opportunities. But, of course, I do not believe in any of these stereotypes," the report quoted Jordan Cheng Junhong, 19, a student.

Vani Tharashasmi, a 23-year-old accounts associate, said: "I do not think these statements are true. I think members of any race or nationality can be greedy, lazy or untrustworthy. I grew up with Malays... and I do not agree that they are lazy."

Yusof added: "Public universities do a lousy job in racial integration. That is why stereotypes prevail. I think the perception that most Malays are lazy may come from the service given by the frontline staff in the public sector. With the number of tea breaks and early office-closing time, the perceived stereotype is reinforced."

Obviously,no one defended the Indians who were said to be untrustworthy and based on the survey, my son would be mostly untrustworthy with a tinge of greediness in him that comes from his mother's side.Don't take my word for it because I cannot be trusted and visit this site to create your own fake survey.

Ramblings of a mad man

Issues bugging me #1

What do you guys think about the decision to allow government doctors to do locum work in the private sector? Something tells me that we can expect the same crap service in govt hospitals or no service at all in the near future.Okay, it's not fair for me to say that all doctors in the govt hospitals are bad as I have to acknowledge that there are still a handful of doctors who aren't in it for the money alone.I emphasize the word..handful!Let's face it, medical care is a luxury and I pray that when the time comes for me to meet my maker....let it be a quick one cause I do not want to be at the mercy of someone who is too tired to attend to me cause he or she was busy saving the lives of those who paid them more.

Issues bugging me #2
Once again, the "wise" people coming out with these policies never fail to astonish me. The same way I was astonished to read that the savings from the cut back on fuel subsidies will go towards upgrading the public transport in Malaysia.I will wait eagerly to see the development in the next .....say 10 years,if not 20 .Don't you think, if the public transport was top notch in the first place , people would not even think of owning one or worst 2 cars in the first place.

Issues bugging me #3
Why are most immigration officers in the Johor Bahru check point morons?"Mesra,Amanah dan Tegas" my ass.What’s the use of a new complex or even a new bridge,if the attitude is going to be the same.
I will stop there because vulgarities will ensue if I don't and I had to delete the cartoon as it would have been really sick.


We would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolence to Gwen and her siblings in these extremely difficult times. May God ease your pain and give you comfort.
We all remember Uncle Johnny as a kind and mild mannered man but we also knew him as a great sportsman and ardent football fan.Till today I still remember how he taught us to use the two fingers to "immobilize" the opponent in a game of football.
I envision him taking it slow, having a cup of tea and playing "Dam" with one of the Saints.......till Auntie Gloria drops by and tell them to wrap it up.

Your Football Career

Here's some morning,unproductive time waster.Click on header,type your name then click "Your Career".Now,you too can play pro-football!As you can see,Suresh already is.IMHO this site is better then Nike or Adidas,not to mention the African continent is producing some great talents lately.

Anyway,it was a great EPL week...with Arsenal cruising and seeing Chelsea get dumped by Fulham!

The keystone?

"The purpose of fasting is not to have a change of weight but a change of heart"

Not to appear too holy, in all modesty, I attended Way of the Cross for the first time in Lent this year just now and in the homily, the priest began explaining about how his weight was 72kg and throughout this Lenten season, he felt it was a good time to fast and reduce his ballooning weight to his target weight at 68kg and he later finished with the above statement in his opening.

To add on to the confusion, the gospel today was about a certain parable that ended with "The stone that the builders rejected is the keystone". As I reflected on his homily on the purpose of fasting, a strange moment of understanding dawns in light of the 'keystone' gospel. I sat there as I fast on lunch, thinking about how my stomach is growling and how my head was hurting 2 days ago, that my body was rejecting the lack of food and the caffeine as a result of this fast. Thinking about it humourously, can this hunger and addiction that my body is rejecting be the keystone of my life? As you know that in architecture, a keystone is the stone at the top of an arch. It is the supporting element for the entire arch— without it the arch would collapse (borrowing from the definition in Wikipedia). Oh yes, how true, food and coffee, is definitely the keystone in the arch of my life. All my world would collapse without it. LOL :D

I'm sure we all know who the 'keystone' is referred to in the bible, yeah? But as I reflected further, symbolically (and you know, how Catholicism is a religion filled with symbolism), maybe the symptoms of rejection suffered physically through fasting by our body has a deeper symbolic meaning in light of today's gospel. How can food and coffee be the keystone of my faith right? Maybe it's not the food and coffee, it's what it symbolizes? For example, when we fast on food, our body reject 'the need for food' which has the symptoms of stomach growling, amongst others. But, what does 'the need for food' symbolize? Looking through the top photos of MSNBC in 2005, the photo above struck me deeply. (Famine in Niger: where thousands died in Niger last year. Photo showed of a malnourished infant inside a feeding center.) The need for food = Those in need of food? Are we, in fact, rejecting the hungry, those that need food, those that need help? Have we, through complacency, numbed our feelings to those that are in need? What about the addicts? Those who are lonely and hurt, that they turn to drugs and alcohol for solace? Are we rejecting them too? Are we rejecting the need of the least of our brothers and sisters? Are we rejecting the one who was sent here to die for us? Indeed, are we rejecting the 'keystone'? It all suddenly make a little sense of fasting. Maybe, as we experience the symptoms of hunger and addiction, as our body rejects the need for change, hopefully it will dawn upon us that this rejection for change could be the very keystone that shape the foundation of the arch in living our christian lives.

Look at the photo one more time! How many times have we told ourselves that if we could change the world, we'd like to? If we could share our roti canai with those in need, we would? But they are so far away, and the charity organizations take our donations for the benefit of themselves without giving to those in need. So we stop where we are and we reject the need for change, the keystone. Fasting has a little more meaning now...

How appropriate, the priest ended his sermon quite similarly to how he began.

"A changed world starts with a changed heart".

911 Loose Change

I can't say that it is your duty to watch this as stated in the official site but I would have to say that 911 has totally changed the world at large and as observed by Suresh,people like me and other Indian dudes who have names with that darn A/L or "anak lelaki" in your passports....it sure has had the immigration guys looking at you 10X before letting you board the plane.Get it...AL Qaeda , AL Irudayam,AL Mathavan.You'd think a foreigner, especially an American would know the difference?Jokers can't distinguish a Sikh guy to an Arab man!
Anyway, this documentary is pretty striking and I agree with the comment on the site that says,

"Loose Change is a terrifying, masterful, well paced 9/11 conspiracy documentary that puts Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 to absolute shame."

Watch it free at Google Video!

What does love mean?

I spotted this in the daily paper.
Asked "what does love mean?"..a bunch of kids came up with these answers:

1."When my grandmother got arthritis,she couldn't bend to pain her toe nails anymore.So my grandfather does it for her all the time eventhough he has arthiritis in his hands too.That's love!"
-Rebecca 8
2."When someone loves you,the way they say your name is different.You just know your name is safe in their mouth."-Billy 4
3."Love is when my mummy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him,to make sure the taste is okay."-Danny 7
4."Love is when my mommy sees my daddy smelly and sweaty but still says he is more handsome than Brad Pitt."-Chris 7
5.When you love somebody,your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you-Karen 7


I"ve always wondered how the most carnivorous members of our gang like Jake and Suresh(buggers who like their steak oozing with blood) are able to abstain from meat every Lent.Don't worry guys,if you did not this Lent I don't intend to make you feel guilty.....PAGANS!!Just kidding le and I too love my "Yakiniku".
Though jokes aside,I have failed to give up coffee so far and my longest duration of running without coffee is......drumroll please...........1 day.Once again,my lovely but cruel wife have brought it up this Lent and on top of it suggests that I may want to try giving up my "Age of Empires 3".
I guess giving up what you love most would have to be the best penance and before you think that I am a Saint...I have won the battle against "AOE3" but not the war against Caffeine.

The Bible through Lego?

Growing up, I remember wanting the lego set but unfortunately it was way out of my dad's budget.Luckily for me, Uncle Steven...Siah Senior that is made sure his son had many different fantastic toys,which I kinda "tumpang sikit".
I stumbled upon this site that actually tell the story of The Good Book through Lego.I find it to be an absolutely entertaining site but am not sure if it will appeal to all.
Think I spent almost half an hour browsing through.Check it out by clicking the header!

iPod Pope

According to Catholic News,the pope got an iPod on Friday.Sorry, image is of JPII and not Pope Ben.Click header to read news in full.

Happy B'day Godma

Daphne...don't ask me which year this pix was taken from but lets just say that you are getting younger!!

Anyway...your Godson tried calling yesterday but we couldn't reach you. Whatever the case...here's wishing you a very Happy B'day and by any chance ...is that husband of your back from the country where the sun rises?

Love and prayers from your Godson and the scully's