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Obviously my good buddies left me in the cold, literally(freaking cold today la).. looking like the only guy who talks a lot of crap.I am refering to the silence on my "Bigu Diku" post.Making me think if I pushed it a little as our blog is visited by many others....minds that aren't as polluted as ours maybe.I re-phrase that...minds that aren't as polluted as mine!Anyway I am just kidding and as you know me,you'd probably see worst things published in the near future.
I was wondering what could have kept SM so pre-occupied that even such a raunchy post couldn't wake him from his slumber.Then a picture spoke a thousand words...anyway, think he's busy with the YA la... still serving!!Maybe we are the one in a slumber???Going for some famous "Yakiniku" now...which is my fav Jap food..maybe!
1.Turn off those annoying Windows reporting
2.Hotkeys the way u want it

Bigu Diku?

I wanted to post this topic a few weeks back but decided to shelf it temporarily.If we are sitting in Madras Cafe sipping our "teh-tarik",no topics are too taboo for us, I throw caution to the wind and will hit the publish button with the words "What the heck".
Almost on a daily basis, I am asked this question here in Japan.I work in an engineering line so it's a mostly male environment and you can understand when I say that not a day goes by before you hear something that's sex related.The question obviously that I have been asked many times is "Bigu Diku?"...that's japanese engrish way of asking "Big Dick"?
What do you say to a question like that?No would mean "Smarr Diku?"Yes, would be a lie because I don't go around thinking that I have a "big package" all day.
One day, I decided to break it down to some of these guys I work with.I went on explaining to them that they have mistaken me for the legendary Afro-Americans who have penises that should be on Godzilla.I am dark skinned but I am Indian and so fall under the "asian-size" category.After explaining for almost 10mins I could see it in their faces that they might just finally understand.Then one of them asked me, "So,Aru San smarr diku?"..I give up!

I should have used the two finger theory by Prof.TP Scully la...since gestures are much better when you feel you are Bill Murray in the movie Lost in Translation.

You know you're born in the 70s if..

1. You know that another name for a keyboard is a "Synthesizer".

2. You know who Max Headroom is.

3. You could breakdance or at least wish you could.

4. You wanted to dress like the Hulk.

5. You believed that "By the Power of Greyskull," you HAD the POWER.

6. You thought that Transformers were more than meets the eye.

7. You remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off.

8. You knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout".

9. You know where to go if you "wanna go where everybody knows yourname."

10. You actually thought "Dirty Dancing" was a REALLY good movie.

11. Punks actually "shocked" people.

12. You knew "The Artist", when he was called "Prince".

13. You remember when ATARI was a state of the art video game.

14. You own many cassettes.

15. You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living on the moon. And you would be like the 'Jetsons'.

16. Poltergeist and The Omen freaked you out.

17. You have wondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf.

18. You had a Swatch Watch, or three.

19. You had a crush on Bo Derek or Heather Locklear or Cheetara.

20. You had a crush on Jon BonJovi, or knew someone who did.

21. You held the top score on PacMan.

22. You know that 'Modern Talking' is not something to describe a slang.

23. You know how to 'set' or 'celik'

24. The first time you heard 'Ozone' is not something that describes an enviromental problem.

25. 29-45 describes the size of your pants around the thigh and 10 -13 is the circumferences of your pants around the ankle.

26. You thought that Van Damme's split was really cool.

27. You knew how to make or at least wore a 'friendship band' round your wrist.

28. 'Ho' doesn't mean 'Santa Claus is coming to town' but it meant that the Thundercats will come running to your aid.

Bird Trapping Season is here again!

Yep! It is that time of the year again where the hunters lay out their elaborate traps for birds... love birds, that is. Valentine's day is just getting just a little much too much these days (talking about this sort of reminds me of one of Jim Carrey's superb movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". If you have not watched it, go get it, it's excellent! Not the usual slapstick Jim.)

Commercialized is the word to describe Valentine's day. As the 'young, intoxicated and unsuspecting' love birds falls prey to the occasion, the 'older, sober and alerted' love birds keep their eye out on the traps that are set by the seasonal hunters. Not to avoid them, but instead to look for a less painful trap on the pockets, knowing that they need to be 'trapped' or face the wrath of the ever hopeful other-half, which could inadvertently cost more than an arm and a leg. Let's look at some creative traps this season shall we? Here goes in no particular order (prices based on per couple):

1. Candlelight Dinner, Hotel Stay+Breakfast (Rose included for the ladies) at Grand Continental only RM260++
2. Dinner with Champagne at Uncle Chili's, PJ Hilton only RM170++
3. Romantic Dinner + Free entrance to Disco at Genting Highlands Resort only at RM436++
4. Buffet Dinner at Gen Japanese Restaurant, Legend Hotel only 138++
5. 5 Course Dinner + Gift at Cilantro, MiCasa only RM656++
6. Dinner+Wine Pairing+Photo+1 night Stay at the Penthouse at Hilton KL only RM12,000. (Yes, it is RM12k. No amount is too big to show your love, right? Errrrr...)

The sky is the limit! So whether you choose to have dinner out or at home (or no dinner at all), clad or unclad, cheap or expensive, with or without a rose, alone or together, near or far, today or tomorrow....

Here's wishing all you love birds a very Happy Valentine's Day and remember that love is not only reserved for one day in the year and be mindful that money, candles, exquisite dinner, champagne or wine is NOT the unit of measurement for the depth of one's love.

Talking about cheats in football, specifically in the bitter match between Liverpool and Chelsea in the past week and also Sam Allardyce's negative tactics in the match between Arsenal and Bolton, it looks as if the referees these days are being conned out of their jocks by the growing population of oscar-bound professional football players. Honestly, these are the things that are bringing the game to disrepute. To see top players like V. Nistelrooy and Robben writhing in pain from a lightest of touches is really awkward. Although, I do admit that I've rolled around a bit more than I should, once or twice before, just to get a free kick but the trend of play-acting is getting ridiculous and even worrisome in English football. I don't know about you fellas, watching the Arsenal-Bolton match was frustrating, luckily we realized that the game was going nowhere and turned to the other channel for the thrashing of the consistent Chelsea by the inconsistent Boro, now that's what I call a football game. Well done, Boro!

Indian Food in Japan

To make this Indian guy feel at home, some of my Japanese friends decided to take me to an Indian restaurant at Takasaki.The moment I walked into Mahatma, I saw an indian dude making capati and naan behind the glass panel as they had this open kitchen concept.The indian dude looked at me and instantly we understood each other, our heads noded to a unspoken "Aproh"!
They had to make a reservation at this place especially on a Sunday and I could see the restaurant was full with people and more people waiting to be seated.The Japanese waitress was dressed in a punjabi dress with them indian jewelery and sorts but the woman could not understand a word of Hindi or Tamil...I think she spoke Urdhu la.The food came, was good...and very expensive.Like I always say, my mom can cook tastier dishes and probably the amount they spent would be enough for her 2 months marketing.All eyes were fixed on me as I gave some explanation on fine Indian culinary...actually I just "tokoh-tambah la"..not like I know so much anyway."The papadam ne,is named after Indian firecracker Patas"

Upon browsing through the menu,I knew instantly why the food tasted good.A pictured depicted Lord Ganesha doing the tandoori and kebab's himself.For a moment I wondered if this would anger Hindus like how the Muslims were left fuming when the Prophet Muhammad's image was shown in Denmark.Anyway,I will steer clear from the topic of religion as many have been burned on stakes for doing so.
So,Yamamoto San,Yasunaga San and me left Mahatma perspiring, with a full stomach on a cold evening.

Remember that tune?

Being alone here in Japan means I listen to a lot of music and shuffling through my 20GB worth of mp3's made me reminiscent the yesteryears.Music is such a great thing that the moment you listen to a track,you are taken back in time when you first listened to it or a memory of a place or someone pops up.I mentaly made out a short list of tracks that kinda makes me take a stroll down memory lane each time I listen to them.Gospel tracks are not included in this list because then there'll be just too many camps to mention.
1.Last Train to London by ELO(think it's the first song I liked and it was a track in one of those cheap RM3 "cetak rompak" cassettes my Sis bought from Bunga Raya. 2.Higher Love by Steve Winwood and Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh (ahhh, 2CG class outing in Hutan Rekreasi courtesy of Rena's dad our "Perdagangan" teacher) 3.U2's Joshua Tree /Rattle & Hum albums (This whole album holds so many good memories for me man) 4.Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael(It was a very sad moment in my life with my family problems and all) 5.LoveSexy album by Prince (This one was a gift from a "friend" and hey, I admit it, I love music by the Purple, not Barney the Purple Dinosaur.Prince might look like a woman but he is one fine musician.This one I cannot mention too much) 6.High Enough by Damn Yankees (Our first few years in Singapore for my good buddy Mr Das and me) 7.All Pearl Jam albums (this was arul going to bed wearing jeans grunge era)
Above it all, one album is there amongst the greatest for me cause it holds simply the best memory that I will forever treasure till the day I die.It was that time when I was falling in love with my wife.Every track in this album will bring me back to that magical moment.I was broke, had no job and was living in a hut I called home but.... it was the best time of my life because I was in love.I know almost everyone who likes music has one track that will bring them back to that special time.For me it was the "Mercury Falling" album by Sting.
On other news today:
Ever wondered if you could get the fonts from a movie or tv title?Well, now you can and it's free.On other freebies list today, if you needed one application to keep your PC running smooth without all the unnecessary clutter it would have to be the Crap Cleaner.Title says it all!
1.Fonts from movies & tv shows 2.CrapCleaner

Total Zen in Japan

Here are some pictures of Mt Asama, a volcano which is located nearby.Seeing snow capped mountains aren't new to me but seeing Oriental looking structures with a lot of snow in the background would be a first and trust me when I say that the scenery was breathtaking.The first thing you think when seeing such a sight is wishing my wife and son was here to enjoy the scenery.I guess that's a syndrome all married people have.
Click on header to read to more about this volcano.

Happy Anniversary Terence & Gwen :)

Here's wishing the both of you many more wonderful years ahead with your family and loved ones. May the Lord continue to Bless you both in abundance....

Cheers to Mr & Mrs Scully!

On another note, Happy Birthday to the Godma of princess-Marissa...Have a blast, Cath!

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