CNY Snowman?

While everyone enjoyed their CNY cookies and "kam". I watched my stand-up comedies and tried to build a snowman on a cold Sunday afternoon.I started out wanting to build this huge snowman and place genitals to the snowman like in the movie "dumb and dumber" but unfortunately it was tough work rolling up the snow balls so I resorted to just drawing one on the snow(see pic) as my hands froze trying to build one from the ground up.I know,that is truly lame.
I watched almost 6GB worth of comedies to cheer myself up as I missed my son's first CNY.Anyway, here's are some lines from a stand-up comedian who is not only funny but sometimes can be wise.
As told by Tom Rhodes:
A white supreme race is a joke.Everyone who studied biology knows that the more you mix the genetic code the stronger your immune system would be.One day, the whole world would be grey in colour and finally you can hate a person for the person that they are and not for their colour.
How did humans get to the top of the food chain?A whale has one partner for it's life while a little penguin has another little penguin as mate for the rest of it's penguin life.A penguin looks at at 1 million penguins 0n the beach and is able to say "That's my baby there" while humans go through one screwed up relationship after another.A penguin can do it better than you,how pathetic is that?

CNY Exodus - Beating the Jam!

As the CNY approaches, everyone is already preparing for the exodus back to wherever they are celebrating their New Year. It seems like the growing trend for festivities in Malaysia is that not only the people that celebrates CNY will be on the road going back home but every other jack-in-the-street will take this opportunity to flood the highways to get away from KL. Hence, amplifying the 'jam' phenomenon that is bound to ensue a day or two from now.

We will no doubt see photos of the long lines of cars in the North-South 'Temporary Car Park' in the papers in the days to come, just like every year. Everyone has been talking about the 'bloody jam' that was destined to happen in the Malaysian highways; and some has been suggesting to start traveling at 4.00am in the morning. Well, I did too and have planned to do so until my wife tells me after her 'research' within her company that 9 out of 10 people in her company plans to travel at that time to beat the 'jam'. It looks like everyone thinks alike - great minds think alike - and the obvious phenomenon seems inevitable. Trying to make a decision of when to start traveling is lingering on everyone's mind this past couple of days. It looks like 4.00am is out of the question for the moment. So when is the best time to travel? It's anyone's guess but here's a food for thought:

1. Those who travels closer distance leave early and come back early. In that way, we exit the highway at a shortest time possible, resulting in lesser cars in bottleneck areas such as in Seremban etc.
2. Those who plans to travel further, leave later and come back later. Hopefully by then, the people that travels shorter distance have exited the highways and leaving room for you to spend lesser time on the highway due to jams caused by bottleneck.

Here's a example of a timetable:

South Bound (From KL)
Exit Point Recommended Leave Time
Nilai (and nearer) Friday 5-6 pm
Seremban Friday 6-7 pm
Melaka Friday 7-8 pm
Tangkak(N.Johor) Friday 8-9 pm
Yong Peng Sat 7-8am
Machap Sat 8-9am
Simpang Renggam Sat 9-10am
Kulai Sat 10-11am
JB Sat 11am-12pm

The objective is to clear the highway as soon as possible to make way for others. Let's ease each other's burden especially for those who travel very long distance. Help them spend less time on the highway and more time at home.

Safe driving and don't speed, even if you can (you know what I mean).

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate!

Happy Birthday, Princess!

We wish that all the joy and happiness on your 1st birthday! We sure remember how you look like when you first came out...

Happy Birthday!

From your Godparents,

Chris 'n' Cath

And now...

Hello From Melaka-SFX

Arul! Hello from Kristang land...was back for the weekend and took a shot of you two babies...yeah two! Sorry for the weak image as its frm the handphone.

Just thought I'd sent you a regular sight of Luke's tendency to sleep right after mass when everyone wants to play with the fellow. Guess u r missing all this but hang in there'll be back in a while. Daphne did mention that u may be back earlier right? Good la..after all too much sake is bad for the health. Leave the drinking to Suresh.

Typed in Luke's name in a Japanese translation table and this was what I got..perhaps u can check it out and see if its correct ruuku* .
Click header to see it in Japanese....hopefully it has some meaning in line with the name Luke or along those lines. In the meantime take care and did you find a Catholic Jap Church?

Land of Pokemon

I heard Chris is a busy man these days but luckily for us,he decided to post something on the blog after a long silence.The picture of Luke brought back memories of how he'll sleep like an angel one minute and cause the window panes to shatter the next minute if he's not in the mood.I duly named the picture Arashi no mae no shizukesa.He was 3 days old I think when I took that picture.Well, I do miss him a lot and I would like to think that he misses me too.He's teething according to Daphne and very,very playful.As for now,this recent picture of him and Daphne would just have to do.
There are no churches nearby and did not attend mass last Sunday.I am asking around on how to get to church this Sunday.I will tell you guys all about it next week.One more thing,I realise that the Japs love their anime and there's almost one anime character to get a point across.For example the picture below is to warn passengers on the trains to beware of closing doors.I am not kidding, you gotta see the rest to believe it.Though, their "engrish" can be quite "dashyat".

This is for Suresh who is very interested to visit Japan for the "Jap Chicks".Yes Suresh, they look nice and dress very well,so you will not be dissapointed at all.Once Madhavan'll be known as Land of the Poke Man!

Arashi no mae no shizukesa

There is a saying in Japanese that goes "Go ni itte wa go ni shitage", which literally means "Entering the village, obey the village." It basically implies the same as "When in Rome, do as the Romans". Looks like Arul is having a real good time experiencing the 'Zen' of the land of the rising sun.

Really nice photos there, Arul. Sorry about the silence, been terribly busy lately. Take some more photos for us, yeah?! Here's a nice photo which I call "Arashi no mae no shizukesa"(go ahead, find out what it means), of someone, I suspect misses you in his own little way.

Take care and have a great time! (And stay off the sake! Any Catholic Church there? Tell us a little more in your post, will ya?)

Zen Garden & The Sun

You know how we are all trying to create that Zen look in our homes.Well, in Japan every home has a Zen garden and their houses are great.Even the smallest house has such a nice garden.
Pictures speak a thousand words and here's one below that I took in random down the street where I am staying.You'd know what I mean.

Here, you get to see the sun for a short while in the mornings and you come to understand why all those songs written by people in the cold countries refer to the sun as something so wonderful and uplifting.When it's cold and dark.... your mood is certainly a gloomy one.
I guess we take for granted the fair weather that we have in Malaysia..well at least I did.Here, a pair of Long Johns, sweather,thermal socks & gloves and a down jacket later...I am still cold when walking outside.Though, I still ventured out and took a picture of the sun shining down.It was truly a reflective moment for me.


Took a trip over the weekend to Tokyo from Takasaki on the "Shinkansen",that's the 300kph bullet train.The fare to and from Tokyo from Takasaki City will set you back about 9500yen or about RM300.
Both the comfort,speed and smoothness of the ride was superior to the Shanghai Magnetic Levitation train...well at least to me la.The train has two decks and reminds me of a dolphin.Pretty neat!
If you must know,everything you've heard about the Japs being hardworking,polite and efficient is true,though I guess changing times will see changes amongst the younger generation.
I was very impressed by their habit to recycle waste cause everywhere you go, there are bins for the various waste and from the looks of it,everyone does it.
Well,yes I miss my wife and son but I guess men have had harder ordeal to go through and I know I will survive till March.I talk to my wife everyday on the phone so the distance don't seem that far at least.
Well the weather here hopefuly is getting warmer cause it snowed on the day I arrived.The food is not that bad but the glutinous rice is giving me a lil indigestion though.The thing I can't stand to eat and probably will never touch again would be that Soba noodle or something that's cold.

Why do we do that?

Some interesting read on why we nod to say "Yes" while shake them for "No".If you must know, I am cold and miss home terribly here in the Land of the Rising Sun...shiish!I hardly see sunlight.Plenty of work to keep me occupied though.Click header y'all and some Japan pics if I have time later on.

Many Happy Returns of The Day - Chris!

Mr Christopher Siah....let me be the one to OFFICIALLY welcome you to the other side. 30 was still good until today.

Whatever the case may this day bring back those happy memories like what Arul said in his Christmas message to us. And also what Prem use to say - different time and people but the same this case, we may grow older but still have the same spirit.

Even at 31 for you..and 34 for some of us... we all still look the same...this is what I think lah. Looking at some of the pix you guys saw at my place during Christmas, you might have to agree that some things never change. And I am glad that our friendship still remains till today. Looking at our children, I can also say that they will eventually call us crazy uncles listening to those oldies called BREAKDANCE or Michael Jackson. So Chris or to most of us who know him as Siah......HAPPY 31st B'day. A cold bottle of vine awaits you in my ice box! Cheers and may God Bless!

Dental Bling

Grills...not talking about the ones you spend a few thousands to protect your home from forced entry.Not even the way to cook your food on a lazy afternoon.I am talking about "Dental Bling", jewellery for you mouth.Remember Public Enemy's Flavor Flav, hip-hop's pioneer of the gold-tooth look...yes, you remember that black guy with that alarm clock around his neck rapping "911 is a joke".
Didn't you catch Nelly's "Grillz" (featuring Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp) a tune about removable gold- and diamond-encrusted tooth ornamentation known among rappers as "Grills"?Seriously folks, can you even rap properly wearing those things?Anyway, I am totally convinced that in order to look cool these days, just copy your old Indian Grandma.Go for the gold tooth and enlarged ear lobe look like Nelly.I am not joking, my Grandma in India looks like Nelly seen here sporting some big ass diamond ear rings that would make even Ell envious.
I remember that a disclaimer last time in my post on piercings kinda saved me some serious thrashing so here it is.
In no way does Arul suggest that people wearing Grills are out of their mind and look like his Grandma.They may die from swallowing a diamond but they are surely intelligent and nice people.This I am sure.

MyKad: Classic Reason

Some of my friends have come to the defence of those who were among the last minute applicants of the new MyKad saying stuffs like some were overseas and some were truly busy.My take, if my mom who is 65 can't read or write let alone speak proper BM and is just a Malaysian PR can have the urgency to prompt me 2 years ago to apply for her MyKad and Uncle Leslie who is 80 and has all the animals to take care of and still manage to apply for the MyKad 2 years ago...somehow all the reasons doesn't hold water lah.If you are young and able bodied that is.
Yes, we all have heard all the excuses even the outrageous ones but Perlis Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim who said he wanted to "to experience the last-minute scramble" as seen here in Bernama News truly is a classic.On the flip side, I think at least he's honest enough to turn up in person and not use the "backdoor".