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StarOnline :Bloggers feeling deprived after access throttled

I understand the irony of me expressing this via the internet but it has to be said.The internet is a great tool but it's not like we will cease to exist.There are more important things in life.

How to digitize cassette tapes

Lifehacker has a great post on how to turn your old analog cassettes to digital.Well, that's if you still have them la.Trust me, people like Terence will still have them and with these free app. you can preserve those gems from yesteryears for years to come in your mp3 vault, the cheap way. Click header for the jump.

p.s :Merry Christmas & Happy New Year y'all.Also, I think without James Brown we surely would not have MJ or Prince...why even Justin Timberlake.Truly James Brown was sensational and will be sorely missed.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Mary Had A Little Lamb One Holy Morning,
‘Neath The Star Of Bethlehem
A Brand New Day Was Forming;
Guided By The Shining Light And The Angel’s Voice,
Wise Men Traveled Through The Night
To See The Baby Boy

‘Cause Mary Had A Little Lamb
King Of Kings And Son Of Man...
Mary Had A Little Lamb... Of God

They Gathered ‘Round To See The Lamb
In The Manger Sleeping,
Such A Humble Throne For Him
The Promise Of God Was Keeping

There The Shepherds Bowed Their Heads
Among The Cattle Lowing
The First Ever Christmas Gift
Was Wrapped In Swaddling Clothes

For The World A Sacrifice
Mary Did Give Birth
The Way She Held Him In Her Arms Is
How He Holds The Earth

Mary Had A Little Lamb
King Of Kings And Son Of Man...
Mary Had A Little Lamb... Of God

Garth Brooks

Have a joyful and peaceful Christmas everyone!

Sexy Cocktails in Japan

Thought I'd tell little on my visit to Odessa the other day.Well, it's your everyday pub we know in Japan.The usual bar, dancing,snooker table set-up.It's mostly frequented by foreigners and other Japanese who want to feel the atmosphere of the usual bar.The cutest thing I saw there was someone on a Kimono dancing to a Pharrell and Gwen Stefani hit.Before yopu imagine a pretty young thing...she was easily 80...and that's why it was cute....or "Kawaii" here.I think!
One of the images are of the atmosphere in Takasaki City during Christmas.The other, is something I spotted on the menu under Sexy Cocktails..a drink called "Small Penis", clearly the Caucasian pub owner is making fun of the Japanese guys.Anyway, most of them will never get it anyway.
The most depressing thing about this place though...a Liverpool jersey on the wall!Ahhh!Crap!Click on image for a better view...almost la as this was taken with a "Handy phone" ..that's Japanese slang for your cell phone.

Your everyday bar in Japan

Sorry about the blurry image but the shot is from my camera phone.This is a small bar/restaurant in Shirakawa where we were the past week.We frequented this place many times and I simply love the atmosphere in this place.The place is old, not crowded and they serve absolutely fantastic finger food with the drinks.
Not pricey by Japanese standards though, if you are wondering , the bill usually will round up to around 600-800 ringgit. well, going "dutch" is rather common in Japan and usually everyone chips in.The funny thing is, back home we are paying service charge in places that hardly gives you any service.Here, for example a place like this, has no service charge but you should see the service.Heck, you should see the service at the petrol kiosk..it's unbelievable.There's no service charge there either.
Anyway, going to Odesa or some place tonight, apparently it's a joint for "Gaijin" (foreigners).Here, we work till late and drink till even later...but I have never seen anyone coming in late for work.NEVER!
All said, the truth be told...I can't wait to go home and that's a week away.See you guys during Christmas y'all and Jake since now you are a Mac man and still running XP too.Please check this out,it will allow you to utilize your notebook more.Click here for the jump!

A message from the Special One

Guys, don't know if you have heard this before but it's really funny. It's a half time team talk by the "special one" followed by a song. It's a little old cos' Damien Duff is not in Chelsea anymore. Anyway, click the following for the link. Jose Mourinho half time team talk

Enjoy, see you all during Christmas.

An open letter to the PM

Okay, this is probably old news for you guys in Malaysia but since I am stuck here in cold Japan till Christmas this sure was some piece of news.The letter says what many of us feel yet not say..at least publicly.
The amazing part was that I saw this on the day I watched "V for Vendetta" and what "V" the guy in the Guy Fawkes mask say "People shouldn't be afraid of the government, governments should be afraid of the people."

That quote rang like a bell but come to think of it, there shouldn't be fear on both sides.That's just food for thought, I am not telling you to blow up anything ok.Click header for the jump.

Revolving Tower stopped by a piece of History

Folks, thought you might want to know this. The pointless RM21M revolving tower project is halted not because of human protest but because a piece of history was unearthed in the process. Apparently, these jokers found the ruins of an ancient wall built during the Portuguese rule in Melaka. Makes you kind of wonder, what else we've got underneath the soil in Melaka.

It would be great if state government spends the money in restoration works for the old structures in Melaka and a little re-painting to retain the historical heritage. I think, that would really bring in the tourists. The tower is quite a waste of time, as a Malaccan, I think Malacca should be felt and experienced, rather than viewed from afar in a silly revolving tower. I don't know, maybe they have some other idea in mind.

Click here for the jump.

La Sallian lessons for life

Folks, just read this earlier today and felt that it's a nice story to share since we all come from a La Sallian background. Click the link for the jump to the story in The Star.

Age Quod Agis.

"When I was in Form Five, come Fridays, Bro Philip would instruct all the Muslim boys to line up, then head for a mosque nearby to pray. I did not comply with the directive because I was taking an important Science subject for my final exam and the lesson clashed with prayer time. The brother director insisted on seeing me in his office and requested that I get my parents’ consent to my skipping prayers. It was the first time the school had done something like that.

My father was elated by Bro Philip’s mindfulness and gladly gave his consent. He reasoned that the Almighty is all-knowing and that I would be forgiven because skipping prayers was not a deliberate act on my part. This was an eye-opener for those Muslim parents who were rather apprehensive about schools run by the Christian brothers. "

5 Ways to ruin your career

1. Be oblivious to expectations. Most operations don’t want a yes man. But, if you don’t understand the organization in which you work, you’re writing your ticket out the door.

2. Make it all about the money. Be a clock watcher and you’ll be sure to destroy any chance of advancement.

3. Pass the scuttle butt. Engage in endless chitchat and gossip. The boss will definitely notice all your time off task.

4. Blow off deadlines. You are part of a larger operation. When you drop the ball the whole team loses yardage.

5. Vacation on the job. Privacy at work is a myth. Engage in long personal calls. Spend lots of time in chat rooms. Work on your blog at the office. Any of these should get you on the short-timers list and quick.

via lifehack.org

Obviously there are more than these 5 ways to ruin your career but those may involve the police.Example, surfing porn while  wanking off in front of all your colleagues  when  you should be handing in that report that's overdue.

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The 25 Funniest Analogies (Collected by High School English Teachers)

My Favourite has to be number 12 & 23,click header for the complete list.

12. Her hair glistened in the rain like a nose hair after a sneeze.

23. The ballerina rose gracefully en Pointe and extended one slender leg behind her, like a dog at a fire hydrant.

via del.icio.us

Does having kids actually make people less happy? | Ask MetaFilter

Spotted this on AskMetafilter and I loved the way some parents answered, just with a "NO".Classic.
I would have to say that I am least happy when my son is not well or when I can't see him for a prolonged time.The job comes with the highs and lows and there's a certain amount of calculated risk.I do not wish to sound like a "overzealous parent" type..if there's such a word but truthfully...my son is the best thing that has happened to me ,..after his Mama of course.
Click title for the jump and for me that certain prolonged separation(1 mth) from my family happens this coming Monday.Nihon bound!

The crutch that crippled

Over here, on most occasions we do not fuss about politics...well at least online.Though, when you find a piece of writing that's genuinely sensible and seem to "shout out" what we would be talking about when we are actually sitting in Madras Cafe, Melaka.........I gots to share it man.Click title link for the jump to read in detail.A must read!

The Crutch that Crippled
The NEP in its present form, in an ambience of intensifying racial and
religious extremism, is a sure recipe for disaster. The minority races may
be too weak to force changes, but global market forces will mete out
punishment to such an anachronistic society sooner or later.

When the economic noose tightens, Malaysian Malays may be the biggest
losers - for they have been least equipped to fend for themselves.

Giveaway of the Day

I did not believe it when I stumbled upon it few days back but truly they have been giving away something free almost everyday without fail.Too good to be true?Check it out yourself,click here for the jump.

Farting In Bed

This is a story about a couple who had been happily married for years.
The only friction in their marriage was the husband's habit of
farting loudly every morning when he awoke.
The noise would wake his wife and the smell would make her eyes
water and make her gasp for air.
Every morning she would plead with him to stop ripping them off because
it was making her sick. He told her he couldn't stop it and that it was
perfectly natural. She told him to see a doctor; she was concerned that
one day he would blow his guts out.
The years went by and he continued to blast them out!
Then one Thanksgiving morning as she was preparing the turkey for
dinner and he was upstairs sound asleep, she looked at the bowl where
she had put the turkey innards and neck, gizzard, and liver and all the
spare parts and a malicious thought came to her.
She took the bowl and went upstairs where her husband was sound
asleep and, gently pulling back the bed covers, she pulled back the
elastic waistband of his underpants and emptied the bowl of turkey guts
into his shorts.
Some time later she heard her husband waken with his usual trumpeting
which was followed by a blood curdling scream and the sound of frantic
footsteps as he ran into the bathroom.
The wife could hardly control herself as she rolled on the floor
laughing, tears in her eyes!
After years of torture she reckoned she had got him back pretty
About twenty minutes later, her husband came downstairs in his
bloodstained underpants with a look of horror on his face. She bit her
lip as she asked him what was the matter.
He said, "Honey, you were right." "All these years you have warned
me and I didn't listen to you."
"What do you mean?" asked his wife?
Well, you always told me that one day I would end up farting my guts
out, and today it finally happened.
"But by the grace of God, some Vaseline, and two fingers, I think I got most of them back in."

via e-mail,thanks Rodney

Why do asian girls like white guys?

Guess this must have been making it rounds on the net but only saw it today.Check out the ending.

15 Ways to Boost Your Energy

  1. Leave your curtains open

  2. Wake up naturally (I wish...)

  3. Take cold showers

  4. Suck a mint

  5. Breathe deeply

  6. Rub your wrists and neck

  7. Pick up the daily paper
  8. Put a plant on your desk

  9. Guzzle water

  10. Have sex (for those single people, I know why you look tired all day)

  11. Sing aloud

  12. Have a boiled egg for breakfast

  13. Don’t forget your morning cuppa (Aik Cheong or Nescafe will do forget Starbucks)

  14. Don’t rely on energy drinks (teh-tarik tongkat Ali incl)

  15. Clean your window

Click here for the jump to read in detail and for me, having the right amount of sleep, not too much always, always help.Add that in.

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Publish to your blog from your e-mail

BlogMailr allows you to publish to your blog from your e-mail.For example, this post is from my Gmail and thought I'd take the time to thank The Scullies & their adorable kids for their generosity and hospitality.I spent a few days with them while I was in KL on work and enjoyed myself very much.Let's say, catching up with TP & Jake and musing over all the crazy things we did while in school was the highlight of my trip.
The lowlight if there's such a word has to be , someone telling me that next year will be a bad year for those born on the year of the Rat.I am not superstitious but some people surely know how to make you feel lousy.Looks like he maybe right after all as I am scheduled to be in cold Japan for 2 months early next year or end of this year.
I know some people are relishing the thought of going to Japan but for me,even the best place in the world would suck if it means I can't see my wife and son for more than 2 weeks.So, I am dreading the thought of that 2 months already.

Essential Macbook Freeware

A majority of us are PC users but over here at teh-tarik@MadrasCafe we acknowledge that there are those who visit this stall via a Mac, like Ell.I know one couple who took a bite into the "Apple" recently.In view of this little fact, I thought I should post something related to their new toy.Click link below for the jump all ye Macbook users and for the rest of us, suck your thumb.

Extremely Useful Macbook Freeware

Free Internet TV

Folks, hope everything is going well for you and your family. Been meaning to write about our little trip to beautiful Kuching last month but didn't get round to it. Anyhow, I've been toying around with this Free Internet TV, yes you read it right! Free. It has ESPN channels, Comedy Central (Arul, might be interested), CNBC, Fox, AXN etc. Some folks from China are broadcasting this over the internet for some reason. Watch a couple of World Pool Championship games over here due to our great Astro going bonkers when it rains here and found it to be acceptable.

Note that you need a hi-speed internet connection for this to work alright. If not, it will lag a little. If you have a good internet connection, you might not even have to get cable. Click here for the jump.

Just download the player, get connected to the internet, execute and select the channel that you like (Look at the screen shot). Chances are you can't get this to function at your workplace due to the firewall but when at home, it should work out quite alright. I find our 1MB broadband line here a little slow for this and worse if you are using wi-fi lan.

It's a very simple software and most importantly, it works.

Arul, the virtual father advice and news are very interesting, I must say. You can get almost anything out of the internet these days. Nobody would believe that we could self train to be parents 10 years ago over the internet. That's the power of technology, wouldn't you agree?

Our Family Trip to Bali

We stayed in Ramada Resort Benoa and I would highly recommend it as the Balinese styled Villa's are really,really nice.It's located in Nusa Dua where it's a little more quieter than Kuta.
Our tour guide Elvy's (www.elvysbalitours.com) was always prompt and was extremely knowledgeable & helpful.Do not expect him to chauffeur you around on a spanking new Honda Airwave as his fleet of vans are very ordinary but functional.
Bali roads is not for the faint hearted and yet the amazing thing is, amidst all that honking, no one actually gives each other the nasty"amacam bawak lu"stare, or even the "finger".In short you will not see the kind of scenes in that "ketepi-ketepi" road awareness advert on tv.Those who get what I am talking about would testify to the "awesome" acting in that advert.
I simply loved the Gamelan music , detailed wood and stone carvings but was deeply disappointed by the Balinese food which in my opinion is a little bland.
The people of Bali are generally very friendly people and rely a lot on tourism since natural resources are scarce.Many of them are pretty pissed about the bombings that have disrupted both their peaceful lives and livelihood.

More pics on the Flickr set

Blogs on Parenting esp Fathers

Apart from asking for advice from my friends like TP who are a little bit more experienced than me when it come to raising kids,reading books and like almost everyone else checking out Babycentre.com these are 2 blogs that I read from time to time.I like ParentHacks for 2 reasons...their creative logo and their info on new gadgets for parents.
Second would be The Blogfather, because..you guessed it, the whole theme and some pretty witty yet insightful stuffs there.By now, as you should know, I am a sucker for logos and branding is everything.
A word of caution, like everything else on the net, sieve and choose what you think is useful and discard the rest. Anyway, you already know that.

Gmail Happiness

How did I miss this wonderful extension to my beloved Firefox 2.0 browser when accessing my Gmail account? I am having more fun with Stylish than Greasemonkey.Click links y'all.

Stylish + Gmail userstyles = Gmail Happiness

Anyway, hope to post pics and details of our family holiday in Bali later on and received some news that Jake and Jesse conducted a wonderful PAG in JB over the weekend.Great job you two.

Amazing Skidboot

This dog is amazingly smart and no wonder he has appeared on Oprah and so many other shows.As many of my friends know I am a dog lover and for me, a dog wants to be treated like one.Loved,cared for and taught tricks but make sure the dog enjoys performing them.A dog is a dog and for me there are no such thing as a superior breed.......look at the video, this is your regular street dog.Sit back and watch this video and you will see a dog that can understand the english language like no other canine can.Seeing this dog makes me miss my dogs as well and just can't wait to have a dog around the house.Though, it would have to wait as I promised my wife that I will only get one when Luke is at least 3...that's almost 1.5 years away.

How to give your resume a face lift

I returned from a nice family holiday in Bali and upon returning, you just don't feel like returning to work.Just in case, it's always good to keep that resume updated and here's a nice "how to" I spotted on Lifeclever.com on making your resume look better.Click here for the jump!

Entertaining Indian Uni Lecturer

Spotted this on MrBrown.com.....this indian lecturer from NTU S'pore wasn't joking when he said that he will entertain .Makes you wonder if there are such lecturers in Malaysian Unis.So, are there?

Future of Gaming by Toshiba

You end up looking like Marvin the Paranoid Android (inset)
Click header for the jump.

This is the way we will all be 'enjoying' our television programmes and computer games in the future?

In this astonishing photo, a model is wearing a new gadget, from electronics manufacturer Toshiba, that enables the wearer to experience a full 360-degree view on a 40 centimetre dome-shaped screen.

But, looking more like the helmet from Neil Armstrong's space suit than the next must-have gizmo, this three kilo full-faced helmet might make it a little tricky to relax with a drink in front of the football...

Wake up and smell the Coffee

I always thought that Coffee originated from Brazil like so many others until I watched a documentary about coffee on the Travel & Living channel.Nevertheless, I am the sort of person who can't understand all the rave about gourmet coffee or those expensive stuff in Starbucks or Coffee Bean.For me the ultimate cup, is a Aik Cheong "Kopi Kau" in a sleepy coffee shop near Bukit China , Melaka. Pair that with a nice Fried Kway Teow from the guy who has been in that same spot for the last 30 plus years.........ahhhh, the perfect breakfast.Chris knows what I am talking about.
The famous Kluang Station coffee shop has turned into a franchise of some sort as they opened in Tesco,Melaka. The coffee is alright as I still prefer the original Kluang Station in Kluang.The "roti bakar" there is the bomb!
Anywho, check out all about coffee here on the almighty Wiki.Jake see for yourself the health benefits that coffee brings if consumed moderately.Click here for the jump.

Download Free Songs with Google

1.Go ahead open your google search engine page.Now cut and paste the text below

-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "Pearl Jam"

2.Replace the last word Pearl Jam to any band you want.Start downloading from the search results that appear and enjoy your song,courtesy of Google.The mother of all search engines helping you to some of the good stuff...free stuff.

If you want to search for videos,mp3,docs,pdf without all those key words, try GooFile.Works the same way too.

Guide dog discrimination in Singapore

Saw this article below on my way to work and it shed more light on the video I saw previously.What does the law say in Malaysia about seeing eye dogs?

Article from TodayOnline:

ONE taxi driver locked the doors to show, in no uncertain terms, that he didn't want them in his cab.
A bus driver refused to move off and threatened to call the police unless they got off his bus.
Mr Kua Cheng Hock, 50 and blind since birth, and Kendra, his two-and-a-half-year-old Labrador Retriever, have been barred by some restaurants and turned away by overzealous mall security guards.
It's been nearly a year since more public spaces were made accessible to guide dogs for the visually handicapped — SBS Transit allowed them on its buses last November, and the National Environment Agency gave restaurant owners the leeway to let them on their premises.
But not all doors have magically opened to Mr Kua and his four-legged helper — although such nasty incidents are rare enough now that they jolt him back to reality when they occur.
For instance, one incident several weeks ago set the Internet abuzz. They were stopped by a security guard at Funan Centre, a place Mr Kua visits often for IT parts — he works as a representative for manufacturers of software and hardware products for the blind.
Mr Kua and Kendra had stepped into a lift when the guard blocked the door and refused to let them go up. A fellow passenger in the lift — a Caucasian — intervened, and the guard finally relented. A video shot by a bystander made Web forums, where it drew indignant reactions.
It's heartening when people speak up in this manner, says Mr Kua.
"Once, I was at a food court with Kendra when the staff asked us to leave. A customer who saw this told them off: 'You should allow them in.'
"I've noticed that often it is a Chinese person who overreacts out of being sensitive on behalf of others. But I have had Malays speaking up to say, it's okay, we know this is not a pet.
"Things are definitely getting better," he added, noting that Singaporeans have on the whole been remarkably accepting of Kendra's presence in places off-limits to ordinary pets — including shops, public transport, even hospitals.
Kendra, of course, isn't just a "pet". Her rigorous guidance-training programme in the United States, prior to joining Mr Kua in Singapore in August last year, means that she knows exactly how to behave when "on duty".
She is Singapore's first — and so far only — trained guide dog.
Parkway Parade, near Mr Kua's home in the east, is one of the "guide-dog friendly" malls he, his wife and Kendra move freely about on their weekly routine. At the Giant supermart there, the store staff no longer turn a hair at Kendra's familiar presence.
The Kuas also work out at the Planet Fitness gym on the seventh floor. Planet Fitness' marketing manager Ginny Goh recalls that Mr Kua signed up as a member at a roadshow because he was pleasantly surprised to find out that the gym had no problems accommodating Kendra.
"Most of our employees have no issues with Kendra and they are fond of her. However, for the sake of some gym members who are 'sensitive' to the presence of Kendra, Mr Kua will transfer her to one of our unused fitness studios," said Ms Goh.
But at other buildings, security guards or receptionists can be less than welcoming, which is why Mr Kua usually calls ahead to alert the building's management before he goes down to a place for the first time.
Winning acceptance for guide-dogs and blind handlers isn't as simple as changing the law, says Mr Kua, who is president of the Independent Society of the Blind (Singapore): "It's about educating the people in the frontline."
For instance, recently, he and Kendra got on a bus — and the captain ordered them off, threatening to call the police even when Mr Kua suggested she call the bus interchange to clarify their policy on guide dogs.
Mr Kua stood firm on his rights. "Had I left the bus, it would be an indication to the other passengers that guide dogs are not accepted on buses, which is untrue."
Only after 10 minutes — during which other frustrated passengers argued with the driver to move off as they didn't mind Kendra's presence — did she relent and call a person in charge.
Mr Kua, who flies on Singapore Airlines with Kendra by his side when he goes abroad, takes a practical but determined approach to such hurdles.
For instance, he worked with one obliging cab company to circulate photos of Kendra in an internal memo to staff to say that she should be allowed on rides.
He also seizes the chance to gently educate curious members of the public — such as young girls who whip out their camera-phones to take pictures of Kendra on the MRT, or the man who approached him in Starbucks to ask if Kendra was the famous dog in the "Funan Centre video".
If there is one ironic downside to this public adoration, it is that people want to play with Kendra. "They shouldn't pet guide dogs when they are working; it distracts them," says Mr Kua — but even so, he admits, better the acceptance than the opposite.

What happens to your body if you stop smoking right now?

My father in-law quit smoking after almost 30 years on the day my son was born.That was 16 months ago and till today the whole family is quite astonished as he never could quit no matter what he or others tried.His reason for quiting was his Grandson and he swears that he has never felt better.

I for one do not shun smokers but I would say that I have seen the greatest smokers in Japan.Once I saw a colleague light up 6 sticks ,one after another in a span of 20 mins.We had a big problem with an equipment and he needed a smoke to clear his mind.Well, we did solve the problem eventually and I think it's not because he found the solution in his mind but because his hands did not tremble that much after that 6 sticks.

I am not a smoker so i wouldn't know but if you are, give it a try.Contradictory to what my friends would think, I am not addicted to coffee and these days I just drink 1 cup in the mornings.

  • In 20 minutes your blood pressure will drop back down to normal.

  • In 8 hours the carbon monoxide (a toxic gas) levels in your blood stream will drop by half, and oxygen levels will return to normal.

  • In 48 hours your chance of having a heart attack
    will have decreased. All nicotine will have left your body. Your sense
    of taste and smell will return to a normal level.

  • In 72 hours your bronchial tubes will relax, and your energy levels will increase.

  • In 2 weeks your circulation will increase, and it will continue to improve for the next 10 weeks.

  • In three to nine months coughs, wheezing and breathing problems will dissipate as your lung capacity improves by 10%.

  • In 1 year your risk of having a heart attack will have dropped by half.

  • In 5 years your risk of having a stroke returns to that of a non-smoker.

  • In 10 years your risk of lung cancer will have returned to that of a non-smoker.

  • In 15 years your risk of heart attack will have returned to that of a non-smoker.


Founders of YouTube Smiling All The Way To The Bank

 The founders of YouTube Inc.
built this year's standout Web phenomenon by figuring out how to make
online video sharing easier than ever. What they hadn't yet figured out
was making money from their site.

Google Inc. (GOOG) took that problem off their hands Monday, by agreeing to buy the site for $1.65 billion.- FoxNews

Well, you are looking at two very,very rich guys and no wonder they can't stop giggling like school girls.This is what all creators of Web 2.0 dream about....man, to start an idea and cash in on it in such short time.Can't say it was easy as I am sure, this guys must have put their personal savings into it when they started off.We wish them all the best!

Indian MJ re-visited

As you probably know, this was making the rounds sometime back on DIGG and so many other blogs.I really wonder what the director was thinking and I personally couldn't stand to watch the whole song.Just wanted to share with you guys if you missed it the first round.BTW, think it's a Telugu movie as this actor is always the "over the top" type.

Reason why Dave Chappelle walked out is....

Sometime back I posted something on Dave Chappelle called "Dave Chappelle is not crazy" when he allegedly walked out of his Chappelle Show and a 50 Million dollar contract.Recently, he spoke on Oprah about the reasons that he left.

Chappelle also admitted to Oprah that he felt some of his sketches were socially irresponsible. He singled out the "pixie sketch" (in which it implied everyone has a pixie that appears to them and encourages them to act in a way stereotypical for their race) and said during the filming of the "blackface" pixie sketch a white crew member was laughing. Chappelle said "it was the first time I felt that someone was not laughing with me but laughing at me." He also said that during the sketch he was called nigger by one of the other non-important cast members.

You can view this sketch on YouTube.Click here for the jump!I felt the sketch was intelligent because, it makes you think.Unknowingly or knowingly we are all trying our best to step out of the stereotypes of our race or at least appear to be.I wondered if my community in Malaysia would be outraged if I made a sketch where an Indian pixie appears to me and urges me to do the things that other races think we Indians will always do......say,being drunk maybe.Will my people be outraged?Or will they be able to comprehend that it's just a comedy show?

How to use Skype as Home Surveillance

A friend of mine has been getting quotes from vendors to set up some home security cameras. Basically the main purpose is for her to keep an eye on the maid and her kid when she's away.I suggested this tip which I originally saw on a Skype forum and was given by a dude named Adam Harris.The credit goes to him and this simple tip is quite effective and could be a poor man's version of home surveillance.

1) Open two new accounts.

 2) On account 1 add new user two as your ONLY contact

3)Re-log in as account 1 and set as follows: Go to tools-->options-->advanced-->(tick) automatically answer Incoming calls--> then go to Tools-->options-->Video-->(tick) start video automatically and Only People in My contacts-->save.

Leave this account online

4)Log in as account 2 from another PC. Call account 1, this will now answer and start video running, any one else calling this account, will not get activated or see your private web cam.

This another way...also FREE!Click here for the jump!

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Misheard Lyrics

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and was not really sure about the lyrics but believed that you got it right and went around singing the song as you "heard" it anyway.For example, one of my close friend had his own lyrics to that song from the movie Top Gun by Kenny Loggins called "Highway to the Danger Zone". His version had more to do with the river Ganges and a town near it.Heck,I use to just "gasak" the lyrics to my school anthem & church hymns at least till I turned 1512.
So, when I stumbled upon this site..I was laughing till I had a tummy ache.When it comes to mis heard lyrics,who the heck can figure out what Michael Jackson or Eddie Vedder is singing.Some classic examples below and click header for the jump.

Misheard Lyrics:U2's Pride in the name of Love
One man come,
he's a gypsy fly
Original Lyrics:
One man come,
he to justify

Misheard Lyrics:MJ's another Part of Me
This is a train,
you want a bus
Original Lyrics:
This is our planet,
you're one of us

Misheard Lyrics:MJ's Wanna Be Startin Something
Mama says Mama saw a monster's son.
A moose say I'm a son of a mongoose sa.
Original Lyrics:
Mama se mama sa mamacu sa

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Tranform XP to Vista for free

Transform that old Xp to Vista.........cosmetics only la.....not fully functional but still looks great!Click header for the jump!


I love fonts that are out of the ordinary and DaFont is a great site when it comes to looking for out of the ordinary.Recently I used these beautiful arabic fonts to create a nice personalized t-shirt design.

Should you sign the back of your credit card?

A neat tip via Lifehacker.com:

"Don't sign it. It's useless as a deterrent, as anyone who takes your card then has a sample of your signature which they can not only use on any charge slip, but on your checks as well. However, do not leave the white strip blank. In that space, write: 'Ask For Picture ID,' and be prepared to back that up someday when you're in a hurry and the clerk wants to see a driver's license or other ID's as well as the card. It makes the charge transaction a little longer, but a lot safer."

Arsenal's well deserved win

Arsenal needed the win more than MU and well deserved it.The absence of Henry was a good thing and I predicted that even before the game.I was one of those fans who doubted Adebayor and he proved me wrong this time.

"Arsenal played with movement, grace and a sense of togetherness epitomised by the manner in which Emmanuel Adebayor, the match-winner, tirelessly ran the line in attack. Gangly and awkward, Adebayor has flattered to deceive too many times but on this occasion the tall, loping striker seemed hell-bent on dismissing the myth that Arsenal without Thierry Henry are incapable of reaching their highest peaks."

Check out the MU fan giving the finger (click to enlarge image) after the goal and as the speech bubbles reflect...the mood can only be conveyed through Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long"...unfortunately Suresh & TP couldn't sing that tune last night as Drogba did it again.

On other news our SM is back from Cambodia for a 2 weeks break and Aunty Nancy is recovering well.Please keep her in your prayers.

Montreal Gunman (pic)

Ok, must say that I was guilty of racial profiling and expected the gunman to be a white ,video game playing, gun freak,Marilyn Manson fan. I was right on all of the attributes except one.The dude was Indian.As for video games, I am having a blast picking up "Zombines" with my gravity gun in Half Life 2: Ep 1, but that doesn't turn one into a killer.
It's sad but true....quoting Mother Theresa...the worst kind of sickness is Loneliness.

Click header for the jump!

Barcelona -Unicef

I hated the fact that Arsenal were beaten by Barcelona in the last Champions League finals but upon seeing them break from their 106 years of tradition of not having a sponsors logo on their shirt and opting to put the Unicef logo would make even me a fan.How many football clubs out there would do such a thing to trade millions for a chance to send out a humanitarian message?

The Miniature Earth Project

If the world's population were reduced to 100 people, it would look something like this....

Click here for the jump!

8 Important Lessons Learned from '80s Cartoons

The Smurfs
LESSON: Communism works!

G.I. Joe
LESSON: Knowing is half the battle.

A little sad that they forgot Thundercats which I believe the lesson to be learned would be : being young makes one a little foolish & gullible.Tie-up those bumbling Wily Kat & Wily Kit who always get in trouble.Click Header!


Hockneyizer: Create a simulated collage from a single photograph.Makes a nice desktop wallpaper of your loved ones.Screenshot of my desktop,click to enlarge.Click header for the jump!
And on other news, what do you know...the police do a U-turn on the discount.

Polis Trafik "kasi" Diskaun

I am not puzzled by the fact that the Ministry of Transport did not know that the Traffic Police Dept decided to give discounts on traffic offences. As you know, someone forgot to pay their "brain bill" again.
What I want to know is why the fine for failure to use a helmet is RM30 while compared to RM50-90 for an illegal u-turn.Let's use our "head" here?

Watch me beat Peter Cech!

So, after calling Makelele a slave boy,now Mourinho's club has come out saying Gallas wanted to score an own goal.Sweet,I just hope that this fuels Gallas to play even better against Chelsea.Arsenal need to start scoring again and my hopes of seeing Tevez in an Arsenal jersey was "hammered" completely.


Roy Horn, of the famous Siegfried and Roy magician duo, was attacked by a white tiger during his act on October 3, 2003.Everyone was shocked and wondered if the tiger went crazy, quoting Chris Rock , the tiger was crazy went it was doing tricks on the bicycle for snacks.When it attacked Roy, it was when it was most sane and behaved like a normal tiger.
I am trying my best not to be insensitive, and I am sure Steve Irwin was a great dad and husband who would be sorely missed.The truth though, I am sure he knew it came with the job and there's a reason why we call them WILDlife.
Click Header!

gSpace : Use that 2GB Gmail space

As you can see from the screenshot, now you can use this extension within your Firefox browser(1.5).Not entirely new as I was using the" gmail drive hack" before but the fact that you can upload .exe and .dll files make this a great way for you to store your installers etc etc.Now, I can listen to my mp3 in a remote computer as I click "play" on my gmail account and the embedded player in gmail will play the song.

This extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (2 GB) for file storage. It acts as a remote machine. You can transfer files between your hard drive and gmail. This is similar to 'Gmail Drive' on windows platform. Your gmail account looks like a FTP host and you can upload and download your files. After you install, you get an option called 'GSpace' in your 'tools' menu clicking on which opens the window for transfer of folders/files.
Click header for extension.

Child Labour

One of the most depressing thing I've witnessed in India was it's child workers.While they should be playing or studying, these kids are made to toil all day.While having tea with Jake & Jesse, a paper cutting on the stall about child workers breaking granite stones reminded me of that image again.Till today it kinda haunts me and now that I have a child,I realise even more what grave injustice this is and what these kids are deprived off.

Approximately fifteen million children work as bonded laborers in India. Most were put into bondage in exchange for comparatively small sums of money: two thousand rupees-equal to about RM180-is the average amount "loaned" in exchange for a child's labor. To India's vast numbers of extremely poor, however, this money can be, literally, a life-saver. With scant alternative sources of credit available-few rural banks, cooperative credit schemes or government loans-the poor are forced to turn to the local moneylender, who extracts the only collateral available: the promise of their labor or the labor of their children.

Earlier this month, India banned children under the age of 14 from working as domestic servants or in hotels, tea shops, restaurants and resorts. Government data shows there are more than 11 million under-14 child labourers.Though, I feel this would not have any effect in the rural areas and probably will not put a permanent stop to child labour.We are talking about kids who are 6 and 7 years old here.

For example here's how they "teach" the kids to roll "beedi" a type of Indian cigar.

The pace is rapid, with practiced children rolling and tying each beedi cigarette in a matter of seconds. Most of the older children-those over ten-roll 1,500 to 2,000 beedies each day. In order to encourage speed, employers keep close vigil over the child workers, scolding them or hitting them if they slow down. Some children have been forced to work with a matchbox tucked between their chin and their neck; in order to hold the box in place, they must keep their head down and focused on the work. If the matchbox falls, the employer knows the child has looked away and will punish her or him.

Panjaran, a ten-year-old boy pledged at the age of six for a 500 rupee advance, told Human Rights Watch:

The agent would beat me with a stick if I was not there on time, he beat me if I could not roll 1,500 beedies a day, and he beat me if I was tired. I had to roll eight beedies a minute. If I failed he would beat me. If I looked around, he beat me. He made me put a matchbox under my chin; if it fell, he would beat me.


Return of the MACha!

News on the street is that our SM is about to return for a short break.Suresh do let us know when you'd be back and if you'd be bringing back your Cambodian bride as well.Anyway, I suggest a small get together maybe over at TP's , Ell's or my place upon the return of the prodigal one.
Suresh, let us know your plans so that we can make arrangements.
Image courtesy of Suresh's Cheerleaders!

101 ways to organize your life

We've all had a one or more projects we've taken charge of at work and more often what we don't realise is that the same pointers can be implemented in our own lives,just like Stephen R Coveys "7 habits of ..." , it's not just management tips.Click link below!
Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your life

Awas dengan sindiket pengutip derma!

Awas dengan sindiket pengutip derma!

As we were having breakfast with the Scullys yesterday at PJ new town, someone approached us from Pusat Harian Kanak-Kanak Spastik Perak claiming to collect donation for the center showing letters, photos, identification card etc to collect money. I spent a little to dig out the truth if there is any behind all these donation collectors. I've uncovered from the receipt that the address, phone number and website of the center is wrong. However, the center does exist. These poor folks are getting none of the money that you gave. I've googled and find out the true website as per link and their announcements to be aware of syndicate that impersonates volunteer for the center.

Though all of us are generous by nature, here is the true fact behind donation collectors whether they are children, adults or old folks and a few simple rules to follow.

1. DO NOT GIVE CASH to anyone who claim to collect donation on behalf of any association no matter how emphatic you feel. You will do justice for the center or organization by doing this. Turning them away doesn't make you less charitable. By knowing the truth, your conscience will help you.

2. If you are feeling generous and would like to do a good deed based on what they show, ask for the contact information and the name of the center to address you CHEQUE to. Yes, choose to WRITE A CHEQUE, a larger amount if you wish.

3. Even though, they have all the identification in the world with letters, photos, identification, receipts etc. This DOES NOT amount to a volunteer or a worker for any center. Get a pen and paper, take down their details (but do not give any money):
a. Full name as per IC
b. IC Number
c. Center name that they claim they are from.
d. Contact information i.e. tel, fax, email, websites.

4. Check with the websites and contact them to verify their approach to donation. If the website or contact does not exist, forget it. If they are a verified society, they will ask you to send via cheque. Report these jokers accordingly and put a stop to this illegal act.

This community service is to help you people with a generous heart to direct your charitable virtues to those who really need it. With this information, you can exercise good conscience in turning these people down and do more for the appropriate folks. Mind you, they are everywhere especially on Sundays near places of worship so that after you pray and listen to a good sermon, you are compelled to give to charity. Good catchment, ehh? Very marketing oriented, I must say.

The truth is out. Spread it if you must!

Osama Loves Whitney Houston

Osama Loves Whitney Houston,wants to be her "Bodyguard" maybe...so it seems la, at least according to one Kola Boof.

WASHINGTON — Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was so crazy about American soul diva Whitney Houston that he wanted to have her singer husband killed and marry her, media reports said. Ms Kola Boof, who claims she was repeatedly raped and intimidated into living with Osama for six months in Morocco in 1996, says in her book Diary of a Lost Girl, that the terrorist mastermind was obsessed with Houston. Ms Boof said Osama wanted to shower gifts on the star and make her one of his wives. "He said he wanted to give her a mansion he owned in a suburb of Khartoum," said Ms Boof. "He would say how beautiful she is ... how she is truly Islamic but is just brainwashed by American culture and by her husband — Bobby Brown — whom Osama talked about having killed," she said. In the book, Ms Boof says she saw copies of Playboy in Osama's briefcase. He would also "ramble on" about his favourite TV shows Miami Vice, The Wonder Years and MacGyver, she said. — Agencies

Pandora vs Last.fm

A friend wanted to know how he can enjoy music from the web without the hassle of downloads and a specific media player.I personally love Pandora where you'd see me request for songs by Muddy Waters or BB King and then Pandora will play a string of blues tracks,some real gems I've never heard before at times.
Though you could give Last.fm a try as some people simply can't live without it.Also, if you want to know the difference,check out this review.

A bit off topic,check out this creepy 6 Horrifying Parasites.Jake, think I told you and Jesse regarding the fish "tongue" parasite before,right?

10 tips for leading a balanced life

Found this nice read.What are your own views or tips on the topic?

1) Go home from work on time.
2) Don’t be a yes person.
3) Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday.
4) Slow down.
5) Don’t buy into the culture around you if you don’t want to.
6) Create your own sub-culture involving your friends and family.
7) Recognize you have the right to be healthier than those around you.
8) Do something meaningful with your spare time.
9) Let go of the need to buy the next big thing.
10) Develop compassion, patience and tolerance for your fellow people.

Read in detail at Life is a Journal
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Be a DJ today

I was a little sad that I could not run Djay (image on the right) as it was only for Macs.So, when I stumbled upon Tactile 12000 it left me delighted.Sure it wasn't that snazzy but it did the job and I had heaps of fun compiling my own remixes and making Eddie Vedder sound like 80's Madonna or the Chipmunks.
So, now armed with this and all that MP3 you downloaded onto your PC "legally", you can be the star DJ at your friend's party.Talking about downloading, check out & listen Weird Al Yankovic's "Don't Download This Song".........funny stuff.

Evil Google

Google is known to offer great applications,why even Blogger, also the newly bought Writely...a real nifty web based word processor that's finally open for registration.Though they aren't all that innocent.
I decided to post this since I realised that many people out there do not know that Google is keeping tab on them.I personally use a Firefox extension called CustomizeGoogle where you can tweak under "Privacy".
Here's a link to the Digital Inspirations blog where there are other tips.Apart from that, a little dissapointed to see Arsenal managing only a draw on Saturday.As TP suggested, we wondered if the new field at the Emirates Stadium was too big for their clever short passes.

Concert Ticket Generator!

Our Suresh will be belting out his "Truly" and other hits.Click header y'all,just for the fun of it!

Rockabye Baby!

Smells like nap time!Baby rock records transform your favourite rock songs into instrumental lullabies. I can see some of you frowning upon the idea of your little one going to sleep to the tune of Metallica's "Enter Sandman"....think about it, isn't " Rockabye Baby", the traditional lullaby rather violent as it quickly turns to disaster with "when the bough breaks".
My favourite is "Come as you are:mp3" by Nirvana.Any parent who is a music lover will dig this fresh idea.Click header y'all!

Little Man - Movie Reviews

It was National Day in Singapore on Wednesday and I managed to catch the movie Little Man by the Wayan brothers.While they are known to be hilarious, the idea for this one did not seem very original much like all those Martin Lawrance movies that seem too predictable.Anyway, there are laughs here and there while the CGI isn't the best in my opinion.Read the reviews!
And yes, that's the face of adorable Ell as I decided to have a little fun at the Official Little Man movie site.
You can miss this for Nacho Libre anytime!

Free Icons

Icon Factory has some neat free icons and another great site is Pixelgirl Presents.My favourites are Transformers,Futurama and Kill Bill themed icons.That Hattori Hanzo sword icon & Optimus Prime icon would make any desktop stand out!
U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name(video)

As seen on Wikipedia:
The band was formed in Dublin on Saturday, September 25, 1976. Larry Mullen, Jr., then fourteen, posted a notice on his secondary school bulletin board (Mount Temple Comprehensive School) seeking musicians for a new band. The response that followed that note resulted in seven boys attending the initial practice in Larry's kitchen. Known for about a day as "The Larry Mullen Band," the group featured Mullen on drums, Adam Clayton on bass guitar, Paul Hewson (Bono) on vocals, Dave Evans (The Edge) on guitar, his brother Dik Evans on guitar, and Mullen's friends Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin. Soon after, the group settled on the name Feedback. Martin only came to the first practice, and McCormick was out of the core group within a few weeks, being dismissed by Adam Clayton with the excuse that he was too young to play at the bars in which U2 would be booked.

I wonder how Martin & McCormick feel now and this video made me a fan instantly.I remember Chris & me watching it again and again.I even wanted a polka dot shirt like the one Bono wore in the video.The raw and unedited video still seems relevant and cool even in 2006...a gem IMHO.It reminds me why I became a U2 fan all over again.

OS X vs XP Comparison Chart

Previously on one of my posting "Laptop Buying Guide",everyone had their own views about a Mac and a PC.Now, you can see the final score in the OSXvsXP shoot-out comparison chart. Each category is explained with details and screenshots.One thing to note though, this is the Operating System we are talking about and not the hardware.On the topic of hardware, Engadget has some pretty nice pictures of the newly unveiled the Apple Mac Pro.If you are banking on looks alone...we all know that the Mac wins hands down.
Check out the score,looks like Jake may have a case after all.

Cluster Headache Syndrome

For the past 3 weeks I suffered dreadful headaches during the night and while I dismissed it as one of those usual headaches...the fact that popping 6 panadols didn't do the trick got me worried.Two weeks later and I was still waking up with some midget "drilling" on the right side my head,behind my eye. I visited the GP for a consultation and doctor told me that it was not Migrane but neither did he tell me what it was after I told him my symptoms.
Anyway, my wife in fear of being a young widow has made an appointment with a neurologist some time this week eventhough I try to convince her that I have found the name for my condition and it's not fatal.It's called Cluster Headaches and there's no cure for it and no one exactly know why one gets it.If any of you guys have the symptoms below and have some of your own remedy around it, do share it with me.To know more about it, visit Clusterheadaches.com.
And for now, if you see me pacing around, with my head in my hand,one eye almost shut with tears flowing....I am not having a good day.Still, my wife won't let me off the hook as the visit to the neurologist is still on...because you never know and as I always say, death , the final curtain is not a possibility.....it's a fact.The only question is....when?

What is
Cluster Headache Syndrome
The cause and cure of Cluster Headache Syndrome are unknown. A cluster headache attack is unilateral (one sided) with a sharp, stabbing pain that may begin around one eye. The attack is then usually accompanied by a tearing or bloodshot eye, drooping eyelid, and congested or runny nose on the side of the attack. It can radiate from the eye to the forehead, temple, ear, cheek, jaw and neck on the same side. The pain of a cluster headache has been described as so excruciating that most victims cannot sit still and feel compelled to rock in a chair, walk back and forth, or bang their heads against something. The pain is so extreme that Dr. Peter Goadsby, the world’s leading researcher on CH has commented, “Cluster headache is probably the worst pain that humans experience”. Most cluster headache victims experience these attacks 2 to 10 times daily. The pain quickly escalates from no pain to unbearable pain within five minutes, and subsides in the same manner. Attacks can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours or more.Read more....

Silence.... everyone!

The very tragic news of the KTAR student who was hacked to death by some snatch thieves in Wangsa Maju has created quite a stir in the media, residents of WM and students of KTAR. It was indeed very sad to hear this sort of news after another tragic accident of a bus full of pilgrims to St. Anne's feast. Safety is such a big issue today and sadly because of that the trend is moving towards a society that lives in a fear! Fear to walk outside, fear to go on highways, fear to open our doors, fear to say something or report to police and maybe someday even a fear to blog...

Our PM also announced that 'bloggers beware' for blogging about anything that borders on slander, causing disturbance and causing the public to lose faith in the nation's economic policies, the authors will then be detained for investigation. Maybe it's a better idea if we lived in a pseudo 'matrix world' that is unconscious or ignorant to reality and feeding the powers that be with economic 'energy' through our virtual office living without interaction in our little cubicle, which also could be our home, that we need not go anywhere. Perhaps, big brother will even go so far as one day put a camera to watch everything we do. IMHO, our PM has good intentions with his message because of some people without conscience are misusing the powers of web blogging to bring about their own political agenda, it causes everyone to be a suspect. However, when these things become under the watchful eye of the powers that be for an ambiguous unwritten law, any topic can be 'deemed' sensitive and any one who has access to email, sms or a blogsite can be detained for whatever reason (that means everyone). The authorities are to police the nation, but who is there to police the authorities? What is deem acceptable and who decides that? To one, a simple satirical humour is funny, to another it could be offensive. I guess it's all up to the individual to maintain a healthy conscience especially to all of us who has easy access to modern broadcasting tools. To quote one Uncle Ben, "With great powers comes great responsibility"

PM: Those who spread untruths on the Net will be detained

Malaysians "Top" In Wasting Water

Chris recently told me that he had met the ever famous TV3 reporter-Karam Singh Walia (Perhaps Chris can tell us more some time soon) who always seem to be championing the cause of environmental issues...and as I stumbled across an article to conserve water....its actually the launch of a campaign to get Malaysians to safe water.

Now seriously...will this works ar?? If I remember clearly...when I was a kid the water gun was a hit with us shooting ourselves silly. And as soon as the tank emptied... a quick refill was the next thing and off we go again. Say want you want but I think thats a waste off water-the stuff which we (me included) take for granted and many countries could only dream to have.

In an incident a few years back a water shortage hit KL...If I remember well...its was the time Mr El Nino paid us a visit causing some water probs. So as usual Malaysians would do anything to get water ..even at the expense of wasting it...and wasting it was what they did. Right in front of our hse, was a water pipe running in a drain...it was cut to extract the water and left running freely...imagine the water going down the drain...and this was happening for days even after we had filed a report! Biasa la...the guy on the phone told me that when they are free, the job will be done....check out the urgency man!

Ok here's the sad fact...as announced...it seems the average Malaysian uses 300 - 500 liters of water a day (one person ya)...when in actual fact we only need 50liters....so thats a a lot!!

The Melaka Water Crisis which hit us back in the early 90's made us at least appreciate water a little more than the rest but somehow as humans we never seem to learn! Perhaps we can start with oueselves...among our own families. To start perhaps we can provide suggestions to make not only this campaign work but to be sure that we do not need to have campaigns for us to be ever conscious about conserving the natural resources we have...here's my thougts...pls add on to the list (if you can) and we can all make a difference...

1) Do not buy your kid a water gun!
2) Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving (i dun have jangut)
3) Take shorter showers (but dun mandi kerbau la)
4) Turn off the tap while doing the dishes ( make sure its turned on again to wash the soap off ya?)
5) Get the leaks of your house taps replaced immediately
6) If you have plants try to use rain water as much as you can
7) Turn off any running taps you see (public toilets, etc)

So I guess I am as much guilty of committing this crime.... so perhaps we can be examples for our kids to follow coz much of our school stuff doesn't seem to have much about this. I can clearly remember civic class was always a free period! So you know the rest la!!

As we once had ECO SPIRIT...let us all continue to have that same spirit in our daily lives. REMEMBER the future is always for our kids and our children's children and our actions, responsible or irresponsible will much affect their lives.

Umno Anti-Drug Website

I spotted the link to the Biro Dadah Umno in The Star paper, online edition.I wondered if it would be as impressive as the one by The Central Narcotics Bureau of Singapore that appeared on BoingBoing in 2004 for it's cool animation.As expected, what a way to attract the young ones!Yup, that speech segment by the PM and that website design from 1996 would surely send the message loud and clear!Oh well, let's give them credit for trying at least la!Click away on links y'all!

Kampuchea "Kai"

Well it sure does feel like a lifetime since the boy from Pulau Gadong left to Cambodia. I wish Suresh would have a blog to tell us all about Cambodia and his life there. Though knowing Suresh, that'll never happen because he's not the type to do something like that.So, I wondered and imagined how a blog by Suresh would or should look like.Heck, I created one just to give our Purple Highness a a little nudge.Yup the post you see there is one of the first ....and last on teh-tarik@MadarsCafe.So I present to you...Kampuchea "Kai"...the word "Kai" is a Tamil slang for something like "member" but direct translation would be "hand" I think. Initialy I wanted to name it Kampuchea "Kambu" meaning "wood" but decided to settle with something milder instead.So, if you are reading this Suresh, pls e-mail me at arul72@gmail.com for your username and password which you can change later. Don't be selfish la...share with us your life there....unless you are up to "no good" and want to keep it a secret.Hi!Hi!

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Happy Birthday Ell ;)

Here's wishing Ellison a very Happy Birthday...Have a blast, bro (remember to keep some beer 4 HIS purpleness, ok...)

Jessi + Jake