100 things we didn't know this time last year

It's the pile up from the weekly "10 things we didn't know last week" by BBC. For example number 22: The length of a man's fingers can reveal how physically aggressive he is, had me looking at my fingers.You won't stop till you read em all.
Here's one thing I knew this time last year for sure.That thousands will wait till last minute to apply for their MyKad.Seriously folks, you had freakin 3 years man!3 years!

Click header to view the 100 things list by BBC News. Wishing everyone a very Happy & Prosperous 2006!

Have a Blessed Christmas y'all!

"The supply of time is truly a daily miracle, an affair genuinely astonishing when one examines it. You wake up in the morning, and lo! your purse is magically filled with twenty-four hours of the unmanufactured tissue of the universe of your life! It is yours. It is the most precious of possessions. A highly singular commodity, showered upon you in a manner as singular as the commodity itself!
For remark! No one can take it from you. It is unstealable. And no one receives either more or less than you receive.Talk about an ideal democracy! "
-from How to Live on 24hrs a day by Arnold Bennet

My wish and prayer for the coming year would be to spend more time with my family and close friends...as they say the important thing in life are never things but people.My wife joked by saying that the only way I would have more time to spend at home is if I get laid off.She kids but there's truth in it.It seems like a hopeless wish when you know you are destined to be away from your family for more than a month at times on work.I guess I have to change that from a wish to a New Year's resolution instead.
I remember vividly sitting in Chris' house during our "Kampung"days composing a Christmas song of our own.To date I have never seen anyone play the acoustic guitar like Chris and it was no suprise that we came up with the song in less than an hour.After all these years, I still remember the lyrics to the song simply because we own it and it automatically runs through my mind every Christmas and this year is no different.It's even more special this year as we celebrate it with our son Luke.
Have a Merry & Blessed Christmas everyone and my message and wishes are embedded in the lyrics to the song Chris and I wrote some ten years back.I just want to say that good and loyal friends are a dying breed but I thank God that I have been blessed with more than one.You know who you are.

Grunge Christmas
There's no snow outside
The sun shines so bright
It's not the Christmas you see on a tv screen

Moonsoon rain pours every night,
and my dogs are having a fight
the roof leaks and
it's not an awesome sight

but that's the way it'll be
Christmas in this historical city
and that's fine by me

Cause Christmas is, not about snow
Cause Christmas is, not about sleigh bells
Cause Christmas is not about presents and clothes
For truly it's bout the love of God
Born simple and plain
to die in agony and pain
Simply for you and me.
Music & Lyrics by Chris Siah & Arul Irudayam

P.S: For the record, my 3 dogs were actually fighting at the time and the house roof did leak.The title was influenced by grunge bands like Pearl Jam at that time la.

Wireless Finally

After discussing with the Mrs on ways to make our home less cluttered,I decided to invest in a wireless router and network adapters today.I went with Linksys as I kinda lost faith in D-Link when it kinda crapped out on me in the office last year.So, finally that gigantic desktop is out of the living room, and now I can surf using my notebook without those darn LAN cables.
The first thing to remember when going wireless is - Authentication and Encryption of your network.The reason I know this is because I too am guilty of searching for unsecured networks many times and I happen to know certain people who have benefited for years thanks to their trusting neighbours who don't encrypt their network.
If you like me have used tools like Kismet & Airsnort to scan for wireless networks before...you should know better on how to secure your network.Anyway, click header which will take you to The Ethical Hacker Network where you can learn more about these hacks...I mean protecting yourself from these hacks.Gulp!

Ugly Scene @ Cronulla

I dislike labeling anyone and am in no way trying to indicate that most white Australians are racist because some are extremely nice people but stumbling upon forums like this kinda makes me feel a little disgusted.(forum named "Cracker" btw)
I guess, just like how some Malaysians tend to dislike the foreign workers here saying that they cause nothing but trouble,Asians are pretty much disliked in other parts of the world.
At the end of the day we are all people trying to find hapiness but for now, if you are Lebanese or have a slight mid-eastern look...stay away from Cronulla because you would be "habis lah".
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Not Again?

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Never Say Bomb!

Sometime back I mentioned about about a friend who likes to say " Go bomb Osama" when he wants to go to the toilet for a dump in the post "Who you calling Keling". I cautioned him as saying the word bomb esp during this post 911 era in the airport can get you killed.Today's news on a passenger being shot dead due to a bomb threat kinda proves my point. Turns out, the man had some disorder or something and was probably did not have a sound mind at the time.He did not have any bomb and I wondered..whatever happened to shooting someone in the leg or the arm like in the movies?I guess, all Airport security people are jumpy and start their day with the words " I WILL TAKE YOU OUT" in front of the mirror.
Anyway, it just happened that I stumbled upon this WEBSITE documenting the works of Louis Wain that likes to paint Cats via DIGG.You can actually see his condition get worse through his works and somehow both this website and the other news found a connection...at least to me la.Somehow, the mad people who roam the streets of Melaka has always intrigued people like Chris,Suresh and me.I guess we simply like to watch them because we too are a little looney at times and see ourselves in them.
Think I will pop in the "Beautiful Mind" DVD today because that Louis Wain paintings are still haunting me.

Suresh & YAM Go to Bekoh!

Last Saturday as all parents know, I got up at 6am when my son got up and decided it was play time,then around 8am I received news that a bunch of loud young people have gathered outside my place and that they were raiding the Roti Canai shop located opposite the house.I also received information that one Indian man(tua siak!) with curly hair and pearly white teeth was leading these wild & hungry people.I took a short walk to the shop looking dazed and extremely sleepy to check out the scene there.Turns out it was Suresh and his YA gang preparing for their trip to visit the Orang Asli & Father Naden.Suresh has written a short post on the event and I believe it's Peter in that Santa suit.
Anyway, all I can say is great job guys and girls for taking the time to do this.The indigenous people of Malaysia are truly the OWNERs of this land and yet Dispossession of Land is a big problem as they fall victim to land acquisition.It is not uncommon for an entire community to be relocated to make way for airports or highways.Their "shifting cultivation"(forgot malay term la) of the land has ensured that both the quality of the soil and ecology is preserved and they seldom take more than what they need and yet they are the victim of our unending hunger for infrastructure.
Once again,Kudos to the YAM for bringing cheer to the kids at Bekoh.
p.s: Chris is in Singapore as he just called to get info on buying a portable hard-drive @ SimLim.Bugger came yesterday but never call also.Too bad for him, as I enjoyed a very nice & expensive Japanese dinner yesterday.

50 cent or 50 paisa?

See the moustache on 50 ala Freddie Mercury?Yup!You guessed it, a great mash up of 50cent & Queen.I really am suprised that this is legal.On second thought probably it's not legal after all.Check out tracks like "We will rock you In Da Club" & "Bohemian Wanksta" before this site gets pulled down.
50cent with moustache really looks like 50paisa...very indian lah!Click header y'all!

Bundled Freebies

Yes, boys and girls a quick post listing freebies that I found useful.Check it out!
1.Christmas fonts you always wanted to make your own greeting card.

2. Free text e-books.Some great books here that would cost you a bomb otherwise.

3. This is great..Session saver for Firefox 1.5.Now, your tabs are still intact when you re-open your browser.A life saver for me!

4. Skype now with video!

Vanishing Weapons Magic Trick

I would be most ashamed to walk out in the street if I were a policeman simply because of late...let's say the boys in blue have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.Talk about asking detainees to make ear squats to dislodge "items" from their private areas.The current state of the force is such that probably even a 1,000 ear squats would not help dislodge their heads up their butt when someone walked away with their guns under their nose.Maybe someone always dreamt of having a 21 guns salute and decided to steal 21 guns?Hi!Hi!
Then, the guns appeared 600km in Lubok China , Melaka in front of.... (drumrolls) the Police Station.Maybe the same "pawang" who located the regalia, like two keris, a silver buckle, a royal crown and brooches from ancient Malacca for the Sultan wannabe located the missing guns too.
I sincerely hope that the motive of the crime is being investigated and not being "cooked up" for the sake of our security and Malaysia's reputation ,if you know what I mean.
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p.s:Uncle Scully been discharged but he's still not his usual self.Keep him in your prayers.

The New Generation

We all knew the day would come - having kids of our own and on the occassion of Daniel's b'day, it made me realise not too long ago we all we young and saying that "I ain't got no values", giving wrong examination answers, right to organising and conducting camps....and now parents! I guess its just a matter of time before we reach "Datukship". The cycle of life - how unique!

Just last Monday, my dad was admitted into hospital for a minor heart attack...so the doctors claim...but it made me think of how precious life is to me especially if it is our love ones or someone we know. It also made me look at the my kids differently-with my father's eyes. No to long ago I shared an experience with Chris aka Ah Heng during one of our visits to his home. While I was a kid say about 6 or seven, I remember my dad said that he would take my bro and me fishing one day. One day before the trip to Klebang beach (now a sea wall), my excitement made it difficult for me to sleep. Was the first to wake up the next day. We didn't have fishing rods as it was too expensive to afford and resorted to the manual method of thow and reel. All I can say was we had a great outing...great enough for me to remember and to share even at the ripe old age of 33!!

It just goes to show that lavishing money and expensive gifts for your kids may not be as great as spending quality moments with them...which was why gwen and I took daniel kite flying the other day and eventhough he didn't know how to fly a kite I guess the outing at the beach (behind Ell's Hse) was a enjoyable one for the kids. Yeah...the beach was a sorry sight, if I might add. The point is "Happiest Moments" in our lives are often involving relationships, may it be with our kids, family or friends. The recent MINOR heat attack my dad encountered made me remember so much more memories...it also made me look at the Daniel and Marissa in through my Fathers eyes.

P/S-Loaded some new pix of the kids at ...so check it out