Click image to enlarge, this is no animated gif pic, your eyes deceive you.Click header and check out other cool illusions and paradoxes.More on Thailand when I return, just thought of sharing this cool site I stumbled upon while using the WiFi at the SQ lounge.Boarding shortly where the security will check me thoroughly due to this goatee I am sporting.Can you believe, someone actually said I look like Osama the other day?Anyway...Chris you are right on about the Karp thingy man!
Note: After all the Sony BMG DRM rootkit fiasco, you can actually bypass it with a tape.

One Night in Bangkok

Well, we just arrived from Lop Buri Northern Thailand where the weather was cool and the surrounding near the factory was totally serene.No,Terence I did not see any "aquarium" there as I am in the factory floor from 8am till far.It's a total different situation since 9pm today and I know what Terence meant.
We checked into a nice 5 star hotel in Bangkok about 3 hours ago and for the last hour I was stuck in one of those joints where them ladies were shaking their "booty" and approach you and ask if you want to take them back to your hotel.Well about 1 hour there is being polite I thought, and since have escaped back to my hotel room.I hate to sound as if I am such a goody two shoes because I am not...let's just say that I am NOT comfortable with the whole scene.Period.
Anyway, the good news is, I will be back on Thursday night.The time is 12:35am, it's going to be a long day tomorrow as we travel back to Ayuthaya.So technically, tonight is my only night in Bangkok and I can see that it stays true to it's "name".I remembered that song "One Night in Bangkok" and my favourite line..."muddy yellow river or reclining buddha"...don't seem to make sense if you don't listen to the whole song lah.
Anyway, the food is extremely cheap here and I just witnessed someone eating those fried bugs a while ago.
By the way, looks like all the Mat Salleh & Japs love this place.We all know why.

Re-Learn Love

Both my wife and me were on our routine morning walk with our son around Taman Sinn,Ujong Pasir Melaka.Seeing a bunch of young and old people gathering old new papers and crushing old tin cans at 7am in the morning caught my attention.The banner was in Chinese and Daphne helped to translate it.The next thing we knew, we were chatting with these nice people where the guy in charge told us that they are from a Buddhist community.They sell the recyclable items to help the poor and needy.What a noble effort I thought.... saving the environment while aiding the less fortunate.Here I saw a community actually putting into action what I merely talked about and I was re-learning what true compassion meant.I happily parted with my RM50 which was kept as contingency if I am ever stopped by the traffic Police.Since now they have gone "Saya Anti Rasuah" there would not be a need for that fund I guess.
FYI, that guy in charge told me that he'd accept old news paper & cans instead of cash but I insisted.
As I attended mass soon after, the image of these friends from another faith working hard early in the morning became my sermon for the Gospel reading.
"....whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."

Bye Bye OHP


I can’t believe you’re dead
Is there a chance to get
You back again tonight
To shed your light

A nice farewell site to celebrate the death of the OHP.Remember carrying that gigantic thing we have to carry every Wednesday for prayer meet?We were so excited when we eventually could afford one and not loan it from Maranatha all the time.Now, the Overhead Projector is a dinasour we hardly see but somehow I know as simple as it was, it did it's job faithfuly for so many camps.Someone will have to sit there and change the transperencies.People like Jesse,Jake and Terence were much sought after for their nice handwritings.While a transperency would be totally destroyed if Prem or me attempted to write on it.Click header and check out the song.
Note: Don't send the search party,I will be away to Thailand on work for a week.If you are picturing me in some sleazy titty bar, think again because I'd be in some remote 3 hours away from Bangkok kinda industrial place.

Look ma, straight As without tuition

I remember Chris's post along the lines of education and tuition not too long ago and I guess this kid is a good example why kids below the age of 12 should not necessarily get involve in tution. However, the article goes on to say that it was really hard work for the poor boy (Click Header).

At least there is still some hope to incluence parents who insist that tuition must be included as part of the school's curriculm hence leaving out many other vital activities of play which happens to be a very vital part of a child's development.....60,000 graduates unemployed? Think again!

See football in everything?

Nothing to do? Check out the link! All the football commercials for all you die-hard football maniacs! Some of them you've probably seen before, some not...

There are some really good ads there... have fun!

We've got a 'Sultan' in Melaka!

Folks, if you've not read about this in The Star, you can click on the link above. Apparently, this bloke is claiming to be the successor to the Sultanate of Melaka and he has proof to support his claims. This is very interesting indeed! So, is he the successor to the throne of Melaka? Dunno. I'd assume the Sultan of Johor and Perak might have something to say about this soon. Why? Well, if you remember your history, you will know that Malacca fell to the Portuguese on 1511. At that time the reigning Sultan was Sultan Mahmud Shah so he had to 'cabut' to wherever. He had two sons, one is Muzaffar Shah and the other is Alauddin Riayat Shah. The former went on to establish the Sultanate of Perak and the latter went to establish a new capital in the south to succeed his father (the successor of the Sultanate of Melaka) and establish the Sultanate of Johor. And the rest, as you know is history until 1957 where Melaka joined with other states to be Malaya.

But one good thing is that, if he is indeed the successor to the Sultanate of Melaka, the people of Melaka might have another additional public holiday on his birthday. Hooray?

Malaysia's most famous son-in-law

I could be wrong but isn't that Khairy Jamalludin applauding on the background of this "ugly" scene?Anywho....wanted to share this "interesting" article from the daily.Click header y'all!

"Saya Anti Rasuah" Badge

I am in a car driven by a friend from S'pore when it was signalled to pull over somewhere near the Ayer Keroh exit.Well, my friend from S'pore was doing a 140kph on his Lexus Harrier, so he knew he was guilty and paid the price of 50RM and in return even got instructions where the next speed trap is.I think I need not elaborate why the "fine" was a mere 50RM.Heck, they even have discussion on a S'pore motoring forum on what is a "fair" bribe.See for yourselves HERE.
Anyway, those days are gone,now with the officers donning the "Badge of Honour" there would not be anymore taking or giving bribes.Seriously folks, what would you do?Let's focus on us ,the motorist here and not just blame the TP dept.

The Death Penalty & The Hangman

I stumbled upon this news from an Australian paper 2 weeks back when the trial of one young Australian Nguyen(caught for drug trafficking) was a hot topic in Singapore.Since it re-surfaced on BoingBoing , one of my favourite sites,thought I might share it with you guys.I think this is the first time any news is published about this Singapore executioner who gets $400 for every person he hangs and used to get 50cents for each stroke of the cane he gave.
On many occasions I wondered what goes through the mind of someone on deathrow, or if I am going to have a noose around my neck in the morning... and the same reason why I found movies like "Dead man walking" so moving.
If someone murdered your child,loved one or closest friend, what punishment would you want for the criminal? The answer may not come so quickly.. and for me, I pray that God may grant me the power not to resort to vengeance.For now, we remember and pray for Nguyen,those on deathrow and those who have gone quietely in the wee hours of the morning.

"Increasingly, our society looks to...increased reliance on the death penalty to deal with crime. We are tragically turning to violence in the search for quick and easy answers to complex human problems. A society which destroys its children, abandons its old and relies on vengeance fails fundamental moral tests....

"We cannot teach that killing is wrong by killing....This cycle of violence diminishes all of us—especially our children."—Confronting a Culture of Violence

Today,I look like an extra from those zombie movies.I have conjunctivitis and a bad one at that and one more thing, do you guys remember our stayover at Changi prison in 1995 before flying to Manila?

Little Miracles

"We are not qualified to say the words that will shift the sands but are able to do the actions that can move great mountains."

Thought I'd just share a little about the PAG camp we had over the Raya holidays. It was held for the kids of St. Joseph's Home in Penang - 21 of them in different shapes, sizes and colours. Sessions were held at the Nature Education Centre in FRIM (Forest Reserve). The icebreakers was a hit, with the kids really enjoying us goofing around. I reprised my role as a professor and Suresh was a caveman! King had a part as the quickdraw robot too.

As we were all aware, the camp started out as quite a challenge to our seasoned speakers - Jacq, Suresh, Pauline and the ever prepared abang Henry. Nothing seemed to hit home, no clue if it was a language problem or that the kids were just too 'walled' up. But we let the good Lord lead us on. I'll just skim through some of the highlights.

Suresh did most of his sessions in BM and I must say that it was really refreshing hearing it over in our national language. Even I was moved ( and the school of hard knocks Suresh too) when he delivered the story of the conversation between Jesus and Satan in BM. Slowly it set in that we were not there to lecture the faith to them but to live it with them.... and then we became kids again. All of us, even Kakak Jackie.

We had Kids vs The Staff (that's what they called us) football matches. And it looked like they were going easy on us. There were these little orang asli kids that were running in circles around us. These tough little fellas from the home were falling down, getting insect bites - took a licking but kept on ticking.

The funny thing is they seldom verbalised they're feelings or opinions to us but they're affirmation notes spoke a thousand emotions. With pantuns and broken grammar that could mute even the greatest of scholars. After all these were genuine words - not the ones we carefully choose for our everyday communication.

Then came Talent Night! Man was it oozing with talents and gifts. The kids were great and the 'staff' did a run through of dance through the ages with Steven (formerly of Muar) in the lead. Highlights: Suresh as one of the Backstreet Boys and Henry as The Crazy Frog. Even Jacq and Jang did The Macarena!!

We even had a BGR session conducted separately by Jacq and Suresh. As for Suresh's session I will leave the lewd details till the guys catch up for a chat over tea.

On saturday evening, a convoy of six cars took a trip over to PJ for mass at SFX. MAss was celebrated by Fr. Simon Labrooy. And we had dinner in church too, courtesy of the parish and in particular Fr. Simon Yong. After which, the kids and the staff whacked ice-cream! Then we all took a drive over to Putrajaya. We had a running commentary by kakak Pauline and abang Suresh while we were there. Pauline's was factual while Suresh's was controversial! he he. It was a long journey back and most of the kids were asleep in the cars.

The next day was tour day and the last day. With King's efforts, we got free entry to the KL tower. We then all drove over to KLCC, where the bus would come to pick them up for the long trip back to Penang. We walked over to a Thai Thong Restaurant for lunch (arranged by King too) at a super good rate. We figured we'd spend a little extra of the sponsorship money to give the kids a good lunch. So we took three tables. And as little miracles happened all along the camp, another was about to happen.

A rather elderly man who was seated having lunch nearby with his family took notice of this queer group - of Chinamen and Kelings seated having a meal with a noisy bunch of Malay looking kids. Truly muhibbah. Then Suresh made eye contact and the gentleman walked over and asked what we were doing there. He was so touched by our actions that he offered to pick up the bill for the whole lunch! Turns out he is the MD of a large company and we may have found our next sponsor. And maybe Suresh found a client too.

We hung out at KLCC while waiting for the bus to arrive. The kids were already very solemn and feeling really sad about having to go back. It was raining outside as the bus pulled up. Some of the kids began crying as they boarded the bus. We were already missing them too. Henry got on the bus to say farewell. And what he saw overwhelmed him... all the kids were crying. And Henry... who I have known to be a strong figure at all our camps got off the bus with tears in his eyes. And then through tears of my own, I saw Suresh the invincible with the same tears welling in his eyes.

As the bus pulled away, we walked back to our cars and we all stood together in the rain wondering what kind of miracle had taken place that day. All feeling the same, all in amazement of an unspoken miracle. All ready to get back to our lives yet not ready to let go of that day.... when little miracles touched our lives.

Why 60,000 graduates are unemployed in our country?

We just had a most fabulous day today when Terence, Gwen, Daniel-boy and our little god-daughter, Marissa-girl spent a day with us at our humble abode. Not only did we have a really good time with the Scullys but as an added bonus, my wife had the priviledge of a culinary lesson from the 'home-cook food' master chef, Gwen; which my wife enjoyed and benefited from but most of all, I'm happy because I get to enjoy benefits of her new found recipes. He he he :D

Incidentally, Terence and I had a very interesting conversation about our education system and the increasingly 'kiasu' education culture where tuitions plays a much larger part than the formal education that is provided by government schools. The fact of the matter is that being parents these days is getting a little complicated where we are bombarded with the dilemma of 'to tuition or not to tuition' for our kids; or 'to private school or not to private school' or I believe in the near future it would hardly be a question of 'whether or not' but more of a consideration of 'which private school and which tuition', unfortunately for us, that is. This is mainly because of the decreasing role of our formal education system; and I strongly believe that one of the root causes of this is, our growing 'kiasu'ness of wanting what's best for our kids and therefore succumbing them to rigorous education plan which consists of 'tuition, tuition and tuition'. And because kids these days are learning everything from their tuition classes anyway, most of them tend not to pay attention in schools, therefore formal schools becomes increasingly unimportant. In a corporate world, this will encourage the teachers from the public schools to perform more effectively so that they don't lose their 'customers' to the competition. But unfortunately, it is NOT the corporate world, it is a public education that is sponsored by the government, so the teachers can afford to be lazy? Accuse me not of making false assumptions that teachers these days are lazy, but read this article from The Star and it does not seem to differ... IMHO, from one thing, this will lead to another and another and finally this will eventually create a devastating 'avalanche' effect which will create more than a few negative impacts; at least in the future anyways right? Not. Maybe the cracks are beginning to show even now, click on the header and find out why 60,000 grads are unemployed here in Malaysia and look at the factors or should I say root causes.

Honestly, I believe that the Ministry Of Education plays a large role of being a referee in this; and in making positive changes as early as possible. As the wise malay saying goes, 'melentur aur, biarlah dari rebungnya'

More about this another day...

Now, Man Utd vs Chelsea is on....

The Electric Company

Hey guys remember this show? It was my personal favourite at that time before the advent of Sesame Street. Anyway, I remember talking to arul about this and it made me remember Morgan Freeman and the other titles such as "Letterman" "Spiderman" and the other creative stuff the show had to offer compared to the malaysian series of cumi dan ciki! But I must say that I still remember that show as well. Siah, good rundown on the Chelsea boss. Lets hope MU starts make a turn around this Sunday. That would keep the BLUE manager quite for a while...we hope!

The 'Fail' in Spain falls mainly on 'the Pain'!

There is a new episode of Beavis and Butthead currently in the football scene but before that; FYI, Chelsea lost to Real Betis in Spain yesterday (click on header) and normally the anti-Chelsea fans would be howling with joy but all the celebrations has been drowned out by the 'comical name-calling' contest between Mourinho and Wenger. How childish it is for two renowned managers of the two largest football club in the EPL who resort to calling each other names in public... To go back to who started it first would've been too childish! But perhaps, the bugger that everyone should look at for bringing the name of football to disrepute is the quack whose tongue is sharper than a razor blade.

Make no mistake, he leaves nothing to chance, he is on a quest to bite everybody's head off... and I mean, EVERYBODY; he is none other than the Great Cornholio Mourinho... Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Chelsea but I'm not too crazy about the bloke that coach it. Maybe he has charisma? Yeah, ok, I'll give it to him. Talent to manage? Maybe a little more than most. Luck? Too much, definitely. Skill with words? He is THE man! He has whacked everyone with his words and comments ever since he stepped in the EPL including but not limited to; FIFA, the English FA, the referees, the players, the managers, the fans, the media, everyone! He should forget about coaching and be a politician instead. No kidding... he's been a real pain in everyone's posterior!

I have compile the top tens of Cornholio's sniping remarks. To me, the one that takes the cake is definitely the 'Voyeur' one! (If he sees this, he may also coin me a 'voyeur', because, apparently I love to watch..... football! So, here goes in no particular order:

  1. If Roman Abramovich helped me out in training we would be bottom of the league and if I had to work in his world of big business, we would be bankrupt!
  2. That was not a football score, it was a hockey training I often play matches of three against three and when the score reaches 5-4 I send the players back to the dressing room, because they are not defending properly [on Arsenal 5, Spurs 4]
  3. It was like they parked the team bus in front of the goal!' [after a 0-0 draw with Tottenham at Stamford Bridge]
  4. The linesman scored the goal. No-one knows if that shot went over the line... [on losing to Liverpool 1 - 0 in the Champions League Semi 2005]
  5. I can say to him in the next 10 years we will compare trophies at Chelsea and at Liverpool. And he will lose. [on Steven Gerrard]
  6. If he understands me now, life will be easy for him, if he still doesn't understand me, then he must have another IQ test [on criticism by Ricardo Carvalho]
  7. If I wanted to have an easy job... I would have stayed at Porto - beautiful blue chair, the Uefa Champions League trophy, God, and after God, me. [on his status in Porto]
  8. Respect is definitely not having sat with a pen in your hand for ten years criticising everybody. And it is certainly not coming to England to play golf and letting fly at somebody, whether you like it or not, who is a serious professional and has won everything that you can win. [On Johan Cruyff]
  9. Frank Rijkaard's history as a player can't be compared with my history as his is fantastic and mine is zero, as a manager though, my history cannot be compared to his. He has zero titles and I have a lot of them. [On Frank Rijkaard]
  10. I think he is one of these people who is a voyeur, he likes to watch other people. There are some guys who, when they are at home, they have a big telescope to see what happens in other families. [On Wenger]

These are not the only ones, of course, there are more actions and words by the famous Cornholio (Mourinho), some are quite high up on the scale that requires no words, like the 'shhhh...' - finger over the lip - action to the Liverpool fans, that definitely deserves to be in the top ten sniping remarks on the Great Cornholio, don't you think?! If you have any more quotes, do pen in the comments! If you wish, you can also vote for which you think is the most sniping remark.

By this article, I'm not saying that Jose is incompetent or rude or an opportunist or a braggart or anything else that could imply that he is like either butthead or beavis or cornholio. But then again, I'm just a lowly individual who does not know football... so, 'Please, Listen to What I'm Not Saying!'

Wait a minute... am I using a YE term again? How unqualified of me...

Here's a more comprehensive list of quotes by the Great Cornholio compiled by BBC. Click here.