Pre Celebrations of Jake & Jessie's Wedding

Hi guys and gals, prior to Jake & Jessie's BIG day tomorrow, please find the edited video of their registration which took place some time back. Jake...Jessie, sorry for this long awaited video. Happy watching and listening. Download site below:

Divx Create Free Giveaway

The people at DIVX are giving away the Divx Create Bundle FREE since it's their 5th Anniversary.Yes, you heard me...FREE, and I've checked it out and can confirm that it works.Hurry folks,"Siapa Cepat Dia Dapat".
On other topic, I am seeking this great "hand crank" charger so that I can retrofit the USB cable so that I can charge my Mp3 player anywhere as shown here on geektechnique.Awesome idea but 30mins of cranking for 2 bars??Think not lah!

Congratulations Henry & Rebecca

We congratulate Henry & Rebecca on the birth of your daughter.I waited in vain for people like Ell who meet up regularly with Henry to post the pictures or news but I guess Ell is probably very busy with work...or overjoyed that Newcastle is finally winning that he's running naked around KL.
Anyway, props to Rebecca for doing a great job and Henry, you can tumpang glamour sikit.Trust me Henry, hence forth every mosquito is your sworn enemy and if you are like me, you'd hate every "mat motor" who goes "broom""broom" in the night while your kid is sleeping.Not to mention, suddenly you spend hours visiting websites about parenting and newborns.If you do need tips, like me, you can check with Superdad Terence Scully.I think Suresh is quite experienced too as he fathered some kids in Vietnam & Bali but bugger deny all the way.
Congratulations again bro!

Wenger defends Ferguson???

Here's something you don't read everyday.Click header.

Pictures of World Leaders when young

A look at world leaders when they were younger.
In my opinion, Chirac looked the coolest while Adolf Hitler as seen here looked really creepy even as a kid.
Who would have thought that these kids would grow up to be both great leaders and mass murderers.

Click header to view pictures and don't be alarmed by site hosting it.

Samy Vellu anoints Palanivel

Star 26th Sept 2005(click header to read more):
Explaining why he endorsed Palanivel, Samy Vellu said the party wanted to ensure continuous progress for the community.

“We have identified a bunch of new leaders who, when we say walk, they must jump,” he said.
“We can’t have ineffective leaders. We cannot just take anybody along with us. Everybody has to walk in line,” he said.

"Nuts" about football

A rare pic where you see Argentina supporters with Brazil fans...actually the one on bottom left is a Brazilian football player from the 70's.Seen on bottom right, Brazil mascot who is "nuts" about football too. Click to enlarge pic.
Why the heck are we holding a China flag???

Rosetta Project

Very much like Project Gutenberg but these are for kids.They have an extensive collection of children's story books, with pictures and it's free.Looks like the next time Terence reads a book to Daniel before bed, it will be from his notebook.
I do admit,content might be the same but nothing comes close to holding a book in your hand.On the upside, less paper used. Click header!

Gay Malaysian Prime Minister?

Reading the morning daily I was left astonished again on how our Dr M still make the headlines without fail.Will the real PM please stand up..please stand up...

Excerpt from Today paper:
"I cannot have a person who is like that in my Cabinet who may succeed and become the prime minister.
"Imagine having a gay prime minister — nobody would be safe," Dr Mahathir had told reporters.

Who is that Chinese Kid?

I am going through some old pictures that I got from Jake.The feeling I get from seeing some are really nostalgic. Like this one here, see that Chinese boy who is standing next to the Indian boy whose smile looks more like a vampire showing its fang?That's Catherine's husband,Mr Christopher "Johnson" Siah.
Kudos to people like Jake and Terence who are able to organize and keep old photos cause people like me sure can't.

Body Piercings Freak Me Out

It's hard to walk down the street, go to the mall, or watch TV without seeing someone with a piercing or a tattoo. Whether it's ears, lips, nostrils, eyebrows, belly buttons, tongues, or even in "places" that don't see much sunlight.I personally find piercings and tatoos to be a turn off but hey, what do I know..I am a 33 year old Uncle who knows nothing about style or trend.
I thought of posting this picture but I was so grossed out that I decided not to, though if you choose...visit the CORSET HERE.
Anyway, I found another site that details the ordeals or experiences the people who run these piercing shops endure.From reading just a couple of lines, it was evident that most of these body piercing types are ...(am at loss for words)
You can read it HERE but I suggest that you better not be eating while reading this.Caution, "sikit" explicit ne.BTW, what did Chris Rock say about a girl with a pierced tongue?
Note: I am positive that there are extremely nice, intelligent people who love piercings too and in no way Arul is suggesting that people with piercings are weird.

Separated At Birth

Click to enlarge!

I'd rather be buck-toothed than brainless...

Originally uploaded by ellf.
Carlos Tevez has been fined by his club after attending a Sao Paulo press conference wearing a Manchester United shirt. (duh....)

The Argentina international will have to pay 20% of his monthly wage - around £13,000 - after turning up to face the press in the 'offending' garment last week.

Roasted Pig Head with Halal Logo

There's a Tamil saying that says "getting your ass wounded because of your big mouth" ..when loosely translated.In this case, it was something these guys said in their blogs.As I have mentioned before, the internet is no cloak of secrecy.They can get you if they want to.Never type faster than your brain, never blog about work and as a good human being, try to respect all.Let's not tolerate racists and bigots.
Today daily: "According to court documents, Lim's forum message began with: "The masses are idiots. 'Nuff said". He went on to make disparaging remarks about Muslims.
Koh was more pointed. Peppering his blog entry with vulgarities, he directed his tirade at Malays and Muslims. His blog had a picture of a roasted pig's head with "a Halal look-alike logo", according to court documents
The two men, who attempted to evade the media as they left the court, are out on bail of $10,000 each. They will return to court on Sept 21"

EPL heartbreak

The only suprise this week was Arsenal's defeat at Riverside while everything else remained pretty same.I fear the worst for Arsenal this season. Cath we better pray that our team buck up soon.Looks like selling Viera was a big mistake after all.

Twilight In The Desert

I was telling our SM about this book I read few weeks back when he started complaining regarding the high price of petrol.Well, it would be a lie to say that I read the whole book because I skipped some parts that got very technical, and probably will ask my brother in-law who is studying his final year in Universiti Petronas to explain it to me.Let's say that it's not really your average light reading material but the second half of the book gets very interesting.The book is written by this guy who really knows the Petroleum industry and he suggests that Saudi Arabia, the biggest mother out there when it comes to oil production will face oil shortage sooner than expected.Than he goes on to state the facts on why he's making this claim and trust me when I say that this guy has done his homework.
"Saudi Arabia has over 300 recognized reservoirs but 90% of its oil comes from the five super giant fields discovered between 1940 and 1965. Since the 1970s there haven't been new discoveries of giant fields. The most significant of the oil fields is Ghawar. Found in 1948, the 300-mile-long sliver near the Persian Gulf is the world's largest oil field and accounts for 55%-60% of all Saudi oil produced. Ghawar's current proven reserves are 12% of the world's total. The field produces 5 mbd, which is 6.25% of the world's oil production. According to Simmons, Ghawar's northern regions are almost depleted. Two other giant fields, Abqaiq and Berri, also seem to have peaked in the 1970s."
As I read the book, it made me realise that the petrol that we pump into our vehicle took hundreds of years to be what it is and our human nature to use NATURAL resources as if they'll never dry up is very disturbing.In the wake of current high petrol prices, I pity those who went out and got the biggest,baddest 4WD out there because these days, it's wiser to be cruising on a Honda C70 "kapchai"!

Download PDF presentation of Twilight In the Desert here.

England to win WC 2006??

I guess for us Asians who watch a lot of EPL, England seem like a footballing powerhouse.Their latest defeat at Windsor Park and not to mention another ugly display by Wayne "Shrek" Rooney says otherwise.Did someone say that England can win the World Cup in Germany 2006?? I do hope they qualify and any amount of swearing by Rooney is not going to help.Don't get me wrong, that ugly footballer Rooney has great skills but he surely lacks the composure that a player like Giggs or Scholes has. Note that I have used MU players as good examples as not to hurt MU fans.
Though, these days, I am what you call a "ABC"....Anything But Chelsea, so I would rather see the Red Devil's win compared to Chelsea.
Anyway, pls click to play this very funny game called "Lust for Bust".I find the expression on the guys face extremely hilarious.Cracks me up each time but I can never get more than 30% lah.I don't think the ladies will enjoy this game and do forgive me if you find it of poor taste.If any of you guys say that it's very offensive...then you're either a HYPOCRITE,LIAR or ....

King Cobra

This piece of news about a King Cobra in a temple caught my attention this morning and thus made me ponder on certain things about it.
Did the snake lose it's natural habitat and had to take refuge in a temple?Let's see, a temple always has food and sure is a better place to chill out and attain fame compared to a mosque or a church as your days will be numbered and in no time the pest-busters will be called in.Some worshippers might have made "sup ular" and said it was good luck to drink it.
I am sure the donations to this temple would be overflowing by now and do hope there is no devious plot involved here and before you lash out at me for even suggesting that it's a ploy, isn't such things have happened in all religions.Ploy to dupe the worshippers I mean.
Anyway, I am delighted to know that God has used a snake to bring about faith to so many and that is already a "miracle".I am sure the snake will be well cared for and that's good to know.

the days of mee goreng, mee tah and mee kari...

Got into the office today (now based in Menara John Hancock), and was feeling a tad bit hungry. So I popped in to the cafeteria on the first floor for some grub. Tapau-ed some good ol' mee goreng and headed on up to the office. Well, I then made myself some cofee and sat at my place to enjoy my calorie-boosted meal. And you know what!!!! The mee goreng tasted exactly like the one we found in the Best School Canteen in the World!!! The canteen of SFI. Man, it sure brought back memories of our school time full-spread buffet of the finest cuisine. Nothing like a dash of the choicest chilli sauce and then pouring away the extra curry for that perfect consistency. hmmmm, just good, good memories of our beloved alma mater!

Kanye West

Those who are not familiar with rap music would not have heard the name Kanye West.Since accusing Bush of racism on TV which you can view here or here ,many have come to know who Kanye is. Now I am a Kanye West music fan to a certain extend, as I feel this guy has some essence and I like the way he rhymes as he's as unique as 2pac.I first took notice when his single "Jesus Walks" was released and then found I was hooked on "Through the wire" which was brilliantly done.His most recent album "Late Registration" has great tunes like "Gold Digger" the one with Jamie Foxx and "Diamonds from Sierra Leone". You can hear the tracks here and as for him accusing Bush of racism I can't comment much but it sure feels strange to know that a Superpower like the US taking 5 days to help their own people in their own country.I guess, Kanye made that remark after seeing the two pictures with different captions on the AFP as shown above.
Kanye West: I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family, it says, "They're looting." You see a white family, it says, "They're looking for food."

Arul says: Come on Kanye, put your money where your mouth is because if all black rappers get together, sell their "bling blings" and pimped out rides, they can rebuild the Big Easy in a month.

Kanye West on NBC download

Old Pictures Please

Guys, as i mentioned before,I need all old pics of Jake and Jesse.As for both jake and Jesse, pls pretend, you don't know anything about it...but Jake I need some old pics and you know how bad I am when it comes to keeping pics.Chris and Terence,would need your expertise to put it all together. I want to do this ASAP as I might travel to Japan this month or next and just in case I am not around, at least i'd know I've contributed something for my best friend's wedding apart from the "Ang pau".So, you heard me...hand it over people.
Chris, you can view our 2003 NZ proshow that i prepared for Daphne's uncle n aunt by clicking on link below.You know the drill, available 7 days only!

NZ 2003 Download

Bruce Almighty

Turned on the tv yesterday and realised Bruce Almighty was on Starmovies.Decided to switch channels as I have seen the movie 4 times.Somehow found myself back to Bruce Almighty.Told myself, I'd wait out for that hilarious news anchor part , which cracks me up every single time.Ended up watching the whole movie for the 5th time and it felt like the first.
I love the part on "free will" and "be the miracle" best but must admit that I do enjoy other crude humour like the part where Jim Carrey tells the "butt monkey" to go "home".Jim Carey is a genius but in my own opinion Morgan Freeman played the role of God very well.One thing to note;God plays three roles in the movie: Janitor (The servant), electrician (Spirit), and boss (God the Father).At least that's the way I saw it.
Here's an interview with the director of Bruce Almighty and if you have seen or not seen this old suggestion, it's a MUST WATCH..again and again.

Look who's blogging

LKS has a blog and touches on the weeping Rafidah too.Click header.

Dont Cry For Me Rafidah

Dont cry for me Rafidah, cry for yourself. So.. kesian.
Rafidah can cry all she wants, ( nasi sudah jadi bubur) and she will be remembered for the AP fiasco. After 48 years of merdeka,one of the many things we malaysian should learn is to stop while we are still at our best. This would be applicable to our sportsman and politician. Retire as a champion and you will always be one, and for the politicians please give others a chance.Just because your name is Samy(God) that doesnt make you immortal.