Klinik Kanak Kanak Serena

Remember our good friend Serena Das from Klebang, Melaka? Well if you don't then she is now Dr. Serena Das and has recently opened her own clinic specially to treat children. All I can say about this young lady who has played a game or two of football with the guys during the hay days of Caritas Prayer Group has the gift of handling children in her own special way.

Gwen and I have been taking Daniel and Marissa to her for consultation and she has been very helpful in everyway. Kids hate seeing doctors....I bet all of us remember that but Serena makes every one of her patients visit a nice one to remember in spite of the mandatory injections the child must take. It has been a couple of years she has been practicing pediatrics and decide to take it one step further by having her own place whichI find very cosy and comfortable for kids (see attached pixs).

The no-shoes-allowed clinic makes the place an actual playground for kids which Daniel enjoyed very much. This concept as you can see in the pictures doesn't make it look like the typical clinic which can be seen in any private hospital. So if you have friends with kids who is need of firstly, comfort and good practical advice, second afordable treatment, then Klinik Kanak Kanak Serena is the place to visit.

Situated in Sungai Buloh, this may be good for Simon Billing lah and anyone in the vicinity, please support our friend Serena who also has an adorable son named Ryan.

For now, Serena is effectively the sole breadwinner of the house since the arrival of their son, hence Dr Dennis (her husband) resignation from the medical practice just to take care of the little one for the time being. You can find her clinic at 34 Jalan BRP 1/2, Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh.


As much as I complain about all the the things that make me go "things will never change lah" about Malaysia..truly,I am so proud to be a Malaysian.I may dislike the way the things are done but I sure do love my country....Malaysia.
Yes, just like that ad,one will ride the bicycle,another sit and relax while another push the "bicycle".Truth is, I am happy to be pushing this "bicycle" because even though at times I feel the "bicycle" don't belong to me due to some unpleasant,unfair circumstances and leaders who wag the "keris" around ...I know I belong to"it".I will always be Malaysian!Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Nah... ambek balik!!

Our old friend is getting a little emotional over this AP issue, don't you think? Looks like our Dr. M is doing an "Ah See Kay, Bo Lang Kay" on Proton's ass! Second childhood, maybe? Your guess is as good as mine...

But my personal opinion is that it should've been done a long time ago. Though, I didn' have the luxury to return my previous iswara back to proton, but I was more than happy to sell it away.. :D

I think we should all follow our ex-PM, let's all return our protons, if he thinks it's not good enough, why should we assume it's any better? Mogok bogel!

Just kidding, folks!

But seriously... (don't you dare take away my nescafe ais!)

Houston we have a problem

Remember plans to make and eat roti canai and sorts in space?Not to mention wanting to wear batik while in space?
Remember one Dr Othman defending the agency's plan to task a chef with researching how to make roti canai, and to have its astronaut wear traditional batik fabric in space when she said..
"We got a lot of flak for that. But I don't see why we should not. I want the people to think and ask can it be done," she said.
"The French astronaut took cheese and the Italians brought their traditonal food as part of their culture and history." Anyway, turns out many did not cut it and could not complete the 3.5km run in the stipulated 20mins and the question remains if Roti Canai is a great diet for our astronauts.Read the BBC report on this here.
Don't worry Jake,roti canai before weddings are fine.It's to ensure both the bride and groom will be too "lembap" to get the jitters and take off.Hi!Hi!
BTW, don't get me wrong,I believe in the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit and wish the astronaut hopefuls all the best.

Jake & Jessie - Registered!

Finally! The duo we know as Jake and Jessie has placed their signatures on the dotted lines. Now legally they are married until Oct 1.

From the looks of things...the man who told personally me that he has his wedding in control was seen serving roti canai to all his guests.....

Strongly indicating that a distress signal will be sent out very soon b4 the Oct 1 deadline. Jake we will be there if you need us. So do not hesitate to ask for help as we will be more than willing to assist in anyway. Just tell us what to do and we will be you bay-kias for the day.

If Roti Canai was not of good service on his special day, you might want to know that he was also ceremony coordinator (collecting IC cards of all those invloved in the ceremony), photo editor chief (coordinating the group shots), Director of Ushers (shouts of uncles ...aunties... could be heard from afar!)...and yes to top it all Banquet Manager. If I might add one bit more before I end on this memorable day for Jake & Jessie...it was a beautiful occassion and our heartiest congratulations to the both of you. May God Bless you two on the journey of LOVE.

March of the Penguins

Finally decided to watch "The wedding Crashers" yesterday,which was sitting in my PC for more than a month.The movie was rather hilarious but I would like to caution you guys.This one is definitely R-Rated, so it's not the kind of DVD you want to pop in while your mom is sitting there, unless you grew up in such an "open-minded" family that your mom doesn't mind seeing Vince Vaughn getting jerked-off underneath the table.Okay, my guess is right about now, this movie just went to the top of SM & Ell's must watch list.
Anyway,while watching this movie,I remembered something from my younger days.Jake and me use to crash weddings too and I can't remember if Chris was part of that elite squad but there were certainly more than 4 of us.While Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn crash weddings to pick up chicks we were doing it for the food.Yes you heard it, the food!
When you are 13 or 14, you just want to eat all the time but growing up in families where money is not something that comes easily we took matters in our own hands.Our targets are never Chinese Weddings cause the seats are reserved,and as we love Indian food even more,it's "slab food" galore every Saturday.Our Modus Operandi is simple, we'll alert each other when there's a wedding invitation card in our houses.Come Saturday, the free food squad will move out.I think we did this like for 3 months and soon after we got tired of it.We realised there was only so much briyani that we could take.
My main reason for today's post is to urge you guys to watch this fantastic documentary "March Of the Penguins".I am not sure if it'll ever make it to the theaters in Malaysia as it might be seen not as interesting as those corny action B-grade movies like "Cobra","Grangatua" and "Aligator".I remember being so overjoyed seeing penguins in the wild when we were in Dunedin.In my own opinion,many great Hollywood blockbusters can't even hold a candle next to this great "epic"....and it's all real."March of the Penguins" gets 2 thumbs up from me and is a must-watch esp for nature lovers.
Click header to watch the trailer and watch out Jake,someone might gate crash your wedding like a bad karma.


This tops all the PDA's,laptops,iPods & other fancy gadgets put together...in my humble opinion lah.Click header!
I am trying to make the blog simpler , load faster and work well with both IE & firefox.Pls give your suggestions and while we come out with a better template this would have to do.Anyway, pls do give me your comments.

In The Womb

Each year across the world, approximately 130 million women go through the complex cycle of pregnancy and birth.
Taking you from conception to the moment of birth, In the Womb sheds light on a delicate but dark place and takes viewers right into the fragile and mysterious world of fetal development.This programme is amazing and both my wife and me have watched it twice on the National Geographic Channel.I believe there's another slot on Wed 24th Aug at 9p.m.Catch it if you can because this is the story of our journey.Yes, every one of us!
While watching this documentary, that pro-life hip-hop tune by Nick Cannon "Can i live" lyrics came to mind.I have always treasured my parents and since the birth of my son,I treasure them even more because I understand in a deeper way how much they have given....esp my mom.
If you have time for only one documentary, try not to miss this!
In the Womb on NGC Asia
Listen to "Can i live" by Nick Cannon
Lyrics to "Can i live


Click header to create your own magazine.Have to keep my mind occupied to forget that fluke goal last night.I am sure Drogba is Sendros worst nightmare and I personally hate that Predator looking mofo.

There's no stopping us...

I'm sure you guys will remember this one when you see it again. I know I did. I downloaded this cult hit last week and I tell you, watching it feels like being in the 80s again.

I can still remember us doing some breakdance moves in front of Wisma with the radio. Yeah, we used to do that stuff... Couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure Arul will remember words like Backspin, Windmill, Knee-Spin, Headspin... (Yeah, Luke, your father used to do the headspin!)

Sheesh... Couldn't believe that we used to do that 'turtle' move, what was that?! One thing's for sure it's damn fun then. Everybody was quite into this stuff. I remembered back then we went to our neighbour's, Ah Huat's house to do some breakdancing and the (in)famous Arul, the breakdance dog did his backspin which slowly goes faster at the end. And then there was some hot news flying around that someone broke their neck doing the headspin.

Check out the website and put a smile on your face!

If Dogs Ruled

Some great photoshoped images depicting a world ruled by dogs. Click

CNA interviews Tun

Download some snippets from the Channel News Asia interview by our very own Tun.After reading it, I just shook my head in disbelief very much like after reading news about England with all their million dollar strikers were humiliated to a 4-1 defeat.


John 10:10

It doesn't get any BIGGER than this,with some of the game's greatest players and two of the world's greatest football traditions, Brazil & Argentina can never be overlooked in any competition. Glory awaits the team with skill,heart and good fortune.
( No Divine intervention please.) May we always be the team to beat.
" La Noche del Diez"


A post about nothing specific really but rather some happenings over the past week.Let's say by now, I probably have watched the video TP made for Luke's baptism almost a hundred times.My favourite scene is that moment when my wife hands Luke to my mom and the credit bit where Luke thanks Jesus.The 2 scenes are very significant and I doubt I can explain my thoughts on this in this post.This one is saved for the next tea & "putu-piring" session at the Scully's.
There were 2 mentions on the crucifix in the news today.
1.Crucifixes in government buildings
2.Defrocked by Pope
Let's say news number 2 made me feel very sad.

The picture you see is a bottle of a belgian beer that was rated no.4 among the best beers in the world.See Chart.I will tell you all about my "new experience"at the Brahaus in my next post as I gotta run for now.Let's say, it was "the boxer, round 2"!!

Haze Haters in Malaysia

Click to view pics and people in the north like Penang are next in line to be "fogged up" I hear!

Video Of Little Luke

After the baptism of Luke and with the videographer expertise of uncle kiss, I managed to compose a small video for Arul, Daphne and Luke as a baptism present. I did my best to make it as meaningful as possible. Hope watching it creates an experience for each individual. The download site is as follows:


Little Luke or Lukey or Reuben as some know this little fellow is finally baptised. As his old man mentioned....."God actually touched my son today" Arul we welcome more future Lukes. May the FORCE be with him, daphne and you always! Amen.

Check it out

1.Titus James , has a blog and am really glad that he managed to resist the "nasi lemak" temptation and have returned back to France for his training.

2.A very cool tool to view popularity of names.Don't bother looking up names like Arul,Suresh or Kunjuraman."Engrand" name only I think....but very cool lah.. the way it's generated.

3.A packing list to help you for every kind of trip.Rather cool!Insect repellant and Simon Arulnyanam...I'll never leave home without it.

BTW, both Daphne & me thank you for taking the time to join us in celebrating Luke's baptism.Pics and thoughts coming up later on but the one posted above by Superdad TP has to do for now.
Not forgetting, my analysis on that "Ell moment".

Pele Weeps for Son

If it's not for Martinian(a very honest guy but whose legs are in grave danger)
I would have not known about this.Pele's son, not just a drug abuser but a drug trafficker too.On top of that,killed some poor motorcyclist while racing on a public road.
Actually,I feel rather bad bringing it up as it's rather a sad tale and as a father I can understand Pele's plight.Well,while Pele was giving wrong predicitons on who'd win the world cup and "sowing his seed" around the world, the son was using and pushing drugs.
Click header to read further.
On other news,our SM is on Skype and you can look him up as " sure1771"

The Greatest Footballer You EVER Saw!

This footballer needs no introduction or biography. Just look at how he skillfully dribbled the ball from above half field on the English side in this phenomenal 'Best Goal Ever' in the quarter finals of the 1986 World Cup.

After his infamous 'God-assisted' goal, minutes later he single handedly made his critics ate their words by this graceful execution of the epitome of a perfect goal!

The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw

Originally uploaded by ellf.
Robin Friday (July 27, 1952 - December 22, 1990)

He was the epitome of a "flawed genius," graced with incredible talent, but having a wild and unpredictable temperament that could see him kissing a policeman one match, pulling down an opponent's shorts in a second, and being sent-off and taking a dump in the opposition's bath in a third.

Robin Friday started his career for the now defunct Walthamstow Avenue football club, but soon decamped to Hayes, who were willing to pay him more and were closer to his home in Acton. Hayes started one match with only ten players, as Friday was finishing a pint in the local pub. When he finally took the field after ten minutes he was obviously drunk and spent the game staggering around the pitch. Naturally, the opposition ignored him - until he scored the only goal of the game.

In 1973 he was transferred to Reading where he signed professional forms for the first time. In the 135 games he played for The Biscuitmen he scored 55 goals, and made many more. He became such a crowd favourite that his on- and off-field antics are still the subject of discussion three decades after he moved on. He even won the "Player of the Millennium" award; no mean feat when many of the voters could never have seen him play.

In 1976 Friday moved to Cardiff City for the knock-down price of £30,000. The Cardiff manager of the day commented that he felt he was robbing Reading, but was simply told "you'll see". Robin didn't disappoint: being arrested at Cardiff railway station on the day he arrived, having travelled from Reading with just a platform ticket. He started his on-field career with Cardiff in a similar explosive manner, scoring twice against a defence marshalled by Bobby Moore. He lasted only 25 games with Cardiff before simply walking away from football for good.

Robin Friday was found dead in his London flat on 22nd December 1990 at the age of 38, having died of a heart attack.

Crude Toilet Poetry

Not for the faint hearted but definitely for those who enjoy a good dump!


Feel like you are blamed for everything that goes wrong? Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz can pin the AP debacle on this guy and he'd accept it.
Among other things, seeing the VW Polo billboard on the Plus highway reminded me of this nice banned ad.I wonder if the people at proton came up with that mediocre ad for the savvy after seeing this.