ProShow Gold - Superb photo presentation software!

Photodex Corporation - ProShow Gold

The photo presentation which I made on our little trip was developed with this software. I was using this software for quite a while now, ever since before Cath and I got married. We did our photo presentation for our wedding photos based on ProShow. There was no option for panning (Ken Burns effect) until I use the ProShow Gold.

It's really simple to use. Any novice users can use it. I won't go much into the detail as you can read it for yourselves in the link. And a 'short' review here.

Well, the end result, if you watch the MTV is like that lar. Very impressive... animation is spectacular. The best part is you can choose the output that you would like either DVD, SVCD, VCD, Web, PC Video or even Executable files (like the one that I sent to you) so you have an array of options to share your presentation.

You can customize the timing with a simple click for your photos to coincide with whatever song you like, say La Isla Bonita or whatever so that the show finishes at the same time when the song ends. I'm sure there's more features in there, it's just that I've not thoroughly fiddled around with it yet. FYI, I did the MTV presentation in about 20 Minutes. You can download and give it a shot. I've not seen another powerful photo presentation software and yet at the same time, so user friendly and not heavy on the memory. Most important of all, it makes you look like a pro in developing photo MTVs in the shortest time. Perfect for us who are not bothered about complex functionalities but just a simple software that can create a photo show that we all can share and enjoy. Double thumbs up lar! 5 out of 5 for me.

Birthday Boy!

Dude, what's up with that look on the far right?
All of a sudden, I hear chipmunk voices...

Anyway, Happy Birthday again!

Thanks to Kingston for the photos of El's birthday celebration and towel party.

YouSendIt! Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

Since we are into this techie geekstuff. Here's something I found which is quite interesting. Say you want to send someone a very large file say about 500MB or more, you definitely can't do that by email, not even gmail. This free website lets you upload your large files and send it to anyone for them to download. How it works is that, stores your large files temporarily on their server for your recipient to download. Once it has been downloaded, the file will be removed from their server. It's fast but please note that it is not secure. If you are sending some highly sensitive files/videos etc, then better not use this. Burn a copy and snail mail it over instead. However, if you are just sharing some large files without the need for security like SSL etc, just use this tool by Quite cool!

Here's an MTV which I designed as a parting gift for a friend who's leaving the company. It consists of photos of our recent trip to Gem Isle. To download this, click here

This was done using so if one of you have downloaded it, the rest can't already. So if you can't download it anymore and want a copy, let me know, I will send it to you. The file size is about 144MB zip file.

Jimmy Hat Ads

Here's a range of condom ads from around the world and this one particular ad was incredibly creative.
One of these days, Argentina will triumph over that team with that greasy haired Ronaldinho who is supplying oil to the rest of the world and that Special Olympics athlete looking Ronaldo.In the words of SM's dad "Apa macam punya nama...KAKA?"
On other news,TP alerted me last night over Skype that it was Ell's birthday, Happy Birthday Ell!


"Yahoo"!Konfabulator is free!I love those widgets and I am very sure people like Jesse will love it too.As cool as that dive Chris took into that lagoon or something.
Add these free hi-def wallpapers,cool icons to make your colleagues go "is this a X os or XP?"

Nature's gift of Gem Isle, Malaysia

The past weekend, we were at one of the most beautiful island in the East Coast for our company trip. We went to this small little remote island called Gem Isle of the coast of Kuala Terengganu. Gem Isle has beautiful corals untouched and well preserved by the folks there. Our guide, Ronni, is in charge of the preservation of Greenback turtles in Gem Isle. They really do good works for the environment by taking care of the turtle eggs till they hatch and then let them go when they are strong enough. I'm not really a beach guy but I must say that Malaysia is home to the most beatiful heritage of nature.

The picture of the 9.2 world-class dive above is actually at Pulau Kapas which is a 10 minute boat ride to the island from Gem Isle. We tracked through the jungle to this very remote site where the guide called Hidden Spanish Lagoon at Pulau Kapas, as you can see the water is crystal clear and yours truly had an opportunity to dive into the beautiful and clear water by the lagoon. All I can say is... amazing!

The sunrise is amazing, checkout the sillhoutte of a lion from Gem Isle overlooking Pulau Kapas and the South China Sea. Cantik lah...

Eradication of Poverty?

"There is the forgotten prong of the NEP – the eradication of poverty
irrespective of race"- Lim Kit Siang
1. I find this picture very disturbing..don't really know why though.
2.By linking to the DAP site, does not mean I support or don't support them.
3. I am tired of all the "politricks" but am very interested when it involves "least of my bretherens" , the environment and animals.So, if one champion these causes have my vote lah.Heck!I'd vote for Uncle Scully any day.


Penisware to decorate your "kunju-raman" by the people at Durex.The funniest part, check out the testimonials!
Suresh can set up a blind date and tell her that he'll be wearing a "tuxedo",maybe Jake can use for his wedding or Ell can climb Ledang and then wear his "Champion" belt.I do not know if it'll look like the champion after the gruelling climb though.
BTW, feel free to use the decorations but as for the "jimmy hat"...remember it's contraceptive!

Bukit Cina-Home of Warriors and Legends

How could the authorities have thought to develop a place where much history has taken place. Centuries ago, this was where probably the warrior Tuah dated Tun Teja running around trees or the Sultans planned who would be their next concubines....

More importantly in modern times, this was the place where the so called modern legends grew up namely the great Arul a.k.a.Arulappa, Chris a.k.a Ah Hen ah and Jacob a.k.a Jakobbi...playing basketball aspiring to be Magic Johnson then and football, duplicating the likes of Valdano and the now fallen Diego. Never forget, this place also holds significance to the biggest con job I ever did. Remember Arul, I was bullying "Kriken" after the basketball game and was throwing stones at him and it accidentally hit a fast moving car, shattering the wind screen. I could never forget how I manipulated the incident and put the blame on this poor dumb and deaf neighbour of mine. The poor driver was helpless when he realise he couldn't take any action. That was my biggest con and escape. Kriken, please forgive me.

Dog Disguise Kits

Alamak!Should have referred this site to that guy who got into trouble when his dog attacked that school boy.Seriously though,no dog should go through this torture lah!

Drama Minggu Ini

London bombed,Tony Blair seems very disturbed & sad, but sheds no tears.
Hamid Karzai,probably has the toughest job in the world,called a puppet of the West by other Muslims and his own Afghan people.He doesn't public at least.
Tsunami kill thousands...even politician cried.
Then again,insensitive me will never understand a "father-daughter relationship"

Only in Japan

We've all heard of bad "Engrish" in Japan but this ad for Passion of the Christ DVD promo for Christmas takes the cake."Baka"

In Remembrance of JPII

Hi All,

Jessi's colleague was priviledged to be in Vatican City 3 days after our everdearest Papa's funeral. The couple (both Koreans) are not Catholic and were actually in Europe for their honeymoon. They were merely curious and wanted to witness the atmosphere as everywhere they went people were either talking about him or mourning.

They were not allowed to visit the Sistine Chapel though but they managed to take the following pictures with the tight security. Jessi & I do hope to go there and witness it ourselves one day ;)

Take Care!


More than meets the eye

Remember the Transformers & ThunderCats days?How we'll have this huge discussion after each episode as if the fate of the world depended if LionO can get out of the clutch of Mumra The Ever Living(don't forget the voice) especially after one of those "to be continued" episodes we hate so much.We'll be cursing those wilykat & wilykit for being total idiots to always fall into the traps of Monkion and the gang.As usual, the hero LionO would have to safe those "baka kittens" lah.

The ultimate question that Chris and me have still have no answer to is, where the heck does that "container thingy" part come and joins Optimus Prime when he converts into that 10 wheeler truck??
The Transformers is by far the coolest cartoon ever and I loved the evil Decepticons too...especially Soundwave!
I do hope the Transformers Live movie can shed some light and it'll be interesting to see how they pull this off.
Sorry Suresh,no comments on Duck Tales but here's a look at the 10 worst football kits ever according to,actually Spurs 2006 kit should be there too!
I am 33 year old...but I still love the Transformers..I am a "more than meets the eye" big kid inside at times.

"Marie Biscuit"

You guys know that I do not promote "adegan-adegan lucah" here on our blog but TP's comment to Suresh's post "Itu susu punya beg adakah?" provoked me to post this.It's TP's fault!
Here Mariah does a Janet Miss Nipplegate Jackson on a German TV show recently.As you know MC's "kazakas" have been bursting out her turtle-necks since she got them "altered".
So for some "susu gantong" cap Mariah Carey or "Marie Biscuit"?Ha!Ha!

Ah Beng on NKF

So, NKF CEO and board resigned last night...and you are saying, "who cares" right?
Well, I know the NKF issue does not really concern Malaysians...well, Malaysians who are not Singapore PR's anyway but I'd like to invite you to witness the madness this saga has brought about.This Ah Beng go bananas on the NKF like that Gwen Stefani song lah.
Caution: By clicking on the header,you are subjected to very crude Ah Beng poetry.

Golden Tap

The NKF saga in this TinyRedDot has got everyone talking...more so those who probably do not contribute to it.Amongst all the "hoobla"..this article manages to capture the true need in going forward. Click Header!

Dave Chappelle is not crazy

Dave Chappelle is one of my favourite comedian and when i say this, people like Chris really know what this guy is capable of.Racial,Crude and downright disgusting at times but I love his warped sense of humour.He comes up with stuffs like a blind black Ku Klux Klan leader!!
I have been waiting anxiously for his 3rd season of Chappelle show till Dave dissapeared.
This interview he gave shows how fame can get to you and suddenly it's not "funny" anymore.


A man's nipples are perfectly suited to soothing a crying baby until it can be fed.
The Times has name the Aka Pygmies, a hunter gatherer tribe from Congo as the best farthers.
When the mother is not available, the farther calms his baby by giving the child a nipple to suck
Arul can now do more in the way of childcare by suckling young Luke. I wonder if
Scully, the seasoned farther used this method?

Jake on Skype...Finally!

Was having a conference call with Jake and Chris a while ago as our friend Jake has finally set up his Skpe account and has begun being a Firefox browser believer.
Anyway,I am thinking of doing a revamp on our blog.I am hoping to add some actual abstract pics of Madras Cafe which I hope Chris or Terence can help as they're the better photographers among us.Maybe Ell and Jake can provide some original sketches as artwork.Simple,black and white theme maybe?Pls feel free to suggest.
Anyway, we are having a "makan" on Aug6 Sat, 7pm over at Daphne's parents place.The ocassion...Luke's Baptism in SFX the following day.
A friend was asking me regarding the polaroid effect pics I posted recently.Unfortunately the site was closed as the people from Polaroid wasn't too happy that their name was used.Though you could toy around with it at this site.Quick may be closed anytime soon.
Note: New pics on photoblog


Our Datuk SM treated me to a quick B'day lunch over the weekend and we decided to "kena" some delicious "banana leaf".Well you guys know how we will talk about almost everything each time we meet up and the hot topic at the moment was the London bombings.
The concern Thursday about the dead, the injured and their families extended to the possible fallout for other innocent people. Very few people were thinking any more about climate change or Africa.With the derailed trains...any good outcome of the G8 summit got derailed too and any chance for the most powerful nations to help the "Make Poverty History" organization became history as well.Now, more billions will be spent to counter terrorism and the whole build up to the G8 summit lost it's steam even before it got rolling.
Beyond the direct casualties from the bomb blasts, the ones next in line as victims of the attacks would be British Muslims and other peace loving muslims around the world.Already an ugly incident took place in the Singapore football arena where an English coach made some racist remark towards an Arab coach in another club.The Englishman apparently refused to shake the extended hand of the Arab coach after the scuffle.Very Sad!
Our initial plan to go to Madras for "teh-tarik" had to be called off as the timing clashed with my "diaper duty" activity lah.

An eye for an eye makes us all blind.
-Mohandas Gandhi

London Bombings

Detailed updates from Guardian NewsBlog.I woke up to the thought...."what kind of evil is this....deeds so wicked but the person who commits it think he's doing a righteous and holy thing".

The Perfect Silent Flip

For the very first time after 30 years of living in our beloved muhibbah country, I attended a muslim funeral. The rituals may be different but death is death, it's the same no matter which 'glass' you put on. It's certain, it's unexpected, it's painful. Naturally, I said my prayer in the way I know best in faith that the God I know will grant my muslim friend eternal rest and welcome him into a good place some of us call heaven. In a multi-racial and multi-cultural society that we live in, it's ironic that it has to be a Japanese art called Aikido that has given birth to our friendship. A handsome and gentle young man blessed with a perfect silent flip. A flip is generally like a somersault used in Aikido and some other martial art as a way to break fall - simply, a way to make sure that you don't get hurt when you fall. When my wife or I do a flip, when we land on the floor, we are like a wet towel. Splat! This 27 year old 2nd Dan Aikido Master turn the art of falling into a graceful art that is lovely to watch. Sommersaulting with his head 2 feet above the ground and his legs stretched making a full perfect circle in the air and when he lands, there is not a single sound. Amazingly graceful! Some of you might have seen him in the Celcom Women's Self Defence advertisement on TV and posters.

His name is Effendi Idzuan, and he is affectionately known to us as Sensei Fendi. He was fit as a fiddle 2 days ago and yet he was the one out a million which has a rare case of Abnormal Vein Rupture in his brain, which led to his death this morning at about 8.20am. Doctors have eliminated the cause of the rupture to be trauma related; so it definitely is not aikido so it could be either mental stress that pressure the head or could be an inherited disease but really, the doctors couldn't quite explain. His brother-in-law just said "When it's time to go; it's time to go". Indeed. Scary but true, I guess when our number is up, then our number is up. Death comes like a thief in the night therefore, let's learn to live right and appreciate what we have before it's too late or too early. Like the movie says, "Everybody dies but not everybody really lives!" Are we really living this life?

I feel for his family, for his girlfriend, for his friends. I will indeed miss him - this young man blessed with the perfect silent flip. So much of life ahead of him and yet none of it left, at least not in the current world, anyway. I hope he will be at peace wherever he is now. I know you guys don't know him but please do say a short prayer for our friend.

Eternal rest grant unto him O, Lord. And let Your Perpetual Light shine upon him.

Longest Yard-moview review

Well I would pretty much watch any movie if both Adam Sandler and Chris Rock was in it.Here's a movie that almost all critics HATED.Yes all that slow-mo was unnecessary and at times it felt like that gung-ho movie "Armageddon" but if you enjoyed "Remember the Titans" and "The Replacements" this is almost there in the league.Let's say,knowing my friends who enjoy great movies from both extremes like "A beautiful Mind" and "Ace Ventura" guys will like this one.
Did I mention that I'd watch any movie that has both Adam Sandler & Chris Rock in it?
The "cheerleaders" in the movie as seen above were very scary!

Suggestion for G8 leaders

In order to help them discern better and make the right decision...I suggest the G8 leaders get their butts out of the plush chairs and walk 10km to fetch water like this African woman.(click)

Crap Pot Planning!

I seriously wonder if the people involved in town planning are a few "makciks" who are bent on making the whole city look like Bunga Raya street without consideration on what these gigantic flower pots will do to the already narrow streets like Jonker Walk.Apparently these pots are priced around RM1000 each...look around and do the math.
There's so much talk about the Sky Kingdom sect's large tea pot and stuff that costs almost a million ringgit but I see even bigger keris and tepak sireh at Ayer Keroh. 2x5 lah!

First a cause, now a craze (click)

I spotted the McD in Larkin Johor even selling these wristbands and looks like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to make some dough out of it.The organizers of Live8 were embarassed when this news reached them.Talking about Live8, the newspaper is full of skeptical news on how this event would fail to make any true changes in Africa.The way I view it.....even if one child is's worth it.

Psalm 23

Click to enlarge

Being Papa

Most people offer three simple pieces of advice to prospective fathers:
1. You're going to love it;
2. It's a lot of work; and
3. Your life is going to change.

In some ways, they were all right.I am loving it cause looking into your child's eyes as you lay him down for bed at night and feeling the love and affection makes all the dirty diapers in the world tolerable and that amazing feeling when I see this little person having his father's ears makes you realise that this indeed is a feel the power of creation...of God!When I look at my son and go "part of you use to live in my nuts man!" my wife always remind me how crude & vulgar I can be....but seriously..isn't that true & indeed awesome?

It sure is a lot of work and I must admit that currently, my wife,mother in-law & Luke's Godma debbie are doing bulk of it as I cover Friday nights till Sunday's only.My mother in-law is truly a "Supergran" cause she's so good with kids and I really appreciate the 3 weeks leave she took from lecturing to help Daphne out.
The pharmacist Godma as seen here is another great help and let's say with all this tough training....she's well equipped for motherhood herself. (click)

Well Luke is basically a machine that drinks,sleep, poop and throw tantrums at will but when we see him smile or sleep so's all worth it.
My life did indeed change on that evening of 16th June matter what the obstacles or difficulty that the future may changed for the better as far as I am concerned.

Okay, I will not get all lovey dovey regarding my wife again but to put it in a nut wife became my hero that evening and what I expressed to her in that emotional moment is not for posting.

LIVE8 - what's it about

"This is without doubt a moment in history where ordinary people can grasp the chance to achieve something truly monumental and demand from the 8 world leaders at G8 an end to poverty."-Bob Geldof

Click icon on sidebar to add your name to support this cause.Faith without works is dead!