Istanpool has witness the greatest comeback in modern European soccer history.
What a game and what a way to win.Amen! Liverpool back at where they belong
as kings of european club football, champions for the fifth time and now having the privilege of keeping
the champions league. They truly deserve to win for they way they played in that 8 min of magic,
starting with the freekick save from Dudek and the 3 goals in the spell of 6min completed the fightback.
A true classic final which will be remembered for a long time. As for Milan sadly its an end of an era
of the legendry defenders in maldini,nesta, cafu and stam. Kaka will be the new generation of footballer
keeping pele's beautiful game alive. As we look forward for the next season let focus on the more important
things in live, our friendship,faith,family and the eagerly awaited Arul junior.

Reds win 2005 Champions League

Liverpool make astonishing comeback from a 3 goal deficit to win the Champions League.On other news two fans, one indian and another eurasian seen celebrating wildly...stark naked.
Anyway, congrats to all the Liverpool fans cause we all know that the Champions League is only second to the World Cup.
They said that the Reds can win it if they are hungry, they were starving and won it in style.

Snail mail rate hike load of crap

Now this would be a piece of news that should not worry "techy" people like most of us who have long forgotten what it means to write a letter.Though upon reading this in the paper today I can't help but re-call that awesome feeling of receiving a letter.An e-mail can never tell it like it is....a hand-written letter can.There's no Love E-mail or Love SMS but there sure is a term called Love Letter.
Every 2 weeks , my wife receives a letter from Brother Michael Jacques,an 80+ year old La Salle brother.Every time I will tease her by saying" your boyfriend wrote again".He has the most amazing hand-writting for an 80 year old and I sometimes am amazed at his commitment to write without fail.My wife who is 8.5mth pregnant with our first child does not cease to amaze me too as she will take the time to meticulously reply without fail.
So, in view of the many people who still write letters,I think this hike is a total BS and it's not like the service is any better.Think about the foreign workers and older folks.
Since we are on the subject of writing, I re-call both Terence and Jake to have the nicest hand-writing while Chris & me wrote more like...... doctors.
(read "cakar ayam")

I am a Liar

An interesting read.Click Header.
Just before posting this I had to entertain a colleague who was trying to tell me how great it was to go hunting in the States.I looked so convincingly interested in his cruel hobby because I have to be polite.

I love this cocky German guy

I had to drink so much 100plus through out the 90mins and more as the 2005 FA Cup final between Man U & Arsenal went into etc time then penalty shoot out.That is because I needed to re-hydrate as my "ketiak berair" all the time.(and that was with both the fan & air-con turned on)
The reason because Arsenal was playing like wimps while Man U was playing like "fast devils".Clearly anyone who saw the match knows that MU was the better team today because Arsenal did not look like the team that thrashed Everton 7-0.
At the end of the day,Lehman ,the only guy who was playing well in the Arsenal team won the FA Cup for Arsenal when he made the penalty save.
Today, as much as I cursed and complained about my team but I never lost faith
(Ell's post on footy&faith)and I acknowledge that the better team MU lost the match but for me and other Arsenal fans like Cath..this is the sweetest victory cause MU put a stop to our 49match unbeaten record.It's a sweet victory cause like what Chris said...Arsenal goes back to Highbury with the prestigious FA Cup.


Originally uploaded by ellf.
Football and Christianity are not often connected. Yet, there are similarities between the world’s most popular sport and its most accepted religion: the allegiances of the fervent football fan and the committed Christian bring comparable demands. Both need to be passionate about their chosen cause. The football fan will wear his replica strip and ardently tell anyone who will listen about his or her team’s star striker. In comparison, the Christian should also be open and enthusiastic about their beliefs, and Peter tells us that we must, “always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15). Both are devoted to those they follow. For the football fan this may mean travelling long distances to away matches, whilst for the Christian it means devoting our lives to God and sacrificing our time. We are told to, “Love your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength” (Deuteronomy 6:5), not just to go to church on Sundays.

Most of all, both the football fan and the Christian need faith. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1). The football fan has to have faith that his team will win, whatever the odds they face. A Christian obviously has to have faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. Faith in Jesus takes away the sin that stains us and makes us right with God. The Bible tells us that God is forever faithful to his people and will give them strength (2 Thessalonians 3:3). Thus the difference between the two faiths is that whilst our football team often lets us down, God will always repay our faith. It is one of the world’s great hypocrisies that faith in God is condemned as ‘irrational, whilst a football fan is considered sane for supporting an awful team that never reward his or her faith.

Yet although some footballers let fame and pride lead them into sin, others find strength in their religious convictions. Sammy Kuffour, the defender for Bayern Munich and Ghana, prays for guidance as part of his pre-match preparations and always has the Bible by his bedside. He believes that his faith makes him a better player. Others have realised the power of football to spread the gospel. Michelle Akers, a midfielder in the USA’s female world cup winning football team, has set up a ministry called Soccer Outreach International. However, she will struggle to match the impact of the Brazilian national team, who produced an inspiring demonstration of football and faith this summer. Even before the World Cup began I remember Lucio, the Bayer Leverkusen and Brazilian centre half, pulling back his shirt to reveal the slogan “Jesus Loves You” during the Champions League final. Once the World Cup was underway it was the Brazilians’ faith and convictions that sustained them and bound them together as a team. After they had justifiably won the World Cup, the whole squad joined hands and prayed together in a large circle. It was a truly wonderful witness on the world’s largest stage.

We can also act as God wishes by playing the game in a Christian spirit. As in all aspects of life we must try and live up to Christian ideals, being the salt and the light in the world (Matthew 5:13–16). This means playing by the rules, encouraging others to do well and behaving with equanimity on the football pitch. In that small way the Christian footballer can influence those he plays with and football can become more than just a game.

Did Newsweek Lie cause people to die?

Here's an example of "jump the gun" journalism.Wanting to be the first with the news without giving a hoot about the impact it will have.
A fine example of morons who start violent protests believing everything that they read.
Think about it for a moment....was the report a lie or is this damage control?I really don't know but what I do know,..people died and those who caused it (both protesters & Newsweek) should feel very stupid & guilty now.Click Header!
On other matters, can't blog as much but am doing fine in the new place.Will talk to you guys over Skype in detail.

Emule Review

FileForum | Reviews of eMule

I started using emule since one of Cath's brilliant cousin who is now studying in Oxford, UK introduced me to it. He said that it's one of the better ones for downloading TV shows by the season. Furthermore, it's ad free!

To be honest, I've only been using emule for the past week, because I can't get the blindfold of my mule (lowID) since I got connected to broadband. So, finally I got it working and now, I'm gonna give my two cents.

Setting Up was painful...

This is the troublesome part! Mainly, because I was using a router and a personal firewall. To make things less technical, both the router and personal firewall limits emule's access to the internet and hence, it puts a 'blindfold' on the 'ass', sorry e-mule. What it means, is that emule does have a connection to the internet but it's limited. I was getting a combined speed for all downloads of 4KB/S. That's bad!

Anyway, long story short, after researching about portforwarding and some advices from various forums about firewall, I was able to get the blindfold of the ass. This program is not made for novice users, I assure you but with a bit of googling and a lot of restarting, anyone should be able to get it working.

The download speed is fantastic...

The result of all that hardwork: I got my download speed to about 50KB/s. I did a bit of tweaking further and now I'm getting about more than 65KB/s (compared to my average combined download speed of LimeWire and KLite, 4-10KB/s and 10-20KB/s respectively. Imagine, with my sad connection, I get a satisfactory download speed, what more with Arul's connection.

The other good thing about this is that the files downloaded are reliable and of good quality. Unlike KLite... which gives you porn and corrupted files, well, only some of it anyway. I can sense Suresh blinking 10 times. Yes, Suresh! It's porn, doing it like they do in discovery channel...

It's not about individual file download...

Like I said earlier, this program is not for novice. It can be quite frustrating to set up but after you do, you can yield quite good download results. Initially, when you get it started, you find all your favorite tv shows and start your download (recommend, you will get quite a lousy speed but leave it there for about a day or two and you will see your mule gaining up on some downloading horsepower, that's when the fun begins. It's quite satisfying to see about 20 of your files downloading from the speed of 1KB/Sec to 20/KB/Sec. If you are looking for the fastest individual download speed, this P2P apps is probably not for you, you might as well stick to Klite or LimeWire for that purpose. However, if you are looking to download a lot of files (say a season of CSI, a season of 24, a season of Greatest American Hero), and you are willing to wait a week or two for it, then this is the program for you. Imagine, after about a week of download, all my files are beginning to reach completion, I have about 6 episodes of desperate housewives, 3 episodes of GAH, 3 episodes of whose line and the rest are still in the pipeline most of them above 80% ready.


- Great combined download speed. Good for those who is not interested in micro-managing each files by clicking resume or source for more files.
- Fantastic apps for downloading a bunch of files.
- Excellent quality files.
- No adware, no spyware. (I've used it for a week now and the only thing that I've seen closest to an ad is an 'ass' with a blindfold on.

- Setting up for this to work is crap...
- Initial download is slow, gradually improving...
- Setting up is crap!

Overall, I'd recommend it. Worth the effort to get it working. Once the set up is done, you'll begin to grow quite fond of your new found pet! Beware, the frustration of setting up for novice... Just when you think you've got it working, the mule goes blind again...

For Pope, dialogue does not mean toning down doctrinal teachings

Pope Benedict used his first major appearance to set the tone of his papacy. Click header

Wrongful Conviction

Can you imagine the pain & trouble this person would have endured because of the incompetency and indifference that exists in Malaysia.I feel so angry after reading this... not even my "awak sudah gigit" story comes close to this.Click header.

May The Force Be With You

Yes, I do admit that there was a time when I was addicted to “Duke Nukem” the FPS game but it was just because my old PC could not support any newer games and most importantly I had a lot of time as I was jobless at the time. Ahh, I still remember those days.. 1998 …getting up at 10am and going for my “Aik Cheong” coffee and “Char Kway Teow”. Sitting in the coffee shop , reading my morning paper till lunch time. After that, I will commence kicking some alien butt as Duke Nukem until tea time at Madras where I’d go meet our Datuk.
Since I mentioned jobless, that is such a coincidence cause as of today, I will be jobless too…..well at least till Monday lah. Since it’s not wise to blog about work related matters so I will stay clear from this topic.
Anyway, we chose the name Luke first and only then realized that somehow it’s going to become a topic as Star Wars Ep3 is about to be released just before the birth of our son. Looks like my first words to my son would be “Luke,I am your father”(not sure if I’d play up the asthmatic voice) and let’s say I have Darth Vader’s dark colour and to make it more Indian…as suggested by can call me, Darth "Vade" instead.
I jokingly told my wife that if we should get a girl after this, we should name her Leia. My joke turned to great concern & fear when my lovely wife started telling me that Leia is a nice name and we should consider it.I regretted opening my big mouth.
As much as I am eager to watch Ep3 as my favourite Wookie (Chewbacca) will be featured in it but believe me. We chose a biblical name and has nothing to do with Duke Nukem or Star Wars.

(not like setting the record straight is going to matter to people like Chris who will torment me anyway..hi!hi!)
Though if we name one of our daughters Leia or Lara then it’s another story all together lah.
Lastly, after all , we are thankful for God’s providence & accept everything that comes from Him with an open heart.

When Luke Was Actually DUKE

Arul recently revealed and confirmed that his son to be born come June will be named - Luke. Little does his wife Daphne and many others know that the name Luke was supposed to be DUKE. This is no surprise as the shot-em-up gamer was once addicted to the DUKE who NUKED. It has been known that suppressed feeling of not being able to play as much games as before can emerge in forms or actions such as this - a psychologist once told!! Nuke HIM! So we have a story for little luke when he becomes bigger.
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The 'Happy' Goddaughter.

"Happy was I when my godparents came over and entertained me with their 'baby talk'. Didn't have a clue what they said, but whatever 'goo ni goo goo' was, it sure sounds funny!"

Marissa Scully's mental diary 8 May 2005

The Thinker

Originally uploaded by ellf.
First and foremost, I have to make it publically known that short and stubby legs are not meant for mountain climbing... man! the veins on my legs were gonna burst! I came back doing the C3PO!! But, nevertheless setting foot on the peak was just beautiful. It took us 6 hours to get to the camp base, and another 1 and a half hours to the peak. The final stretch is mainly ropes and metal ladders... lots of upper body strength needed... slipped a couple of times... just for drama sake. Oh! we got lost on the first day and ended up on Apong Jatuh (named so after the late Apong the orang asli who fell to his doom there), so we returned home and woke early the next day to conquer Ledang yet again. On the net, it said you just need to be reasonably fit... they lied! They all lied! It is really difficult... We had to keep pushing on with Snickers, Uncle Toby's and Glucose water... Then there were the BEES!! but i stood strong and exclaimed, "you wanna piece of me!" and launched straight into OUR FATHER... as we marched along. I sms-ed Suresh to join us but no reply, i guess i kena kencing too but found out later that Suresh was busy main puyuh with Chill Chill Ramamani Jake... ha ha. Poor Suresh was under the weather. Hope youre feeling better now. For all it was worth, the pain and all, the satisfaction of seeing nature in all its glory was fantastic. It was only later that the guide told us the true story about Apong... legend holds it that a mysterious object with glass lenses fell from the sky and hit him on the head many years ago... many have seen him today, roaming the hills looking like a scholar with his specs - a donation from some good soul, a bee-spectacled man i hear!!

The Godparents

Over the weekend Chris and Cath watched over the little ones namely Daniel and Marissa. True to their godparenthood they literally took care of their God child Marissa and her rascal brother who now doesn't miss his dad that much after returning from Penang.

The infamous Uncle Chris is now throwing a strong challenge to the actual Godfather of Daniel as he is slowly winning the heart of Daniel with his famous "There You Are" play with me statements-so much so that it has become part of Daniel's vocabulary.

Also known as the funny uncle, Un Chris was seen having to fix Terence & Gwen's new washing machine with the help of his wife-Cath. In all that they also took an afternoon off to get bullied by their own God daughter who insisted that she be rocked on the bouncer.

Before seen leaving the residence of the scully's, Chris and Cath not only knew they had completed the cycle of what any normal parents would do for their own children but even more importantly they had spent the weekend helping Mrs Scully sincerely from their hearts.

In the midst of all the action Auntie Desiree stole some limelight from Un Chris who seems to have develop a liking for one of the sim siblings. She was seen carrying the toddler and playing with him with no strong rejections hence creating more pressure on the Actual God father. With such pressure mounting, it was sad to know that Arul had resorted to drinking as he was later seen with alcoholics-suresh, henry and the once alcoholic jacob das at EQ Melaka recently.

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Earth Day Footprint Quiz

Earth Day Footprint Quiz

Check out how much you consume compare to others... Interesting to note for you who are concern about the environment and the resources that we have on Earth.

Dog cared for abandoned baby

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- A newborn baby abandoned in a Kenyan forest was saved by a stray dog who apparently carried her across a busy road and through a barbed wire fence to a shed where the infant was discovered nestled with a litter of puppies, witnesses said Monday.

Birthday Boys

The evening was a pleasant one,conversations revolving around pregnancy since both my wife & Henry's wife Rebecca were mother's to be.Other topics we covered includes.. if all three of our birthday boys were indeed stubborn or hard-headed.Jesse did not want to hurt their feelings and said that they had strong characters.Ok.."Kasi Can!"
The next day being Mother's Day, we all acknowledged how great all mother's are and quickly ended the topic as I could see a single tear was about to fall from Suresh's eye.Hi!Hi!Hey, when it comes to our mom, we are all always emotional.
Then the evening took a violent turn when Jake threatened to use the BBQ ed "burung puyuh" to fight with Suresh's "burung".Up to that moment,the evening was abnormal...if you know both jake & Suresh well.Anyway, the victor was Suresh as the "burung puyuh" laid there in it's own "blood".Actually chilli sauce lah.After that I think Suresh just lost his appetite for it.
Well in a nut shell, we all had fun just like Chris+Cath who had fun babysitting TP's kids as TP was away on work assignment in Penang.We had fun like Ell and the rest who attempted to climb G.Ledang.Did you find my specs btw?

64 Kuda...

Today, I finally became a legitimate modern Malaysian with my brand new MyKad on my 3rd attempt. My first attempt in collecting my new MyKad was last Saturday but we were a little late, and the frigging JPN Selangor was overflowing with folks scratching and crawling just to get a number. Afterwhich, you gotta like, wait some more for your number to be called. The second attempt was yesterday, woke up a little late, stuck in a little jam, got to work a little late and so on. And in KL, when we say a little, it's not quite a little. That was that.

On my 3rd attempt, I was there slightly before 9am today (In our Malaysian government office, 9am is late. The line would probably be all the way to Klang by then! So I thought! ) but surprisingly the line was not too long considering my lateness on an ever dreadful 'Friday. So I lined up, there was about 4 persons in front of me to get a number. Not too bad, service was quite efficient, I got my number in under 5 minutes. My number was 1081 and the current number then was 1020. So I sat and waited, finally, over the speaker phone; 'satu-kosong-dua-satu, kaunter sembilan belas' came on after an approximately ten minute wait. I thought that was it lah. I'm gonna have to set up camp, buy some karipap and an exercise extreme patience to get over with this ordeal. But I was prepared to be divinely patient, I was like Gandhi sitting on my 'rocking' plastic pew with the rest of the other folks curled up comfortably and nodding their heads slaphappily which reminded me of our old SFI classroom ritual. "Satu kosong..." 1021 came within 5 minutes, I guessed that these jokers must have been waiting since the JPN office opened at 8.15am, 1 hour of waiting not bad what, for Government office standards. Then all of a sudden it happened, it almost sounded like rap music with "satu kosong dua tiga, satu kosong tiga.., satu kosong empat...". Before I knew it, I was wrapping up my loincloth and heading towards the counter to collect my brand new MyKad. Surprisingly, I was out of there by 9.30am. I'm still flabbergasted and in a twilight of amazement until a couple of minutes ago when I spoke to my wife on the phone and she asked me "So how's your new 64 Kuda?". I was clueless, naturally. Then she said "Gua punya baru 32 kuda, lu punya sudah 64 kuda oh, lagi banyak kuda, lagi cepat!". All of a sudden, I remembered that time when we applied for my MyKad and she was asking the bloke at the counter about adding information (like medical info) and other services to the 'chip' in MyKad, and he was dramatically explaining to her in 'kuda' metaphors about the expansion of memory of the new MyKad compared to my wife's MyKad which she has just received months earlier.

I was laughing like a mad man in the office, when I finally grasp the whole meaning, when I noticed at the right hand corner on the back of MyKad which is so profoundly written... "64K chip"

Mother Tongue

Lately, I had a sudden urge to dig a little more information about this dead language - Latin, prompted by viewing Scott Hahn's video on 'Splendour of the Church'. Dr. Hahn talked about how sacred it is to hear the mass in Latin and so on. This spurred me to find a little more about this ancient holy and somewhat dead language which is often used in the Catholic Church, very widely in pre-Vatican II period and apparently it is still used as a medium in the writings of the Vatican.

In the secular world, you will often notice Latin in the names and species of living things when you study science. What I found out was, that Latin was widely used as a neutral language by the Catholic church as they go into various nations. The Latin language was and still is the universal language within the catholic church. While many people out there see Latin as dead and ancient language, which no one uses anymore, it is for us, catholics, mother tongue. St. Peter used Latin to craft the liturgy and said mass in Latin when he is the Bishop of Rome. There is more depth to this ancient and holy language than we care to know.

Latin to catholics, is like sanskrit to buddhist, arabic to muslims, hebrew to jews. Make no mistake, thanks to Vatican II, we may not be using it extensively in our everyday liturgy but it is quite far from being a dead and unused language. If you look at, you will find that Latin is being used quite commonly. Vatican II has in no way banish Latin to the sideline, check out what our dear JPII said to an international group of pilgrims in Rome on July 28, 1999: "We strongly encourage you all that, by diligent study and effective teaching, you may pass on like a torch the understanding, love and use of this immortal language in your own countries."

There is a certain grandeur and holiness in the latin language, a kind of depth that is hard to describe. Go to and listen to the short but free download of JPII's audio on 'Our Father' in Latin:

When your hear our JPII the Great chant 'Pater Noster qui es in caelis..." gives you an indescribable sense of awe... doesn't it?

Cancer, Baby

I learned about this site from another site called bloggingbaby that I visit frequently.Since we are about to be new parents, i am trying to keep abreast with the necessary basic skills & knowledge for nurturing.In short, I read a lot on baby stuff.
This blogger is an excellent writer and she reminds me of all the things that we take for granted.I pray that the good Lord will keep this courageous person in His care.Click Header!

Liverpool fans have the last laugh

The "12th man" in the Liverpool team...the fans make Maurinho "makan taik"!

"Tak Nak" Campaign Tak Jalan!

I remember vividly most of us being very critical when the campaign was started. A big billboard with the words"Tak Nak" was just as "effective" as the Telekom billboards with the word "Caaaakaaap".I am amazed at this statement in the
“These billboards are placed at locations where there is a lot of traffic and many drivers reported that they do not even dare look as they might be involved in accidents,”
Seriously, how distracting can be "Tak Nak"? Face it brader, the campaign was a total flop as it was a joke among the young people you were targeting. A rapping mamak??
The winner in this , the people who came up with the million dollar joke!Back to the drawing board ....hopefuly more "tak bodoh" this time.

The Long Weekend

My parents in-law,brother & sister in-law were in the "tiny red dot" for the long weekend and well their holiday turned into chores as they had to help us clean up our new home after all the minor renovations that left major mess. While we men stood around pretending to do work, the women led by my mother in-law had the whole place clean in half an hour.That's really something!
After all the hard work, we decided it was time to have a good dinner, some music & just chill out. In no time were at HardRock Cafe , ordered our food while we listened to the HRC resident band.I hate to run this band down but they seriously need to learn the lyrics to the song. If you want to "bedek" the lyrics, Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx is not the song. The song that took the cake was "English man in New York" by Sting. I have a pic of the band but I think I will not post it lah.Their music & voices... excellent but not knowing the lyrics really killed it.
I noticed something even more interesting, right above the band where all the Rolling Stones covers were hanging,there was a pic of the Hindu God HRC Singapore. Hinduism is really going mainstream since now they have their own theme park & have a pixar studio guy working to popularise the characters.
It was a fun & pleasant weekend with the family eventhough one specific friend "kencing" sama gua lah.... at least that what I thought.Turns out, our "Datuk" was very sick lah. Kasihan!
Thanks to TP who alerted me on this.., I designed my photoblog with Firefox so it will kinda suck if viewed with IE.