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Happy Anniversary! May the Lord Continue to bless the both of you with loads of love, happiness and more...

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Million Dollar Baby

The movie made me question a lot of things and must admit that it was very difficult to not sympathize with the characters.
The movie became a topic of conversation between my wife and me over lunch. When I asked her what she would do if she was in Dunn's shoes. She simply said the best-intended decisions cannot justify the chosen means,.. and for the Church to allow some special cases would be to set precedence, and that's dangerous cause then there'll be no end to it. I think, she would have taken a longer time to answer if she has seen the actual movie.
If you have seen this movie, I would like to hear your HONEST opinion on it.

Watching the movie from my .... - by Diane Coleman

Fly Guy

A cool site I stumbled upon by chance. Explore and you will be rewarded with a cool drink and entertained by a hawaiian girl and her monkey.

Earth Day?

Yesterday was Earth Day(22-4-05) and one day before that, Star paper carried this piece of news.
10 species of Hornbill will lose their habitat.That scene from "annamalai" where Rajinikanth will move all his cattle into the mansion of the rich developer who tore down the cattle shed.. is playing on my mind.Well, only in Tamil movies that can happen but how I wish to have powers like Ace Ventura and get the thousands of hornbill to fly into houses of the people involved & ministers who "makan duit" and "patuk" their "burung". Ehh? Women ministers how ah? Masuk sarang?

Rampant illegal felling of timber at Tasik Temenggor, Star 21/4/05

S!#t Gold ah?

"Jelas sekali tandas untuk orang tertentu buang air lebih penting daripada rumah untuk orang miskin"

I hardly use my 250mb Hotmail account since switching to the 2GB Gmail donated by two generous "anime" characters.The same Gmail which I use happily as a virtual driver as well. Was a good thing I checked my mail today and found a piece of news alert from one Miss Pauline with a header "RM 99 Potty".MJ's laughter was ringing in my years and quickly I tried to learn more about the fiasco at the DAP website.

Some neat tools & tricks

Wanted to share some tools that I stumbled upon during my idle time. I think people like Ell & Jesse will like it and guys like Suresh will give it a pass and click over to soccernet.com. Anyway, I personally do hope Liverpool goes all the way in Champions League and snatch it away from Chelsea. I think the tide is changing and soon Liverpool will be hated by many because they win almost everything. Win lose , it's all for the love of the game ... but fighting with your fellow team- mate on the field? That's uglier than Christiano Ronaldo doing those irritating step overs a tad too many times and Robert Pires putting his leg out to to trip.. himself. Ell,.. Newcastle why like that? Sorry... got carried away.Here are the links I told you about. My fav is Montage-a-Google!
Scribbler , Montage -a - Google , Type Drawing.

Our New Pope

Just wanted to share on what normal people out there thinks of "Pope" and the Catholic Church. This morning I was confronted by my colleague about the new pope. She's punjabi, married to a lawyer who has not been baptised but were brought up as a Catholic. Thus, she's very liberal in her thoughts and can be considered a true product of "relativism" of todays world.

As I excitedly shared about the new pontiff and on how secured the election is, she immediately quashed my opinion saying the position is all about power and due to that surely there must've been some sort of political influence internally during the election. I explained that it's a calling to "servant leadership" that can be only understood in the context of faith and it's not a position or about power. She went on to say that it's not necessarily be a tangible power, it also can be an intangible power which doesn't involve money, position etc. She then asked me to be practical and realistic, whatever JPII did during his last days was so impracticle and so on...

However, I did manage to explain to her that as much as I agree with her but it's only applicable to modern corporate, goverment sector. Told her that this is a subject about faith and not a policy or a fact which can be argued and agreed upon. It's a subject of faith which is prayed, experienced and about submission through spiritual relationship with God. Though we never agreed on anything but we had a healthy disagreement about the subject for a good half an hour.

It hit me like a lightning bold and made me realise that people out there are just like my colleague. Although the world and public spoke and publicise so much about the pope this last 2 weeks which to a certain extend made us happy that the media were sort of evangelizing on behalf of the Church, but deep inside they knew nuts about anything and it's just another latest propaganda for the media at the moment. Instead it would have given the wrong publicity to the majority of the modern "relative" society and would have gone on to further affirm their beliefs of corruption, position and power within the Catholic Church. The people of other faiths, free thinkers and the world are just like my colleague, a product of relativity. So guys, lets not be quick to affirm the CNN or the BBC.... Can you imagine, the majority of the population of the world is actually disappointed with Cardinal Ratzinger who is a conservative has been elected as Pope. Sad to say, there are many Catholics among them as well.

Pope Benedict XVI said his 1st mass as a pope and in his sermon he acknowledged that he was experiencing feelings of "inadequacy and an inner disquiet," but professed a "profound gratitude toward God while still adjusting to his new role as head of the Roman Catholic Church. This affirms that he's a servant-leader. No one man/woman who's elected to a post in corporate/government etc will be humble and acknowledge his feeling of inadequacy openly to anyone, moreso to the whole world.

As Jesus said, "We are the salt of the earth and we are HIS light to the world" The church needs more than the priest, religious, cardinals and the pope to spread the good news and also to defend the church.... not through dialogues but actually through prayer, abstinence, service to church & society and by living examples of our lives. "They will know HIM by our love." The Church is being persecuted from all angles as it goes through the most challenging time of her history. Please pray for our Holy Father that through the prayers of Mary, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and through the Holy Eucharist he may discern to lead HIS church according to HIS will.

It's a Cairos moment... let's pull our resources together while we keep waiting for the Master

The Papacy Is No One Man Show

Wanted to share this great article on today's paper. Click header to read more.
As the new Pope was presented to the world, it must be understood that things in the Catholic Church do not change dramatically overnight, as it were, with a change of Pope. Certainly a parallel cannot be drawn with a change of civil government after general elections.
by Dr (Rev)Robert P Balhetchet in Today paper 20/4/05
The writer, a Doctor of Theology, is the former editor of Catholic News.

TV SMITH's Dua Sen: Are You Malaysian?

Take the quiz via TV Smith's Dua Sen.I could never get 100%!! Guess being a PR in another country is starting to take it's toll.

Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Pope John Paul II are seen together at the altar during the Easter Vigil in St. Peter's Basilica March 30, 2002.Click image for biography of Pope Benedict. Posted by Hello

VATICAN CITY -- German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the 78-year-old guardian of the church's doctrine for the last 24 years, was elected the 265th pope and took the name Benedict XVI.

Malaysian Mentality

You are a 3rd World Country
(A gentle reminder to all Malaysians)

Progress is not solely about prosperity
Nor buildings that look pretty
You may have the KLCC
But some places like Penang are still dirty
So you are still a 3rd world country because of your mentality

You try to beat the queue to get a taxi
And don't even bother about road courtesy
Not to mention parking indiscriminately
Without signalling you overtake randomly
And abusing lanes for emergency
Rising deaths on the roads is how u celebrate festivity

You created the MSC
To emulate Silicon Valley
You talk about high technology
To preach about the PC
But yet broadband is denied to many

You also can't supply stable electricity
Your roads have potholes and are bumpy
And tyres fall off your LRT
So this is Malaysian quality

Let's create the best schools, roads and toilets in the country
Are what Malaysia Boleh should strive to be
But instead Malaysia Boleh is so funny

You break records just to make yourself feel happy
Decades passed but this mentality I still see
Will this carry on till the next century?
Or will this change when we turn 80?

You are helpless and just let it be
Let it be
Will tomorrow be better for you and me?
15 years from now come 2020
if this goes on you will still be
just another 3rd world country because of your mentality.'

via Jeff Ooi's Screenshots"

Cellphone Jamming : Vatican

Another example of how secure the conclave would be.Click header.
Jake has asked that we keep the whole process in our prayers and he was expressing to me yesterday over the phone on how "Holy Spirit led" the whole conclave is.Truly Amazing!
Among other things I learned that Suresh and the youths of St Theresa actually held a vigil for the Pope.They even wore a black string as a sign of mourning till today.During one of the Sunday mass, there was no homily...instead a 30mins documentary on the Pope was shown in a big screen.Looks like the youths of St Theresa are doing great under the guidance of Suresh & Felix.

Papal Election more secure than most elections in the world

How does it work, and just how hard is it to hack the vote? Click header
From what I found out...the Catholic Church is very serious about choosing the Shepherd for us the flocks.On other matters, Jake wanted to know if the KGB had a hand in the Pope's assasination attempt.Apparently some documents has come up suggesting that it's true.Google it...many links available.

Hotel Rwanda

Guys, this is an excellent MUST watch movie I saw yesterday.
As Joaquin Phoenix who plays a cameraman puts it"many will watch this on the news and go...that's horrible the way these people are massacred.Then they'll go on to eat their dinners as usual". He was talking about most of us.
Historical background on Hutus and Tutsi:
Who created the inequality among the people of Rwanda?
"Hotel Rwanda," he repeatedly emphasizes, is a teaching tool. "The message of our movie is to say – look, this happened in Rwanda 10 years ago. The people of the world were not informed. Now today you are informed and again it is happening – are you not going to take action? Please do take action because it is happening in Sudan. It has been happening in the Congo for the last eight years – about 3½ million people have been killed. The world does not start and end in America and Europe. It goes beyond."
Click on image to know more about the movie:
Posted by Hello

One Eyed Jack

Whether in sports, education, business or record-breaking; we seem contended being the proverbial one-eyed jack. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

The brutal truth via TVSmith....

Post a Secret

Posted by HelloClick on image!

This is a project started by some guy 3 mths back, where you share your secrets in an anonymous post card.
Secrets range from funny (“I would like to party with the Bush twins”) to dark (“I talked someone into suicide”) & ...very sad. The truth I feel...more secrets..less hapiness!

John Paul II, He loves you!

Click on the link. This will lead you to CNN Online News about the Pope's Funeral. Go to the right column titled RELATED and click on Interactive: Remembering pope. Watch until the end, turn the volume on!

Statistics about Pope John Paul II's pontificate

For those of us who were there in 1995 Manila, aren't you glad that you made the statistics. Check out the last stat.

Some statistics about Pope John Paul II's pontificate:

Visited 129 countries in 104 foreign visits, making him most traveled pope. Covered 723,723 miles, which is about 30 times around the globe or three times to the moon.

Issued 14 encyclicals, 15 apostolic exhortations, 11 apostolic constitutions and 44 apostolic letters and delivered 2,416 planned speeches during his foreign trips.

Beatified 1,338 people in 147 ceremonies and canonized 482 people in 51 ceremonies, more than all his predecessors over the past 500 years combined.

Convened nine consistories and installed 232 cardinals; ordained 321 bishops; baptized 687 children and 814 adults.

Held 1,161 general audiences, attended by 17.6 million people.

Visited 317 of Rome's 333 parishes in his capacity as bishop of Rome.

Held 38 official visits with heads of state and more than 982 audiences and meetings with political figures, of which 737 were audiences or other meetings with heads of state and 245 were meetings or audiences with prime ministers.

Was the third longest-serving pontiff, at 26 years, five months, 17 days. Popes who served longer were St. Peter, the first pope, who served from A.D. 30 to 64 or 67, for a total of 34 or 37 years; and Pope Pius IX, who served 31 years, seven months, 22 days, until Feb. 7, 1878.

Published five books as pope: "Beyond the Threshold of Hope" (1994); the autobiography "Gift and Mystery" (1996); a book of poetry "Roman Triptych" (2003); "Get Up, Let Us Go" (2004); and "Memory and Identity" (2005).

The largest crowd at a papal Mass: 4 million in Manila in 1995.

Malaysia Remembers Pope

''The church needs to follow the example of Romero to be more vocal and to denounce the root injustices that contribute or cause poverty,'' said Martin Jalleh, a popular church facilitator. ''In fact this is what John Paul II did too.''"

Crossing the Threshold of Hope

If someone we love passes away, we will mourn.Likewise, till the end of the week we will seize posting other topics on the blog.It's our own little way of showing our love and respect for someone who changed the world.During this time, we can read this number one seller,Crossing the threshold of Hope by the Pope I read years ago.It's answers he gave to a journalist.Awesome stuff.
You can download the free e-book at the link below and also other good books here.
Crossing the Threshold of Hope
Click above to download

John Paul II, I love you - My Tribute...

I only had the priviledge to see our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II once about 10 years ago in World Youth Day 1995 in Philippines. Never has the world seen a Pope who is so in love with the youths, so passionate and so interested in our lives as JPII.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I remember quite clearly how our pope looks in the pope mobile. It was such a wonderful occasion for me, personally. Because to me, he is indeed a saint of our times, a personal saint, a shining example of the balance between physical, spiritual, mental and emotional life. He has been a symbol of freedom, courage and hope. I admire his intellect, his ability to speak in many languages, his tireless travel, his love for the young and the oppressed, his keen observations and contributions to the world's morality. And I admire his passion for the Rosary, for the Eucharist and for the way he uphold his faith not only by talking about it but walking it in every country that he visits. His simple gesture of 'kissing the ground' as he enters into each of the country he visit shows that every catholic should love the earth and appreciate the gift that God has endowed upon his children. He is truly a symbol of what a good catholic should be.

I don't claim to know him personally, but he is as personal to me as anyone can get. Till this day, as I reflect on that January day in Manila, Philippines, ten years ago, my heart is still burning with passion chanting "John Paul II, we love you! John Paul II, we love you!" I can still imagine his gentle wave and smile as he sit in his pope mobile. Now as he leaves for his eternal home in heaven, I can almost hear him say "John Paul II loves you too!". A role model for all catholics! But most of all, a role model for me! To my personal Pope, "John Paul II, I love you!"

Yahoo! News - Pope John Paul II Dies at 84

Yahoo! News - Pope John Paul II Dies at 84


"Do not be afraid!" - JPII

Our Beloved Pope Comes to His Final Journey: ""

As we reflected on 'the Agony in the Garden' last night, the words "If it is possible, let this cup pass by me, yet not mine by Your will be done" made a deeper impact in light of what may be our Holy Father's final journey of his mortal life. Though, we constantly believe there is alway hope but we also come to a realization that God's ways are not ours. The thought that we may be or already in the process of losing a living Saint that has been a shining example of strength, perseverance, faith and youthfulness makes me shudder to the bone. Yet, reflecting on the impact that he has made in my life, inspires me to hope and NOT despair. To live life to its fullest and not let life's barriers like death, sickness, old age or other fears to stop us from living fully in Christ.

The image of seeing our Papa in his Pope Mobile in Phillippines years ago flash across my memory. Knowing that that may be the 1st and the final time that I've ever been so close to the Pope. Today, as we spend some time in reflection and praying for his recovery, let us also pray for his intention for us throughout his reign. He has been constantly praying for us. He made last year dedicated to the Rosary and this is the year that he would like us to dedicate to the Eucharist. Mass has and always will be important, even moreso throughout this year.

And as we conclude the last decade of the Rosary with the reflections of "Jesus Dies on the Cross" last night, the words "It is accomplished" touched my senses, and immediately thought 'Could our Papa be saying this exact words soon?' I don't know. One part of me prays that God will be merciful in letting him live a couple more years to serve and another part of me prays that God will be merciful to let him enter the gates of heaven in all its glory that he fully deserve and leave the service to the rest of us that has been called in one way or another.

The latter seems more unselfish. But whatever it is that happens throughout this day, 'death is NOT a possibility...', quoting Arul 'but a fact.' Death will indeed come to all of us, can we be as serence and peaceful as he is now facing what possibly his last moments? As courageous and as strong as our Pope is throughout the ordeal? Maybe but maybe not.

As I reflected and prayed for his speedy recovery, another verse from the bible sprung across my head several times, which is 'weep not for me, but for yourselves and for your children'.

Indeed, he has spoken and written openly for us all, his intentions that we may be more prayerful, responsible, courageous, family oriented and vigorously alive for the Gospel is clear and vivid. Let us not only pray for him but also for ourselves that we may act on his intentions and his prayers. I strongly believe that that could be the legacy that he would want to leave behind, more than a community of mourners but a community that is inpired to live and love as he does...

Yahoo! News - Vatican: Pope John Paul II Is Near Death

Yahoo! News - Vatican: Pope John Paul II Is Near Death

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes Of All Time

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes Of All Time:

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia car thieves steal finger

"Malaysia car thieves steal finger"
This appeared on BBC new and I remember mentioning this during on of our conversations some time back,biometric mechanism will ensure your finger or eye gets ripped out.Don't these people see all those movies where it happens?Anyway, now the whole world know that Malaysia have ruthless thugs and it's a shame that the police can testify that cars have been stolen many times at the same location.
Solution to this problem...drive a beat up Kancil.Whether it'll keep you safe in a collision is another thing lah.