100 things we didn't know this time last year

It's the pile up from the weekly "10 things we didn't know last week" by BBC. For example number 22: The length of a man's fingers can reveal how physically aggressive he is, had me looking at my fingers.You won't stop till you read em all.
Here's one thing I knew this time last year for sure.That thousands will wait till last minute to apply for their MyKad.Seriously folks, you had freakin 3 years man!3 years!

Click header to view the 100 things list by BBC News. Wishing everyone a very Happy & Prosperous 2006!

Have a Blessed Christmas y'all!

"The supply of time is truly a daily miracle, an affair genuinely astonishing when one examines it. You wake up in the morning, and lo! your purse is magically filled with twenty-four hours of the unmanufactured tissue of the universe of your life! It is yours. It is the most precious of possessions. A highly singular commodity, showered upon you in a manner as singular as the commodity itself!
For remark! No one can take it from you. It is unstealable. And no one receives either more or less than you receive.Talk about an ideal democracy! "
-from How to Live on 24hrs a day by Arnold Bennet

My wish and prayer for the coming year would be to spend more time with my family and close friends...as they say the important thing in life are never things but people.My wife joked by saying that the only way I would have more time to spend at home is if I get laid off.She kids but there's truth in it.It seems like a hopeless wish when you know you are destined to be away from your family for more than a month at times on work.I guess I have to change that from a wish to a New Year's resolution instead.
I remember vividly sitting in Chris' house during our "Kampung"days composing a Christmas song of our own.To date I have never seen anyone play the acoustic guitar like Chris and it was no suprise that we came up with the song in less than an hour.After all these years, I still remember the lyrics to the song simply because we own it and it automatically runs through my mind every Christmas and this year is no different.It's even more special this year as we celebrate it with our son Luke.
Have a Merry & Blessed Christmas everyone and my message and wishes are embedded in the lyrics to the song Chris and I wrote some ten years back.I just want to say that good and loyal friends are a dying breed but I thank God that I have been blessed with more than one.You know who you are.

Grunge Christmas
There's no snow outside
The sun shines so bright
It's not the Christmas you see on a tv screen

Moonsoon rain pours every night,
and my dogs are having a fight
the roof leaks and
it's not an awesome sight

but that's the way it'll be
Christmas in this historical city
and that's fine by me

Cause Christmas is, not about snow
Cause Christmas is, not about sleigh bells
Cause Christmas is not about presents and clothes
For truly it's bout the love of God
Born simple and plain
to die in agony and pain
Simply for you and me.
Music & Lyrics by Chris Siah & Arul Irudayam

P.S: For the record, my 3 dogs were actually fighting at the time and the house roof did leak.The title was influenced by grunge bands like Pearl Jam at that time la.

Wireless Finally

After discussing with the Mrs on ways to make our home less cluttered,I decided to invest in a wireless router and network adapters today.I went with Linksys as I kinda lost faith in D-Link when it kinda crapped out on me in the office last year.So, finally that gigantic desktop is out of the living room, and now I can surf using my notebook without those darn LAN cables.
The first thing to remember when going wireless is - Authentication and Encryption of your network.The reason I know this is because I too am guilty of searching for unsecured networks many times and I happen to know certain people who have benefited for years thanks to their trusting neighbours who don't encrypt their network.
If you like me have used tools like Kismet & Airsnort to scan for wireless networks before...you should know better on how to secure your network.Anyway, click header which will take you to The Ethical Hacker Network where you can learn more about these hacks...I mean protecting yourself from these hacks.Gulp!

Ugly Scene @ Cronulla

I dislike labeling anyone and am in no way trying to indicate that most white Australians are racist because some are extremely nice people but stumbling upon forums like this kinda makes me feel a little disgusted.(forum named "Cracker" btw)
I guess, just like how some Malaysians tend to dislike the foreign workers here saying that they cause nothing but trouble,Asians are pretty much disliked in other parts of the world.
At the end of the day we are all people trying to find hapiness but for now, if you are Lebanese or have a slight mid-eastern look...stay away from Cronulla because you would be "habis lah".
Click image to enlarge!

Not Again?

Click image to enlarge!

Never Say Bomb!

Sometime back I mentioned about about a friend who likes to say " Go bomb Osama" when he wants to go to the toilet for a dump in the post "Who you calling Keling". I cautioned him as saying the word bomb esp during this post 911 era in the airport can get you killed.Today's news on a passenger being shot dead due to a bomb threat kinda proves my point. Turns out, the man had some disorder or something and was probably did not have a sound mind at the time.He did not have any bomb and I wondered..whatever happened to shooting someone in the leg or the arm like in the movies?I guess, all Airport security people are jumpy and start their day with the words " I WILL TAKE YOU OUT" in front of the mirror.
Anyway, it just happened that I stumbled upon this WEBSITE documenting the works of Louis Wain that likes to paint Cats via DIGG.You can actually see his condition get worse through his works and somehow both this website and the other news found a connection...at least to me la.Somehow, the mad people who roam the streets of Melaka has always intrigued people like Chris,Suresh and me.I guess we simply like to watch them because we too are a little looney at times and see ourselves in them.
Think I will pop in the "Beautiful Mind" DVD today because that Louis Wain paintings are still haunting me.

Suresh & YAM Go to Bekoh!

Last Saturday as all parents know, I got up at 6am when my son got up and decided it was play time,then around 8am I received news that a bunch of loud young people have gathered outside my place and that they were raiding the Roti Canai shop located opposite the house.I also received information that one Indian man(tua siak!) with curly hair and pearly white teeth was leading these wild & hungry people.I took a short walk to the shop looking dazed and extremely sleepy to check out the scene there.Turns out it was Suresh and his YA gang preparing for their trip to visit the Orang Asli & Father Naden.Suresh has written a short post on the event and I believe it's Peter in that Santa suit.
Anyway, all I can say is great job guys and girls for taking the time to do this.The indigenous people of Malaysia are truly the OWNERs of this land and yet Dispossession of Land is a big problem as they fall victim to land acquisition.It is not uncommon for an entire community to be relocated to make way for airports or highways.Their "shifting cultivation"(forgot malay term la) of the land has ensured that both the quality of the soil and ecology is preserved and they seldom take more than what they need and yet they are the victim of our unending hunger for infrastructure.
Once again,Kudos to the YAM for bringing cheer to the kids at Bekoh.
p.s: Chris is in Singapore as he just called to get info on buying a portable hard-drive @ SimLim.Bugger came yesterday but never call also.Too bad for him, as I enjoyed a very nice & expensive Japanese dinner yesterday.

50 cent or 50 paisa?

See the moustache on 50 ala Freddie Mercury?Yup!You guessed it, a great mash up of 50cent & Queen.I really am suprised that this is legal.On second thought probably it's not legal after all.Check out tracks like "We will rock you In Da Club" & "Bohemian Wanksta" before this site gets pulled down.
50cent with moustache really looks like 50paisa...very indian lah!Click header y'all!

Bundled Freebies

Yes, boys and girls a quick post listing freebies that I found useful.Check it out!
1.Christmas fonts you always wanted to make your own greeting card.

2. Free text e-books.Some great books here that would cost you a bomb otherwise.

3. This is great..Session saver for Firefox 1.5.Now, your tabs are still intact when you re-open your browser.A life saver for me!

4. Skype now with video!

Vanishing Weapons Magic Trick

I would be most ashamed to walk out in the street if I were a policeman simply because of late...let's say the boys in blue have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.Talk about asking detainees to make ear squats to dislodge "items" from their private areas.The current state of the force is such that probably even a 1,000 ear squats would not help dislodge their heads up their butt when someone walked away with their guns under their nose.Maybe someone always dreamt of having a 21 guns salute and decided to steal 21 guns?Hi!Hi!
Then, the guns appeared 600km in Lubok China , Melaka in front of.... (drumrolls) the Police Station.Maybe the same "pawang" who located the regalia, like two keris, a silver buckle, a royal crown and brooches from ancient Malacca for the Sultan wannabe located the missing guns too.
I sincerely hope that the motive of the crime is being investigated and not being "cooked up" for the sake of our security and Malaysia's reputation ,if you know what I mean.
Click header!

p.s:Uncle Scully been discharged but he's still not his usual self.Keep him in your prayers.

The New Generation

We all knew the day would come - having kids of our own and on the occassion of Daniel's b'day, it made me realise not too long ago we all we young and saying that "I ain't got no values", giving wrong examination answers, right to organising and conducting camps....and now parents! I guess its just a matter of time before we reach "Datukship". The cycle of life - how unique!

Just last Monday, my dad was admitted into hospital for a minor heart attack...so the doctors claim...but it made me think of how precious life is to me especially if it is our love ones or someone we know. It also made me look at the my kids differently-with my father's eyes. No to long ago I shared an experience with Chris aka Ah Heng during one of our visits to his home. While I was a kid say about 6 or seven, I remember my dad said that he would take my bro and me fishing one day. One day before the trip to Klebang beach (now a sea wall), my excitement made it difficult for me to sleep. Was the first to wake up the next day. We didn't have fishing rods as it was too expensive to afford and resorted to the manual method of thow and reel. All I can say was we had a great outing...great enough for me to remember and to share even at the ripe old age of 33!!

It just goes to show that lavishing money and expensive gifts for your kids may not be as great as spending quality moments with them...which was why gwen and I took daniel kite flying the other day and eventhough he didn't know how to fly a kite I guess the outing at the beach (behind Ell's Hse) was a enjoyable one for the kids. Yeah...the beach was a sorry sight, if I might add. The point is "Happiest Moments" in our lives are often involving relationships, may it be with our kids, family or friends. The recent MINOR heat attack my dad encountered made me remember so much more memories...it also made me look at the Daniel and Marissa in through my Fathers eyes.

P/S-Loaded some new pix of the kids at ...so check it out


Click image to enlarge, this is no animated gif pic, your eyes deceive you.Click header and check out other cool illusions and paradoxes.More on Thailand when I return, just thought of sharing this cool site I stumbled upon while using the WiFi at the SQ lounge.Boarding shortly where the security will check me thoroughly due to this goatee I am sporting.Can you believe, someone actually said I look like Osama the other day?Anyway...Chris you are right on about the Karp thingy man!
Note: After all the Sony BMG DRM rootkit fiasco, you can actually bypass it with a tape.

One Night in Bangkok

Well, we just arrived from Lop Buri Northern Thailand where the weather was cool and the surrounding near the factory was totally serene.No,Terence I did not see any "aquarium" there as I am in the factory floor from 8am till 8pm..so far.It's a total different situation since 9pm today and I know what Terence meant.
We checked into a nice 5 star hotel in Bangkok about 3 hours ago and for the last hour I was stuck in one of those joints where them ladies were shaking their "booty" and approach you and ask if you want to take them back to your hotel.Well about 1 hour there is being polite I thought, and since have escaped back to my hotel room.I hate to sound as if I am such a goody two shoes because I am not...let's just say that I am NOT comfortable with the whole scene.Period.
Anyway, the good news is, I will be back on Thursday night.The time is 12:35am, it's going to be a long day tomorrow as we travel back to Ayuthaya.So technically, tonight is my only night in Bangkok and I can see that it stays true to it's "name".I remembered that song "One Night in Bangkok" and my favourite line..."muddy yellow river or reclining buddha"...don't seem to make sense if you don't listen to the whole song lah.
Anyway, the food is extremely cheap here and I just witnessed someone eating those fried bugs a while ago.
By the way, looks like all the Mat Salleh & Japs love this place.We all know why.

Re-Learn Love

Both my wife and me were on our routine morning walk with our son around Taman Sinn,Ujong Pasir Melaka.Seeing a bunch of young and old people gathering old new papers and crushing old tin cans at 7am in the morning caught my attention.The banner was in Chinese and Daphne helped to translate it.The next thing we knew, we were chatting with these nice people where the guy in charge told us that they are from a Buddhist community.They sell the recyclable items to help the poor and needy.What a noble effort I thought.... saving the environment while aiding the less fortunate.Here I saw a community actually putting into action what I merely talked about and I was re-learning what true compassion meant.I happily parted with my RM50 which was kept as contingency if I am ever stopped by the traffic Police.Since now they have gone "Saya Anti Rasuah" there would not be a need for that fund I guess.
FYI, that guy in charge told me that he'd accept old news paper & cans instead of cash but I insisted.
As I attended mass soon after, the image of these friends from another faith working hard early in the morning became my sermon for the Gospel reading.
"....whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."

Bye Bye OHP


I can’t believe you’re dead
Is there a chance to get
You back again tonight
To shed your light

A nice farewell site to celebrate the death of the OHP.Remember carrying that gigantic thing we have to carry every Wednesday for prayer meet?We were so excited when we eventually could afford one and not loan it from Maranatha all the time.Now, the Overhead Projector is a dinasour we hardly see but somehow I know as simple as it was, it did it's job faithfuly for so many camps.Someone will have to sit there and change the transperencies.People like Jesse,Jake and Terence were much sought after for their nice handwritings.While a transperency would be totally destroyed if Prem or me attempted to write on it.Click header and check out the song.
Note: Don't send the search party,I will be away to Thailand on work for a week.If you are picturing me in some sleazy titty bar, think again because I'd be in some remote 3 hours away from Bangkok kinda industrial place.

Look ma, straight As without tuition

I remember Chris's post along the lines of education and tuition not too long ago and I guess this kid is a good example why kids below the age of 12 should not necessarily get involve in tution. However, the article goes on to say that it was really hard work for the poor boy (Click Header).

At least there is still some hope to incluence parents who insist that tuition must be included as part of the school's curriculm hence leaving out many other vital activities of play which happens to be a very vital part of a child's development.....60,000 graduates unemployed? Think again!

See football in everything?

Nothing to do? Check out the link! All the football commercials for all you die-hard football maniacs! Some of them you've probably seen before, some not...

There are some really good ads there... have fun!

We've got a 'Sultan' in Melaka!

Folks, if you've not read about this in The Star, you can click on the link above. Apparently, this bloke is claiming to be the successor to the Sultanate of Melaka and he has proof to support his claims. This is very interesting indeed! So, is he the successor to the throne of Melaka? Dunno. I'd assume the Sultan of Johor and Perak might have something to say about this soon. Why? Well, if you remember your history, you will know that Malacca fell to the Portuguese on 1511. At that time the reigning Sultan was Sultan Mahmud Shah so he had to 'cabut' to wherever. He had two sons, one is Muzaffar Shah and the other is Alauddin Riayat Shah. The former went on to establish the Sultanate of Perak and the latter went to establish a new capital in the south to succeed his father (the successor of the Sultanate of Melaka) and establish the Sultanate of Johor. And the rest, as you know is history until 1957 where Melaka joined with other states to be Malaya.

But one good thing is that, if he is indeed the successor to the Sultanate of Melaka, the people of Melaka might have another additional public holiday on his birthday. Hooray?

Malaysia's most famous son-in-law

I could be wrong but isn't that Khairy Jamalludin applauding on the background of this "ugly" scene?Anywho....wanted to share this "interesting" article from the daily.Click header y'all!

"Saya Anti Rasuah" Badge

I am in a car driven by a friend from S'pore when it was signalled to pull over somewhere near the Ayer Keroh exit.Well, my friend from S'pore was doing a 140kph on his Lexus Harrier, so he knew he was guilty and paid the price of 50RM and in return even got instructions where the next speed trap is.I think I need not elaborate why the "fine" was a mere 50RM.Heck, they even have discussion on a S'pore motoring forum on what is a "fair" bribe.See for yourselves HERE.
Anyway, those days are gone,now with the officers donning the "Badge of Honour" there would not be anymore taking or giving bribes.Seriously folks, what would you do?Let's focus on us ,the motorist here and not just blame the TP dept.

The Death Penalty & The Hangman

I stumbled upon this news from an Australian paper 2 weeks back when the trial of one young Australian Nguyen(caught for drug trafficking) was a hot topic in Singapore.Since it re-surfaced on BoingBoing , one of my favourite sites,thought I might share it with you guys.I think this is the first time any news is published about this Singapore executioner who gets $400 for every person he hangs and used to get 50cents for each stroke of the cane he gave.
On many occasions I wondered what goes through the mind of someone on deathrow, or if I am going to have a noose around my neck in the morning... and the same reason why I found movies like "Dead man walking" so moving.
If someone murdered your child,loved one or closest friend, what punishment would you want for the criminal? The answer may not come so quickly.. and for me, I pray that God may grant me the power not to resort to vengeance.For now, we remember and pray for Nguyen,those on deathrow and those who have gone quietely in the wee hours of the morning.

"Increasingly, our society looks to...increased reliance on the death penalty to deal with crime. We are tragically turning to violence in the search for quick and easy answers to complex human problems. A society which destroys its children, abandons its old and relies on vengeance fails fundamental moral tests....

"We cannot teach that killing is wrong by killing....This cycle of violence diminishes all of us—especially our children."—Confronting a Culture of Violence

Today,I look like an extra from those zombie movies.I have conjunctivitis and a bad one at that and one more thing, do you guys remember our stayover at Changi prison in 1995 before flying to Manila?

Little Miracles

"We are not qualified to say the words that will shift the sands but are able to do the actions that can move great mountains."

Thought I'd just share a little about the PAG camp we had over the Raya holidays. It was held for the kids of St. Joseph's Home in Penang - 21 of them in different shapes, sizes and colours. Sessions were held at the Nature Education Centre in FRIM (Forest Reserve). The icebreakers was a hit, with the kids really enjoying us goofing around. I reprised my role as a professor and Suresh was a caveman! King had a part as the quickdraw robot too.

As we were all aware, the camp started out as quite a challenge to our seasoned speakers - Jacq, Suresh, Pauline and the ever prepared abang Henry. Nothing seemed to hit home, no clue if it was a language problem or that the kids were just too 'walled' up. But we let the good Lord lead us on. I'll just skim through some of the highlights.

Suresh did most of his sessions in BM and I must say that it was really refreshing hearing it over in our national language. Even I was moved ( and the school of hard knocks Suresh too) when he delivered the story of the conversation between Jesus and Satan in BM. Slowly it set in that we were not there to lecture the faith to them but to live it with them.... and then we became kids again. All of us, even Kakak Jackie.

We had Kids vs The Staff (that's what they called us) football matches. And it looked like they were going easy on us. There were these little orang asli kids that were running in circles around us. These tough little fellas from the home were falling down, getting insect bites - took a licking but kept on ticking.

The funny thing is they seldom verbalised they're feelings or opinions to us but they're affirmation notes spoke a thousand emotions. With pantuns and broken grammar that could mute even the greatest of scholars. After all these were genuine words - not the ones we carefully choose for our everyday communication.

Then came Talent Night! Man was it oozing with talents and gifts. The kids were great and the 'staff' did a run through of dance through the ages with Steven (formerly of Muar) in the lead. Highlights: Suresh as one of the Backstreet Boys and Henry as The Crazy Frog. Even Jacq and Jang did The Macarena!!

We even had a BGR session conducted separately by Jacq and Suresh. As for Suresh's session I will leave the lewd details till the guys catch up for a chat over tea.

On saturday evening, a convoy of six cars took a trip over to PJ for mass at SFX. MAss was celebrated by Fr. Simon Labrooy. And we had dinner in church too, courtesy of the parish and in particular Fr. Simon Yong. After which, the kids and the staff whacked ice-cream! Then we all took a drive over to Putrajaya. We had a running commentary by kakak Pauline and abang Suresh while we were there. Pauline's was factual while Suresh's was controversial! he he. It was a long journey back and most of the kids were asleep in the cars.

The next day was tour day and the last day. With King's efforts, we got free entry to the KL tower. We then all drove over to KLCC, where the bus would come to pick them up for the long trip back to Penang. We walked over to a Thai Thong Restaurant for lunch (arranged by King too) at a super good rate. We figured we'd spend a little extra of the sponsorship money to give the kids a good lunch. So we took three tables. And as little miracles happened all along the camp, another was about to happen.

A rather elderly man who was seated having lunch nearby with his family took notice of this queer group - of Chinamen and Kelings seated having a meal with a noisy bunch of Malay looking kids. Truly muhibbah. Then Suresh made eye contact and the gentleman walked over and asked what we were doing there. He was so touched by our actions that he offered to pick up the bill for the whole lunch! Turns out he is the MD of a large company and we may have found our next sponsor. And maybe Suresh found a client too.

We hung out at KLCC while waiting for the bus to arrive. The kids were already very solemn and feeling really sad about having to go back. It was raining outside as the bus pulled up. Some of the kids began crying as they boarded the bus. We were already missing them too. Henry got on the bus to say farewell. And what he saw overwhelmed him... all the kids were crying. And Henry... who I have known to be a strong figure at all our camps got off the bus with tears in his eyes. And then through tears of my own, I saw Suresh the invincible with the same tears welling in his eyes.

As the bus pulled away, we walked back to our cars and we all stood together in the rain wondering what kind of miracle had taken place that day. All feeling the same, all in amazement of an unspoken miracle. All ready to get back to our lives yet not ready to let go of that day.... when little miracles touched our lives.

Why 60,000 graduates are unemployed in our country?

We just had a most fabulous day today when Terence, Gwen, Daniel-boy and our little god-daughter, Marissa-girl spent a day with us at our humble abode. Not only did we have a really good time with the Scullys but as an added bonus, my wife had the priviledge of a culinary lesson from the 'home-cook food' master chef, Gwen; which my wife enjoyed and benefited from but most of all, I'm happy because I get to enjoy benefits of her new found recipes. He he he :D

Incidentally, Terence and I had a very interesting conversation about our education system and the increasingly 'kiasu' education culture where tuitions plays a much larger part than the formal education that is provided by government schools. The fact of the matter is that being parents these days is getting a little complicated where we are bombarded with the dilemma of 'to tuition or not to tuition' for our kids; or 'to private school or not to private school' or I believe in the near future it would hardly be a question of 'whether or not' but more of a consideration of 'which private school and which tuition', unfortunately for us, that is. This is mainly because of the decreasing role of our formal education system; and I strongly believe that one of the root causes of this is, our growing 'kiasu'ness of wanting what's best for our kids and therefore succumbing them to rigorous education plan which consists of 'tuition, tuition and tuition'. And because kids these days are learning everything from their tuition classes anyway, most of them tend not to pay attention in schools, therefore formal schools becomes increasingly unimportant. In a corporate world, this will encourage the teachers from the public schools to perform more effectively so that they don't lose their 'customers' to the competition. But unfortunately, it is NOT the corporate world, it is a public education that is sponsored by the government, so the teachers can afford to be lazy? Accuse me not of making false assumptions that teachers these days are lazy, but read this article from The Star and it does not seem to differ... IMHO, from one thing, this will lead to another and another and finally this will eventually create a devastating 'avalanche' effect which will create more than a few negative impacts; at least in the future anyways right? Not. Maybe the cracks are beginning to show even now, click on the header and find out why 60,000 grads are unemployed here in Malaysia and look at the factors or should I say root causes.

Honestly, I believe that the Ministry Of Education plays a large role of being a referee in this; and in making positive changes as early as possible. As the wise malay saying goes, 'melentur aur, biarlah dari rebungnya'

More about this another day...

Now, Man Utd vs Chelsea is on....

The Electric Company

Hey guys remember this show? It was my personal favourite at that time before the advent of Sesame Street. Anyway, I remember talking to arul about this and it made me remember Morgan Freeman and the other titles such as "Letterman" "Spiderman" and the other creative stuff the show had to offer compared to the malaysian series of cumi dan ciki! But I must say that I still remember that show as well. Siah, good rundown on the Chelsea boss. Lets hope MU starts make a turn around this Sunday. That would keep the BLUE manager quite for a while...we hope!

The 'Fail' in Spain falls mainly on 'the Pain'!

There is a new episode of Beavis and Butthead currently in the football scene but before that; FYI, Chelsea lost to Real Betis in Spain yesterday (click on header) and normally the anti-Chelsea fans would be howling with joy but all the celebrations has been drowned out by the 'comical name-calling' contest between Mourinho and Wenger. How childish it is for two renowned managers of the two largest football club in the EPL who resort to calling each other names in public... To go back to who started it first would've been too childish! But perhaps, the bugger that everyone should look at for bringing the name of football to disrepute is the quack whose tongue is sharper than a razor blade.

Make no mistake, he leaves nothing to chance, he is on a quest to bite everybody's head off... and I mean, EVERYBODY; he is none other than the Great Cornholio Mourinho... Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Chelsea but I'm not too crazy about the bloke that coach it. Maybe he has charisma? Yeah, ok, I'll give it to him. Talent to manage? Maybe a little more than most. Luck? Too much, definitely. Skill with words? He is THE man! He has whacked everyone with his words and comments ever since he stepped in the EPL including but not limited to; FIFA, the English FA, the referees, the players, the managers, the fans, the media, everyone! He should forget about coaching and be a politician instead. No kidding... he's been a real pain in everyone's posterior!

I have compile the top tens of Cornholio's sniping remarks. To me, the one that takes the cake is definitely the 'Voyeur' one! (If he sees this, he may also coin me a 'voyeur', because, apparently I love to watch..... football! So, here goes in no particular order:

  1. If Roman Abramovich helped me out in training we would be bottom of the league and if I had to work in his world of big business, we would be bankrupt!
  2. That was not a football score, it was a hockey score...in training I often play matches of three against three and when the score reaches 5-4 I send the players back to the dressing room, because they are not defending properly [on Arsenal 5, Spurs 4]
  3. It was like they parked the team bus in front of the goal!' [after a 0-0 draw with Tottenham at Stamford Bridge]
  4. The linesman scored the goal. No-one knows if that shot went over the line... [on losing to Liverpool 1 - 0 in the Champions League Semi 2005]
  5. I can say to him in the next 10 years we will compare trophies at Chelsea and at Liverpool. And he will lose. [on Steven Gerrard]
  6. If he understands me now, life will be easy for him, if he still doesn't understand me, then he must have another IQ test [on criticism by Ricardo Carvalho]
  7. If I wanted to have an easy job... I would have stayed at Porto - beautiful blue chair, the Uefa Champions League trophy, God, and after God, me. [on his status in Porto]
  8. Respect is definitely not having sat with a pen in your hand for ten years criticising everybody. And it is certainly not coming to England to play golf and letting fly at somebody, whether you like it or not, who is a serious professional and has won everything that you can win. [On Johan Cruyff]
  9. Frank Rijkaard's history as a player can't be compared with my history as his is fantastic and mine is zero, as a manager though, my history cannot be compared to his. He has zero titles and I have a lot of them. [On Frank Rijkaard]
  10. I think he is one of these people who is a voyeur, he likes to watch other people. There are some guys who, when they are at home, they have a big telescope to see what happens in other families. [On Wenger]

These are not the only ones, of course, there are more actions and words by the famous Cornholio (Mourinho), some are quite high up on the scale that requires no words, like the 'shhhh...' - finger over the lip - action to the Liverpool fans, that definitely deserves to be in the top ten sniping remarks on the Great Cornholio, don't you think?! If you have any more quotes, do pen in the comments! If you wish, you can also vote for which you think is the most sniping remark.

By this article, I'm not saying that Jose is incompetent or rude or an opportunist or a braggart or anything else that could imply that he is like either butthead or beavis or cornholio. But then again, I'm just a lowly individual who does not know football... so, 'Please, Listen to What I'm Not Saying!'

Wait a minute... am I using a YE term again? How unqualified of me...

Here's a more comprehensive list of quotes by the Great Cornholio compiled by BBC. Click here.

The place we call home...

Since I've got a bit of time of my hands and Arul is taking his long awaited break to spend time with his son, Luke and family in Singapore, I might as well take the opportunity to keep you guys entertained with a little bit of my ramblings.

I found this site when I was surfing (click on the header), this guy made the effort to compile latest news about a beautiful, nostalgic state called Malacca or Melaka, the place where many of us called home in his site. Not only that, you guys should check out his photo gallery, especially the old photos; I think it brings back that old tingling feeling - kinda like the feeling when you sit by the old kopitiam at Lorong Bukit Cina drinking black coffee from the saucer. The only setback, perhaps that he is an old schoolboy of MHS so that there are quite a number of Malacca High School news. I managed to find one very nice old photo (aerial view) of the best school in the world from his site. Click on the header to visit.

Terror at Delhi

The current death toll is 59 people and numerous wounded in Delhi, in case, you have not heard. Naturally, there would not be so much of a publicity compared to the London bombings and 9/11, after all, we are talking about New Delhi.

While the nation is getting ready for India's largest celebration, Diwali or better known to us as Deepavali, three bombs went off at crowded marketplace in central New Delhi. Who were the culprit? We don't know and we don't want to assume. What was the aim? We will scarcely understand, however, we can only marginally feel the pain and loss of the victims in Delhi.

Let us pray for the victims of this murderous act, those who has lost their loved ones and families, those who were injured; and we pray that God will bring those responsible to justice.


1. 30GB e-mail account loophole without invite from 30gigs.com

2.A P ersonal O nline D esktop for free

3.TuneXP for XP optimization and tweaks.(Only if you know what you are doing and as the install dialog box warns, they are not responsible for any damage to your machine,your girlfriend or you.Use at your own risk!It worked for me though esp the ultrafast bootup)

Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!There would not be any posts from me for the rest of the week but you guys please let it rip, ya?

From L to XXL to M (aradona)

I can hardly believe when I saw the news today the recent picture (again) of the enigmatic midfielder and star of the 1986 World Cup in the Star. Amazing what a little brush with death and a bit of slimming surgery could do. Back in the day, we remember him as a tough and talented young man who led Argentina to the World Cup 1986, and then later, if we remember, his sad and overweight look just before he got admitted in the hospital for swollen heart and pneumonia. Who am I talking about? Diego Armando Maradona, of course!

Since then, our friend has sure taken a new turn - with his own TV program plus getting a little politically incline now (click on the header) and of course, he looked a lot better now. Hopefully, we have seen the last of Maradona's impression of Jabba the Hut. Maybe, he could do a little bit more salsa and a little less on the drinks...

As usual, we will applaud him on! Viva Argentina!

The Miracle of Life

Holding hands is the story of this miraculous picture (left) taken in 1999. The story to safe a life of a child even before birth. All I can say is... amazing! I remember the days when we use to say in the sharings "God assures us that the World is not coming to an end when he still allows babies to be born!"

If you have read about this before...well it deserves another read as it sends shivers down my spine - literally!! Read and understand.

As Einstein says....there are two ways to live your life....one as though nothing is a miracle...the other is as though everything is a miracle!

The pix on the right is just another image which I find so much peace each time I look at...not to mentioned that a black man holding a white child with such affection speaks so much more than words.

Indian Techie Flamewar

I think a great attitude for anyone to have is the ability to laugh at yourself and that is why this e-mail war between two feuding Indian tech companies really cracked me up.The bit I like best...
"I would do the needful"
I couldn't help read the whole thing as if I was a cast member of "The Kumars at No.42"

Among other things, if you like me downloaded the Flock browser and found that you can't edit the free wordpress blog they gave when using Firefox here's some tip on how to switch the user agent.IMHO, this matrix screensaver is the best I have seen and as usual I can verify that you would not have any spyware or adware bundled with it.Best part, it's FREE....."enjoy you cheap dog!"

Who you calling "Keling"?

I was not left fuming when I read in the NST that Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) used the word "keling" to refer to Indians in parliament but was rather disturbed that such a politically incorrect word being used by a politician.I was not surprised that he brushed it off as a small matter when other MPs asked him to retract the word because he is known to be ignorant.
So is the word "Keling" a derogatory Indian word?I don't think such a word exist in the Tamil language and there are many different explanations on how it was derived.My personal opinion, in the days of the Malacca Sultanate, during the arrival of the Chinese and Indian traders, the locals referred to the Indians as Keling as the women had a leg piece(kolusu) which gave out a kling, kling sound.Then again , I could be wrong.
The word "Keling" is very much like the word "Nigga". One black dude can call the other black dude "Nigga" but it is considered a suicide for some who is not of a Afro-American race to use it.Example, Jake sometimes calls Suresh "Keling" and it's pretty much alright but if a non-Indian uses it on some "macha"...Trust me, they will bury you alive.
Then there are those who are very close friends who get this special privilege again, Terence Scully will call me up and ask "Keling, mana lu" and to top it off he will go on to say "where are the other 2 kelings" referring to Suresh & Jake.Guess what, we will NEVER get offended when Terence uses it because we know him well and we know he don't mean it in a degrading way..just like when we call him "Serani Borak".
So what am I saying?Know where you are and who you are with before uttering anything.Example again... I have a colleague who like to use the term "Going to bomb Osama" when he wants to go take a dump.I cautioned him that some people might be offended by that and whatever you do, do not say the word "Bomb" in this post 911 era,especially when you are in the airport or a plane.
Now, this is for my fellow Indian friends.The word "Keling" has been around so long that sometimes people of other races do not think that it a derogatory word.Being able to speak Mandarin & Hokkien has helped me to understand this part a bit especially in the Chinese community.For example, a chinese guy will say "Keling Kiah Pui" when he refers to Banana Leaf rice and in no way he is trying to run us down.
Racial slurs are a universal phenomena and they exist in every language on this earth. It is human nature for a group of people from a certain culture to assign racial insults on other groups that do not share the same characteristics with them. It is up to parents or guardians to teach their children on how to handle racism.Meaning, the non-Indian folks should eventually stop using the term "Keling" as they become more informed that Indians in general do not like to be called in that manner.Just like, I was not too pleased about a priest using the phrase" run around the tree" almost 5 times in his sermon during Jake&Jesse's wedding.It was funny the first time only.
As for us Indians calling each other "Keling" or using racial slurs which I am guilty of too....maybe we should skip it all together as we may be sending out the wrong signal to our kids.

As for Datuk Badruddin, I loved the anecdote Jeff Ooi gave,

But the fifth surgeon shut them all up when he observed: "You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the head and the ass are interchangeable."

Hello... Happy Birthday, Gwen!

Hello! Hello!

To our dear friend, Gwen! We wish you many, many happy returns of the day! May God pour out His Special Graces on you, Terence and the kids on your birthday.

We want you to know that you are a very special person who has touched and warmed many lives including ours, we also want you to know how much we appreciate you... and also your cooking!

Have a very Happy Birthday! :D

What,me worry?

The first time I saw Alfred E.Neuman was when I picked up a copy of MAD magazine at the barbershop in Bunga Raya when I was about 9 years old.I loved those Saturday outings with my dad,where the day would start with breakfast.Usually roti-bakar and tea which my dad would buy one cup,pour half in the saucer for me.Something about sipping it from the saucer made it extra special.
Then when I am done getting a haircut, I would browse the comics.My favourite was the "Spy vs Spy" series in Mad as I could not understand some of the other jokes back then.There's another British comic, I really can't remember but it features this dog..Beano or something.Then during school days, can't forget all those free browsing in bookstores like Lim Brothers and so on.I still remember being very dissapointed about this exact Mad issue with the MJ spoof sealed up.No, I am not the type who would open a sealed magazine but yes, I am the type who hopes someone else would open it.
Anyway, seeing this entire collection of Mad magazine from the first issue kinda brought back some old memories.The pop-up in flash is very nicely done and think I spent some time during lunch viewing this awesome collection and seeing Alfred's catch phrase What,me worry? made me smile.
Click header to view!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Yep! It has been two years of surely ups and downs....all the reasons to wish Uncle Kiss and Aunty Cat (said in daniel's language). Chris, I heard frm very reliable sources that you are now speaking that same language.

Anyway, whatever said and done, may this special day bring back memories of the yesteryears...the things and events which brought you two and all of us together. May God's Love always be with our two good friends, Chris and Cath.

To sum up...I would like to quote Mr Martin Jalleh...."waiting for Immaculate Conception ar??"

A Very Happy Anniversary!


The refrigerator door in our house is full of all those  souvenir fridge magnets from our holiday destinations , family pictures and inspiring posters. Every time I raid the fridge for snacks and drinks, I tend to stand there and look at those pictures and posters. I think I have read that "10 most important things in life" poster probably more than a hundred times but something just jumped out of the poster yesterday.
The Special Feeling that makes you feel all Warm and Wonderful
Treating others as well as you'd like to be treated
To be Grateful for all the Good Things Life has to offer
The Full Enjoyment of each moment with a Smiling Face
The Ability to let Things be without Anger
The Joy of giving without Thought of Receiving
The Quality of always telling the Truth
The purity of doing what's Right no matter what.
The Essence of Feeling another's Pain, while Easing their Hurt
The Reward for living the 10 Most Important Things...
It seemed clear to me that compassion is not just about feeling the pain of  another person but also means that I have to ACT to ease their pain. It's not enough for me to feel sad for the thousands in Pakistan & India who are homeless in the wake of the quake and have to survive the harsh winter that's approaching without doing something. It's not enough for me to feel sorry for the many deaths due to cancer around me without lifting a finger,saying a prayer or digging into my pocket to support Cancer  research and the list goes on.
I came across a rather insensitive post on one of the blog where the author had no respect for the passing of The First Lady. I guess he never realised that after all she was still someone's wife,daughter,sister and mother.

EPL insert caption contest

Suresh predicted that the only way Chelsea can be stopped is when the plane the whole squad is in crashes.Though, Everton, showed that on a good day,even the club that's is struggling can salvage a point from mighty Chelsea.There is still hope but not if Arsenal is going to do "stupid tricks" as if they are winning by 5 goals.What were they thinking?
Anyway, it must have been double sadness for our SM as Felix was migrating to NZ yesterday...the same day Liverpool went down to Fulham.
I hope to post a picture from the weekend action every Monday where you guys will get to add a caption or quote for the picture posted.While you guys are at it, I can't seem to figure out a suitable prize..any suggestions?Fot this week, here's a picture from the MU vs Spurs game.
p.s: Suresh/Ell, as per your request, you can add Felix to the "contributors" list in the blog so that we can get some NZ stories.


Generator blog is one of those prank or time waster sites I love.The pic on the left goes to show that you can't believe everything you read in the papers.
Ultimately this post is about FlyakiteOSX transformation pack. It will transform the
look of an ordinary Windows XP+ system to look like Mac OS X.The file size is around 25MB and if you are not thrilled about it soon afterwards, just uninstall it. I had to try it out to see what all the rave was about.Personally, I liked it.The FlyakiteOSX site is pretty neat too.
On other news, our deepest condolence to our PM and his family.May eternal rest be granted unto her and perpetual light shine upon her.

Heaven's Doggy-Door

My best friend closed his eyes last
night, As his head was in my hand.

The Doctors said he was in pain,
And it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through
my head, As I cradled him in my arms.
Were of his younger, puppy years,
And OH...his many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart thats filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "You should cry no more,
GOD also loves our canine friends,
HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!

--- Jan Cooper --- 1995

Sheena is surely in a better place...

Act Now,Sign the Petition

Click on header to sign the petition at SPCA.There are more dogs like Sheena and other animals out there...suffering a slow and painful death due to neglect and lack of love.
It's really sad to realise that a dog is "put down" when it attacks someone but when a 46 year old engineer (what a shame to my profession) gets off with a RM100 fine for letting an animal that loved him for 7 years to die a painful death..in loneliness,hunger and without love.
When would some realise that a pet is a committment for life...your life or the life of your pet.

RM100 fine? For crying out loud...

This disturbing news was in NST today. The poor German Shepherd was neglected, found infested with fleas living in an abandoned compound with faeces all around the animal. After the post mort, it was found that she had (get this) swollen liver, pale kidneys, shrunken bladder, frosted lungs, ulcers, lesions along her spinal cord, empty stomach and intestines. Her ribs were protruding and brittle. (Quoted from NST). This poor dog had to be put to sleep as she could not be saved. The bloke admitted the neglect and gave an eerie statement "... Earlier when I got the dog, I did take care of her but subsequently, I had my own problems and could no longer look after her". And he was fined a measly RM100 for his contributions. Sad, sad, sad. One thing's for sure, he'll definitely have some faeces on him if Uncle Leslie get to know him...

Meet the Al Shamsoon

Homer Simpson is "Omar Shamshoon," and Bart is "Badr" and the donut-shaped snacks he loves are the traditional Arab cookies called "Kahk".
My question is, will Flanders the "Christian" be featured and if Lisa wears a "tudung"??
Anyway, as most of you guys know, I love the Simpsons, Futurama (my fav ..Bender) and I love the Family Guy where the lead character Peter Griffin has chins that look like testicles.Recently I viewed The Family Guy movie, "Stewie Griffin: The untold story " which was totally hilarious.A must See!

Click Header to read more.

A Kiss That Renewed Sharia Laws

A passionate kiss between a departing soldier and his Acehnese girlfriend, has caused outrage in Aceh, with student groups calling for the two lovers to be flogged, and sharia law to be revived in the province.

Those without sin,cast the first stone...

The Prodigal Son Returns!

After squandering his money on Indian food with good live music... the son returns to his "father"! Kidding...

Arul, this is a pix from Jake's wedding. We laughed at it many times...at my place when I first saw it and then at Chris's place when we saw it and at Jake & Jessie's place when we all saw it. The story behind it... was of course the photo coordinator losing it during the photo session at the most important moment when you called for the parents of both the bride and groom!! You must watch it...A must see! Keep the magic of laughter coming! Remember that children laugh an average of 146 times a day; adults laugh an average of 4 times a day. Put more laughter in your day. And see the change! Just look at Daniel and Marissa!

Jake & Jessie, we had a good time at your place especially where the wild boar meat was concerned - sedap! But most important it was good to catch up with you two esp after the wedding. We all were treated with a dose of good food, humour and STORIES...Chris and I are now up to date with the LATEST happenings!!

The Madness Returns

Call back the search party because I am back.Was in the Pearl of the Orient and due to a lot of work was unable to even read the daily paper.Just when I think of using the WiFi at the Coffee House to blog, the thought of lugging my notebook there and paying a ridicilous amount for a cup of coffee that is not even close to "Aik Cheong" coffee never fails to discourage me.
Anyway, was able to meet up with the "runaway groom" for some good laughs and a nice meal.We went to one of those Indian restaurants where the price starts at RM9.90 for everything.Seriously,the meal was not bad but when you're an Indian boy who grew up eating and tasting delicious Indian food cooked by your mom, paying more than a hundred bucks for a meal seems crazy.My mom can cook for a whole month with RM100. Then again, the live music was great at this restaurant, so the amount is alright by me.
Penang is no polished pearl ..at least to me because I saw many breeding grounds for "mozzies".Looks like they were polishing some other pearl throughout operation "Polish the Pearl".
One of the thing I am doing more these days during outstation trips is to cultivate my reading habit which I lost some years back.I usually download free e-books at these sites below and read them from my notebook or PDA.
Free e-Book Site 1
Free e-Book Site 2

World Cup 1986 - Revisited

In our Webmaster's absence, let me help fill in the blanks...please come home quickly lah so that we get to read stuff on the web!

Since WC2006 is just around the corner, and Argentina's defeat to Uruguay yesterday which was surrounded by match fixing controversy (Shoot the Chilean coach), I decide to live in past glory just for a while.

If you ask me, I think Argentina will not win the world cup, simply because we do no have the likes of the man in the pix a.k.a Ronaldinho, Zidane...the only two outstanding players I can think of at this time. When they play they COMMAND the game so much so you need 6 players to surround the No 10 fellow! Prem once said you need that magic to win the Cup and I totally in most of the ways believe that statement. When Ronaldinho plays you can see the believe in the other Brazilians and that is lacking in all the other teams including Argentina. Aimar, Riquelme, Messi are all good individually but lack the leadership. If Argentina wins the world cup it will be through some individual brilliance or sheer luck. From the looks of it they are just playing the ball into the penalty area with the hope that one of our most expensive strickers will score goals...sounds just like Houllier telling his whole team to pass the ball to OWEN right? Well he did go on to win 4 cups and yes, you guessed it....that's the only way Argentina or any other team might win. Furthermore we go to WC2006 on European soil which only Brazil has broken the record to have claimed the coverted cup.

So Argentina people, let's start praying as that is one of the other ways to see our team lifting the Cup and claim that Jesus is Argentinian! With most of the favourites qualified...let the games begin.

Arul....please come home!

Have You Seen This Man?

Arul, you silence on the BLOG has started a rumour that you may be hiding in Penang with the runaway-groom. We beg of you ...please come out of HIDING. Those who have information on the man's whereabouts (pix) please go to the nearest place you can find a internet line and place your comments. He was last seen at Hotel EQ while making a wedding speech. Authorities are also looking for prime suspect, Suresh who may have vital information on the missing man. Sources say that Suresh was also last seen with some old ladies!!!!!!!

Now jokes aside....are you in Penang already? I know you were supposed to make a company trip and at the same time meet up with your accomplice!! Have a good time.

Maxis; Not Bad At All but can be better...

As some of you might know, I had sent Maxis an email on my dissatisfaction that they discontinue the Advantage Savings thingy. Of course lar, I was pissed, I was getting Advantage Savings of RM50.00 and to take that out without recompensating with other benefits seems really unfair. That's like adding RM50.00 to my bills for doing nothing.

Well, at first, I sent a feedback form from the website to express my dissatisfaction but didn't get a reply. After that, I decided to send an email to Dato' Jamal, the CEO of Maxis. Honestly, I've only half expected that my complaints will be entertained at all. I sent the email on Wed night, got a call on Thursday afternoon by a person name Christie. Got everything settled in that conversation. Then I sent Dato' Jamal a thank you note and gave the attendant a little affirmation. I was quite happy and impressed that the CEO of Maxis actually took action of this and has also took the time to reply my email.

As it turned out, Maxis is taking out 2 of their advantage savings plan which is approx. RM20 savings a month. Apparently, I will still have about RM30 advantage savings for being loyal -Better than nothing- but have made a blunder in their billing this month that they removed the Advantage Savings completely. So Christie said that it will be rebated in my next month's bill. All things being equal, RM30 is still a good reason to stay as Maxis' customer compared to other telco who does not have any at all!

But Dato' and Maxis: Come on lar... no need to take out that advantage savings for call and direct debit what?! Maxis must've been able to reduce their risk of late payment or AR issues by this advantage savings plan... you get RM10 or RM20 lesser per customer... but in the long run, it saves Maxis the risk in irrecoverable costs which could cost more. Furthermore, it's really a good plan, imagine when I tell people why I stay with Maxis... because they give me RM50 discount every month! Which other telco can do that? Impressive right?!!

Anyway, I'm happy enough that Maxis is still continuing that loyalty program for advantage savings... but obviously not entirely happy because now my phone bills will be RM20 more every month... I hope not, but I certainly think it will.

Better not say too much now... need to see my next month bill first to check if Maxis has given me a rebate... as promised!

1st Podcast Test

Click Arul's Podcast to hear or download my first podcast ever.Who says you have to invest in an iPod or those podcasting consoles.Use this free service from Podomatic and you are all set.I did this in 30 seconds on my notebook and was a breeze.
So the next time you don't feel like writing what you feel,.. talk it out.We can even broadcast a whole conversation over Skype the night before.As you know, it gets pretty interesting esp when Jake & Suresh are online. Require a little censorship though.Later on we can create a common account.
I do hope Suresh will podcast about the curse of the old lady in the toilet with the "kain" lifted.Yes, he believes she "Sumpah ed" him and that's why he's still not married.
The question , did she "sumpah" because he invaded her private moment or that he failed to do anything eventhough she was there for the "taking"...that we do not know.
Martin's wife Terry believes that the curse can only be lifted if he goes through that experience again.All I can say....all Malacca old ladies in the toilet better watch out.
Anyway, the newly weds are on a mini holiday in Singapore and we took them to the same place we take everyone who visits us, Hardrock Cafe...that's how boring we are.No Chris, we refrained from ordering the Killer Brownie.

The Best School In The World

Guys, came across our school website while searching for some materials and taught you might want to pay a visit to the above site. Well, for one I will send them a Franciscan 1980 cover which they do not have in their gallery. Really feels good to have kept the book!

Its brings back memories to look at some of the historic pictures which they have in their library. To now that we actually were products of the school is a pride and I believe the only teacher listed on the website which we know will be Mr Gan Poh Seng. Send them your comments if you must and hopefully it can become a better site for the older generation(like us and the current Franciscans who I believe will not bother to log on...at least for now.

World Champs Brazil-Under 17 Falls!

Its good to know that Brazil is not conquering the soccer world after Mexico defeated the defending champs 3 to nothing. Arul I think the pix on Argentina for Jake's wedding worked some magic lah! Anyway that was hitting below the belt but what the hack man...it was a good moment...perhaps one we will only have for some time until the men in Blue and white wins the world cup. I heard that Ronaldinho bro who played in this tournament is as ugly as him and even a better footballer. Ell..any where we can get a view of this ugly bugger?? Maybe suresh has a pix in his wallet...? Ops!

Tolkien's Creatures in the real world

Imagine Tolkien's creatures in our real world.Here are some great Photoshopped images to assist your imagination.Click header!

Sony Playstation Jesus Ad

Sony Playstation got into trouble for their "ten years of Passion ad" but when I googled for this piece of news, I found this even more disturbing SITE.
I still can't figure out if this people are for real.

Jake! Please Look At The Camera

Yes, finally they did it... Jake & Jessie are married. Congratulations to you both on this special day and I believe it made our day special as well since it will be another event to go into the books for lovely memories. One which I will remember very clearly what Arul said about his camera - "Ayah....my camera battery low lah..." and the rest I will have to tell you privately. Anyway, Chris knows what I am talking about. Jake, I promise to give you the run-down on this matter!!

Jake you look good! Jessie you look just as good if not better than Jake! Now didn't we learn this line in some camp before? But seriously, you two were great. Jake as usual was seen taking matters into his own hands despite being the groom. Brother - learn to let go man! Jessie next time tell Jake to delegate a little more...Guess some things never change but Jake please LOOK at the camera in the photo session to come. I bet Jessie is going to go beserk (Hurricane Jessica) when she sees the prints and know that her husband was looking elsewhere each time the cameraman hits the snap button. I must admit that the pix I took would have some too as I had a hard time trying to get Jake's attention.

I must say that God's hand was in all the planning of this wedding as Chris called 2 days before the wedding and told me that Jake was looking for the WYD 1995 theme song. And knowing I was able to get it via Wayar Limau (Just a day before) with just one search was amazing especially after both Chris and Arul told me that they tried but to no avail. The pix on the right was some of the actions to the song Tell The World of His Love ... Jessie its amazing that you still remember the actions to the song as I have forgotton....almost all of it. Arul, great speech...from the heart I am sure as Jake was caught in tears...its true to say that good friends are hard to come by. Jessie... Jake is a good man trust me if you are convinced enough by Arul's speech... I was sitting next to Jake in the classroom in form 2 (during his Naughty days and in form 4 and 5 during his transformation days. Just as he intervened between Arul and the bully...Jake willl do even more for you. So to Jake and Jessie - Congratulations - you are is our prayers always. Thank you for a beautiful experience. Let the kids come quickly!

Pre Celebrations of Jake & Jessie's Wedding

Hi guys and gals, prior to Jake & Jessie's BIG day tomorrow, please find the edited video of their registration which took place some time back. Jake...Jessie, sorry for this long awaited video. Happy watching and listening. Download site below:


Divx Create Free Giveaway

The people at DIVX are giving away the Divx Create Bundle FREE since it's their 5th Anniversary.Yes, you heard me...FREE, and I've checked it out and can confirm that it works.Hurry folks,"Siapa Cepat Dia Dapat".
On other topic, I am seeking this great "hand crank" charger so that I can retrofit the USB cable so that I can charge my Mp3 player anywhere as shown here on geektechnique.Awesome idea but 30mins of cranking for 2 bars??Think not lah!

Congratulations Henry & Rebecca

We congratulate Henry & Rebecca on the birth of your daughter.I waited in vain for people like Ell who meet up regularly with Henry to post the pictures or news but I guess Ell is probably very busy with work...or overjoyed that Newcastle is finally winning that he's running naked around KL.
Anyway, props to Rebecca for doing a great job and Henry, you can tumpang glamour sikit.Trust me Henry, hence forth every mosquito is your sworn enemy and if you are like me, you'd hate every "mat motor" who goes "broom""broom" in the night while your kid is sleeping.Not to mention, suddenly you spend hours visiting websites about parenting and newborns.If you do need tips, like me, you can check with Superdad Terence Scully.I think Suresh is quite experienced too as he fathered some kids in Vietnam & Bali but bugger deny all the way.
Congratulations again bro!