In Celebration of Uncle Leslie's 80th Birthday (1)

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Circle Of Life - by Ellison Fernandez

I was once a lonely animal,
Just looking for a home.
With no place to go,
and no one to call my own.

I wandered down the streets,
in the cold rain and scorching heat.
Just a lonely soul in search,
of a friendly face to meet.

My skin would itch, my feet were sore,
My body ached with pain.
They could have cared, but "What for?"
And then one day I heard a voice,
it was gentle, kind and sweet,
Arms that reached for me
And took me off my feet.

"No one again will hurt you"
Was that whisper in my ear.
"Today you’ll have a home
and nothing you should fear"
"You will be dry, you will be warm,
you’ll have enough to eat."
"And rest assured that when you sleep,
your dreams will all be sweet".

I was afraid I must admit,
So long I've been in fear.
I don't recall the last time
I let a human come so near.

And Daddy Leslie tended to my wounds
And bathed and brushed my fur
He fed, cared and loved me
and let me cuddle near.
He said, "We are a circle,
A line that never ends".
Today our journey begins
Not as owner and pet...
...but as friends".
( Dedicated to Uncle Leslie - lover of animals and champion of life )

Dump IE & take back the web!

As Firefox marks its 10 millionth download, survey showed Microsoft's heavyweight Internet Explorer slipping below 90 percent market share.

Guys, click on the Firefox logo and download it today at the Mozilla website. It's way more secure than IE and yes because it doesn't have ActiveX , sometimes you'd have trouble viewing certain webpages that were meant for IE but that's like 5% in the WWW. If you like me just want a simple browser,tailor made for you,without the annoying pop up , doesn't let spyware & adware to "tumpang" in your PC....this is the one you need. By the way, it's FREE. If you like it ...then SFX...that's for SpreadFireFox.........Ignite the Web !

3 hours of Borefest!

After much persuasion from my darling wife I relented and followed her to the cinema to watch Alexander the movie 2 weeks ago( a movie she has been talking about since there was buzz about the making). We decided to watch it in the most comfortable cinema when we found out that the movie was 3 hours long.Half an hour into the movie I leaned over and told my wife that I suspect the title should be Alexander The Gay, to which she responded by suggesting that I am confusing comraderie & brotherhood (like between Frodo & Sam in LOTR...which Chris and me are relieved to know Sam did not marry Frodo) for homosexuality.Boy, you should've seen her look when Alexander kissed that queer looking guy on the mouth!I hate to sound politically incorrect or homophobic and probably the director was trying to tell it like it was ,but the movie surely was a fine line between a gay porno & an epic blockbuster!It was 3 hours of torture and in the words of my wife "looks like Alexander was not so great after all". If you have not seen it, don't bother even parting with your RM5 to the friendly Ah Seng at the pasar malam. It's NO Gladiator or Braveheart guys!
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"Suprise Party" for Martin by Air Asia crew!

Air Asia
Flight changed six times
Malaysian traveller relates Johor-Penang nightmare on Dec 5. Martin Jalleh.
Dec 11, 2004

I wish to congratulate AirAsia (AA) for having achieved a record of sorts on Dec 5 by changing its Johor Baru-Penang flight time six times within a day.

Truly, in all my years of travelling I have never been treated to such an unique experience by an airline.......
More here

TP go berserk & Madhavan find solace in carlsberg

Everton sinks Liverpool and as much Terence screamed & shouted (I joined in too and lil Daniel started to get scared seeing his Daddy go berserk)... Liverpool still went home without any points.We refrained from telling Suresh that Liverpool was one down knowing he'll surely drive into a ditch.So, instead he drowned his sorrow in alcohol(1 can of carlsberg only lah..wait girlfriend scold) when he did arrive and found out the score.Don't worry guys, Arsenal might meet you guys in the hall of shame tomorrow! Posted by Hello

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Too late for sorry! - By Chris Siah

Haste! As we rush through to make our way,
Not a moment, we pause to appreciate the day,
Anger! In a jam, against a slow coach, we frayed,
We curse! We swear! Get out of our way!

Consumed! As we strive to finish our daily task,
A thousand smiles but in our seriousness, we mask,
Anger! Again, as we rush home at dusk,
"How are you dear?" but we didn't ask

Bemused! Yet we have so much to say,
Still preoccupied! Perhaps we'll talk another day!
Solace! We find in "Whose line is it anyway"
Lost in a box but "honey, isn't it time to pray?"

Annoyed! We snapped back and forth at each other,
"I'm sorry!" We must say but we didn't bother,
Rest! "Finally!" As our our mind drifts further,
"Reconcile!" Our conscience whispers but too tired now. Maybe later.

Death! It came like a thief in the night,
Our loved ones, we have lost when the time is not right,
How can this be! We screamed with all our might!
Too late for sorry's - we should've said it last night!

The poem will not bring Grace back. We share her grief and her pain. Most of all, let's learn to appreciate each other more as we learn to pause, smile and reconcile.

Chris on Al-Jazeera in Malaysia

Sorry for the long silence. Been a little busy. To be honest, I don't mean to be a pessimist, although I do agree, in part that airing Al Jazeera will have an impact or "further distort the minds of some sector of individuals" - quoting Arul but I have my reservations whether or not it will have any significant impact on our very docile and the majority of the "tidak apa" malaysians. Perhaps a bigger impact will be on the affluents and a certain minority who is already distorted in some ways, but let's not push the 'panic' button just as yet. After the "sermon of the 'virtual' mount" by the newly appointed bishop of Klebang, I'm not quite sure whether I should pen down my 'less than serious' views of the matter ... lest Bishop El sends his army to burn me at stake :D. (Just joking El, your email nearly brought me down on my knees to beg for mercy :D)

What if I tell you that Al Jazeera is already airing in Malaysia? For those of you who has Astro just turn to "Astro News" channel at Channel 92 or 93, and you will have your daily dose of Al Jazeera. They have been showing this for I don't know how long but I spotted this channel since the 9/11 bombing. Perhaps some of you may already know about this, but so far it no one has ran amok because of it just yet. However, if this initiative is going to mainstream TV in Malaysia, then we may have a bigger repercussion. If that happens, we might have to go to war... NOT. The media has a tendency to exaggerate more than they have to. Remember the Anwar case that is causing 'unrest' in Malaysia a couple of years ago. To my eyes, there wasn't any big time rioting as it was highlighted in foreign news then. And it shouldn't be any now. I think it's only fair that if the satelite channels can air CNN, BBC, CNBC and some Chinese News Channels, then they can definitely air Al Jazeera. It should have no more impact than CNN or BBC has on any of us. I think that if Al Jazeera is to be aired on mainstream media, I would not protest but I would insist that they air CNN or BBC on mainstream media also. Let the people make that choice. However, if the powers-that-be are censoring foreign media on national TV such as CNN or BBC, then Al Jazeera should also be censored as they are also foreign. It's a matter of being fair. Let me post you a question of choice, if you would like to watch unbiased news on TV, given a choice of the previously mentioned channels, which would you select? Let me guess, ESPN or Starsports right? :D But seriously, the internet has changed the way we live, if a certain minority which are already distorted in some ways would like to watch Al Jazeera even if they don't air this on TV, don't you think that it is possible for them to source for it in the internet? At this juncture, please note that I am in no way supporting that Al Jazeera should be aired. I would only go hysterical if one fine day, these jokers shoved Al Jazeera down my throat or up my ass, without being offered a choice. Other than that, if the majority are stupid enough to dangle their religious beliefs on a thin piece of ice based on some TV channel (which they are! With reality shows like "For love or money", who needs Al Jazeera to distort your religious belief), it only goes to show that we have a even bigger responsiblity to educate our brethrens and each other to be more vigilant and wise in the spirit to make the right choices. With the accessibility of the Internet through Broadband; what CAN we censor? Close to nothing. El said it quite eloquently in the final line of his email, "Lord, make me an instrument". Indeed, we need to be an instrument and a catalyst of change. Many a times, censorship is not only about them showing or not showing, but it is more about whether we choose to see or not see. But how do we tell the difference? Are our "spiritual immune system" healthy enough to know?

Friends, it is indeed timely that our Holy Father, the Pope has announced that from Oct 2004 to Oct 2005 is the year of the Eucharist. One thing, that I'm extremely proud of being Catholic, is that we have a gift of the Holy Eucharist, the Real Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, Our Saviour. Not many realize how important this is but let me tell you, if there's ONE thing that you can't do without, the ONE gift that He has given with His Life, the ONE spiritual food that will sharpen our conscience and boost our spiritual immune system, it has to be the Eucharist. We are so blessed and priviledged to be called to share in his banquet, dare we say no? In this year of grace, let us heed the call of our Holy Father "to deepen our spiritual lives and rediscover the gift of the Eucharist as light and strength in living out our Christian vocation". But more importantly, let us encourage each other to attend mass, if possible more than the required-once-a-week and let us choose to be a light for those of our friends who has strayed somewhat and bring them back to enjoy the Eucharist - including ourselves. Have a good year end.

See y'all at Christmas time!